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Kerala: One more Cameroonian citizen held for online fraud

NYOOOZ | He was taken into custody based on the complaint lodged by a wholesale medicine trader in Manjeri.The trader had alleged that receipts and address of his company was misused by unknown persons for illegal online transactions. MALAPPURAM: Police have arrested one more Cameroon citizen in connection with the case of online fraud.

The accused has been identified as Fidel Athood Ndayong (37), a native of the northwest region of Cameroon.According to the police, the accused was taken into custody from Hyderabad two days ago by a special cyber forensic team of police which is investigating two online fraud cases registered by Manjeri police last year.Police said that the accused, who came to India under students’ visa, was illegally staying in the country for past many years.

He had complained that many persons were cheated by the accused who offered medicines under discounted rates online.During the past eight months, the investigation team managed to arrest ten Cameroonian and Nigirian citizens in connection with the cases through a special anti-cyber crime operation.In August last year, the investigation team managed to arrest two Cameroonan citizens Akumbe Boma Njiva (28), and Langje Kiliyan Keng (27), who were handling computer operations and the networking wing of the gang.

The accused were used to publish online advertisements regarding sale of various products on discounted rates and used to cheat customers by not delivering the ordered products.In September last year, the investigation team arrested two Rajasthan natives in connection with the cases.

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  1. it should also be the fault of MVONDO BIYA!when i tell them follow me to the farm.it is the surest way we can count on ourselves they say mvondo biya is blocking the road to the farm.there are no farm to market roads.and i ask which roads did your parents use that you can not?response,you are a supporter of dictatorship,year in year out the same complain.b

  2. Hahahahahaha, Ni Bah….tell them what they want to hear, if you want to be listened to. Farming is a long process to earn big money without sweating.

    I will rather sign oil deals on the streets than stain my fingers with red soil…

  3. Did the government arrest a supposed mental ill man in Bagante for graffiti referencing the post colonial Swiss ambassador to Cameroon?
    The Ruwanda academy of coding was just inaugurated by president kagame with the title “Born to Code” for young talented Ruwandans to harness their skills in the field of coding.
    24yrs after a Genocide that killed 500,000, kagame with a vision for his people is making the youths of Ruwanda see Ruwanda as the place to be in the 21st Century
    In 37yrs Cameroon with a visionless leader has become a death trap for the young, ambitious, talented who escape to strange places and engage in strange acts for survival.
    Why do Africans die in the Mediterranean but not Europeans?
    Poverty, despair, poor leadership by dictators.
    Who is fooling who?

  4. Anglophone legacy oyéééeeeeeeee !!!!!!

justo sem, velit, libero in leo