Le cardinal Christian Tumi

Le cardinal Tumi s’est éteint à l’âge de 91 ans

VOA | L’archevêque émérite de Douala était un médiateur inlassable entre les provinces anglophones et le pouvoir de Yaoundé.

Il était fatigué, très fatigué quand nous l’avons rencontré pour la dernière fois le 17 novembre 2020. Le Cardinal Christian Tumi sortait d’une hospitalisation dans le Nord-Ouest du Cameroun dont il était originaire, mais surtout de quelques jours de calvaire d’entre les mains de ravisseurs sécessionnistes.

L’Archevêque émérite de Douala, décédé tôt en ce 3 avril, se confiait alors à la DW en ces termes: “Moi, Cardinal Christian Tumi, je viens d’être libéré par ceux qui m’avaient tenu captif pour quelques jours. Ils m’avaient pris pour des raisons qui me sont inconnues. Mais ils veulent, disaient-ils, que je fasse des déclarations en ce qui concerne leur position politique dans notre pays. Ils veulent avoir leur “country”, ou bien que le Cameroun soit divisé en deux. Moi, je suis pour un seul pays qui s’appelle le Cameroun”.

Un combat incompris

L’interview exclusive ainsi diffusée à la DW le 17 novembre 2020 sera finalement la dernière. Christian Wiyghan Tumi appelé à l’épiscopat par le pape Jean Paul II le 6 décembre 1979, ordonné évêque le 6 janvier 1980 et créé Cardinal le 28 janvier 1988 se sera battu, jusqu’à son dernier souffle, pour l’Eglise romaine et pour “son Cameroun”.

La résolution de la crise anglophone est l’un de ses derniers combats, lui qui avait voulu organiser en 2018 une conférence de tous les anglophones du Cameroun, comme une première étape vers un dialogue national. Mais il ne fut pas compris. Et dans l’interview exclusive accordée à la DW le 17 novembre 2020, le désormais regretté Cardinal nous confiait qu’il suffirait “que Paul Biya le décide pour que la paix revienne” dans les régions anglophones.

Un symbole de Douala

Prêtre à 36 ans, évêque 13 ans plus tard, archevêque métropolitain de Garoua à 55 ans et Cardinal à 58 ans, on ne peut nier que Christian Wiygham Tumi a connu une ascension fulgurante au sein de l’Eglise catholique. Le 6 janvier 1985, alors qu’il recevait le pallium qui faisait de lui l’Archevêque métropolitain de Garoua, il fit cette déclaration qui aura caractérisé toute sa carrière : “Pour ma part, j’accepte devant Dieu et devant vous, la responsabilité de prêcher l’Evangile à temps et à contretemps, que je sois écouté ou non…”

On disait même que tout lui réussissait, tant il réalisait des exploits de clergé partout il passait. Devenu Archevêque de Douala plus tard, il a aussitôt entrepris de renforcer la cohésion au sein d’une Eglise catholique locale déchirée par des crises tribales dans le clergé, avant de commencer à construire des œuvres socio-économiques qui font aujourd’hui et feront encore durant des décennies, la fierté et la puissance de l’Archidiocèse de Douala : l’Université catholique Saint Jérôme de Douala, des établissements scolaires et secondaires, ainsi que des hôpitaux.

Le Cameroun et le Vatican en deuil

Dans son dernier ouvrage paru en mars 2011, il affirmait en effet sa foi pour le Cameroun, son pays. Christian Wiyghan Tumi est venu au monde le 15 octobre 1930 à Kikaïkelaki, village situé à trois kilomètres de Kumbo, dans le Nord-ouest anglophone du Cameroun. Ses parents, qui venaient d’adhérer au christianisme, ont fait baptiser le jeune Tumi sous le nom de Christian Wiygham. Il était le quatrième enfant et le troisième garçon de la famille Tumi. Mais ses deux frères moururent avant sa naissance. Lui-même est donc décédé ce samedi 3 avril 2021 à 91 ans, quelques années seulement après sa mère, décédée à 115 ans. L’Archidiocèse de Douala, le Cameroun et le Vatican sont en deuil.

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  1. Great patriots never die, they just step aside and come back afresh!

