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Kamto reconnait (enfin ?) la victoire de Biya et souhaite discuter avec le «président»

Koaci | Lundi 18 Mars 2019- Alors qu’il n’a cessé de remettre en cause la victoire de Paul Biya à la dernière élection présidentielle du 7 octobre 2018, Maurice Kamto semble être revenu à des meilleurs sentiments selon la déclaration de son avocat, Dupond-Morreti.

Devant la presse samedi, l’avocat français Éric Dupond-Moretti constitué pour défendre Maurice Kamto et compagnie et qui était arrivé à Yaoundé le 15 mars dernier, a insisté en conférence de presse sur la demande de Maurice Kamto qui souhaite rencontrer le « président » Biya.

Revirement ou capitulation ?

Dupond Moretti qui s’était rendu à la prison de Kondengui pour rencontrer son client a affirmé, « Maurice Kamto m’a dit qu’il est prêt à rencontrer Biya pour discuter ».

Une sortie qui ne laisse pas la presse indifférente. Elle s’interroge. Comment celui qui prétend avoir gagné demande à rencontrer celui qui a volé sa victoire ? S’interrogent les journaux.

Maurice Kamto poursuivi pour des faits d’insurrection, de rébellion et d’hostilité envers la patrie tenterait-il de se sauver ?

Pour l’avocat français, « il est tout à fait normal que quelqu’un qui revendique sa victoire entame une discussion avec celui qui la conteste ».

Pour rappel, Biya a été déclaré vainqueur avec 71,28% contre 14,23% pour Maurice Kamto.

Armand Ougock, Yaoundé

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  1. Who cares.
    Kamto is a non entity as far as the majority of Cameroonians are concerned.

  2. Lol!
    La fockse de l’expérience!
    Hihihi…On ne blague pas avec l”ivou de Mvomeka’a.
    Le famla est petit!

  3. @Bikutsi and Mbappe

    It’s obvious you 2 self professed civilize gollums never went to school and if you did, you didn’t study anything but spend time bloating in Beti Bulu tribal affluence. Your smelly sh*thole country is in crisis. France keeps running to your rescue financially and politically because the constraint indicators are worrying. Sooner than later you all will regret your bushman mentality. Gorillas! Ambazonians, fund the National AL campaign and bleed out the cousins of baboons occupying our land.

  4. Kumkum pass garri


    Are you ignorant to the fact that all the funds that were donated by people from the North West and South West to support the ambazombie comedy revolution have been embezzled?

    The AK campaign you mention is a scam and you know it. It is not different from the my trip to buea scam! The ambazombie revolution is a scam! You are not ashamed to live off the blood of the dumb ambaboys you have brainwashed to engage in suicide missions against the government of Cameroon!

    May be u no know say Kumkum pass garri!

    Where them dey with their foolish wata na wata slogan? Kumkum massa di wait wuna! Idiots!

    Those of you calling for people to be bled out should remember that you do not have monopoly of violence. Kumkum pass gari!

    MKPD will unleash operation sunshine on you all!!

    • @ Kumkum
      Hihihi ,Kumkum pass gari for real!
      C’est devenu le Wata fufu de K-Tino..

  5. @Dumb Africans did
    Donald Butt Trump aka Kumkum pass Tuma.

    The AKs are coming in gradually. We will hold our resolve until we have enough amo to beat the critical threshold and hold captured territory. The days of hit and run is coming to a close. Small small we go catch monkey. So shut up your Mami pima and go chop Biya sh*t.

    Support The National AK campaign Ambazonians and safe your grandparents, daughters and children from the burning Biya fire that is killing and roasting old people that cannot rum in their houses.

  6. Fake news who wrote this stupid article

  7. Kumkum pass garri

    @L’enemie the 419 scammer and the wonderful international idiot! You are too dumb to realise that you do not have monopoly of violence. You dull sotey you no know say kumkum pass garri:

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  8. NotAmba-NeverPopol

    Biya is full of animosity for his country. He is the originator of violence and he fears his own prosecution & persecution. The thought of it sickens the monster to the core.
    He looks for Westerners to kowtow in exchange for backing his continued stay in office illegitimately. A hopeless villain, a scoundrel & an evil soul who is destined for hell. His military needs to turn on him & this moron should be given the same treatment he has perpetrated on Cameroonians. He may end up like Samuel Doe & Charles Taylor. Even his French masters see no value in this reprobate in spite of themselves. The French government has blood in their hands and as times passes Africa will turn its back on France, the terror sponsor and her leeching ways through sponsored despots like Biya. Sooner than later.

  9. I hate the fact that one man stayed in power for 36 years, and didn’t have a decency to arrange for even a fake transfer of power. But I hate more the idea that people everywhere overseas and back home are using Biya unwillingness to transfer power to hate and kill their fellow cameroonians in the disguise of freeing them from the Biya’s oppression while filling up their bank account.
    God is a just God, Biya would pay for his crimes, either in this lifetime or the life after. Those who are killing innocent cameroonians either directly or indirectly would also pay for their crimes, either in this lifetime or the life after. No crime go unpunished in God perfect justice.

  10. @Manorun77

    It’s common logic that a dirty stream be treated at the source rather than at one of its eddies. It’s foolishness blaming violence propagators and asking for God to do Biya justice. Did he steal God’s election? Dull man

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