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Karl Toko Ekambi

Le Cameroun et le Mali dos à dos (1-1)

Football365 | Le Cameroun et le Mali se sont quittés sur un match nul (1-1), vendredi à Doha. Toutes deux rassemblées au Qatar pour préparer la CAN 2019, les deux équipes se sont rendu coup pour coup en première période. Mieux entrés dans la rencontre, les Aigles ouvraient la marque par Youssouf Koné, le latéral gauche du LOSC, qui trouvait la lucarne d’une frappe magistrale (22eme).

Les Lions Indomptables égalisaient juste avant la pause par Karl Toko Ekambi, qui faisait mouche de la tête sur un centre venu de la droite (44eme). Bien que privés de plusieurs titulaires habituels, les hommes de Mohamed Magassouba continuaient de dominer mais ne parvenaient à reprendre l’avantage. Dimanche, ils disputent un nouveau match de préparation, face à l’Algérie.

« C’était un beau match, très disputé, a réagi Clarence Seedorf, le sélectionneur du Cameroun », après la rencontre au micro d’Al-Kass. « Comme vous l’avez vu, vous avons eu du mal à entrer dans la partie.

Le Mali exerçait un gros pressing, qui nous a beaucoup gêné. Mais nous avons su revenir dans le match, et nous avons égalisé. Par la suite, nous avons un peu repris le contrôle de la partie, nous n’avons plus concédé beaucoup d’occasions et je crois que nous avons mieux terminé que le Mali. Nous avons encore quelques réglages à faire, puis nous serons prêts », a conclu le technicien néerlandais, qui voit donc son équipe rester invaincue dans ses matchs de préparation

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  1. So Mali too is a party in this madness of preparing for an African competition outside of Africa eh?

    • A key reason why is because of the adequate training facilities available in rich countries. The training pitch is in excellent condition, the gym is fully equipped, there is the availability of experienced medical personnel’s and services, a jacuzzi or pool for relaxation, a recreation center, etc. The CAF Center of Excellence in Yaoundé where the lions are usually based is not fully equipped. Going into a major competition such as the Nations Cup, you want to exposed ur players to the best training facilities available so that they have a good preparation period. From past experiences, poor preparation has always led to us having a bad tournament. Our recent U17 Champions were exposed to adequate training facilities in Turkey for example. Look at how it benefitted them.

      • Jackson Jr Making excuses for poor leadership, not investing in infrastructure or equipment so that they can steal millions in the name of going to prepare for completion. Foolishness in the Highest order! African politicians say they want to promote African Tourism and Integration but their actions speak louder than their words. All the african teams preparing for African Nations Cup outside of Africa. Nigeria , Cameroon , Ivory Coast etc. The Competition is in Egypt not in the Middle East

        • Am not just being negative, am stimulating thought and discussion around current issues facing us in africa. I can name many countries in africa similar to Egypt like Morocco , Like Tunisha , Niger etc but how many african countries are training there for the nations Cup ? .No one, because their politicians did not invest in the types of facilities found in Doha. It is not just a cameroon problem, it an African wide issue.Every they meet Addis Ababa and talk , drink and party and go home, no progress. Small money to prepare for nations cup then they go spend it outside Africa. Hotel bills, food , medicals that’s jobs being taken away from Africa.

        • Jacksons reason was not a defence of poor managment but the advantage of training in Qatar. Here he meant adequate facilites.

  2. Korak stop with the ranting papi cameroon I coming backv1st round with 0 points.The Gods of amba have spoken

    • @ Cavani Ghana has budgeted $15 million to execute their 2019 Africa Cup of Nations campaign, representing the highest amount ever spent by a country playing in the tournament, a reliable source has revealed.Hon Isaac Asiamah’s ministry has budgeted to spend $9 million on the Black Stars including their mammoth appearances fee of $80,000 , $10, 0000 per player and official with rest of the money going into air travel, hotels and medical expenditure.Ghana is also planning to spend $3.7 million to send 100 supporters to Egypt , cater their air fares, hotel accommodation and per dimes. Ghana have already been given $260,000 for AFCON 2019 preparation by CAF.The winner take home $4.5 million prize.Runners-up pocket $2.5 million.semifinalists, $2 million and $800,000 for quarter-finalists.

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