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Le Cameroun n’organisera pas la Coupe d’Afrique des nations 2019

FRANCE 24 | En raison de retards dans les chantiers des infrastructures, la Confédération africaine de football (CAF) a décidé vendredi de retirer l’organisation de la CAN-2019 au Cameroun.

La Confédération africaine de football (CAF) a décidé vendredi 30 novembre de retirer l’organisation de la Coupe d’Afrique des nations 2019 au Cameroun, pénalisé pour des retards dans l’avancée des travaux de préparation.

“Aujourd’hui nous avons pris la décision de retirer la CAN-2019 au Cameroun”, a lancé le président de la CAF, Ahmad Ahmad, lors d’une conférence de presse, après plus de dix heures de réunion à huis clos.

Il a ajouté qu’un “cabinet” allait être mis en place pour lancer un appel d’offres et “déterminer un nouveau pays organisateur d’ici la fin de l’année”.

Le Maroc pour prendre le relais ?

“Je sais qu’il y a des pays qui s’intéressent”, a précisé Ahmad Ahmad, avant de lancer aux journalistes : “Soyez rassurés, il y aura des pays qui vont candidater.”

Le Maroc, candidat malheureux à l’organisation du Mondial-2026 (attribué au trio États-Unis – Mexique – Canada), est régulièrement cité par les médias comme possible candidat au remplacement du Cameroun. L’Afrique du Sud, seul pays africain à avoir accueilli une Coupe du monde (en 2010) fait également partie des candidats potentiels.

Avec AFP

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  1. This is a political stunt.
    Cameroun should boycott this organization for good until this shorty get out of office.
    Payback for Ayatou?
    The dude is so childish.
    Also morroco has played a big role in this one and we should get back to them too after denying black African during Ebola crisis.
    Now for all the haters m, you should Cameroon is bigger than Biya and it is a shame for you guys to rejoice when your country is being shamed.

    • What you call haters are better mirrors of the system than blind sycophants obsessed only with bread and butter issues. Why not close this chapter by eating humble pie?

    • Mbappe,

      Let the anger rest and do some reflection, my friend. Things like these happen to change the course of action in a myriad of ways, and if we are insightful enough, you will notice that there is something bigger in the horizon. That is, if one can be just a little bit more keen, just a little bit less reactive, just a little bit less bewailing, and most importantly, just a little bit more observant.

      Remember, it is not the case that Cameroon refused to organise it unlike Morocco which evinced gross repugnance against Africans during the Ebola crisis by categorically refusing to organise the competition. What penalty did Morocco pay for that incalculable insult? None.

      Cameroon will eventually be compensated but we must learn to be organised and dutiful.

      • Ras weed. You should try and educate yourself rather than run your dirty mouth. Morocco was suspended for 2 AFCONS. When people say Cameroon is not ready, it is not because they don’t like Cameroon. Cameroonians have to learn to follow rules. 5 years to construct infrastructures and they are rushing it in 1 year. Former minister D. Ambassa Zang (an engineer) had said there is no way to complete that even in 2 years but your egos won’t let you.

        • Morocco was suspended for two AFCONS, you chant! Is that punishment for the gross insult against your race? Keep running your filthy mouth.

          Cameroon is a great country and we shall continue to do what it takes to embellish her. All you can do is throw stones while I see opportunities.

        • Ras Tuge you claimed they didn’t pay a penalty and showed you the penalty they paid. If you think it’s not enough, talk to part of evil junta Issa Hayatou who was the president then. No one dispute that Cameroon has potential but for lunatics like you not to see that the leadership is visionless is a sad case. I probably know why you feel the penalty Morocco paid isn’t enough, that’s because anyone that goes against anything you want, you pray for a death sentence like with Mimi, Fontem, Balla et al. You should be ashamed of yourself as people of your type are the reasons our people have come to accept mediocrity for a standard.

        • On the point Kintan. The mentality of this buffoon beats my imagination. He never spared Nganang and Ayuk Tabe and wished “Summary Execution”on all of them. A typical example of a Blackheart man.

