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Le Cardinal Christian Wiyghan Tumi

La Conférence anglophone reprogrammée du 11 au 12 juillet

APAnews | Une déclaration de manifestation publique, relative à l’organisation de la Conférence générale des Anglophones (All Anglophone Conference-ACC), prévue les 11 et 12 juillet 2019, a été déposée auprès de l’autorité préfectorale de Bamenda, chef-lieu de la circonscription citée, a appris APA, jeudi, de source officielle.

Destinée à explorer les voies de sortie de la crise sécessionniste dans les régions camerounaises du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest, cette manifestation qui a connu deux renvois est placée sous les auspices de l’imam de la mosquée centrale de Bamenda, de son collègue de la mosquée centrale de Buea (Sud-Ouest) et du rapporteur de l’Assemblée presbytérienne du Cameroun.

Selon la demande d’autorisation signée du cardinal Christian Tumi, ces assises ambitionnent de réunir, dans la cathédrale de la ville, les forces vives des 13 départements que comptent ces régions, en vue d’adopter des propositions à transmettre au président Paul Biya.

Initialement prévu le 19 octobre, puis du 21 au 22 novembre 2018, ledit conclave, non seulement n’a jamais eu l’autorisation de manifestation publique de l’autorité préfectorale, mais elle suscite la méfiance du pouvoir de Yaoundé, qui soupçonne ses organisateurs d’avoir un «agenda caché».

En début mai dernier, l’organisation non gouvernementale International Crisis Group évaluait à 1?850 le nombre de morts (civils, militaires et miliciens) après 20 mois d’affrontements dans les régions anglophones du pays, avec à la clé 530?000 déplacés internes et 35?000 réfugiés au Nigeria voisin.

Il y a trois semaines, le Premier ministre, Joseph Dion Ngute avait, au cours d’une descente sur le théâtre des affrontements sur instructions du président Paul Biya mais fort également de ses échanges avec les populations locales, les leaders traditionnels et religieux, les élites ainsi que des anonymes, annoncé la tenue d’un «dialogue inclusif» dont les contours n’ont pas encore été précisés.

Entre-temps, et pendant que la communauté internationale multiplie les pressions sur les deux camps, le régime, par la bouche du ministre des Relations extérieures, Lejeune Mbella Mbella, s’exprimant en début de semaine devant le corps diplomatique, a déclaré que «la situation qui prévaut dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest, bien que préoccupante au plan intérieur, n’est pas de nature à menacer la paix et la sécurité internationales».

Demandant aux partenaires d’accompagner le pays dans la voie de l’apaisement, de la préservation de son unité et de son intégrité territoriale à travers, notamment, l’assèchement des sources de financement des sécessionnistes, il a affirmé que «le Cameroun reste un État de droit, un État indépendant et un État qui est jaloux de sa souveraineté».

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  1. Dialogue is good. So also is debate. And discussion. But it needs prepared minds with a real sense of purpose often lacking in those whose top priority is fundraising – MTTB, Citizen Levy, etc.
    If Buea closes its doors and Bamenda opens up, is that not playing into the hands of the experts of divide-and-rule??????

  2. We go see how this nonsense go take away our guns.

    True patriotic Ambazonians, fund the Pa Che AK47 project.

    Arm GZ to protect your families exposed to butcher Paul Biya genocide.

    No UNSC or anyone is coming with help. The crooked France and England are more interested in Ambazonian resources than helping us all so we must fight till the last man standing.

    The struggle continues….

  3. En fin le bout du tunnel mais @Dinga qui divise qui ? L’hypocrisie va vous tuer vous nous avez fait comprendre que vous étiez ensemble non?

