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Large cash trove found at Sudan’s ousted leader’s home

euronews | A large reservoir of cash was found at Sudan’s ousted president’s house, prosecutors said on Saturday as a senior party official said several top members of the former ruling party were arrested.

Security services found euros, dollars and Sudanese pounds totalling more than 115 million euros.

The former president Omar al-Bashir is now being investigated for money laundering and possession of large sums of foreign currency without legal grounds, a judicial source told Reuters.

Bashir was placed under house arrest after months of protests against his rule led to the army removing him on April 11. Reports say he is now being held at a prison in Kobar.

The source told Reuters that suitcases loaded with more than $351,000, €6m ($6.7m; £5.2m) and five billion Sudanese pounds ($105m) were found at Bashir’s house.

The source also said “the chief public prosecutor… ordered the (former) president detained and quickly questioned in preparation to put him on trial.” Adding, prosecutors would “question the former president in Kobar prison”.

Sudan’s attorney general said on Saturday a new committee would be set up to oversee anti-corruption investigations.

Bashir is also being sought by the International Criminal Court (ICC) over allegations of genocide in the country’s western Darfur region.

On Friday, protesters gathered for a 14th day to demand the military council, which took over after toppling the former president, hand over power to a civilian authority.

As the mass sit-in continued in Khartoum on Saturday, it appears protesters have little confidence in the military council meeting their demands.

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  1. Yeah im sure Biya has a big stash too.


    People from the clan of Dictator Bashir occupied all strategic positions in the country. These included the commission on bilingualism, the commission on disarmament, the military, police, secret service, judiciary, constitutional council, etc. However, he was kicked out.
    Dictator Biya has emulated Dictator Bashir. It is simply a question of time for the former to experience the same fate. DICTATORS NEVER LEARN FROM HISTORY.




      Dictator Biya, the international war criminal, recently signed a presidential decree naming the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Mr Peter Tibor Nagy as Grand Officier “Grand Officer”.


      The presidential decree was published in “Le Temps de Réalisation”, Edition number 56 of the 18th of March 2019, published by the civil cabinet of the presidency.


      Dictator Biya has become very CONFUSED and DESPERATE because of his SH*THOLE UNWINNABLE and FOOLISH war.
      That Biya is headed for a tragic political and historical downfall can now only be denied by his apologists and Spin doctors who resist the truth.

      As a reminder, Mr Tibor is on record for having said that “after Sudan, Cameroun is next”

  3. Who put Ayaba Cho for dey eh?

    Mek yi shu dem how for count jacks…


    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC still thinks, believes and dreams that Southern Cameroonians are joking.


    “The State of Cameroon, deeply attached to its territorial integrity and its unitary and decentralized status, has through its Government spared no effort in providing ideal solutions to the problems faced in the North West and South West Regions ever since the tabling of the unionist and corporatist claims,” (Niat N., 2019).

    Dictator Biya, Niat, Cavaye and other LRC daydreamers are surely in for a rude awakening.

  5. All dictators act the same and so Mr. Biya, is no exemption. Without much ado,
    the world in general and the people of Lrc, should start preparing for the news.
    Who doubts it, when Kondengui, is housing junior boys of the gang? Did some
    damsel of the regime, not give back part of her loot? And although Mebe Ngo`s
    loot is deemed as too much, it is not to say, that he carried it all.
    The trio: Mr. Biya, Mrs. Chantal Biya and son Franck Biya, must be called the
    champions of the game. Like Sani Abacha of Nigeria, cameroonians, will have
    a merry time, talking about their looting. And this is how, the country is going
    to achieve emergeance, by date 2035.

  6. A few days ago, experuvian president, committed suicide, by shooting himself
    to the head. It tells me one thing namely, that this is the only escape route left
    for Mr. Biya. And i advice him, to do that immediately. It will not be easy facing
    these docile people, who have tolerated him for too long.
    No gymnastics with or by France, will be the magic wand. No escaping to Italy
    or Switzerland, is the best option. Again, let him heed to my advice. Thank you.

  7. As Ambazonia our problem is not Biya. All francophones are the same fundamentally, they believe only the state,not it’s citizens should be in charge of the destiny of a nation.
    We believe a nation is nothing without it’s natives.
    It must be ear that Amba is free, with or without Biya

  8. What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his life? A house loaded with money, a compound with thirty or more cars, villas here and there…for a short life of 80 years!

    Senate President was so much in a hurry to fire back at the European Parliament he forgot to summon fellow senators for their input. He just did the usual one-man show, even as the EU is in donor-fatigue mode!!!!!!

  9. This is the norm of the African panafricanist Called protectors of territorial integrity.
    How much money did the African dictators raised to help the victims of hurricane Idai?
    300,000 Sudanese massacred!
    The Sudanese have finally realized that Bashir and his government are the problem.
    Anglophones in Cameroon today are being massacred in the name of territorial integrity same like the South Sudanese.
    Panafricanist will blame imperialists tomorrow if they choose to speak up for the minority Anglophone civilians being massacred by a dictatorship.
    The panafricanist are defending territorial borders created by Europeans in Europe and imposed on them.
    The people of Anglophone Cameroon know today that the Yaoundé tribal regime is the enemy. Time on your side.
    Who is fooling who!

  10. The worst thing is for a government not to honor it’s solemn pledge!!! Why ask young fighters to put down their weapons, surrender to the authorities for rehabilitation only to turn around and do what was done to Richard Mua in Bamenda – kill him and publicly display his corpse???????? Can such perfidy encourage others to come out of the bush?????

  11. Biya,s cash reservoir is much bigger than this.

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