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Kidnapped school children released by gunmen in Cameroon

Sky News | Two of the three staff members abducted from a school near the capital of Cameroon’s northwest region are still being held.

Dozens of school children who were taken hostage in Cameroon have been released, a church official has said.

Some 79 students were held by gunmen after being seized on Sunday near Bamenda, the capital of the English-speaking northwest region of the country.

One had escaped earlier and the other 78 were freed at some point before Wednesday.

Two of the three staff members abducted are still being held, moderator of Cameroon’s Presbyterian Church Fonki Samuel Forba added.

“Praise God 78 children and the driver have been released. The principal and one teacher are still with the kidnappers. Let us keep praying,” he said.

Mr Fonki said the youngsters looked tired and appeared to have suffered during their captivity.

The pupils had been enrolled at the Presbyterian Secondary School in Nkwen village.

A video purportedly of the kidnapped children was released on social media by a group who call themselves Amba boys, a reference to the state of Ambazonia that armed separatists have been trying to establish in Cameroon’s northwest and southwest regions.

In the video, the kidnappers forced about six of the children to give their names and the names of their parents.

The government has also accused separatists of taking the children, but a separatist spokesman has denied involvement.

Mr Fonki begged the kidnappers to free the staff members still being held.

The Presbyterian boarding school with 700 students is closed because of the security situation.

The priest said another 11 school children were kidnapped by the same armed group on 31 October, then released after the school paid a ransom of 2.5 million CFA francs (£3,340).

The town of Bamenda has been the centre of pro-independence demonstrations for several years, with Cameroon’s security services deployed to the streets to keep order.

Cameroon is split between majority French and minority English speaking regions – a legacy of the UK and France dividing the country between them after the First World War defeat of the original colonial power Germany.

The attack on children came after the 2014 abduction of more than 200 girls by Islamist militant group Boko Haram in neighbouring Nigeria and was criticised by human rights groups.

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  1. in the next few hours, songbird Tchiroma will take the credits and

    1. heap praises on the Camerounese military for their bravery and commitment,
    2. condemn the supposed terrorists,
    3. promise gov´t aid to victims,
    4. ask them not to be troubled and return to school,
    5. say peace has returned to the regions
    6. blow trumpets on yet another achievement of Biya
    7. etc etc….

    …..but the truth will prevail like the noontide.

  2. Yes. The truth will come out some day. The whole operation looks. Very sketchy. How could these so called terrorists kidnapp so many people in such an urban setting. How did they transport them to where they were found. . What did the Cameroon military do to track down the group. This whole thing looks fishy.
    I know ‘impossible n’est pas camerounais” but this is really strange. Borders on a miraculous rescue of so many people at once. Thank God no one was hurt in this operation
    God bless Cameroon

    • I think they just gave Eric Tataw a phone call. He said he knew everything about the abduction, and he was giving interviews to BBC, CNN, and all what not… so we could start from there. Just celebrate the children’s safety.

      • @Ras Tuge

        He got caught by lying big time to bbc new . Kikikkkiki when the other journalist was ask him question he couldn’t figured what to said lol .

        A stupid animal

        • Well brother, you can see the types of folks we are dealing with! These are the people we train in our ‘universities’ back home… and many rely on such elements for leadership. Truly sad, man. But that unfortunately is the level of our societies, and we wonder why we are wallowing behind the curve in economic development. Impossible to discuss with such follks!

          You see how they express themselves, shouting all the place… screaming all over cyberspace and making a fool of the entire African continent. You see them in this forum, threatening people all the time and preaching death to people who reject their insanity back home! You saw how this Eric Tataw was raising his voice at a police officer in the US, not knowing that anything can happen with White folks. Too inexperienced!

        • ‘folks’

          That’s why I WILL NEVER be among these vandals. They have no clue about what they are plunging our people into, with delusional aspirations of returing home triumphantly and being welcomed with flowers, or so they think! A good many of them will never return home even after Biya. If they do manage to, I am telling you my friend, there are thousands upon thousands of so-called Anglophones waiting for their heads, trust me.

          If I ever meet a fellow like Ayaba Cho here in Europe, and trust me I could easily find him if I need to, I will have a little chat with him and the world will know.

  3. larepublique is at its wit end.
    Ambazonia is free

  4. The can kidnapping the whole village who cares they are terrorists kikikkkik

  5. They were all boys,they coulldn’t be raped. This is a show of prowess by Amba Boys that they could do anything at anytime in their own backyard.

    • So why were you accusing the government for own bravery? Why are some of you claiming that a ‘Francophone’ cannot be a so-called Amba whatever? Have you convinced Nya Lum about your prowess in harassing little children?

  6. we will never yield
    Ambazonia will be free

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