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Le Cameroun dans le viseur du Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies

Deutsche Welle | Ce lundi 13 mai, une réunion du Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU doit se tenir sur la crise anglophone et la question des droits de l’homme au Cameroun. Paul Biya de son côté, tente de montrer qu’il contrôle la situation.

Si dans l’Extrême Nord, l’Adamaoua, et l’Est du pays il s’agit d’assauts de Boko Haram et des rebelles Centrafricains, dans les régions anglophones du nord-ouest et du sud-ouest, c’est d’une guerre fratricide qu’il est question. Joshua Osih, le député et premier vice-président du SDF, le Social Democratic Front,  parle de désintégration du Cameroun:

Le Cameroun se trouve dans une situation lamentable, une situation grave. Et nous appelons à tous ceux qui aiment ce pays et qui pense que la vie humaine est sacrée, de nous aider à sortir de ce problème.”

Le Premier ministre arbre de la paix en main dans les régions anglophones

Le premier ministre camerounais, Joseph Dion Ngute, est sur le terrain en régions anglophones depuis le jeudi 9 mai. Paul Biya l’aurait mis en mission pour préparer un dialogue national inclusif :

Il m’a demandé de dire que hormis la séparation et la sécession, parce que lui en tant que chef de l’Etat, président de la République, il a juré de garder le pays uni. Donc la séparation n’est pas à l’ordre du jour”, précise Joseph Dion Ngute.

Il ajoute qu’ “une rencontre est en train d’être organisé pour discuter des problème politique.”

Il faut plutôt négocier…..

Yaoundé serait donc en train de préparer un dialogue national sur la question anglophone. Mais pour le député Joshua Osih, l’heure n’est plus au dialogue mais à la négociation :

“Il y a avait le temps du dialogue. Et ce temps du dialogue est malheureusement passé, parce que les forces sécessionnistes se retrouvent malheureusement pour le Cameroun en position de force. Et donc, quand on est en position de force, on ne dialogue plus, on négocie. Aujourd’hui malheureusement, nous sommes dans cette étape-là. C’est pour cela que l’ONU est au Cameroun. C’est pour cela qu’aujourd’hui le régime semble faire une fuite en avant”, explique Joshua Osih.

La nouvelle d’une réunion sur les droits de l’homme au Cameroun en général, et la crise anglophone en particulier, fut-elle informelle au Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies, est au centre de toutes les attentions dans le pays.

La décision du Conseil de tenir cette réunion informelle “vient à point nommé, pour stimuler les efforts internationaux et qu’on s’occupe de la crise des droits humains dont souffrent les régions anglophones du pays”, a déclaré Human Rights Watch.

L’ONG de défense des droits humains réclame que les membres du Conseil de sécurité appellent le gouvernement du Cameroun et les chefs des groupes armés séparatistes à mettre fin aux abus qui sont commis contre les civils dans les régions anglophones et à lutter contre l’impunité.

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  1. May force and wisdom always guide the people of Southern Cameroons (AMBAZONIA). Freedom is a human right.Together we stand to win, separated, we may easily lose.

    Long Live Ambazonia

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Wandy marc the typical foolish ambazombie supporter

      Yoo too, you go talk something oh: You said “May force and wisdom always guide the people of Southern Cameroons (AMBAZONIA).”

      How can force guide the people of Southern Cameroon?
      What force will guide the ambazombie terrorist? Are you referring to the shit no wipe lass illiterates you call amba restoration forces?
      Is it gravity?
      Do you harness this force through the scams of Ikome Sako, Tabenyang Chris Anu and cohorts?

      These ambazombie bush babies think when they cover their eyes they become invisible. Massa the whole world knows that there is no logic to your behavior i.e you are insane!

      We are standing with our country Cameroon to win! You ambazombies can not win through separation, so all you ambazombies stand to lose.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        Typical red wine drunkard coupled with a criminal, rapist, ass liker, anglo caniche, ngong dog, suceur de bites lost in the jupons of la ripoublique des voleurs, des bandits, des feymen, des jouisseurs, des fainéants ?

        WHAT WOULD YOU DO, you go run lick Russia yi pipi now, not so ?

