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John Fru Ndi visited Baba 2 to evaluate the losses of his burned residence [+video]

John Fru Ndi visited Baba 2 to evaluate the losses of his burned residence. Ni John Fru Ndi was targeted by separatists who burnt his home, kidnapped his sister and shot at his driver, his lawyers reported on Thursday.

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  1. It is a strange war, isn’t it, that all the losses are counted on one side? When at last the war ends , what will the galliant soldiers show for their bravado – brothers, sisters, uncle’s, grandparents gunned down due to internal squabbles?

    • Very true boy. It all goes to show how true, we are not ONE people.

      • Tell I-Man something, Joshua… are you ONE people in the Northwest? I am just wondering about all those insane inter-tribal wars in that region.

        • The Bamileke will invade your Mbo homeland again and this time you may never have a place to call home. Dullest Swedish prisoner.

        • Mabanda Boy,

          your chief, Muketé, is the oldest politician on earth…..you no go ever see K again for some very-very long time.

          Wuna mov’t no lef we deal witi Biya, dem teik sia witi Antanga Nji ana Ayuk for put Anglos out of the game, so dat dem go win without wahala.

          Abeg send ya contribution for Ayaba Cho.

          But da short man di turn-turn hear fine too oh!..

  2. This is not a war.
    It is dishonest and criminal to do so.
    What’s going on is the Government of Cameroon fighting criminals, rapists, hooligans …..
    Calling it a war is a blattaoattempt to legitimize these fools.

  3. Ni John you are victim of a system our people have been fighting since 1961.
    It is unfortunate what is happening now but when a people are given crumbs to eat in a society this is how it ends.
    You saw the anger that was directed at Balla, you see the anger directed at Munzu and Tumi.
    In this generation children believe that the deal negotiated by Foncha and Muna against Endeleys caution will not be repeated by any well meaning person advocating for one Cameroon.
    Any interaction with governors of the colonial Yaoundé government is perceived by the people as an attempt to negotiate slavery for them.
    This is unfortunate because you worked had for one Cameroon and as you can see Biya just rewarded his brother with a $600,000 house for declaring him president!
    Who is fooling who?

    • Nya Lum,

      When you are struggling to direct the universe towards delusional anger that is expressed by a bunch of braying opportunists I say that anger has never edified anyone on earth. If you are justifying the conduct of your misled termite warriors based on anger, you must also be reminded that it is purely and simply upon that anger that scores of your termite warriors have met their untimely fate in a primitive bush war which has transformed them into wild animals that must be hunted down.

  4. Why burn down the house of this man?

    Don’t all these people whose houses are set ablaze know the houses of IGs and or families?…

  5. @Zam-Zam I can see,u people still think we are joking….

  6. @Zam-Zam I can see u people still think we are joking.Anybody,especially those people who call themselves ”federalist”,claiming to want to hold some All Anglophone conference III.I am talking about Dr.Munzu,Agbor Balla,Cardinal Tumi and Co.If my memory does not failed me,Biya said that the form of the state is non-negotiable,so,what kind of conference does Cardinal Tumi and Co,want to hold? So they think that Biya has the right to dictate to them,and IG does not,right? any of them who will attempt to hold that conference will be arrested and dealt with, by the restoration forces.They think we are joking,let them try it…Bla bla bla…we should respect their opinion,has Biya respected their opinion? Let them try and hold any conference there,and they will see the stuff we are made of.

    • Kongosa,

      be objective please, 4 once!

      With a Biya win, how do u even think that your restoration forces or whatever can turn the tides?

      FYI, NGR forces are going 2 join in the fight, the deal has already been sealed. There is just no way those youths in the forest are going to survive, NGR was the only outlet left open for them 2 run and hide, now that it is no longer going to be possible, where are they going 2 run to? The suicide mission u’re giving those youths is unfair, very unfair. You all know the reality, but due to ur madness-stubbornness, u have deliberately refused to come down to earth.

      Anyway, those youths would soon learn 2 think for themselves, the populace is already doing so.