    His reincarnation has already been born.

    Gone PATRIOTS are the ones wishing us a good rest in peace, for we need such sound sleep—to be able to survive in our collective chaos…

  2. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Tumi was an enabler. He betrayed his people in exchange for bread and sardines frpom LRC.
    He deceived his people that the so-called “Special status” was a gift from Dictator Biya.
    He asked Amba boys to drop weapon in order that his people could be massacred by LRC TERRORISTS.


    The death of Tumi is a blessing to the struggle. Tumi was indeed a distraction.
    He will surely be missed by Dictator Biya

  3. Biblical Moses, killed someone because that person dared touch his blood / flesh.
    But with the other Biblical Tumi, he saw the need to enslave his own to the devil
    {Biya of lrc} to be assimilated, eventhough, Biya had told the world, the plan he
    and Ahidjo had – Assimilation of the almighty people of Ambazonia.
    This Tumi and Ellie Smith, came out with a survey report that claimed that 69%
    of Ambazonians, supported separation. But unlike Moses who took his people out
    of slavery, Tumi, didn`t buy that gospel story, something, that he learned and preached
    all his life to God`s people.
    Each time i condemn the attitude of our grassland people, insults and attacks will
    follow me all the week long . Am i wrong again?????????????

    • Listen to this stupid fool @Joshua the dullard! Dull yesterday, dull today, dull tomorrow? Go take your snuff find place sleep. Dullness and tribalism is a terrible admixture.

  4. @joshua ”Each time i condemn the attitude of our grassland people, insults and attacks will
    follow me all the week long .”’……I am not a man from grassland,but some of us,people from South West are a big problem in this struggle,especially those from Fako and Ndian. The problem with u is that u behave like LRC agent…If Tumi does something wrong,just say that Tumi have done something wrong.But u will not do that,u will instead generalise it and insult the people from grassfield,which is wrong.When a traitor from South West does something,I have never heard people from the north west generalising it to People from South west.
    They will instead talk about the individual.When Agbor Balla attempted to betray the struggle,people from north west did not say that South West are bad.

    • KONGOSA, it is very typical of them and it must be condemned until
      they accept the fact and do us this favor of making a big turn around.
      Just take a look at our history to this point, and tell me why i should
      not keep on pointing this out. Oh yes, it happens among SWterners,
      and i condenm it too individually. Remember, that i have equally called
      out our Manyu folks on this. They are just like the sheep, always following
      blindly. I have also called out on the Fako people, who will give away all
      they have, even crumps given to them and then, want to have it back.
      But i Congratulate Pa Mola Litumbe, the one and only. When he declared
      that it was a `jumba Marriage`and LRC, should let Ambazonia go, he did
      not blink, even out of fear or hypocrisy. How come then, Tumi?

      • Ambas don’t discriminate among themselves, lie, steal, kidnap, maim, take bribe, embezzle. Descendants of Saxons are correct people.

        Gold and diamonds are going to grow on trees in Amba, all streets shall be air conditioned.

        I am always glad I did some intense readings on the story of the Black Man ever since I started reading in primary S, coupled with some profound knowledge of Africanist mov’ts. Knowledge acquired through that process of reading has spared me from being like most of you guys—tribalistic, ignorant and full of empty pride.

        Anyway, what can one expect from gluttons? All a glutton masters is food—stomach food rather than brain food.

        Any wonder why so-called fake revolutionaries in the diaspora are lukewarm in the face of the plight of Anglos back home?…

      • @zam-zam
        While bassas fought for independence and stopped fighting around 1960, your ilks went on a rampage in the moungo till 1973 to exterminate the poor MBO’OS for their land and for their extermination.
        You were killing Cameroonians until 1972 with monsters like soukoudjou, ndogmo, ouandie and others graffis killers.

        Archives are getting out and the truth will be known.
        Every non graffi in well versed now and knows the true face of your ilks.
        Thanks to NGANANG, NGAPTO and your cohorts and losers on the west called BAS. We now know and all is in the open
        Cameroon has changed forever

    • It was up to me, you guys would have been independent long time ago.
      Of course only the North west.
      The sawas of the south west do not want to be with the grassfields.
      This thing called Cameroun is a fake country and the North west and the west regions should ask for independence.
      The forest regions belong together and can join with Equatorial Guinea and Gabon to form a country that will consist of people more or less similar.
      The people from the forest have nothing in common with the grassfields.
      The North can join chad if the want.