        A lost soul, who thinks that painting the brave Amba people with his paint brush can change or even alter the determination of a valiant, structured and determined people. The people of AMBAZONIA.

        Quand un chiwawa en manque de sensation et d’affection vient tapiner derrière moi, c’est dire à quel point il est mal dans sa peau. C’est dire à quel point le complexé se sent toucher au fond du ventre.

        Kumkum Pass Garri = KONGOSSA MAN a typical intelligent dog eater from ripoublique.

      • Kum Kum, Kum Kum !! Crazy, cuckoo!!!

  2. Dictator Biya your time will soon be up..shame on you western educated fool! bastard monkey! I wish to have this man dragged on the street of cameroun like saddam Hussein!

  3. Some of us saw this coming and was castigated on this forum as le biafrans. Look at it now 2cubes of sugar have refused to melt. Le bamenda as we are usually referred to are like Taxans you don’t messed with us. This is just the beginning you haven’t seen nothing yet men.Wata na wata ekelebe weside dem dey.

  4. Inviting a third generation child of Chilean French immigrants; Michelle Bachelette to cook up another excuse in a cosmetic concoction to halt the advances of the #UNSC will not work this time. These thieves dispatch sacked/disgraced Philemon Yang who is now an IDP and a political prisoner to go and represent Ambazonians in the northern zone in a window dressing dialogue. How long will these cunning games between CPDM criminals go on? Listen you all including Biya, the ADF has unequivocally stated that Ambazonia will never negotiate from a position of weakness. We must become a contender pressing in our push force out the occupiers. Only then can we negotiate the terms of separation. With or without the security Council, everyone in Ambaland must possess an AK47 to preserve human dignity.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @L’enemie ayaba cho the terrorist

      Can you update the forum on the advances made by the UNSC on Cameroon since the informal meeting held on 13 May 2019.

      There has been no advance. Some UNSC member states had a few drinks and an informal meeting on Cameroon and there is no resolution from that informal meeting that favors the ambazombies!

      In fact the members left the meeting with a clear understanding that there is no logic to the behavior of the ambazombies i.e they are insane/delusional. Otherwise how can you claim you are fighting for more autonomy by depriving your own children from education?

      The ADF will never get to a position of strength and authority. Everybody knows now that there is no logic to their behavior. The ADF will continue to get weaker until it disappears.

  5. The day is bright, it`s bright and fair, oh happy day ………….. The darkest part of the
    night, is when it is getting to dawn. After all the mass killings, lies telling etc etc, the
    light at the other side of the truth, is showing. All eyes and ears should stay waiting.

    • U this CPDM tribalistic dark pretentious agent @Joshua. Who posted the below comment?

      “….joshuaMay 10, 2019 at 18:40
      As the PM goes to Bamenda, after Mr. Biya`s military has done just exactly what
      he assigned them to do – you know it, he was crowned Fon of Fons, as Mr. Biya
      himself, was crowned. The Bamenda man, continues to amuse us with their
      cunning spirit….”

      Today you open your confused large mouth to sing praises on the hard work of the ADF sleeping in bushes and fighting a war with dane guns, little or no food as your tribalistic IG embezzlers have stolen all money earmarked for weapons. Are they not “Bamenda people” anymore? Listen, we have 2 war to fight. This one against Biya and the next one against corrupt thieves and tribalists. WE SAY WAR. prepare 2 face us.

  6. We would not be here had the iniquitous dictator (Biya) left office after he forcibly demanded a constitutional change to seven yrs, two term limit. He & his fanatics swore he is a man of his word and pointed to the now spurious slogan, “Rigor & Moralization”. But deep down everyone in the country including Biya & acolytes knew it was a charade to buy time, game the system, amass personal wealth and send the country off the cliff.

    Late Dr. Bate Bisong of UNIBU prefaced the book titled “Cameroon Living on the Edge of an Erupting Volcano” By German professor Dr. Kai Schmidt much to the chagrin of Dorothy Njeuma and the villainous Biya. It was an accurate prediction of Cameroon’s journey. There are excepts on the web. In it is the Privatization of CDC’s most profitable product, tea.

