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La crise anglophone resurgit en couverture des journaux camerounais

APAnews | La crise sécessionniste anglophone fait de nouveau les choux gras des journaux camerounais parus mardi, à la faveur d’une série de résolutions du Parlement européen indexant particulièrement le gouvernement.

Cette fois, constate The Guardian Post, l’Union européenne a décidé de prendre une position ferme sur la crise anglophone : son Parlement, traduit le quotidien de langue anglaise, somme le gouvernement et les séparatistes de trouver une solution pacifique à la crise séparatiste qui ensanglante des régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest depuis près de 3 ans.

Le Gideon fait exactement la même lecture des résolutions prises en fin de semaine dernière par l’UE, qui semble lassée par les atrocités commises aussi bien par les séparatistes «ambazoniens» que par les forces de défense et de sécurité contre des civils, et qui ont contraints des milliers d’innocents à l’exil interne et vers le Nigeria voisin.

C’est désormais «le scénario-cauchemar», dans cette partie du pays qui suffoque sous l’afflux des déplacés pris entre deux feux, soupire Mutations avec une image fort expressive en couverture.

«Crise anglophone : qu’a fait le Parlement camerounais ?» A travers cette interrogation qui s’affiche en grande manchette, Le Jour s’étonne de ce que le législatif du pays, en chœur, retrouve subitement de la voix en réagissant, vigoureusement, à une résolution du Parlement européen sur les crises sociopolitiques qui secouent le pays, l’usage disproportionné de la force par l’armée ainsi que les multiples atteintes aux droits de l’homme.

Pour Le Messager, les présidents de l’Assemblée nationale et du Sénat, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril et Marcel Niat Njifenji respectivement, ne sont rien d’autre que des apprentis sorciers de la dernière heure, eux dont les institutions n’ont strictement rien entrepris, à ce jour, pour ramener la paix dans les zones en conflit et qui profitent d’une sortie venue de l’extérieur pour se mettre en scène avec indécence.

Ce que le quotidien à capitaux publics Cameroon Tribune retient, lui, de toute cette agitation est le récent tweet d’apaisement du président Paul Biya à ses concitoyens : «Nous n’avons qu’une patrie. Il est de notre devoir de la défendre et de la conduire, tous ensemble, sur les chemins de la grandeur et de la prospérité pour tous.»

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  1. What is the above, intended for? I don`t get the sense.


    Last week was VERY BAD for the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.

    The EU parliament made abundantly clear her position on the Anglophone Question.
    LRC even hired two parliamentarians from the FRONT NATIONALE to defend them IN VAIN.
    Yaounde was in a total panic after the EU parliament threatened to take the matter to the UN Security Council.
    Cavaye ad Niat who had vowed NEVER EVER to discuss the Anglophone Question decided to inform the European Parliament that Dictator Biya had created the commission on bilingualism and the commission on disarmament. Of course, the EU parliamentarians know that those COSMETIC measures will NEVER EVER resolve the impasse. That was the reason they repeated the US position that only an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue can resolve the impasse.


      Believe me or not, the resolution of the Anglophone Question is now “auf der Zielgeraden” ( = on the Finishing Straight). There is nothing Dictator or Macron can do to prevent the resolution.
      One thing is 100% clear: THERE WILL NEVER BE A MILITARY SOLUTION TO THE ANGLOPHONE QUESTION. Simply put, LRC terrorists can NEVER defeat the brave Amba boys. The money we collected in Berlin for AK47 has already started creating a level playing field at the war front. Pa Che has already delivered the first consignment of AK47 and BOMBS on Ground Zero. Many more consignments will follow in the days ahead. LRC should, therefore, buy more body bags.



      Of course, LRC is an independent, sovereign, One & Indivisible nation.
      SC is also a sovereign, independent, One & Indivisible nation.

