Israel looks after Paul Biya’s security with elite forces

The Africa Report | From communication interception technology to physical security, Cameroon’s state security market is entirely in the hands of Israelis.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to call it “Little Tel Aviv.”

The Israelis practically feel at home in the neighbourhood of Bastos in Yaoundé.

Four-wheel drive SUVs with tinted windows abound and the air is rife with rumours about the presence of advisors and/or spies within Paul Biya’s circle.

Abraham Avi Sivan, the Cameroonian president’s former security advisor who died in 2010, was a regular there.

Eran Moas, Etoudi Palace’s current securocrat, and his wife are also frequently spotted in the neighbourhood. Sivan, Moas and their spouses even founded an ape sanctuary in Cameroon.

Indeed, Biya and Israel have close, long-standing ties. The Cameroonian president has been wary of the French intelligence service ever since the attempted coup d’état that nearly overthrew him in 1984.

He thinks that his predecessor, Ahmadou Ahidjo, was the right-hand man of Jacques Foccart and the External Documentation and Counter-Espionage Service (Service de documentation extérieure et de contre-espionnage – SDECE).

Israel’s imprint on security in Yaoundé

Determined to side-line the French, Biya turned to Israel on the recommendation of the United States. This is how he met Sami Meyuhas, who had worked in Zaire under Mobutu Sese Seko, alongside Shabtai Shavit, who led the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad from 1989 to 1996.

With Shavit (who currently runs Athena GS3, a subsidiary of Mer Group) in Tel Aviv, Meyuhas in the sub-region, and Sivan and former Israeli general Mayer Heres in Yaoundé, the Israelis gradually transformed Paul Biya’s security apparatus.

Their first order of business was to create the Rapid Intervention Battalion (Battalion d’intervention rapide – BIR), now led by Heres.

Then, in Yaoundé, they installed various antennas and technology enabling the interception of telephone and electronic communications.

Sure enough, several buildings in Bastos are outfitted just like the presidential palace roof.

The French have had to deal with this reality. To this day, Cameroon’s security market is considered “inaccessible.”

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  1. 21st Century equatorial Africans!
    100% reliant on Isreal for presidential security.
    Imagine 100yrs of French colonization but totally reliant on Isreal created 72yrs ago to protect a 90yr old President who is demented and using the black army to kill black Africans.
    400 villages burnt
    925,000 internally displaced persons
    855,000 children no school
    20,000 killed
    155,000 refugees in Nigeria
    4million affected
    How is it possible that equatorial Africans adore a 90yr old man who cannibalizes his children and grandchildren for self preservation.
    When would we ever see the day the Isreali President becomes 100% reliant on equatorial Africans for his security?
    No roads, no airports, no schools, no water, no electricity but best personal Security!
    Very Low IQ

    • 21st century tropical anglo-saxons who behead, kidnap, extort and bury their own people alive because of a facebook country that will never see the light of the day.

      If you think say cho ayaba, sako and the rest of those blood thirsty psychos will rule the land of our ancestors, you must have smoked some fresh nkuh from mbouda.

      what have you done for your village? complain, complain, complain. wuna choose pipo. if you want to wage a war, buy a ticket and you will be sent to Maryland by way of gbea.



    • @Lum,

      once our country is put back on rails, pacification of CMRs from all walks of life is going to be the order of the day.

      You and Bikut are my choice to represent our forum on such pacification talks, assuming we’ll still be alive, STRONG women are the key to our total TOTAL liberation.


      CMR is what matters, and I am a very PROUD CMR.

      Bro Joe, preach…

  2. After burning so much on personal security to become a tyrant, Biya, instead divides
    his empire. He will become the next, after Sani Abacha of Nigeria, to have ruled and
    ending up naked. What a shame.

    • He can have all the security he wants, nature will eventually decimate what he thinks he is all above. The last time I saw him, he couldn’t walk up a flight of simple stairs. There is nothing more prestigious than to be remembered for eternity than to be forgotten and ridiculed as the selfish president who lived solely for himself. This is what Biya will be remembered for. He may buy all the armour cars, buy new and expensive fleets of presidential cars at the expensive of the poor buyam sellam, build himself an iron-clad security itinerary around himself, he may be buried in a golden coffin, but he will rot like everyone and above excel as the traitor of the Cameroon people and the butcher of Southern Cameroonians.

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