  4. How does the cardinal and co, guaranttee the presence of the diaspora, to attend?
    Pa cardinal, this whole thing, is much more than the church / mosque can handle.
    All what you guys are doing, is called hypocricy. And your bible, calls it so.
    What do you want to do, that others have not done or king Biya doesn`t know
    already? People have lost their lives and properties, and you are coming along,
    with hypocricy. It is uncalled for and your Biya, will be the first to sweep it under
    the carpet. Trust him. How did you, raise the capital for this dead on arrival project
    especially, as the offerings and tithes, have dropped so drastically?

    • @Joshua

      Your stooge Sako has committed a second treason on Seseku after embezzling $2miilion MTTB money. He will never step foot on Ambazonia. It’s a matter of time before he fades away with the trouble he is causing by stamping on a man on the ground, shooting a man without a gun or doubling down the sentencing of a political prisoner doing time for all of us. Such height of wickedness is unprecedented.

  5. Hahaha la Diaspora laquelle ? Celle qui passe son temps à boire le vin et à se faire appeler Anglophone ?ou celle qui finance les micro projets dont l’estimation est de 0,003/1000 Vivra Vera.

  6. @l`enemie, Sako embezzled and bought den guns and has neutralized your Biya`s
    trained BIRs. When Biya embezzles, no one knows where it goes. Probably, to the
    likes of Grand master or chalatans who have told him that bronze statues, will help him
    win his war on Ambazonians.
    Biya has been stealing for 38 years, reason, why D`la / Y`de etc have gabbage mountains
    littered at all street corners. Small salaries to pay teachers, is not there, water that he
    sees as a luxury if his people have, is one big cry in lrc.
    Stop crying for Ambazonians. Cry to your ancestors, why you and your lrc people, are
    so so dumb. Each time that you and your likes, cry anything Ambazonia, it is wrong
    because you can not be crying, more than the bereaved.

    • @Stop going off topic. Den guns are made behind the mud block houses and they were not bought by Sako’s embezzled money. Idiot. My mother, uncle, sisters and cousins were slaughtered and burnt in our family house because your brother Samuel Ikome Sako stole the $2 million meant to buy defense ammunition for our block to defend itself. He can convince the lots of you sheep goats as his spell has been cast over you all. Mark my words, a day is coming when the CONTENDER FORCES will issue a ban on him and he will never set foot into Ambaland. You hear me? Let you idiots continue washing your dirty linen publicly but the time is coming when you will know who holds power in Ambazonia. Tell Sako to go and collect his permanent inheritance in his church and stop running Ayum Tabe down. Garbage!

    • And @Joshua the CPDM troll who hates Bamenda people so much and think that the Interim President can only be occupied by his tribal clansmen or that it is your permanent inheritance. if you dare associate me to the BIYA terrorist BIRS again I will make the rest of your time on this forum very miserable. Watch your mudafokin fingers when you type you this karabot boy.

      • L’enemie,

        Kikikiki, when you insult bamis and betis it is sweet, no be so?

        Sacko dan secure yi retirement, lucky boy—some pipol dem get real ntong for dis grong.

        Man dey here di work-work, no better yarri for inside account…

  7. Two men where sent into a village. They were given the following instructions: carry only
    small bags with your belongings inside. If the people accept you, stay, but if they reject
    you, dust your legs and leave quietly.
    How so soon, are the Imams, moderator, cardinal et al, dare to forget so soon, and are
    pressing and pressing for their ill conceived AAC?
    Have they forgotten so soon, that they are dealing with the authority, that the Bible,
    says we all should not disobey? Chineke, has every reason, to be sad.
    These men of the Koran and Bible, have not obeyed what they read and preach to us.

  8. Epée Dipanda

    Well we asked for this AAC….they refused. We do not want it again. There is 1 language which this people understand, the tempo must be increased.

    • Epée,

      it is game over…all man yi eye dan open.

      This stuff can continue only if you guys in BUSH now move down in the forest and hold your grounds.

      Kawa Yannick and his boys are waiting for you on the spot tho…

  9. @l`enemie, can you tell yourself, why the BIRs will kill all your family, and leave
    that of Sako who they should not spare, alive? Because you all, are traitors. I
    now, see your frustrations.

