Kanu: Cameroon congratulates Nigeria, seeks Buhari’s support in curtailing Ambazonian

International Centre For Investigative Reporting | THE Government of the Republic of Cameroon has congratulated Nigeria on the rearrest of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu.

Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity Femi Adesina disclosed this in a statement on Tuesday.

According to the statement, Felix Mbayu, a Special Envoy from Cameronian President Paul Biya, who visited President Muhamadu Buhari at the State House on Tuesday convened his country’s position to the Nigerian government.

The envoy also seeks President Buhari’s support in curtailing Ambazonian, a secessionist group also seeking to break out of Cameroon.

“The Special Envoy said President Biya looked forward to a situation in which Nigerian territory would not be available for the Ambazonian movement to destabilise Cameroon, “as some people are taking advantage of some crises in the two English speaking parts of Cameroon to break the country apart,” the had said.

“He congratulated Nigeria on the recent arrest and repatriation of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) through collaboration of national security agencies and INTERPOL.”

Reacting, President Buhari said that Nigeria will offer the best support possible to ensure that Cameroon remains an indivisible country, noting that Nigeria and Cameroon share historical ties and common borders, which make it imperative for the two countries to look out for each other’s well-being.

“That was why when I first came to office in 2015, I immediately visited all our neighbours, because we are very clear about the value of good neighbourliness,” Buhari said.

“You will have problems if your neighbours are not cultivated. And our relationship with Cameroon had been very clear since when I was serving in the military. The country offered us needed support during our Civil War.”

While stating that Nigeria was acutely aware of the separatist agitation by the Ambazonian movement, President Buhari pledged that the country will “ensure that Cameroon is stable, and we will be steadfast in our support for you.”

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    There is absolutely nthing Buhari can do to maintain the status quo in SC.

    Nigeria will also disintegrate sooner than later.
    The Yorubas, Ibos, Fulanis etc want their own countries..
    The arrest of Ayuk Tabe increased the mpomentum of the struggle. The arrest of Kanu will increase the momentum of the Biafran struggle. History is simply repüeating itself.

    CameroUN will soon lose control over bakassi oil: THAT IS THE REASON THE GOC HAS BEKOME VERY DESPERATE.


    • ……BECOME…..

    • Kumkum Pass Gari

      UNSTOPPABLE AMBAZOMBIE IDIOT! The momentum increased from being able to raise 2 million dollars to being unable to raise 2000 dollars! That is progress for delusional ambazombie nkunyams!

      • **** HUMILIATED LRC ****

        Morocco…………..4 (1+1+1+1 = 4)
        LRC………………….0 (ZEROOOOOOO-hahahahihihihohoho)


        1. The ancestors of VICTORIA humiliated LRC PANTS ON FIRE for violating the territorial integrity of SC
        2. The ancestors of VICTORIA have vowed to humiliate LRC UNDERWEARS ON FIRE in 2022 if LRC dares to violate the territorial integrity of SC
        3. UNDERWEARS ON FIRE means 8 goals for the opponent to ZERO for LRC
        7, LRC is ruled by the most corrupt, dishonest, faithless, deceitful, arrogant, foolish, stupid, despicable, evil, demonic and insensitive CRIMINALS on planet earth.
        10. Allahu Akbar !!!!

      • “ME VOICI DONC À Genève en Suisse à l’Hôtel Intercontinental !”

        * MY TAKE *

        Dictator Biya will be humiliated on saturday, the 17.07.2021 by the BAS and Ambazonians. The MOTHER OF ALL DEMONSTRATIONS will take place infront of the Intercontinental Hotel. The writer will also be there in flesh and blood. Journalists from the whole world will be present.
        That evil Dictator wil regret going to Geneva again.

  2. I thought they have defeated Boko Haram. The arrest of Kanu, is even an advantage to
    our struggle.

  3. JOSHUA,,,,, on what does ambazonia and biafra count to imerge from direct confrontation with a superior adversary successful? try and read the art of war by SUN TZU. it will help you make a rational analysis of the situation base on the forces and weekness on both sides.this is what determines the winner.