      This thing called Cameroun was imposed upon us by the Europeans and it is about time the different people of that land be consulted if the want to be together.
      At a minimum, that thing called Cameroun should be a federal country based on anthropolog

      • You are right Mbappe, but again diversity is an opportunity if managed well. The problem with Cameroon has been the lack of leadership that has the vision to realise that the foundation of institutions in Cameroon should have been built on highlighting and practising that multiculturality so that none felt alienated, because they are equals. The Mankon Kingdom came from 8 clans. To avoid, nepotism, each clan had to donate a princess to marry the King. In this way, a new King was guaranteed by birth to be randomly selected from one of these clans. That kept the peace. The Kingdom was ruled by the Kwifong, which is composed of commoners and princes from all the clans. The society was constructed to achieve social equality. We have to look within ourselves to find God & peace, not to France!

        • Your point about kingdom and the king been given wife’s from each tribe can work with people with similar traditions.
          As I said people from the forest regions and the sawa people have nothing in common with grassfielders except they are all African. This cannot be a reason the be together … this country should take a federal form.
          African have always lived in communities and before 1885 many communities within cameroon did not know about each other and Europeans just came in and created this “thing” called Cameroon and put people together that should never be together.
          The only solution is to ask these communities if the want to be together.
          Some Cameroonians feel closer to people from Congo that to people from the grassfields and some feel closer to igbos than to other Cameroonian.

  5. Kikikiki,

    you no longer use the word ekang?

    The only outlet left for the survival of the Black Man in this world is unity. All those your sectarian follies is nothing but apocalyptic for the Black Man. Once you understand that, you’ll never wish the separation of any black folk in Africa, for it only helps in intensifying the sufferings of the Black Man, world-wide.

    Anyway, why wouldn’t you first of all start by quitting Canada built by Canadians and return to Equatorial G? Don’t you feel ashamed for reaping the fruits of the sweat of Canadians who have swallowed their egos to rescue their unity?

    Petit tribaliste hypocrite…

    • Either you are naive or you are just an incompetent dude in anthropology.
      Being black does not mean we all have to be in the same country. Just pure stupidity and it is actually impossible.
      This so-called pan africanism is pure rubbish and it will never happen to have one country called “Africa”.
      We are different even if we are blacks.
      We can love each other but in different houses.
      You cannot force people together if they do not want to be together. You so-called anglophones are not able to be together and you want to be together with forest people you have totally nothing in common? FAT LIES. At a minimum we need fédéralism based on culture. We are so different

      • “Take it easy. You can’t force love”
        Can U force separation?

        Who tells you pple don’t want to live together in CMR? Have you carried out field studies? Or you’ll claim U base ur facts on anthropology?

        What visionaries are seeing in this madness is a voluntary manoeuvre by Etoudi thugs to divide people and thus maintain their grip on power.

        Etoudi has engrained it in the brains of folks that the cause of their misery is their immediate neighbour but not Etoudi. This is exactly how those thugs have managed to have a grip on power for 40yrs.

        E.g., Ekang/D’la pple know that the cause of their suffering is Bami…Bakwerians know that theirs is NW folks—this is exactly the cause of the hate speech in CMR. It has nothing to do with anthropology. It is a well-thought stratagem by Etoudi…

        • And, it is the same stratagem those devils called diaspora in USA/EU have used on Anglos, i.e., the cause of the misery of Anglos are Francos, not Etoudi but all Francos.

          This is exactly how ALL black folks worldwide function—the blame is always to be found somewhere else.

          Descendants of Black slaves know that their suffering is coz of Africa.

          Blame, blame, blame. But no negro ever looks himself in the mirror and ask himself simple and honest questions.

          Is it because of my neighbour that a small road like D’la-Y’dé is taking over 20yrs to enlarge? Is it coz of Africa that Afro Americans kids are mostly raised by single moms? Is it coz of Africa that folks eat baked mud in Haiti?

          some deranged CMRs would even go a step further and say all this is coz of Kamto…

        • All your write ups is pure demagoguery.

