Le Cameroun admet l’implication de militaires dans le meurtre de 23 civils en février

Le Figaro | La présidence camerounaise a admis mardi que 13 civils, dont 10 enfants, avaient été tués par trois militaires et des supplétifs dans un village du nord-ouest séparatiste anglophone mi-février, un massacre dans lequel Yaoundé avait jusqu’alors nié toute responsabilité de son armée.

Trois soldats et un groupe d’auto-défense ont «donné l’assaut» contre une base de rebelles séparatistes et, «après des échanges de tirs», ils ont «découvert que trois femmes et dix enfants avaient péri du fait de leur action», a annoncé la présidence camerounaise dans un communiqué lu à la radio nationale ajoutant: «Pris de panique, les trois militaires» aidés par des supplétifs, «ont tenté de masquer les faits par des incendies».

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  1. It must have been a VERY HARD call for them to make after numerous attempts to squash the truth.


    • But that is the usual pattern; deny first and then concede later.
      Remember fake election observers from Transparency International? Remember extrajudicial killings of two women and their kids in far north region? Remember the current charade of Ambassador Christophe Guillou with photoshopped material to present Mr. President as alive and well?
      Impossible is not Cameroun, they say.

  2. Caught pants down, once again. The murder, of own citizens, refusing it and without
    justifications. When i address them as a dumb military, some take it for lies.
    When the frogs turn to kill us and subject us to a false democracy, it sounds well
    and good. But to defeat us, is a long way to go.

    • “You may never believe that the driver of the leader of the IRA was a British spy; that Mobutu and even Haile Selasie were on the CIA payroll. When we fought at the university of Buea the Student Union authority who provided information to the regime was Nicholas Santos. He will later become a top official in the Sako ring. Where is Nso Foncha? He sort strenuously while masking in military fatigues to fool all of you. You all blinked. Where are we in Fako? Where are we in Meme, Lebialem, Bui? These were no go zones for Cameroun. Atleast if the infiltrators will fight against you in these places, take them over, defend them and show a better example, we will all succumb to their leadership. They inject chaos, expose fighters, rollback our gains and move to the next liberated area.

      • You will lose your independence if you do not stop now and totally reject these infiltrators. The Eritreans also went through such a process. They took back their struggle and ushered in Freedom.


        Dr. Cho Ayaba
        April 22, 2020

        Executive Office

  3. Many “frogs” are fignting against the absence of justice in nw and sw . biya ngo ngo mvondo ayolo atanga ji, fouda joseph are milicia men planning and killing women and children. So do not help the criminals . So many “frogs” are fighting with the nw sw cause. dion gute, atanga ji..are “anglophones” they belong to the government committing the crimes !!
    May God bless the families !!

  4. Casualty of war, nothing less. Ask Israeli and American, they no better

  5. This is a verdict that would have pushed many to be sympathetic to the innocent civilians that are always caught in the crossfire. But how can one do that when a few days ago some drugged red dragons set ablaze their own village, claiming villagers were harbouring the military.

    If I understood the jubilation of those drugged red dragons in that video, assuming they have a territory of their own one day, under the grip of field Marshall, they would burn all opponents alive.

    Amba is a real madness that would have been asphyxiated right in the womb b4 it ever saw daylight. Over 6million Anglos were hoodwinked by macabre folks like Cho and Akwanga to believe that they can strike the magic wand and create a country within a country—what is not possible even in Hollywood.


    • Zam-Zam, and so you found a good reason not to be sympathetic to the innocent civilians!!!! Keep everything else aside, and address the fate of these poor kids and their mothers. Look at the callousness of the military in burning down homes after slaughtering children and women. With all of these hard facts, you don’t have a word of condemnation nor do you express any feeling of sadness. Whatever you think of the conflict, whatever your opinion about the major actors is, there is no explanation reasonable enough to deprive these victims of our compassion. I am not wishing you any bad luck, but beware, you would nt like it when it shall happen to you,and others comment the way you just did. Hear you ” This is a verdict that would have pushed many to be sympathetic to the innocent civilians

      • Ntou lai ma, Bobe?