      • @Ras Banga,if Cameroon was truely a great country,what are you really doing in the freezing Nordic country as you move from one second apartment to the other in Stockholm.Swine

        • @Vaiocomputers, don’t mind the guy. He’s constantly high so doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not real.

    • Hahahahaha.Amba ayop.Amba kelle osu

    • Agree ,we can win the cup, quite a few times ,plus this last one ,but,we are just not allowed to host it? How crazy is that.

    • Sick person…
      Go and look at the infrastructure in that your God-forsaken-den-of-thieves called country and tell anybody if they can hold up to standard. But a delusional corrupt mind like you will only see paradise, so never mind, sick person.

    • If only Cameroon was as good at event planning as they are at killing Ambazonians. Poor Biya, he worked so hard for this but CAFlike the rest of the international organizations is determined to destabilize our beautiful country. We must declare war on Ahmad and strike Morocco to teach them a lesson. Banda Kani, Obamama, Jean Momo, Bulu squad, it is time for action!

    • Mbappe sois un peu objectif surtout avec les yeux de quelqu’un qui vit dans un pays sérieux. Comme on dit chez nous “vous ne pouvez pas gonfler votre poulet le jour du marché”, et voir des complots chaque fois que l’incapacité de ce gouvernement est mis à nu est irresponsable.

      Un pays dans lequel kidnapper, assassiner, etc. sont devenus des actes presque banals pour l’armée et leurs amis ambazombiens ne doit et ne peut pas organiser une CAN. La CAN sert à quoi dans un pays en guerre pris en otage par l’usurpateur Biya et ses complices Ambazombian?

  2. Reality check. Anyone not happy about this has not considered the poor infrastructure we have. The roads can not even suffice the local population and are in terrible conditions. The stadia should have been completed by now and test matches should have been played on them to confirm suitable for the event. Where are the hotels to house the visiting population, where are the hospital and emergency access to and out of the stadia
    Anyone not happy with CAF doing their job is not being true to standard. Cameroon is not ready and that is true.

    They chose to spend money on branding and winning a campaign and could careless about the event. They knew about this rejection about a month ago and had accepted it as well.

    All that will happen next in media is nothing but small talk. manipulators

  3. One word: Wonderful!

  4. I know very well how can a war country host such a game
    This is good news

  5. I am a Cameroonian and I love my country. I am not naive, I know we are lacking behind many African nations. I know we have a bunch of incompetent leaders who put their belly before the country. I am not happy that my country is being treated this way. I hate the fact that there are a bunch of useless people in power who care less about the country but their Bank account.
    As a Cameroonian I cannot be happy with this decision, but I kinda understand it, I just wish we have leaders who really care.
    And for those professing their happiness by this decision, I pity you. It is one thing to criticize a 36 years old useless government, and it’s another to dance because we have been humiliated.
    I hope this is our wake up call.
    We cannot be happy for being a laughing stock of Africa and the world

    • You have the right mindset, my friend! There’s no reason to lament though. Take it as an opportunity to learn and to rise. It is a gift!

      • Instead if we had the right mindset we would’nt find ourselves in this predicament. Lamenting now is like crying over spilt milk when we all know you(Tuge &Mannorun) are the blacklegs each time an initiative is to be carried out.

  6. The bulu thieves and the dockey chiroma, we want to hear from you. Where is Banda Kani that deaf, badjeck Meka and diaper wearing dictator? Where are they hiding?
    Our honwirba once said, The problem we have in West Cameroons will bring down cameroun.if you don’t handle it well, you will not know CameroUn in a few months and years..
    CAF has spoken. More hard days for CameroUnese and CameroUn. Where is the Etoo who ? This is another guy who refused to learn. Are Cameroonese cursed?

  7. CameroUnese from one defeat to the other. Lady’s team Lost to Nigeria, ISSA hayatu heavily fine and CAF withdraw afcon. Bad omen for LRC

  8. Looking outside and missing the much sorrier internal problem is no way to tackle and improve things. Find out why Yaounde-Douala-Bafoussam has been nicknamed “Triangle de la Mort” and why Douala streets are currently a huge abattoir.