  7. @Amba-soldier, we really, have two wars even more, to solve after this. That said lad,
    fact of the matter, is that it is not your ADF, that has taken the SC issue, to the UN for
    any delibrations. I will not run behind anyone, cause i heard he stole or is a mad person.
    How much, for record sake, did the `IG embezzlers`steal? Who is going to face who
    when your time comes? Bring the fight on, please. You might be fighting a lost fight.
    Ambazonia, shall be free soon and everything, gonna be alright..

    • Let’s keep the focus on Biya. He is the monster who plunged his country into this mess. I am not Amba adherent but bad governance & power grab gets any nation down this path. There’s no doubt that the belligerence on both sides has created a lot of suffering but Biya remains to gain if people of the NW & SW turn against one another.

      Things like this don’t happen in a vacuum. Look at Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria etc., there’s a common theme, strong men have the “Only Me” idea. No matter how much you want to love Ghadaffi or Mubarak you can’t dispel the fact that they were grooming their sons to be the next leaders (CNN interview).
      Mandela & Mugabe both spent jail time. How did the govern? Mandela paved set the direction and paved they way, Mugabe stayed on. 37 yrs?

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        I will continue to focus on exposing the losers/thieves in the diaspora who manipulated the illiterate youth to intoxicate themselves with drugs, clad themselves with amulets and take their old dane guns to go fight the military.

        I will continue to expose the stupid ambazonia supporters who donated $1.8 million dollars to the renown international scammer – Ikome Sako, Chris AnuTabenyang etc to improve their personal circumstances while the illiterate youth are manipulated!

        I will continue to expose the dumb and stupid ambazombies who believe that the fight for autonomy begins with depriving your own children from education, killing teachers and destroying health facilities.

        I will continue to expose the dumb terorist fighters who are fighting for the scammers Sako, Anuz, and co

        • That’s fair. Everyone approaches this issue from different angles. There’s no gainsaying that for any nation plunged into chaos it begins with its leadership.
          I have heard of wrangling within the ranks of the Ambazonia leadership but I’ve not been immersed in it (you may) & I am not able to give an honest account of what they’re up to. I don’t speak from speculation & the few times I posed questions to some Amba supporters, the reply was iffy.
          I speak about Popol because I understand the facts, I lived it & there’s a lot of historical precedence to this behavior with very predictable outcomes as reflected in Cameroon today, not just the Anglophone crisis but also the political stalemate involving Kamto et al.
          Again some people choose sides, some have strong opinions, some are neither.

  8. @P. Molongo, well said. If Biya did not take us down this path, you and i, will
    be sharing one beer somehow, thinking something good. But it shall come to
    pass. Good we are passing through this, to learn. But will man, ever learn?

    • @Josuha,

      tell me why you have decided to wear a ‘cunning cap’ on every ‘Bamenda man’ because of a nonsense fon of fon title Angwafor ascribed to Biya in 1982? What have those dying in Oku, Nkar, Abongshe, Kejom-ketingoh-Keku, Bafanji, Awing, Wum, Ako, Mambu, Bambui, Bambili, Binkar, Kikaikilaiki, Njenka, Nkwen, Pinyin, Mbatu, etc got to do with Angwafor’s decision who has no authority over them or their land? Who decided that the IG must be led by Southerners? when u think like this frogs that Bamenda is the entire NW, we will not hesitate to point our weapons on you and Sako. We don’t need weaklings to take us to Buea. We don’t even care who does as long as their intentions are not corrupt. We need men of steel and most of you Southerners seem to lack that. we are ready for your war.

      • Oh boy, I no bin talk? Palapala don already start when nothing never even happen. I have always said it. There is no way the SW and NW people can form a country. They will definitely end up like South Sudan for they hate each other.

        • @bobjazz Santa/Bulu-Beti Cross monster, SW/NW may fight but they are united against a common Satanic devil Paul Biya. read the South African struggle, Mangosuthu Buthelezi was up against Mandela but together they got to the finish line. At least we fight openly. We are fighting because LRC criminals like you have infiltrated our midst to implant corruption and spying. When you have spies like yourself and ZamZam even on this forum shipping out information to Ze Meka, Atanga Nji, Beti Asomo to slaughter our people, we will not resolve it like women. Sometimes we have to fight so that the lion can take its place and command the pride you heat me? An Alpha wolf was not born the Apha. It has to fight through rain and high water to ascend. In the end, Ambazonia must be free. Go and tell!