        Address your concerns to the right channel please.

        Were is dependant on me, we wouldn’t have arrived at this level, in the first place.

        When you watch both Amba /Military in action against poor civilians, whom do you advise in such a scenario? This is exactly the quagmire that even Human Rights organisations are confronted with. When innocent civilians, especially women and kids are being beheaded, buried alive, arms amputated…how more can one shed tears seeing a woman and/or kid being paraded nack’ed b4 finally chopping her head off? Worst of all, this is done on camera, so macabre folks can remotely sit in heated homes and sip some red wine, and beat their hairless breasts. Does one need to fill river Wourri with tears to show sympathy vis-à-vis such victims?…

        • @ Zam Zam.
          I’m sorry to say, you are sounding very ignorant& stupidly biased. My consolation is that you know better.
          Food for thought…. you question the military and Amba as you claim… looking at your ideology, do you know how many lives would have been saved had the military/government not opened fire on unarmed civilians asking for a simple dialogue years ago?
          Can you at least appreciate what good it would have done had they admitted their faults back then? FYI there was plenty of room for peace but the government kept denying and killing until many months after killings and torture the anglophone people started by retaliating with rocks and then eventually hunting guns and now… you know.
          So your tone is not appeasing and you are being hypocritical while feeding flames.

        • How can someone be so heartless?

    • Truth and Facts

      @Zam Zam.

      Are you really OK?
      Were you conscious of what you were writing or were you intoxicated while writing?

      If indeed you were conscious, then this again is another clear proof that you are very twisted.

      What happened to the decency of humanity? Has there really ever been such a thing?

      It is never such a bad idea to seek help. I wish you well bro.

  6. when will ambazonia facebook government give an account of the raping, kidnapping and beheading of its own citizens by their tramadol restoration forces . comedy revolution.

  7. More must be killed. You invited the military therefore bear the consequences. If any armed rebel hides in my neighborhood, I’ll report to the authorities immediately if not I know the consequences. Besides they say they are ready to die all so why complain? As I want to live it’s better to kill even the children who will grow up and harm me and women with terrorists’ pregnancies /future terrorists wives /spies. Whenever you take guns against a government, you should expect such things. This is nothing compered to what US, France, England & others have ever done to preserve their authority.

    • Yep! that’s the mind of a toad who thinks he is a bold frog. kikiki

    • Useless idiot. What about a government who uses live ammunition on peaceful citizens after stealing their resources for years and misusing it?
      The useless country you are stupidly boasting about has nothing to show for… No state of the art hospitals, no roads, no infrastructure, One-runway airport, no transportation system.. i can go on all week. Look at Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda,… these are countries who could not measure up to Cameroun decades ago but they’ve surpassed it by far. I won’t even mention Ghana, or Nigeria who are 7 leagues above Cameroun. Other professionals who are eager to finish up and go back their countries because there’s something for them… but the Cameroun you are talking about is at the moment auctioning cars after ripping off well intent citizens. Wake up

      • Camerbeleiver (Colby )

        @ Tetanus Resources of a country belongs to the government not individuals therefore coming in a faceless forum like this to spread such moronic statement is very dangerous for students/people living in these areas when you have nothing to say to enlighten your fellows it’s better for you to shut the f***k up this kind of stupidity was what caused the war in Buea/Bamenda today even those who claimed to be educated with fakes certificates fell in that trap.

  8. Taramos,

    really? Who is being hypocritical here?

    You want me to burn the cobra and spare the mamba, don’t you?

    You tell me, maybe I am ignorant as you seem to claim, is there any difference between those snakes?

    Besides, did you watch that video where red dragons are burning villages with reverence? What says you? Is it also because the gov’t failed to negotiate at the beginning?

    O’boi, you have to learn to condemn Amba as well, only so can normalcy return. Caressing the egos of evil doers, military/Amba, only fuels their zeal to commit more atrocities…

    • Shut your big smelly mop wicked famla devil. Get your dirty banja back to Mbalmayo you half breed pig. It is 4 years on and we are still standing strong. Ayaba will bend the spine of you devils.