    • joshua,

      no mind the barga…yi di mimba sey na daso yi one dan loss pipo.

      Ifi some of we tell yi how many pipol we dan lossam, yi go lock yi mop.

      Na reason dat why some of we bin run away from dis wahala forsika sey na loss time..graffi Vs sawa can never be laid to rest.

      Yi bad pass Anglo Vs Biya and yi system—we mek life be very miserable for wa own Anglo communities for no nating—3 good yeas of hell.

      All da leaders dem na tief pipol dem, sep Sisiku na prison save yi, liké yi too for tief yi own yarri too. Poh-poh me, frankly, ah no go spare da kana njoh jacks. Ifi you no tief ya own share, arda pipol dem go wipe all the jacks then accuse you for cause distraction.

      Ah di only sorry da short man for Norway, yi own deal for turn billionaire knock…

    • @Joshua

      Now I know you are just an internet rambling rouser. Sako’s younger brother was slaughtered 2 months ago so stop talking nonsense. For the sake of your limited knowledge I’ll leave you to get lost.

      @Zamzam the Beti-Bamileke goat. You are like a maggot looking for rotting wound to exploit. Idiot. Nothing is finished forest baboon. The war just actually started. Are you not ashamed to admit that stealing is your hobby? Hear you ..”if I see my own money I go tif am run”….! Typical Beti-Bulu mindset. Listen lousy snake, this struggle can go on auto pilot and we still get to Buea, leadership must be revolutionary not presidential nonsense and by this end we will get to Buea without your Beti concern. We no go tire holly water day, we no go tire holly water Dey…..

      • Kikiki, small Kanass boy…if pipol dem wash grand rem? lass wey you di kosham, day in day out, then you send the money for Sako, mek yi kill ya own pipol…Sako no di krish. Contribute, if I be leader, ah go s
        shu ya contribution yi mami…

        • Amba chants

          We no go tire holly water Dey, we no go tire holly water Dey…if you want to kill me kill me I die, I’d yiu want to kill me kill me I die.

          Amba Boys worry, shoot me I shoot you, Amba Boys worry shoot me I shoot you

          Water na water

  10. FREEDOM is not a token. It is a fight for the future of Ambazonia

  11. @ZamZam
    Sisiku, can not lead the revolution from kondengui. Since he is too selfish to know
    this, he should be ignored completely. Achebe, calls one like him, an ungrateful ingrate.
    For anyone who is frustrated in this war time, one thing is certain: it is unfortunate, but
    it shall come to pass. To overcome all the frustrations, we have to intensify the fight on
    all fronts, and fight to the last man standing. Then and only then, shall we overcome
    the losses and gain our hard earned victory. We all are to blame today, for allowing
    our rights to be taken away and it kept too long, to get it back. At this point in the
    struggle, one thing, is certain: there is no turning back. It will be diaster, when we fail.
    Let`s give the fight first place and all others shall follow accordingly.

    • @Joshua,

      there is no shame it, the cause is a right one, but we don’t have to set millions of people’s life at risk to make a point.
      The poor people back home believed in sako and so, but at the end we are all no different from Biya.
      In fact I admire the poor Chap. Imagine 10 CMRs sitting down together, lead them and see.
      A patriot and pan Africanist sees that, and he strives to see a CMR with more patriots, who will defend the triangle.
      A patriot who will not sell an ounce of CMR for personal gratification.

      If I had 2 CMRs, I will maybe put one at stake.

      But my CMR is too dear to betray her…

  12. Epée Dipanda

    An African who claims to be pan African and makes reference to one Cameroon is an I d I o t.
    Cameroon is a creation of the white man. And no rendition of this western creation is superior to another.
    We support only what protects our rights and the rights of our children. The rubb ish now referred to as Cameroon does not meet the above cited needs and must therefore be put asunder.
    Amba for ever

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