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L’armée annonce la mort d’un « général » séparatiste anglophone

APAnews | L’armée camerounaise a annoncé mercredi par voie de communiqué, la mort de « Field Marshall », présenté comme l’un des chefs militaires des sécessionnistes anglophones des régions du Nord-oust et du Sud-ouest.

Oliver Leke Fongunueh, plus connu sous le nom de « Field Marshall », aurait succombé à ses blessures lors de violents combats ayant opposé, décembre dernier dans le département du Lebialem (Sud-ouest), des milices séparatistes au Bataillon d’intervention rapide (BIR) de l’armée camerounaise.

« Le chef du groupe armé séparatiste « Red Dragons » a été mortellement atteint le 27 décembre 2018 pendant le combat avec le BIR. Son décès serait intervenu dans l’Etat de Taraba (Nigeria) où il se faisait soigner par un marabout », précise l’armée.

Dans une vidéo, l’armée présente en photo une tombe qui serait celle de Field Marshall dont la mort a été plusieurs fois annoncée et démentie.

A en croire l’armée camerounaise « la voix que l’on entend dans les messages audio qui lui sont attribués est celle d’un imitateur nigérian payé pour faire croire que c’est le chef du groupe séparatiste du département du Lebialem qui parle dans ces enregistrements ».

Si le décès de ce chef de gang est confirmé, ce serait un coup dur pour des milices séparatistes, qui, en l’espace de six mois, auraient perdu pas moins de quatre de leurs « généraux » parmi les plus influents.

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  1. This Camerooun army report foolis.h, their general killed and was in the mortu.ary in Dschange is not reported by the same military. That military is a joke. Cameroun survives on lies telling

    • Fan of Makontripipo-com

      @ Chongwah the foolish one

      The neutralization of the Field Marshall by the BIR is a new worthy event and very good news to all peace loving Cameroonians!

      I understand that this is not good news to an ambafool like you, hence your assertion that this report is foolish.
      You are the foolish one!

      The government is reporting that they have killed the Field Marshall of the ambafool red dragons. It is up to you Ambafools to make your own reports on the general you claim to have killed!

      Chongwah , you are a wonderful international idiot!

    • @Chongwah

      kikikikikkikikikikkikiki kill themmm alll ” ambasonias” a terrorist organization

  2. Cameroun army has not experts who can write in simple and correct English? The write-up is grammatically challenged. The authenticity of the news is filled with ?????.

    • Fan of Makontripipo-com

      It is apparent from your above comment that you can not write in simple and grammatically correct English.



    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC has become very desperate.

    That is why:

    1. LRC terrorist soldiers burnt down the Kumba District hospital and unsuccessfully tried to put this crime against humanity at the doorsteps of Amba boys.
    2. LRC is disseminating LIES about the “death” of Field Marshal Leke in order to distract LRC citizens from the shameful killing of General Buba by Amba boys. FYI, Field Marshall Leke led the Amba boys who NEUTRALISED General Buba of LRC. He is therefore alive.
    General Buba vowed, “to personally bring the head of Field Marshall Leke to Biya”. However, the latter sent the former to the hottest place in hell

    LRC is a sh*thole country ruled by deceit, deception and terror. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS

    There will be ZERO disarmament in SC


      The GOOGLE translation of the original french message disseminated by the so-called “Honneur et Fidélité – Armée Camerounaise” is another proof that the so-called bilingual LRC is indeed a MONOLINGUAL country.

      1. Dictator Biya addresses his citizens EXCLUSIVELY in French
      2. the language on the currency is EXCLUSIVELY FRENCH
      3. the language at the kangaroo military tribunal is EXCLUSIVELY French
      4. the language of the military is EXCLUSIVELY French
      5. All decrees signed by Dictator Biya are EXCLUSIVELY in French
      6. etc

      In sum, English is considered in the so-called bilingual LRC as a virus.

      The so-called Commission on bilingualism is another scam of Dictator Biya. It is used to deceive the international community that the country is bilingual.


      As a reminder, LRC also “killed” SHEKAU many times. The rest is history.

      P’ermit to make apologists of the evil Beti junta happy.
      For the benefit of discussion, let us presume that Field Marshall Leke is dead. Motions of congratulation to the BIR and Dictator Biya for neutralising Leke.
      The commission of decentralisation, the commission on disarmament, the ministry of decentralisation, ELECAM can now begin to operate in SC.
      Parliamentary, municipal and regional elections will now take place as ordered by Dictator Biya.
      The killing of Leke will stop the UNSTOPPABLE momentum and win the UNWINNABLE war.

      Motions of congratulation to Dictator Biya for restoring peae to his so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.
      I pray that Dictator Biya lives and outlives the oldest person that ever lived.


      **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      Dictator Biya has written to the UN SG BEGGING him to help disarm Amba boys.
      The letter was handed to the UN scribe in Addis Abeba by the toothless LRC PM.