      Wait and see.

      • Short man,

        have you finished burning houses of innocent Anglophones to show to the world that you are still standing?

        Bald head Cho, the genocidaire, is going to be the leader of Pinyin, not CMR. Stop dreaming. Let Cho continue bending the spine of his own people to prove to feeble-minded dwarfs like you that he is a tough guy.

        Anyway, some us have schooled authentic Anglos more than enough on your mov’t’s hoax. Anglos back home already know the type of DEVILS you’re, as you have all been unmasked. That’s why you’re now using the small stamina you’ve got left to stab each other on the back.

        Wuna go chuk-chuk each other tire!

        Me, ah dan di almost accomplish ma mission wey CHINEKE bin gif me. Fight wuna mov’t witi empty hands, and without any physical ngum. As a matter of known facts…

    • You know… I appreciate good dialogue. Especially when it’s reasonable…
      before I answer you question with a question which I apologize for but has to be done.
      Did you or have you ever condemned the Cameroun government for starting and fueling this war?
      Today the same Cameroonians are condemning their president for being absent and not addressing the nation during the COVID pandemic. Same failed governance is what has killed the nation for decades and is what has caused the NOSO crisis. No denying that… let’s be fair, factual and truthful. You can’t preach ‘vivre ensemble’ and give a deaf ear to someone you call your brother’s cry. No way.

      • Taramos,

        Ok, I am now understanding ur prob. Make no mistake, Sah!
        If you think I am an adept of Etoudi, then u have all this while being missing the point.

        You see, u don’t think, refuse to admit, that Amba has ever done anything wrong, but at the same time you want Etoudi to kneel down and admit that they are wrong.

        Etoudi/Amba are all sons of DEVILS, who’ll never fall short of burning the whole of CMR just 2 prove a moronic point—fragmented egos.

        It is at times very funny to see a bevvy of cloned colonial objects putting their tiny egos at the forefront of their nation, and yet blatantly fail to see the pettiness of such egos in the WORLD of egos–while the Trumps utilise such egos to dominate the world, our own dwarfs use theirs to auto-flagellate themselves, with great pride…

        • —been missing the point—Were it dependant—

        • Truth and Facts

          @ Zam Zam

          … but you see that was not the debate nor the the message of the article.

          Innocent civilians were killed. We always have to come out strong and condemn the killing of innocent civilians. There’s no justification for that, irrespective of who is doing the killing. It is that simple.

          You choose to twist the narrative to something else rather condemning the government for such killing and trying to hide/deny the facts.

          Equally. We have to condemn Amba boys when innocents civilians perished under their hands. It is that simple.

          Don’t twist such things. That is so sick.

        • Truth and Facts,

          what is your point? Or are you just recovering from a COVID-19 fit?

          Hold on man! TRUTH is non-negotiable, insofar as CMR is concerned. You’ll hear that TRUTH from me, free of charge, as a matter of REAL facts.

          Moreover, who is supporting the military for what was perpetrated?

          You see, you just jump in from nowhere and start raising dust all over the place, surely coz you have just managed to read one or two lines this time around and then booom, invective.

          Luckily enough, tho, I already know how your clock ticks, off head.

          Check out the music in the write-up below” Who be actor, who bin chefband”: you may lick some hot sanga on the bottle thereafter…

        • Truth and Facts


          you are twisted. No doubt about that. Where did I accuse you of supporting the military?

          I accused of trying to justify the killings of innocent civilians and not showing any sympathy. You can’t twist things we me. Remain on topic.

          I think you have been twisted all along. Maybe being in Germany is just making things worse for you. Move back and meet me in Cameroon.

          Came and show that your apparent mastering of events here on the fields.

          I strongly believe that you need to seek help. This suggestion is really kindly meant not as an insult.

          Good luck to you.

        • T&F,

          it is very apparent that you have no argument, why waste my time?

          however, I am all the same pretty sure that you are at least smart enough to grasp that I won’t follow you down that trail you are yearning to drag me along with you.