      We don’t want any of u around the premises of the AAC, don’t even watch it on TV.


  7. Dans une région où les guerres inter-tribales sont encore courantes au 21e siecle, rien de surprennant.
    Ces voyoux, rebaptisés en “héros ” ne savent que réagir par de telle barbarie.
    Chez nous les Béti, les patriaches, ainés des clans, sont des gens respectés. Des “demi-Dieu”. On ne les approche, ni les adresse n’importe comment.
    Ils sont protégés par leur communautés.
    S’ils ne jouent pas leur role proprement et ne respectent le titre de noble qui leur est attribué, on le leur retire ce titre tout simplement. On ne brule pas leur habitat.
    Une certaine ‘indépendance’ de cette zone, et ce sera l’apocalyste totale. Ils s’entretuiront pour des raisons aussi banales qu’une opinion différente, ou une portion de terrain.
    C’est donc qui les “primitifs ” finalement?



    Cameroon is a very rich Country. However, the same Cameroon has very poor infrastructure and poor people.
    The wealth of the country simply disappears into thin air.
    Embezzlement of public funds is the root cause of the suffering of the majority of Cameroonians.
    These suffering Cameroonians should therefore hold the following Beti embezzlers of public funds responsible for their predicaments.


      Inexhaustive list of Embezzlers from the epicenter of embezzlement of public funds:

      Colonel Martin Claude Owona, Colonel Ernest Mbila, Lieutenant Colonel Zacharie Nkoumou,Titus Edzoa ,Michel Atangana, Frank Biya, Paul Biya, Mendo Ze, Roger Belinga, Michel Eboutou , Abah Abah , Ambassa Zang, Mekongo Abega Félix , Remy ze Meka, Bernard Messengue Avom, Atangana Mebara, Olanguena Awono , Biyiti Bi Essam, Akame Mfoumou, Gilbert Tsimi Evouna, Mendouga Jerome, Joseph Edou, Boto à Ngon, Jean-Baptiste Nguini Effa, Roger Ntongo Onguéné, Gérard Ondo Ndong, Antoine Ntsimi, Catherine Abena, Lazare Essimi Menye, Henry Engoulou, Ze Jean Blaise, Meva’a Ndouga Dieudonnée, Oyono Oyono Timothée, Abessolo Gervais, Wodjo Assoumou François Moïse, Antoinette Essomba, etc. , etc., etc., etc., etc,

      • Un autre terrorist virtuel qui veut se faire remarquer.
        Why don’t you write a book?
        La béise insiste tout en sponsorisant le terrorism.
        7 ans de plus avec Biya .
        Rien à faire.
        Apres Biya, ce sera toujours Biya, tant que vous insisterez dans la bétise.


      Case study 1: Abah Abah Polycarp

      Abah Abah Polycarp stole 270 ( two hundred and seventy) billion FCFA:
      However, Dictator Biya went to China to BEG for 1.7 billion FCFA claiming that it was for the so-called “Plan d’urgence” for Anglophones. He received the money. The money simply disappeared into thin air.

      Case study2: Atangana Kouna

      This thief was arrested in Nigeria with billions of taxpayers money in his possession

      Case study 3: Dictator Biya

      This white-collar thief does not want to implement Article 66 of the constitution because he has more than 600 million dollars of taxpayers money in his offshore bank accounts

      In sum, the BETIS have stealing in their DNA. They have destroyed the country

      • When soon the lion man sleeps, lrc, will get back all the stollen offshore
        wealth, like in the Abacha case. Ambazonians, don`t need bad money. We
        will sell garri and water fufu, and start all over from there.


        As a corollary, the Betis are not only embezzlers of public funds but are the ones masterminding, aiding and abetting the genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in SC.


        Commander-in-Chief = Beti
        Min. of the Armed Forces = Beti
        Minister of the Police = Beti
        Minister of the police = Beti
        Minister of the Gendarmes = Beti
        Chief of staff of the Army = Beti

  9. you can burn the entire village, we will burn a new one