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Jumia Technologies suspends e-commerce business in Cameroon

JOHANNESBURG Reuters | Online retailer Jumia Technologies, often called “the Amazon of Africa”, suspended its e-commerce business in Cameroon on Monday, announcing in a statement that its transactional portal was “not suitable to the current context” in the country.

The company, which has seen its stock price decline steeply since its New York IPO in April, said it would continue to support buyers and vendors using its classified portal, known as Jumia Deals.

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  1. Even thier withdwal change nothing because it is a sector we can’t take control of without a vibrant productive, competitive industrial sector. Our university graduates are lazy fools, refusing to start from the farm the base of wealth creation. It is after mastering the production of raw materials in the farm, then transformation in industries that a distribution system can be put in place.without mastering the first two steps. It is impossible to be competitive because we do not control the pricing. All those in the city creating so called start ups using foreign platforms are naive. Without enough capital to lunch settlelites controlling the whole process. They are like a goat tied by the road side. No farm, no future, it is the first stage and we must go from there.

    • “Our university graduates are lazy fools, refusing to start from the farm the base of wealth creation.”

      I am trying to use moral imagination to predict where this stubborn hate for educated Africans came from, but I have been unsuccessful. Economic success, both individually and nationally, hinges on identifying and exploiting a gap in the economy to achieve economic prosperity.

      In every society, thus people gravitate towards various professions. PhDs become University lecturers and researchers, medical doctors surgeons, lawyers practice law, engineers build bridges, roads, water systems and new technologies, etc. It is thus curious that you want to turn all university graduates to farms.

      Farming is a noble profession for all, for whoever, the educated and uneducated.

      • EYALLOW,,,,, the main fonction of education is to guarantee the biological survival of a people.at the current stage, nothing else count if it does not get us to focus intensely on building primary industries. It is from here that we will generate capital to invest in capital and technology intensive industries. Of what good is an African professor of literature in a foreign language to the well bieng of people in his or her village? If the village does not have water, energy, agriculture equipment to guarantee high productivity. Then what else count? At this stage 90% of African population should work in the agriculture sector. We can not import rice from Thailand to feed our people while claiming we have university professors. What is thier use?

        • @Bah Acho, the more I give a deeper reflexion on your write-ups the more I realize you are 100% right. What is indeed the use of a professor in French Literature in Sop if his people can’t even drink clean water.

  2. For example SURGACANE alone give more than five products, ethanol, sugar, spirits, wine, ete. If we don’t own vast sugarcane plantations and transformation industries. It is impossible to control the commerce of sugar distribution. But to our super degree holders whoes only reason of failure is Mvondo biya. Going to the farm is a sign of failure. The so called anglophone system of education created empty head agitators. Let us not talk about the so called francophone system of education. It simply created zombies. The aspiration of all students is landing a government job in oder to collect bribe. It is impossible to rebuild a civilization with such a mental structure. 99 percent of diasporans are full time salaried workers, worst highly indepted.

  3. Very nice discussion.

    Farming is the core of development. Without farming (harvesting of resources), there’s no move ahead.

    You can farm anything.

    • only productive with modern maintain machinery, technology,supply of good effecient electicity supply for final production to customers & consumers, easy access to good roads,vehcile maintenances,effective taxation systems, honest checks, no bribery or corruptions and youths emploment which is non existence in all the regions of a banana republic of Cameroon with handicaps in every sectors

      • Do you know that the garbage lying on our streets can be used to produce electricity in waste to energy plants? One tonne of waste burn can produce energy for five houses a month. There is no scientifically proven evidence of rapid economic transformation with so call checks and balance. It is a strategy put in place to hold us on the same spot.we must first work extra hard, build basic industries. Then with capital accumulated we can setup a system of administration paid for with our money in our own interest.

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