          I can assure you ekang do not want to be together with bami people … before 1885 we dit not know each other.
          We have nothing in common.

          Your excuse of saying the governor of cameroon is dividing people is pure rubbish
          People just have issues being together with grassfielders.
          Funny that you are always trying to pretend like people from the North west are not the same as graffi. They are the same groupe of people.
          Cameroon will soon be a federal republic like it or not.

          Biya is old school and we all want him out so that we can implement fédéralism.

          You guys are bad luck

        • ” before 1885 we dit not know each other”

          So what?

          B4 ur so-called Ekang landed in CMR, who had the land? Ekang?

          You’re now hiding behind federalism to mask ur tribalism. A tribalist can never change. You know why? It is in ur DNA. Pupsi did a great job while you were growing up, you were fed day and night with lies and hate about bamis. That is why you can never change!

          I too was raised that way, but was smart enough to escape from the box. It is too late for you to escape now! Tribalism controls you and not the other way round.

          Do you think ur so-called graffis are going to starve even assuming separation occurs?

          Research and find out abt latest findings on the mineral map of CMR.

          All regions of CMR are rich—4get abt the lies they tell you…

        • @Zam-Zam
          so why is that you bamis people are against federalism?
          you are the only ethnic group against that. HUMMMMMMM

          BTW all groups are where they were when the white man showed up.
          Your ancestors were unable to occupy land and your cousins bamouns showed you pepper and you went to hide in those montagnious hideouts you folks are running away and just going there for funerals.

          Now you are begging for “vivre ensemble”.
          We feel more comfortable without you. You are bad luck

          Now you have an agenda to grap your ancestors were unable to occupy. We can see what you did to the MBO’O people.

          “blacks are all brothers…” bla-bla-bla MY ASS…. we are not.

          Without the white man my people will not be in the same country with your ilks.

        • @ZAM-ZAM

          “Pupsi did a great job while you were growing up, you were fed day and night with lies and hate about bamis. That is why you can never change!”
          I am shoked you can write such rubbish… my group is the most welcoming group in Cameroon. Proof being your ilks are all over my area, even in vilaages, not only in Yaounde. you are the most heonous people in Cameroon and everyone knows that. No other group is in your area. You can sing whatever you want. 2018 was for all to see where the stone is coming from. Cameroon has changed forever for the sake of all. Thanks NGASPTO

        • “you are the most heinous people in Cameroon and everyone knows that. No other group is in your area”

          You are just proving my point that you are a born tribalist.

          I know the next thing you are going to write. Namely, bamis stole your land and are doing great in your land whereas you are there laying your butt on dust and counting on the cousin/uncle/aunt, bro/sis in the gov’t who will take care of you without you showing any effort.

          Go to West/Littoral and see how Anglos are being adopted by your sworn enemies.

          You think you are smart? You sell your property and wish to use unscrupulous means to have it back. All left to me, land owners should give you back the land. They only have to wait for you right at the next corner to buy it again from you.

          Live with it, dude. Sold is sold…

        • @zam-zam
          You are just ridiculous.
          Do you really think I care about the land your ills have purchase.
          That so childish.
          Saying uncles, mama your whatever is just so moronic and you pretend to be smart.
          Nobody is talking about taking whatever back… the ekang land is huge … selling 1% of it does nothing.
          All federalist are asking is to give power to the people.
          Fédéralisme will bring power closer to the people and give the locals a chance to take care of themselves and own their own destiny.
          Being a dweller or a shop owner or a taxi driver does not make one wealthy.
          Most inhabitants of Douala or Yaoundé elobis are your ills… you are the poorest of cameroon … having few of you with wealth does not make you rich. Proof being all young graffis run from the mountains to the ekang

        • @zam-zam
          Listen ndogmo apologist.
          Like it or not fédéralisms will be implemented in cameroon and this has nothing to do with hate.
          The federal system is just the most suited system for cameroon.
          Most advanced countries in the world have a federal system as it is the most flexible mode of governance.
          A centralist system is a system that is asking for all king of corruption.
          One public servant in Yaoundé has to decide for a road in mora while in a federal system a local elected in mora will decide for that road. Why are you against that? We know the answer… fear of losing the exclusivity you have gotten in a central system… we know it

        • @zam-zam
          You are trying to confuse simple minded people with equating fédéralism with hate.. so idiotic.
          Fédéralism in the only system that will make elected people accountable to the people as it will bring power close to locals. I live in a federal system as you do I believe and you are against its implementation in cameroon … STRANGE…
          Anyway you guys have shown your faces for all to see.
          Too late all Cameroonians know from where the stone was thrown.