      It is common knowledge that the gullible Generation of Dr Foncha is history.
      It should, therefore, be crystal clear to all and sundry that all forcefully and illegal attempts to continuously and colonially hold on to the sovereign state of Southern Cameroons in this era of the NEVER AGAIN GENERATION should be considered as exercises in futility.
      If history is anything to go by, LRC and SC had their independence on different dates and thus cannot be one country. It is, therefore, IMBECILE NONSENSE and a distortion of history to celebrate the 20th of May as the so-called “national day”. Amba boys will disrupt any celebrations of this FAKE DATE in SC.


      “The confusion and anxiety within the ranks of the Yaounde colonialists arising from the EU parliamentary resolutions are seen from the many tantrums its agents have been throwing to the EU Parliament and its supporters since the said resolutions were adopted in plenary. It a?l started with an outburst from the rubber stamped colonial Senate, where its ailing President, Senator Niat Njifenji, lambasted the EU lawmakers for plotting an external intervention into the internal affairs of a sovereign state like CameroUn. He concluded his attack with an open invitation to the executives of the EU lawmakers to come to hear CameroUn’s own side of the story”.


      “ This sudden reactionary and crying baby position by the colonial Yaounde Senate is coming after several failed attempts by the opposition colonial lawmakers to get the conflict discussed in plenary but were consistently hushed down and even witch hunted. Isn’t it politically hypocritical that a Senate that has consistently refused to allow debates on the conflict for three years running is now throwing tantrums at the EU Parliament for debating same issues and passing resolutions? ”

      **** PROPHECY FULFILLED ****

      “ When the people shall rise even if you take the French military and add to yours, you will not stop them” (Wirba, j., 2016)


  3. Anglophones in 2016 in a constitutionally bilingual country were asking the Francophone tribal government to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in Anglophone Cameroon.
    The Francophone government working for France decided violence, war, genocide, depopulation of Anglophone Cameroon is their solution.
    7.2M Francophones in Canada are treated as first class citizens.
    8M Anglophones in Cameroon are being massacred, treated as second class citizens with the goal to forcefully Francophonize them in the 21st Century.
    Slavery was abolished, apartheid abolished but in Equatorial Cameroon the tribal Francophone regime still believes that with the support of France they can kill black Africans on the land of their ancestors to become Francophones! Why?
    Who is fooling who
    Low IQ!

  4. The colonial army of occupation must leave our land and go home to la republic di cameroun. We will prefer a
    south Sudan scenario than have cameroun in our land (Ambalande)

  5. Cameroon’s parliament and Senate treated Hon. Wirba’s alert as a non-event. So also did they Hon. Kemende’s, Simon Forbi’s and many more. Now that the EU Parliament has risen to the same echo, there are knee-jerk reactions from every corner – Rene Emmanuel Sadi, Cavayie Yeguie Djibril, Niat Njifenji, etc.

    Why the volte-face? How did the non-event become an event worth reacting to? EU expressed a trump card – Donor fatigue!!!! To move Cameroonian legislators, hit them where it hurts the most – their money source.

  6. idiot learn your history, Cameroon has nothing in comment with Sudan.

  7. the regime will all die knowing full well that Cameroon has never been one and indivisible.History is never forgotten, one can try and eradicate, subjugate,deceive,intimidate,force a particular group of people to belong, race, religion, language that particular PROBLEM will never go away, generations always seek for the bitter truth, in the end nothing anymore can cover the TRUTH/ JUSTICE, this is the case of formal British Southern Cameroon, the volcano is erupting, no matter what lrc,say,do it will not stop the people of Ambazonia to finally put their minds at rest ( Independence) by war,death, fire, bullets,jails, torture,fake actors etc, there will never turn back, the dead, their children and the youngest generation will not rest, biya must grant them what is theirs!