      The UN told Dictator Biya that disarmament can only occur AFTER the cessation of hostilities. Dictator Biya should therefore declare a ceasefire and withdraw his terrorist soldiers from SC if he is serious about disarmament.

      **** MY TAKE ****

      Dictator Biya has finally realised that a military solution is unachievable.

  4. Why this story now??????? The cross on the grave, is old enough to tell the truth..
    Even the press, lacks credibility.

  5. FAKE NEWS. How could they rely on ” A hear say” and then they started announcing it. Whether he is dead or not , the war is unstoppable . His death wouldn’t mark the end of the War. We must be free from the hands of LRP.

  6. This is a waste of anyone’s time! This how low lrc has descended, now taking pride in victories that are yet to be attained. I thought the situation in the SW and NW regions had stabilised and the commission of bilingualism had started its work? As each day passes, it becomes obvious that Ambazonians have become increasingly convinced by the tactics of the present regime, that they will never treat us as equals. LRC, leave us alone. We don’t want to be part of you, how difficult is that to understand? You have built your country on French hegemony, we don’t want to be part of that, we want to be an independent country and not a slave to you or your French masters. We don’t love you and we will never do, because you betrayed our trust, rejected our humility and took us for granted.

  7. The Cameroon army has announced his death.
    It is up to him to provide proof of him being alive at least for his followers and his sponsors abroad.
    Any how, what is left is “coupeurs de routes” as in the east region and Adamaoua.
    This could take time, but the remnants know their fate.
    All ambazombians will be exterminated.

    • All Ambazombians will be exterminated:-(. You certainly sound like a NAZI. Nobody in Anglophone Cameroon wants to exterminate Francophones despite the evil they have brought on us for over 5 decades. That’s why the fighting has remained mainly within the two Anglophones regions, because all the various camps have been fighting for is outright independence, the least of which is federalism. The latter option is quickly vanishing into thin air. The ordinary Francophone is not to be blamed for this conflict, but the Francophone elites that have ruled the country since its inception are to blame for the misfortune that has befallen the entire country of Cameroon. SO in reality, no one is advocating the extermination of Francophones, even those who have wronged us, nothing but equality.

      • Do you think this is dummer and dummer?
        This is about ambazombians not so-called anglophones. There is a big difference.
        Don’t twist anything.
        Again anything ambazombians should be exterminated

        • So Biya and his elites, people like you who preach the superiority of the Francophone over the Anglophone, in preference for continuous marginalisation of the anglophones, should be exterminated? It is not about extermination. Lrc can never exterminate the entire Anglophone population, because most want separation. It is like a racist hating the black man and wishing their disappearance from this Earth, but no matter how much they wish it is never going to happen. So the pain of the racist is self-fulfilling because everywhere they turn, they will also see the black face, on tv, etc. What we should be talking about is a sensitive way of resolving the conflict through an inclusive dialogue. The shambolic war being waged by lrc against the separatists is a waste of time, its is unwinnable.

  8. @Mbappe Why should Field Marshall come and proof to u that he is alive? What for? We know how war is fought and the propaganda in it.He will not proof to u that he is alive.But be rest assured,he will continue to crush those your BIRS….

    • I do not care about the rat.
      It is for you guys to keep sending your money to your despair.
      HE IS DEAD

    • Fan of Makontripipo-com

      The dog was hiding in the forest of Lebialem instead of going to attack the BIRs at the BIR camps. The dog came out when he knew the BIR wa not around to terrorise the population of Lebialem.

      Well the BIRs took the fight to the field marshall dog in the foret and killed him. field Marshall has been neutralized!

      How dumb must this Kongossa dog be to imagine that the dead field marshall will resurrect from death and crush the BIRs that he was hiding from in the forest before he wa killed.

      This Kongosa dog must be a wonderful international idiot!
      BIR don kill field marshall ya! Field marshall don die like general Ivo ya! Wuna appoint new field marshall make BIR identify the sheep killam!

      The fight continues…

    • Kongosa, Kumba says no to ghost town…

  9. Tossing a catalogue of vitriolic expressions around is hardly the way to project the good I’m age of the one you profess to defend or support.
    General Ivo Mbah’s death was supported by a picture of his corpse. The same can be done for this.

    • Fan of Makontripipo-com

      @John Dinga

      The government does not have to post the picture of the dead field marshall on the internet just because they posted the picture of the dead ambafool terrorist ivo mbah.

      The government does not care whether or not john dinga believes that the ambafool terrorist field marshall is dead. The nyamfukah is dead and your stupid imagination can not bring him back to life.

      The military was given orders to make minced meat out of the field marshall’s dead body to be prepared and served to sisiku and cohorts in Kondengui.

      So you can tell sisku that the delicious meat pie he ate the other day was made of field marshall meat!

  10. kikikikikikkikikikikkikikikik, what happened the voodo didn’t work this time. we know all those traitors

  11. Now, it is Amba defenders they are chasing. How about `SHEKAU` of Boko Haram?
    Is he dead or he surrendered to the disarmament committee, that we don`t read or
    hear about him today?
    Ambazonian restoration forces, are not a soft spot either.