          Most camerounian do not like your ilks

        • @zam-zam
          Rich people run en masse from their rich region to go and live with poor people.
          That’s a first in the world.
          Everywhere else is rich people trying to stay where they are rich and try to prevent others from coming in… but we see rich in grove running from their rich lands hahahhahaha

        • @ Mpappe,

          “Listen ndogmo apologist.”

          You think Msgr Ndogmo was a coward who hides behind tribe?

          Go to the Vatican and ask for his records there! You’ll soon discover he was no coward like Jean Zoa, who spent his time selling his own brothers to the Vatican.

          Zoa tried that sh### with Bishop Etoga until Etoga reminded not to dare show up during his funeral ceremonies should he die b4 him.

          Did the numb skull Zoa listen? No, he did like most of his kinds, anti-patriots, who care less abt CMR but their stomachs.

          Zoa went ahead to conduct the mass during Etoga’s funeral simple coz Biya was to be present. He even gave his cassock to put on Etoga’s corpse.

          B. Etoga woke up from death and knocked that numb skull traitor called Zoa on the head, and Zoa never saw light again…

    • While at it, can you even define what is tribalism?
      Your attempts to blackmail people who are just here to defend their culture by calling them tribalist is not flying anymore.
      We are all proud of our tribes and if that is tribalism, then I am a proud tribalist as I am very proud of my tribe and I would like to saveguard it.
      I have nothing in common with you a bami man.
      We are different even though we are black.
      We know what you are about and you will not succeed.
      Faux vivre ensemble ne marche plus.
      Fédéralisme communautaire is the way forward and it will be good for all.
      Even Canada is a federal country.
      Take it easy. You can’t force love

      • @Mbappe I agree with you 100% about Federalism (I am from NW), I do not understand why Zamzam is against it at all. It makes sense that someone from Mbengwi elected by the people there should decide what or which road to be constructed there and not someone from Yde. Furthermore, I do not understand why someone from Akonolinga will be SDO or DO in NW and telling people who didn’t vote for him things to do. Your suggestion about Federalism would actually be the best thing to happen to Cameroon. I think you have made it clear that this doesn’t mean that someone saying bobolo in Yde won’t sell to a Nordist or a Nordist won’t sell to aSoutherner. Maybe Zam can explain why he’s against such a marvelous idea.

        • Thanks Brother,
          It one is against federalism, it simply means this person is for the continuation of corruption and against the people of cameroon. People should control their own future, not someone appointed by Yaounde to run local issues. We are communities are as such cameroon should be a federal country….. Only local know better local issues. Thanks

        • Is there anything in my write-ups indicating that I am against federalism?

          Don’t mind that tribalist called Mpappe, we know each other quite too well…

        • @Mbappe to be sincere I do not still understand the reason Zam has put forth. You’ve stated let each community manage their settings instead of an appointed loyal servant to Yde. I would prefer each community to sit in a community hall in their place and decide their fate. I think things like local security, health, environmental protection, Agriculture, physical education etc should be left to indegenous people while central govt occupies itself with diplomacy and defense and probably energy sector together with the locals. It should be for each region to optimize their strength. The government can just oversee or help local governments with experts to advise on a particular issue. For instance if there is a new species of cocoa or coffee, the government could provide training.

      • @Yyyu,

        “@Mbappe to be sincere I do not still understand the reason Zam has put forth”

        That is fair enough!

        So where have U seen that I am against?

        Like I earlier told U, I know Mpappe very well don’t be deceived by his hypocracy about wanting federalism.

