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La secrétaire générale de la Francophonie en visite de travail au Cameroun

Xinhua | Louise Mushikiwabo, secrétaire générale de l’Organisation internationale de la francophonie (OIF), entame ce vendredi une visite de travail de 48 heures au Cameroun, pour “remercier le Cameroun pour son soutien dans le cadre de sa récente élection à la tête de la Francophonie”, d’après la radio nationale camerounaise CRTV.

Louise Mushikiwabo

Mme Mushikiwabo rencontrera ce même jour le ministre camerounais des Relations extérieures, Lejeune Mbella Mbella, d’après la CRTV.

“L’actualité récente autour de la crise anglophone et la crise des réfugiés seront sans doute au menu des échanges avec les autorités camerounaises”, a indiqué à Xinhua, Paul Yombo, expert des relations internationales.

“Toutefois, de part ses origines africaines, et des excellents rapports qu’entretiennent le Cameroun et le Rwanda, son pays d’origine, elle pourrait proposer la médiation de la Francophonie dans le cadre de la crise anglophone”, a analysé M. Yombo.

Le Cameroun est devenu membre de l’OIF en 1991.

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  1. What is she coming to do?

  2. @ JT, to take her own bronze trophy, what else? Unity palace, has father Xmas.

  3. The post of SECRETARY-GENERAL is a big deal in some world. Remember the famous Cameroonian movie “POUSSE-POUSSE” by Daniel James?
    By Paul Biya’s latest decree a number of secretaries-general were appointed and transferred to regions supposed to be decentralized and therefore autonomous and free of central influence and control.
    Quite a good slap on the face of those gullible individuals who sing decentralization for breakfast, lunch and supper.

  4. @JD, their decentralization, is a smoke screen for future total assimilation, as soon as they
    succeed, in winning over the total grabbing of Ambazonia. At that time, no one, including
    the international community and institutions, will listen to any complains or interfare in any
    uprising. Only the likes of Fru Ndi, Agbor Balla, Kah Walla, Munas etc, who stand for federalism
    will be singing the usual dimabollas. Let`s shine our eyes todayand avoid falling into the
    trap. Atanga Nji, knows this as truth. Our kids, will continue the blame game, like we are
    doing today, remembering pas Muna, Foncha et al, who took us to our quick deaths and
    refugee statuses. Targeted killings and burning of whole towns will continue like no man`s
    business and the lrc sqoundrels, will have back 20th May.

  5. Epée Dipanda

    These people are funny. They never learn. What is an a secretary general in the first place? Why must these people transform us into francophones when they themselves do not like their own lives? If they were so successful, we would have been begging them to join them.
    In any case what has an appointed secretary general got to do in a democratic local council?
    Federation will not work as larepublique endlessly demonstrates bad faith.
    We will all enter ground zero because it appear their ears are blocked.

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