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Lafarge opens 3rd cement plant in Yaounde [+video]

africanews | French industrial company Lafarge Group has inaugurated its third cement plant in Yaounde, Cameroon.

In fact, cement prices should be reduced in Cameroon for everyone to buy bags of cement.

It’s a first for the capital city. But in an already competitive market dominated by cement manufacturing giants like Dangote cement, how does this impact cost? We speak to a local economist to assess the cement market in this Central African nation.

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  1. Where are the dangote of Cameroon?
    At least some will have a job.
    Good news indeed.

    • The Dangote of Cameroon are in the streets of Europe in the cold siging “Biya most go ” ,disturbing people and waiting “until they reach Buea ” before they can think of oppening such a fabric in their motherland.
      They don’t even realise that years are passing by, they are getting older and Biya is not going anywhere.
      Even if Biya dies today, another Biya will take over if the cameroonian mentality do not change.

      • Hmm, enigmatic Bikutsi, inglorious you!
        Do not support a dictator because you’re opposed to another perceived evil. Opposing both does not invoke mutual exclusivity. Be a man and do not trade your values on such an industrial scale. Long term dictatorships invite trouble and wishing more of it to your country is neither right nor upright. Don’t revel in shameful self-gratification.
        We can’t pretend. People like Louis XVI of France, Ceausescu, Pinochet, Mubarak, Bouteflika, Al-Bashir, et al are/were not men of good repute. Biya is certainly another villain and support for him is both risible & pathetic, and perhaps the most reckless and ignominious self-sabotage. He’s lived his life and believes nobody even from his own party is fit to govern but him. Do some soul-searching.

        • You are hors sujet, hors la route.
          I guess you writing just to have an impression of impressing some idiots.
          You do not know Lady bikutsi at all.
          She is a straight shooter, not your type.
          Take it easy as you appear to be out of your league here

  2. How many have you opened lazy slot?

    • @Vonjesco
      You know that the great lecturers of Cameroon are precisely those who go on roof tops and sing that they have no lessons to learn from others, n’est-ce pas???

  3. Cameroon has more than 6 large cement factories. Yet, the price per bag of cement never goes down. In-fact the price rises everyday. What a fucked up country. How can there be infrastructural development when the price is cement and other building materials rise everyday! All our leaders have fried brains!

  4. Good news may God bless the republic of Cameroon

  5. Ambazonia…free

  6. Good Starting point but Compared to Other Cement companies are producing Trillions of Tons this one a Play Toy! They can do better !

    • The whole planet barely produces 5 billion tons a year. I am sure if it is sarcasm or you are just doing the new thing in Cameroon, which is just complaining because it is the cool thing to do.

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