    • Fan of Makontripipo-com

      @Joshua the ambafool

      This article has nothing to do with Shekau of Boko Haram!
      This article is about ambafool terrorist field marshall oliver. The field marshall of lebialem red dragons has been neutralized by the BIR. He will never terrorize the people of Lebialem again!

      The ambafool terrorists (Ambazonia restoration forces) are a very soft spot. If they were not a soft spot isiku and his cohorts will not be in Kondengui. If they were not a soft spot the field marshall, ivo mbah, tiger, amigo, virus etc will still be alive!

      Joshua must be a wonderful international idiot not to realize that the ambafool terrorists are a very very soft spot!

  12. @joshua

    kept fooling yourself ratttttttttttttttttttttttt ” Ambazonian restoration forces” kikkikkikikikikikkikikikikikikiki.

    international idiot .

  13. Another propaganda to distract from the fact that they can’t fight in lebialem and are being killed by ordinary citizens defending themselves from their militia!
    If they were so happy to join the French army in abducting Sisiku Ayuk from a hotel in Abuja Nigeria what stop them from abducting Field Marshall from Taraba state in Nigeria back to their heaven called Kondengui.
    A militia trained by foreign powers, armed by military aid from foreign powers, using military intelligence from foreign powers, still they tell lies about killing civilians and actually celebrate.
    Tribal government with a very low IQ
    The executed women and babies in the north of Cameroon and blamed Malians.
    Who can believe this army?
    Who is fooling who?

  14. Mark Bareta is accusing Chris Anu of embezzlement cos Chris needs more money to pay for ABC…

    • Bamileke-Beti cross spy. I will pluck your eyes out of that your big head. You know every activist by name, know how to use ‘sticks’ and ‘groundnuts’ on paper yet you show up in this Ewondo comic name to discredit our movement. woe betide you i don’t dig up who you are. Your entire family will burn in hell.

      • Kikikiki, L’enemie….Amba boys will soon gain consciousness. What are you going to do, langa mimbo?

        You take so much pride in killing your own kind, while people like Trump are there busy building walls to protect their children from being infested by tropical gaulists and anglo-saxon savages of your type. And you come here talking mimbo tok where people are talking.

        Do you even shed tears when you see those Amba boys on YT? Or you think to be a man pickin is just to brag around that you have some shrunken-nuts that are being asphyxiated 24/7 by some wrinkled bags that can no longer answer present, at no time?

        Mal chance…

  15. where is tapang kikikikikkikikikikkikikikikkiki

  16. You probably didn’t hear us the first time.
    Read my lips, we will never yield.
    Maybe you don’t understand English….
    Let me do French for you…Jamais o non jamais.

    • Epée
      You will never yield from the internet you mean?!
      The “struggle ” is taking place in Cameroon, what are you doing on cyber space?
      Take the next plane to Bamenda, put on your ‘ambazonia ‘ militia dress, get your grand father hunting gun and be the next idiot to be send to hell!
      We we call you a Hero.

  17. @Zam-Zam ”Kumba says no to ghost town”… Ha ha ha ha ..So,Kumba says no to ghost town,humm? Was that manifestation authorised? Those people that matched should count themselves lucky that they did not fall in the hands of the Amba soldiers,becos that match was a disturbance a l’ordre public.
    Anyway,we have identified those paople that took part in that match,and their names and houses have been identified.In the days ahead,they will be hearing from the Amba soldiers.

    • And you are proud of that? Maybe you can blame the Army after your Amba fighters burned their houses? This is exactly the behaviour you blame Biya for. Everybody who thinks different need to be eliminated. Thats what dictators do.

      • Korup, don’t mind that pal. He thinks Amba has bee hives on all trees, waiting for him to come with his kenja (basket) and harvest. That is what they were promised on FB, don’t blame him.

        Anglos are there waiting for him on the ground to come with some freshly woven baskets from EU and US, to harvest fresh honey. So their imaginary adage goes on FB tho…

  18. No problem, there is already a new illiterate promoted General, Field Marshall are whatever. Its more easy to become General of Ambazonia than to become Caporal in the US Army.

  19. @Korup Forest U, this cockroach..Are u back in this forum? U could not permit ordinary MRC match of Maurice Kamto in Douala and u want Ambazonians to permit such ilegal match in their country? Have u taken your medicine? See who is schooling us about dictatorship. Do u know why Biya have stayed in power for 37 years and has been doing alot of things with impunity? it is becos he has never confronted dictators like him.Now that he has the IG,who are also dictators like him,let him support it.When the IG asked people to match on the 22nd of September 2017,what happened to them? Biya ordered his army to shoot and kill them.Don’t worry,Amba boys have identified all those people that have collected bread and sardine to go and put on that ”no to gost town show”,and Amba boys will be visiting.

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