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Le budget national du Cameroun revu à la hausse (officiel)

APAnews | Le chef de l’État camerounais, Paul Biya, a publié mercredi soir une ordonnance, modifiant et complétant certaines dispositions de la Loi de finances 2019, dont le fait majeur est le passage de 4850,5 à 5212 milliards FCFA du budget de l’État, soit une révision à la hausse de l’ordre de 361,5 milliards FCFA.

Les nouvelles poches de recettes sont ainsi projetées 121,5 milliards FCFA, dont 56 milliards FCFA de recettes pétrolières contre des prévisions initiales de 380 milliards FCFA, 24,5 milliards de recettes fiscales et 240 milliards FCFA d’emprunts.

Dans la nouvelle répartition, les dépenses budgétaires passent de 4756 à 5212 milliards FCFA, tandis que les émissions de titres publics passent de 260 à 350 milliards FCFA.

Cette évolution semble en droite ligne des engagements du pays vis-à-vis du Fonds monétaire international (FMI) avec lequel il a, en juin 2017, conclu un accord triennal de réformes économiques et budgétaires appuyé par la facilité élargie de crédit (FEC).

Au terme de sa 4ème revue y relative, l’institution financière de Bretton Woods annonçait déjà que les autorités ajustent leur budget 2019 de manière à tenir compte de la hausse des recettes attendues et à incorporer pleinement les besoins de dépenses liés aux prochaines élections et aux subventions aux carburants, tout en maintenant le déficit global à 2% du produit intérieur brut (PIB).

Le budget révisé prévoit également l’accélération de la mise en œuvre des projets d’investissement financés sur ressources extérieures qui sont en cours sur la base d’un plan de décaissement dont les priorités sont bien établies, la hausse du financement extérieur devant permettre de reconstituer la marge de manœuvre budgétaire et de payer les arriérés sur dépenses qui se sont accumulés à la fin de 2018.

Selon le FMI, les perspectives économiques du Cameroun «demeurent favorables» à moyen terme, la croissance devant progressivement augmenter à 4,2% en 2019 contre 4% l’année d’avant, en raison de l’accroissement prévu de la production de pétrole, l’achèvement des projets liés à la Coupe d’Afrique des nations (CAN) de football 2021 et la mise en exploitation de grands projets d’infrastructures, dans les secteurs de l’énergie et du transport, étant de nature à porter la croissance du PIB à moyen terme à environ 5-5 ½ %.

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  1. Budgets are supposed to be realistic and to reflect the true situation of an economy.
    If highly placed individuals in the Ministry of External Relations fraudulently sign exonorations from custom and exise duties for themselves and their colleagues in joint business of crime, how can the government speak of a true budget where such an operation deprives the state of one billion (1,000,000,000) CFA Francs? The present hearings at the TCS (Special Criminal Court) is only the tip of a very large iceberg!!!!!!

  2. ….a supposed container of personal effects belonging to Ambassadors of France and Belgium was later discovered in “Quartiers” in Doauala, loaded with expensive liquors!
    Bravo to the vigilant security forces who popped open the lid on the mafia!

    • It will be better sometimes to bring forth propositions.
      Complaining all the time expose your bitterness.
      The fight is done back home not in. DC or wherever you are.
      Changes are from within

      • Clearly you lack basic understanding. There is a law in place, people break the law and have been exposed. What propositions are you talking about?? Where is the complaint? Typical dumb head

      • No Sir, the fight is done all over the world ..
        I mean all over the place..
        If there is a cameroonian who is not frustrated at the moment, then something is not right..
        What is a fight?..In the case of cameroon, it is any contribution to strive to overcome the evil Regime, the enemies , the thieves, the despots who have taken Cameroon hostage..
        We have been caught by a cancer that does not need only a chemotheraphy..
        It needs to be eradicated for good..
        So i can understand when upright people are bittered and frustrated, after all it is not good to be in chains in 2019..

  3. An old man on diapers..
    A killer..With a small functioning brain..
    Cant even stand up ..Yet he will feed his people with bread and sardine to buy votes and still steal elections..
    One of Africas worse leaders.
    A very bad leader indeed:
    Poor Integrity. as we all know “Integrity is the most valuable and respected quality of leadership. …
    •Lack Of Adaptability. …
    •Little Vision For The Future. …
    •Lack Of Accountability. …
    •Poor Communication Skills.
    A born lazy thieve..
    Though the people of cameroon how to hate each other..He is using divide and rule as his colonial masters did..
    He is not interested in the country..All he wants is die in Power…
    And the sad is that he has many followers who believe Cameroon is BETI/BULU property

    • Here you go again @Biko.
      You shout “tribalism ” day in day out….meanwhile you are the most tribalist person in this forum.

      • @BIKUTSI:-
        to say im a tribalist is kind of strange..
        read again what i just wrote, think of that cameroon you claim to love and see if i wrote anything that is not the truth..
        I told you and will continue to say that loving a country does not mean you are not critical and honest about the bad doings of a class of people..
        Cameroon today is hijacked by a group and a tribe, you still want to deny?..
        So saying a tribe is in control, plundering and stealing in tribalism?..
        Saying the truth is preaching tribalism?