  4. The kidnapping of Nnamdi Kanu by the Buhari’s lead FG is a step forward for the Biafran struggle.It has internationalise the Biafran struggle for self determination.51 years after the Nigerian civil war, has not kill the Biafran dream of being independent.

    • Kumkum Pass Gari

      Wonderfula ambazombie stupidity on display. The Biafran war that led to the death of about 100,000 overall military casualties, while between 500,000 and 2 million Biafran civilians died of starvation did not internationalise the Biafran struggle, it is the arrest of one useless idiot that will internationalise it. Delusional nkunyams!

      • Kumkum smelly mop Nkonda Titus.

        Kunyam! Your elder brother ran away from Widikum bc of your idiocy. I told him already to stop apologizing on your behalf bc we are not La Republic. I will give you hottt boiling kumkum and load your stinking mouth with grass before chopping your head off with a blunt saw like we did that terrorist in Babaju. Your big brother General Nkonda Gislain has been given the assignment. Terrorist genocidaire traitor.

  5. Buhari is irrelevant to the West Cameroon struggle. With the largest and strongest army in the continent , Nigeria is unable to defeat Boko Haram and add Southern Cameroons to the front, Nigeria should simply stay quiet and let action dictate the outcome of the West Cameroon struggle/war with LRC

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      He is very relevant to Sisiku and his band of cohorts in Kondengui!
      Just ask your delusional dumb leader Sick Siku sick head Tabe.

  6. For ever young

    Nigeria government cannot put out the flames burning in his own house but want to help neighbors do that stupid statement from a useless Fulani man , ask him to stopped his Fulani herdsman in the north that continues slaughtered non Fulani and Muslims for no reason whatsoever or to stopped the kidnappers of school children for ramson , his weak military should rescue the 160 school children kidnapped just last week by his follow Muslim terrorist in the north before poking his nose in west Cameroon, stupid Fulani man

  7. The two dummies – Buhari / Biya, have not realized, that they are simply calling for an
    alliance of Boko Haram, Biafra, Southern Cameroon and partners. Once this will happen,
    none of the them, will be talking about a nation called Nigeria or Cameroon. It is comming
    and just around the corner. And i have said this long before now but no one seems to
    take me serious.

  8. @Kumkum Pass Gari In 1967,there was little or no advocacy for human rights and no respect for law guiding war.There was too much war crimes and genecide pepertrated by Nigeria during the civil war.They can’t try that now.Biafra will not go for a conventional war this time around.2021 is different,Biafrans have learnt from their mistakes during the last civil war.The kidnapping and rendition of the Biafran leader,Nnamdi Kanu has internationalise the Biafran struggle for self determination.Nigeria will be destabilised becos of the kidnapping of Nnamdi Kanu,and will stay in the spot light for a very long time.Biafran dream of being an independent state will come to pass.Buhari have just pressed the exit button.

    • Kumkum pass Garri

      Delusional kongossa dog. Are you now a Biafra separatist spokesman?

      How can you internationalise a national struggle? What does that even mean?
      The goat is in a jail in Nigeria. The Biafrans who want to separate are in Nigeria.

      The Nigerian government is able to arrest Namdi Kanu a British citizen in a foreign land and drag him to Nigeria to face justice. Is that internationalization of the Biafra struggle?

      He can internationalize the Biafra struggle in your dumb head but he remains a criminal in a Nigerian jail waiting to pay for his crimes.

  9. @Kumkum pass Garri ”Delusional kongossa dog. Are you now a Biafra separatist spokesman”?…Yes,i am a Biafran seperatist spokesman…Time will tell.We are gradually getting there…..There would be no elections in Biafran states in Nigeria if Nnamdi Kanu is not released unconditionally.Biafrans in the Biafran states in Nigeriia would not vote,come 2023.The whole of South-East Nigeria,and neighbouring Ambasonia will be destabilised.Boko Haram will continue to destabilise northern Nigeria and Cameroon.Let me see whether Nigeria and Cameroon have anything they called nation state again.Wait and see…….