        Mpappe is indirectly advocating for separation. He wants SW to join him in his imaginary federation, and we all know why. NW/W can form their own country. That is what Mpappe is advocating. He has a garffiphobia. How can such a chap talk abt federalism when he is having issue one or groups?

        Such ambivalent folks like Mpappe are the reason why this federalism stuff is dragging.

        This exactly how very short-laptop-thief Fame Ndongo let our country into war after the very first talks with B.alla—arrogance and being 2 sure of oneself..

        • —He has a graffiphobia. How can such a chap talk abt federalism when he is having issues with one or groups?

          This is exactly how—

        • Whaooo
          I looks like I touched a nerve.
          Take it easy “brother”.
          We need fédéralism and that’s all

        • @Mbappe shut your smelly dirty mouth. Look at the Pygmy talking about federation? You evil son of Beti-Pahuin homosexuals will never ever accept federation because of your laziness and desire to loot public office. U are pretending now to stand against Zam-Zam after losing the plot. Only newbies here don’t know your evil underbelly. I still have the apology too pasted in this Mimbo house at the infancy of this war. Devil.

          Paddy Asanga aka Zam-Zam.

          You have no country confused Famla man. Keep contributing money through your tongtin njangi houses and give it to Lele L’Afrique to send it to Yaoundé and help the devil buy weapons to come kill us. Bastard. Ambazonian is becoming a reality before your munyongo eyes. Watch and see as Biafra open their arm vaults to us. Bambe idiot!

        • @ L’enemi-e!

          You’re now counting on Biafra?

          Lick ur lips well. Buhari is not Biya, Buhura fought the first Biafra war and he knows just too well how to send them running. Besides, NGR like CMR, can never afford the luxury of giving up the least inch of its territory to adventurers. This will send a wrong message to other small groups hiding behind the curtain to also ask for their autonomy.

          Besides, the Biafra mov’t has seen your limitations and only fools can accept to join hands with ur mov’t. Even, can ur mov’t accept contradictions? Biafra cannot afford to have lame revolutionaries in the midst.

          You plan fashioned in the diaspora has failed, and authentic Anglos now know that they made a big mistake by letting you guys take the upper hand in this quagmire.

        • And,

          I am still waiting for your WhatsApp from Buea.

          Your mov’t is just a bunch of thieves, who feed fat on contribution money.

          Your bro, Ayaba Cho, the baldhead dwarf, started selling crude oil on the streets of London, even before this crisis really started. This is the type of chap you guys are counting on to ferry you from an imaginary Rep to a real Rep.

          They day you guys ever succeed, one never knows, I’ll sell all my property in NW/SW and cross over to LRC to join the resistant mov’t that will be put in place to make Amba unliveable.

          No be you di mimba sey na u one sabi charge? We, Anti-Amba resistance force in LRC will make sure we multiply the dosage of your own medicine x 10, and give u an ounce of the taste of ur own medicine.

          Anti-Amba mov’t will not seat and watch you…

  6. @Mbappe If I were u,I would fight for my own independence from France,rather than telling people from North West that u would have granted them independence long ago.U are not independent,yet u are telling people from north west how if u were the French administrator in Cameroon,u would have granted them independence.Go and get your own independence first befor coming to talk to the people from north west.I u not a man to face your master,France?

  7. All these arguments for or against federalism is a waste of precious time and energy.
    Tho is is so bdecause SC has already taken the war to a higher level. There is therefore ZERO chances that SC and LRC can ever live together again. Federalism can therefore only occur in LRC, the country that had her independence on the 01.01.1960.The INFORMAL VIVRE-ENSEMBLE between SC and LRC has collapsed BEYOND REPAIRS.
    The leaders of SC and Biafra have now signed an alliannce agreement. Biafra billionaires will now support SC financially and with weapons. Amba boys will train biafran fighters on the science of asymmetrical warfare.
    This development is further proof that LRC can NEVER EVER defeat SC. It is simply a question of time that SC and LRC will become two different INDEPENDENT STATES.

    • The leaders of SC aka Ambazonia and Biafra will hold a joint press conference on Friday to explain the modalities of the alliance.
      LRC and France are already panicking because they know that the game is over.