          Even assuming I need help, seeking a lame man for assistance would only make matters worst. Won’t it?

          It’s like kinda asking L’enemi-e for assistance you know…

        • ZZ,

          Kumkum these tropical amba saxons. they are a bunch of wicked self hating snakes no different from poppol.

          Wusai chi and de pimento dey? Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki

        • Kikikiki Bro, where dem dey?

          Smol dollars wey dem dong wash grand remé dem lass tire, 4 keep’am then raise blocks 4 payee, dem say na lie. Dem 2 musto take con short then turn-turn be BIG man 4 Amba virtual Rep.

          Dem di blame Sako jes non. Heyyy, man too dong turn-turn hear mwing for dis grong oh!

          Na so ah di envy pipo dem liké Sako soteyyy…lucky boys. Man just shidong yi for yi own smol corner, then some ngombé dem carry dollars 4 inside “Our Way to God”, then cam pack’am for Sako yi ntang, sotey hide some one 4 inside garage.

          Me ah really cam do ma own na wukana ting 4 dis grong nor? Man just shidong yi then pipo just cam dash yi money so?

          Dis grong be 2 unfair, man. Man yi own mission na only for di tok-tok, while arda pipo dem own na for keep yarri for inside box…

        • Truth and Facts


          “Even assuming I need help, seeking a lame man for assistance would only make matters worst. Won’t it?“

          Agreed! I know you are smart. No doubt about that. You are unfortunately just very twisted.

          Therefore, you would need help from professionals.
          I am certainly not a professional in such field. I can refer you to some good professionals in Berlin.

          In would be of great use to the country if smart guys like you are not twisted. Looking at the situation of the country now, Cameroon needs all her numerous smart citizens to help rebuild the country.

          Get help and come back home please.
          That your great mind would be of valuable use if not twisted.

          Good luck to you and your family bro and stay safe in this difficult times. Coronavirus is teaching us all a new lesson.

        • T&F,

          how can 1 be healed 1 day when a layman like myself tells not less than 2 million CMRs in all forums that no group can ever secede in CMR and succeed for close to 4yrs, but none in the lot is able to comprehend such a basic thing that takes me less than a second to comprehend?

          In fact, I have been under serious shock onto this very second, simply cos when I found out that some of my closest pals and/or relatives contributed money to ease the beheading of their own pple, I was lost in a wilderness of sorrow.

          More than half of our population is mixed. How do u separate such a populace? You divide them into halves, take one part and throw away the other?

          Our CMR-liberation can only come through a collective fight. Anything other than that, is just a waste of energy and resources…

        • Truth and Facts


          you can never get tired of educating our people about collective effort. That is a fight you must never surrender in. Success will not come overnight though. So be resilient.
          Indeed this egoistic way of thinking is our weakness.
          Unfortunately, that is what was instilled upon us.

          The regime and our so called elites are all egoistic idiots even those leading the struggle.

          Tribalism is a plaque. If we don’t get rid of such weaknesses, we will never succeed.

          Anyway, I have no thoughts that you fully comprehend these things. You just have to go slow in playing the controversial tricks you usually do in displaying your views.

          Condemn the killings of innocents individuals from both sides. The army has no right to kill fellow citizens. Same as the Amba.

          Good day to you.

  9. A Country ruled by DECEIT, DECEPTION and TERROR can never survive for Long.

  10. The facebook revolution is a failed one. Ambazonians should happily accept the consequences. where were the amba addict restoration forces when LRC forces were killing their people. we should stop playing with human lives and beg for peace. Amba = one chance.

  11. TZY Panchak :

    Who be Actor.
    Put your hands on we.

  12. @Zam-Zam Your manipulative techniques is on full display for all to see.When those children and women were killed in Ngarbuh,u came here and justified the killing by saying that they deserved to be killed becos they were ‘hiding’ Amba boys.Today,instead of accepting responsibility of the Ngarbuh massacre like the gov’t,u brought in the issue of Ayekeh burning houses in Lebialem, in an effort to continue justifying the Ngarbuh massacre.
    U may not be a supporter of the Biya regime,but one thing unites u people from East Cameroon, that thing is the desire to keep SCnians under servitude…….U all from East Cameroon agrees on that.So,stop deceiving yourself.Nobody says that u are a supporter of the Biya regime.