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @lenemie the dumb amba terrorist

          The SW/NW unity you talk about only exists in your delusional mind!

          I am from the NW and I am united with the government of Cameroon in our fight against the ambazombie terrorists. I am united with MKPD, Barrister Nsahlai, Ekema Patrick, Dion Ngute, Atanga Nji, and all people of the NW and SW who are against the evil ambazombie terrorists!

          I am united with all people of the NW/SW who think and act logically against all the ambazombies whose behavior has no logic.

          Your best attempt to fight is equivalent to committing suicide. Committing suicide is not fighting your enemy. Depriving your own children from school can never be considered fighting your enemy.

          I will rather be a spy than to be as dumband stupid as lenemie!

        • @ L’enemie, I know that you are an enemy of the truth. I went to Primary school in Yaounde, secondary in the SW, high school in the NW and university in yaounde and worked in Douala and Yaounde. I understand Cameroon better than most Cameroonians. You can call me what ever name you want but the truth is the truth. THE SW PEOPLE HATE THE NW PEOPLE AND VICE VERSA. They are completely 2 different groups of people with different cultures and ancestry. They have nothing in common. You foolish Ambazonians are trying to claim the British man’s language as your culture when only 1/10th of the population of the SW and NW can express themselves in that language. What a shame. The Indians who were also colonized by the British don’t consider anything English as their culture for they have theirs

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      The crisis in Cameroon was started by the losers/thieves in the diaspora who manipulated illiterate youth to go out on suicide missions while they continue to extort money from dumb/foolish ambazombies in the diaspora who believe that depriving their own children from education, killing teachers and destroying health facilities is the first step to autonomy.

      The crisis was created by losers in the diaspora whose behavior has no logic!

      Only a fool will commit suicide and blame their enemy for pushing them to commit suicide.

      Only an absolute fool will select an internationally renown scammer like Sako Ikome as their leader. The best job on Sakos resume is a night watch man (Pa watch night).

  9. The Ambassonians called for ghost towns in Fako today but thousands of SW people are happily receiving the PM now at Mungo bridge. The AMBAs waited for the United Nations Security council to divide Cameroon yesterday but the participants said our country shall never be divided. The British government hailed the decentralization steps taken by our government. China said Cameroon is able to solve her problems and may only need humanitarian assistance. That countries should not interfere in the international affairs of Cameroon. Russia says the sovereignty of Cameroon must be respected. Kikikikikikikkkki wahala

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      kikikiki – Ambazombie can no longer organize a successful ghost town yet they claim they are making advances.

      Ambazonians are so stupid that they do not know the difference between success and failure. This is not unexpected from a group of people whose behavior defires all logic.

      Can any ambazombi highlight the amba successes from the May 13 UNSC informal meeting on Cameroon? NO

      The UNSC supports a UNited Cameroon. This clearly means that the UNSC does not support the ambazombies!

      The ambazombies are losing big time and are now very confused.
      kawa Yannich an amba general now works with the government.
      General cry baby Nambere is hiding in Nigeria. watch his lamentation on youtube. He says the IG is evil and wicked!
      Amba terrorit dropping down their guns in numbers

  10. Welcome to Nollywood. The scenarion was a little bit absurd.

    • You this newly lost goat of this platform hum ! you don’t even know how the United Nations security council is organised your way is still long good luck!!!

  11. May God Blessed America.

    If is the only Country in the world that protect the minority groups and without them all minority groups will be at risk of extinguishing by the majority group.We trust America that when they lay their hands on a tyrant ,he will have no hiding place in the world anymore. So Biya and his administration should know that ,they are fishes already and will enter the net very soon.British Southern Cameroon as a country was not conquer at war and shall never be conquered at war.Following history as of 1954, we deserved a place among the community of nations of the world.So presently, we think it is time for the UNO to do the right thing by correcting the mistakes of the past.LRC should know that time changes and that in any loss union,separation is eminent.

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