        Wake up and be honest to yourself…
        I love this country more than you thats why Im very honest about the problems…

    • Moron and ignoramus.
      Not worth the debate

  4. Epée Dipanda

    A 30% increase in public borrowing in the same year and budget deficit remains at 2% when cameroonian oil is sold technically as futures?
    This government thinks we all have cotton wool in our heads.
    Another reason why our gallant restoration forces must stand tall

    • C’est le contraire qui aurait surpris vue les évènements à venir espérons qu’on en fasse bon usage.

  5. Some complain others are complaining. Yet wh all they do is accept the dismal status quo in Cameroon. To reform a government the citizens, those who are patriotic must point fingers to where things are going wrong and demand change. By so doing the authorities have to listen and effect change, that is if there is a government in place for the people that listens to the people. The government budget in Cameroon is inflated to maintain an oversized cabinet that does nothing for the common Cameroonian but embezzle state funds, living in luxury at the expense of the poor. There won’t be a reason to complain if the economic proceeds of the country trickled down to most, if not to all, if the Anglophones were marginalised.

  6. Epée Dipanda

    I am not sure where you frenchies learn economics and management from. Do you understand what futures are? You realise that oil price changes emanating from greater trump triggered tensions in the middle east will not affect the 2019 budget? Besides if there is such a surplus of revenue why 30% escalation in bond issues? Additional borrowing for what? For “projets structurants” (Infrastructure) which are already supposed to have been funded save for the “leger glissement” as was the case with the African Nations Cup.
    Your lies will eventually catch up with you.
    We repeat, nations are built on trust. We in Amba will not countenance this sort of treachery. Transparency is what we will be having for breakfast, lunch and supper.
    It is why we left.

  7. May force and wisdom always guide the people of Southern Cameroons (AMBAZONIA). Freedom is a human right.Together we stand to win, separated, we may easily lose. We shall prevail against all odds.

    Bravo to all la ripoublique agents who comment all over the internet. You are enriching our content for the argument against you froggies when the time comes. Thank you for helping the people of Ambazonia in distilling all the insults you can. C’est vraiment génial. Vous nous fournissez des arguments solides qui vont nous permettre d’exposer aux yeux du monde entier le relationnel de façade qui existerait() dans la ripoublique francophone du Cameroun. Merci pour vos contributions. Ambaland shall be free against all odds.

    • Ton ignorance ne te permettra jamais de comprendre quoi que ce soit si tu avais un semblant de ciboule tu changerais de cheval de bataille pas étonnant d’ailleurs pour ceux dont la boule fonctionne toujours à l’envers.

      • Ton intelligence devrait t’éviter à mettre ta sale bouche de merde dans ce qui semble venir d’un ignorant. Quand on se dit intelligent, on démontre sur un argument. Seuls les tonneaux dans cervelles osent ouvrir le bec vide de tout sens pour pondre des inepties. LONG LIVE AMBAZONIA. Freedom is at Hand. We stand firm for independence.

  8. Merci pour vos contributions. 98% na FRENCH, No UNION.

    Les forces de défense et de sécurité du Cameroun ont incendié des maisons et des magasins en AMBAZONIE. Nous avons la liste de ce qu’ils font en plus de leurs actes barbares.

    Ils pillent, ils brûlent, ils tuent, ils mangent des chiens,
    Pour se faire passer pour des Ambazoniens.

    LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources way dem thiefam.La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. NoBoDy can Accept slavery.

    • @Bong,

      Kikikiki, self-motivation.

      Faut te rendre au BIR et mettre fin à tes souffrances.

      We bin tell wuna, not to start a revolution without some of we, the long-sighted…

      • Cowards die many times before their death. Happy slaves are doomed for eternity. A sold soul cannot be relevant. Ambazonia is gone forerver.

        Long Live the Land of the BRAVE.


  9. Epée Dipanda

    This fake.news has finally been laid to.rest by the fire currently burning down SONARA.
    Let’s see how regardless.of all these calamities the growth rate of laripoublique continues to be 4.5%.
    Amba for freedom

  10. Augustine Enow Agbor

    All the millard, millard, millard cfa is nothing bot $7 billion budget. What can a country of 25 million people achieve with $7 billion? Finland with a population of 5.4 million people allocates $11.8 billion for its ministry of education and culture alone.

    If Cameroon wants to be competitive, among the many foundations or enablers it must put in place is energy efficiency. The $7 is just enough to build two nuclear power plants.

  11. Epée Dipanda

    Augustine, nuclear in a rotten country like Cameroon is a disaster waiting to happen.
    There are enough hydrological, wind and solar resources to make the country energy stable and self sufficient.
    In any case their billion billion FCFA budget is only 2 times the budget of the ministry of health in Ghana and definitely less than the Budget of the state of Lagos in Nigeria.
    The billion billion budget also never gets implemented 100% because of laziness and corruption. Amba must leave these people they are a drag on our future. We leave them they become another central African republic or Chad.

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