    • Ya, Kongosa,
      all man go gee me kan-kan names, bot ah go so-so hold ma grass when CMR be concerned. VERY tight. Man no try. Ah know sey for some of wuna heads wuna get 2 kontris, me ah get daso ONE. And yi go be indivisible 4ever and ever.

      Ifi wuna mov’t get enket witi Etoudi, wuna na go fight dem 4 dey. Ma 100% support.

      Lucky sey papa CHINEKE dash me ma own ngum na for ma mop/brain, so physical violence nova ever be ma friend.

      Ifi u show me daso 1 write’up 4 here wey ah dan jubilate sey some CMR dan be killed/die, ah go western union u 100 background.

      Ifi u hand me Popol jes non, ah go spare yi. Not coz yi be innocent bot bicos no be na daso yi 1 spoil payee. Na ALL we join hands spoil’am, directly or indirectly.

      Ova finger pointing daso 4 one direction, di porch me, wor-wor…

      • And Kongosa, ah no fit count how many times you dan jubilate for here when Amba dem butcher soldiers, women and pikin dem.

        Just wait and see…the new CMR go soon surface. Ana wey yi no go dey possible for some man, no matter how trong yi be for chop kola nut daso yi one, then wipe yi mop, quietly.

        Even sef, new findings di show sey regions liké NW/West…wey dullards dem bin be di mock’am sey dem no get no nating for grong, get wor-wor minerals for grong. Damenaseh, by the time wey all man go realise sey any man fit be on yi own, na time dat wey some ewaké dem go start for respect arda pipo wey dem bin be di mimba sey dem no get.

        We get the richest grong for da continent, sef man power, yi dey.

        Sep CHINEKE no ever gree meik some dullards dem chakara da wa kontri bicos of ova langa…

  13. @Perika & Taramos. Terrorists are like insects. The best way to be rid with them is to CRUSH THEM WITH YOUR TWO HANDS & DESTROY ANYTHING THAT CAN ACCOMMODATE THEM AROUND YOU. When have you ever called to order @ John dinga, unstoppable & Co whenever they clap their hands after you terrorists have killed civilians or army/police or when your leaders call for the KILLING OF ANY FRANCOPHONE in the so called ambazombia. FYI it’s already a crime to call a part of Kamerun with names. Biya is just a wimp. I wish I was the one in charge. You are surely Anglophones /ambazozos, there are francophones/Cpdm but YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN KAMEROUNIANS (PEOPLE WHO DO NOT SEE KAMERUN FROM YOUR SO CALLED 1961 REFERENDUM BUT A GERMAN COLONY WITH BUEA AS THE FIRST CAPITAL). You can cry as you wish. .!Diots

    • Are you terrorists ever accept your killings? You’ll say it’s Atanga Nji’s boys even when your leaders confirm. That time for sentimental comments has passed. I am objective in my write ups as those who come here clap for their terrorist acolytes. You want to be Anglophone /ambazozos, Francophone or Cpdm, that’s ur cup of tea. I AM A KAMEROUNIAN & I’LL WIN. WE ARE NOT MUCH IN THE INTERNET BUT WE REPRESENT THE MAJORITY THAT’S WHY YOU TERRORISTS HAVE BEEN EXPOSED & NOBODY EVER FOLLOWED YOUR KILLING OF FRANCOPHONES. BESIDES WHY CAN YOU START KILLING THEM WHERE YOU RESIDE SO FAR YOU HATE THEM SO MUCH. LOOSERS

  14. If Biya could allow people to join army anyhow, I’d have been there long time ago. Unlike you cowards who do not need any process to join GZ but still send other people children to die while expecting your children to come and rule later with the status of “having schooled abroad” as if Biya & most of his ministers don’t have the same status but failed Kamerounians. Nonsense

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