  8. Mental slavery is the worst type of slavery.
    Black (very black for the record) Africans in 2019 are so proud to call themselves “British ” !
    They are so proud that given the chance, they can call back the brits to come and recolonise them!
    The worst type is the so called diasporan, just because they accidently took a plane one day, study in the white man Scholl, walk, talk, dress like the white man, they beleive they are white! Brits!
    What a bunch delusional individuals…
    Stop sending others kids to die in vain…
    Take a plane, flight to Cameroon and ” liberate ” your people…
    Cameroon is One and Indivisible.
    You don’t like it, you move or stay in the west forever.

    • Wolowos how market? The policy of assimilation was a construct of the French…not he British…confused much? Poor tin.

      • Sociopathic types come in many plumages, some obsessed with assaulting
        strange bedfellow relations which their warped prisms pick up only because Britain, but not France, is the foreign consort in the trust.

        • @ John Dinga
          You are the most pathetic individual that exist on this planet.
          Can you for once have a stand and answer this simple question: Are you a sound called “Ambazonian ” ?
          Yes or No?
          Don’t hide behind someone else comment to adress a Lady.

    • Are they any different from the others across the bridge??? The types of you, killing innocent souls day and night for any reason different from your accusers?? …. I have witness of late that most of you in this forum are demons for you have rarely sympathize with those people killed daily and never thought of advising your mentors or rulers to try another option. How do you even think this is normal??

      • People like you in the diasporan, who are sponsoring terrorism in your own community back home, are the real reason of what is going on.
        Instead of meeting for trying to find a way out of the misery you caused to your own people, you meet to raise funds to by more wapons!
        Who are you going to fight? The state of Cameroon?
        Good luck…

    • @Bikuts
      Akpara smelling rotting lass ashawo. Get out of here? The smell of your rotting dirty lass is smelling on my computer. Devils that kill chiyandnild women to protect a dying dictator still singing one and indivisible. Dictators only understand the language of force that’s why we will flood Ambazonia with AKs. You and your criminal gorilla gang will be pushed out of Ambazonia to take your Manjunga drinking habit to Bulu forests. Corrupt smelling lass.

      • @ L’ennemi
        Toi le petit chien morveux qui ne cesse d’aboiyer à mon passage, fais une faveur à toi et au monde: pend toi.
        Petit enculé de merde, les odeurs de ta maman ont dù te traumatiser dès ton enfance misérable ,au point où tu assimiles toute femme à cà.
        Racaille de basse échelle!
        Qui t’as élévé au point où tu te permets de t’adresser à une femme bulu.
        Avorton, ta petite vie misérable, meme mon animal de compagnie ne pourrait la vivre.
        Chien! Tu penses que t’adresser à moi t’élèveras à mon niveau???
        Raté de la vie, va te faire operer des couilles!
        Comme cà tu n’auras plus honte de marcher avec une tete d’homme et un vagin entre tes jambes.

  9. LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources weh dem thiefam. La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. BEtIS BULUS Voleurs. Assassins. Mangeurs de chien. Traitre.NoBoDy Can Accept THAT. NO ONE

  10. Truth and Facts

    Is this forum not a vivid reflection of the mindset of Cameroonians?
    Not a single construction discussion here. All we read here each day, irrespective of the article, are insults, names calling and finger pointing. Sometimes even the worst primitive types of insults one can imagine.

    And again all these people claim to be wise. They might very well be wise, but how is it that wisdom cannot be use to dialogue constructive and find a solution to a problem?

    Three years down the roads, the situation is getting worse by the day and all we read here are the same insults and names calling we read from the beginning of this problem.

    If even the few on this forum can not have a constructive dialogue that could produce ideas they are ready to back no matter what… I feel sorry for ??

  11. Truth and Facts
    You may be new on this forum. If you are not, you would know that Bikutsi and her consorts told us here many moons ago that : “Vous allez faire quoi?”. They completed their assault on our consciousness by saying: Paul Biya toujours chaud gars and that we could go kill ourselves as they were buying up the whole of Limbe with ill gotten wealth.

    Now their masters are singing and they are dancing to a different tune. This is progress. The existence of an Anglophone Problem is no longer in doubt.

    Step 2….a border wall

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