La vidéo qui choque le Cameroun: Macron révèle l’emprise qu’il a sur le Président Paul Biya

Pressafrik | La scène se passe au salon de l’Agriculture en France. Le Président Français Emmanuel Macron est interpellé par l’activiste camerounais Calibri sur le massacre qui se déroule actuellement dans son pays avec la crise anglophone.

Le patron de l’Elysée, en voulant le rassurer, y est allé un peu trop avec des révélations assez étranges sur l’emprise qu’il a sur son homologue Paul Biya.

On apprend de Macron que c’est à la suite de la pression qu’il a mise à Biya que l’opposant camerounais Moise Kampto a été libéré de prison. Avant de prendre congé de Calibri, Macron lui a même promis d’appeler le Président Biya à nouveau pour lui mettre encore la pression pour libérer d’autres opposants dont les noms seront transmis à l’Elysée par l’activiste. Les médias camerounais sont encore sous le choc.

La vidéo qui choque le Cameroun: Macron révèle l’emprise qu’il a sur le Président Paul Biya


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  1. The orchestra in Paris and Yaounde can be interpreted in two ways.

    #!) President Emmanuel Macron the overall choir master based in the Hexagon merely intoned the song with well known script and now the choir in Yaounde has taken the cue and assembled in front of the French embassy to sing “ingerance dans les affaires d’un pays souvereign”.

    #2) Cameroonians in their immense majority from north to south, east to west, totally unconnected to the sardine movement were shocked and gathered at the French embassy in Yaounde to demonstrate their anger at Emmanuel Macron’s audacity.

    Take a pick as your fantasy nudges you.

    • Hahahahaha

      • Truth has a way of coming out and it can be very uncomfortable.A dictator was stripped naked on a market day.No amount of “spotaneous protest” can repair the damage.The real problem now is where to hide.

  2. Macron is telling the truth. Truth be said, France needs lrc and not biya. France has used him and he is old and indispensable. Biya a French citizen who cannot go to France. No body wants you in their country. Mvomeka looks like Geneva now with big outdoor pool, just like lake Geneva! Your supposed friends are turning on you, Switzerland, USA, Vatican, Canada, now France. May be China wants you, Coronavirus awaits. Noose tightening around your neck.

  3. ” The European is not interested in solving AFRICAN GLOBAL problems, because his society benefits from AFRICANS problems.
    See,his society…
    his being…
    depends upon the maladjustment of the AFRICAN’s psychology.
    His entire world depends on us destroying ourselves,
    disrespecting ourselves, betraying ourselves, running away from ourselves ”
    Are we EVER going to learn?
    Sometimes you really wonder if the AFRICAN brain is off!
    We have big heads and big mussels, but what about the brain???!!! Jezzzz…

    • &Bitkutsi
      so I really wonder if your brain is off.

      “His entire world depends on us destroying ourselves,
      disrespecting ourselves, betraying ourselves, running away from ourselves ”
      Are we EVER going to learn?“

      Are you ever going to learn?

      What do you think about the Bamilike people again?
      Should the NW still be sold to Nigeria?
      Are the Anglo still terrorist?

      My dear @Bikutsi is letting me down!

  4. Macron’s used the TRUTH as a his weapon to humiliate Dictator Biya PANTS ON FIRE.

    Truth #1:

    It was him who Instructed Dictator Biya to release Prof. Kamto.

    Reality check

    100% TRUE
    The so-called Major National Dialogue was simply a smokescreen


    The situation in SC is DETERIORATING

    Reliaty check

    100% TRUE

    The GRANDMASTER OF FAKE NEWSis a pathological Liar

    TRUTH #3:

    Human rights in LRC are never respected.

    Reality Check

    100% TRUE

    LRC is considered as an ISLAND OF TERROR by any neutral observer


    1. The truth is bitter but someone must say it.
    2. The sardiniards demonstrating in front of the French Embassy have been given bread and ssrdines for their UNPATRIOTIC services
    3. Macron spoke the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  5. Who can believe Francophone Africans and especially Cameroonians are shocked that France Controls Cameroon.
    CFA money given to Cameroon by France
    Educational curriculum designed by France
    Genocide of Bassas and Bamilekes masterminded by France
    Putting Adhijo as 1st governor president of Cameroon
    Putting Biya as 2nd governor president
    Now trying to put Kamto as 3rd governor president
    Giving Yaoundé Francophone government weapons and total support to carryout black on black colonization and genocide to promote Francophonization of black Africans in their ancestral home.
    Who is fooling who?
    400 villages burnt
    30,000 innocent civilians killed
    1million internally displaced
    200,000 refugees in Nigeria
    5 million affected
    900,000 children no school
    Very Low IQ

  6. Macron is humiliating a hole Country and its people, he is humiliating a hole Continent, the continent of black people…
    He is even humiliating a hole Race, he is saying: ” this is 2020,and I’m still your master “…
    But what do the AFRICAN does? He/she is pointing fingers at his own brother!!!!
    The AFRICAN is clapping for the master! In 2020!
    The AFRICAN is busy talking about “franconisation ” “anglophonisation “!
    Are we stupid for real?

    • @Bikitsi
      Stop trying to spin things. Leave Africans/black peoples out of this. When it hits u where it hurts, your kind try to spin the issues & say it is a race thing.

      I remember u insulting people from the NW, SW &West Region repeatedly on this Forum. Saying the NW should be sold to Nigeria. Were u thinking of Africans/Black when outing such nonsense?

      Several Cameroonians before Macron call on Biya repeatedly to release those political prisoners. He did not. When Macron ordered it, he did. So who’s fault is it.

      Macron is not humiliating the whole country. He is humiliating Biya. Biya is humiliating the whole country &Africa as a whole. Direct your anger to Biya. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?


  7. We deserve all this. Frogs, should stop pretending, please. What does it mean or
    translate, when our frog brother, will be proud to say i am from `mbenge`{ home}
    france or i drink water from paris { bottled water}?
    We will see more stupid things happening from wiping the Anglos to please the french
    man, to being rapped in linen like luggage at the airport. Again, we deserve it. Or, does
    pinguiss etc, not feel proud, satisfied and full of dirty logic, at seeing Biya kill the same
    people who put him at Etoudi and keeps arguing like a dog that has stollen?
    The white skin folks, are doing exactly, what we ask them do to us.

  8. Fear has change camp

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