Le célèbre «général» séparatiste Wilfred Obi tué par des soldats à Mkpot

A la tête du groupe séparatiste dénommé Manyu Ghost Warriors, le «général» Obi Wilfred Obi, aurait été tué le vendredi 19 juin.

Actu Cameroun | Selon des sources en provenance de l’Agence de presse camerounaise, le «général» Obi Wilfred Obi, le chef du groupe séparatiste Manyu Ghost Warriors, a été tué par des soldats de l’armée camerounaise vendredi à Mkpot, localité située dans la commune d’Eyumodjock, dans la région Sud-Ouest.

« Le général Obi Wilfred Obi du village de Mkpot, commandant de Manyu Ghost Warriors, a été touché par un véhicule CARINA E appartenant à des soldats le vendredi 19 juin 2020 », a rapporté l’agence de presse camerounaise. « Il était suivi après avoir assisté à des funérailles. Il est parti en moto; huit des soldats se trouvaient à l’intérieur de deux des voitures. Une voiture l’a heurté autour d’une colline appelée Eyang, village d’Ashum dans la division Manyu. Ils se sont retirés et l’ont frappé plusieurs fois. Sa moto a été incendiée. Il n’y a eu aucun échange de coups de feu », poursuit l’agence.

Une mort dans des circonstances similaires que celle d’un autre chef séparatiste

La mort de ce chef d’Ambazonie a eu lieu dans les mêmes circonstances que celle du «général» Amigo de la division Boyo lui aussi neutralisé sur le chemin d’un enterrement.

Obi serait à l’origine du meurtre de l’un des chauffeurs du défunt maire de Mamfe, Ashu Prisley Ojong. Le conducteur a été abattu à Eyang par des hommes armés, le mercredi 6 mai 2020.

Le 10 mai, des séparatistes armés ont tiré une balle dans la tête du maire de Mamfe Ojong. Les autorités ont déclaré qu’il avait été « assassiné de sang-froid par un groupe de terroristes sécessionnistes dans une embuscade tendue par ces criminels, de façon surprenante à un moment où ils devraient plutôt déposer leurs armes comme cela a été annoncé avec persistance par de nombreux facilitateurs ».

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  1. YES, YES, YES, LRC terrorists have killed more than 1000 Generals.
    However, the war is instead intensifying.

    because there is ZERO military solution to the Anglophone Question

    Believe me or not, Dictator Biya*s UNWINNABLE and UNSTOPPABLE war will and can only end at the NEGOTIATION table.
    The parties negotiating will be:

    1. “one and indivisible” SC
    2. “one and indivisible” LRC

    The negotiation will be under the auspices of INTERNATIONAL mediators

    The choices on the table will be:

    1. a federation of TWO countries EQUAL IN STATUS



    There will be ZERO third option

    • Permit me to draw your attention to the following FACTS:

      1. There is nothing known as the NO and SO regions of LRC.
      The so-called NO/SO regions are legally known as the SC
      LRC had ZERO legal authority to transform an independent country into her regions. This is so because SC and LRC are two different independent countries EQUAL IN STATUS.

      2. There is no town in SC referred to as LIMBE
      The correct and legal name of the town is VICTORIA.
      LRC does not have the legal authority to change the names of towns and sundry assets in an independent SC.
      Following this school of thought:

      the so-called mount Cameroun is legally Fako mountain or Buea mountain

      Thank God, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE and UNSTOPPABLE war will resolve the Anglophone Question once and for all


    • **** MOTIONS OF GRATITUDE ****

      I hereby extend my motions of gratitude to COVID-19.


      because COVID-19 achieved what the opposition parties could never ever achieve.
      Simply put, COVID-19 put an end to the dictatorship of Paul Biya. The latter was NEUTRLIZED by the former.
      As a reminder, the said Dictator Biya vowed severally that he would neutralise Southern Cameroonians.
      Unfortunately for him, COVID-19 said NIET: “Touch NOT My Anointed People”.
      OVID-19 then decided to NEUTRLISE the evil Bulu Dictator.


      • [Verse 4]
        Take your time, but beware
        There is darkness in the air
        Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, dream

        [Verse 5]
        Don’t despair, step right up
        Glass of water, here’s a cup
        Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, dream

        • [ Verse 6 ]

          “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)

          Hallelujah , Hallelujah , Hallelujah

          [ Verse 7 ]

          “The security situation in the troubled English-speaking region of the country has improved since a national dialogue to end the conflict took place last year” (Biya, 2020)

          Hallelujah , Hallelujah , Hallelujah

        • [Verse 8]

          Truth and reconciliation commission—none is innocent.

          Scrap off all psychological barriers like Franco-gaulists/Anglo-saxons, become CMR (applies to both parties) again, ask for forgiveness (mutual), bury the hatchet, seat down and talk in terms of the future.

          [Verse 9]


    • As if that was not enough, COVID-19 also NEUTRALIZE the Etoudi Marie Antoinette aka Chantal Biya.

      In sum, COVID-19 has done what NAPOLEON left undone. The dictatorship of Paul Biya is history.

  2. Biafra style propaganda. General Nka Valere, please show the World the Pictures of these Generals you claim you have been killing. Your place with the ICC guaranteed so do not worry about the dead Generals. Worry about you and your family after all is said and done.

  3. Will it end the war then?

  4. long lives Cameroon, killed them all .

  5. They are even attempting to compare the rottenness the have in The Ripoublique Francophone with countries light years away from them. What a shame ! Cam froggies, Shame shame and eternal shame to your poor lazy systems.

    The Southern Cameroons are methodically far too advanced for them. Gone, we are for the sake of acute development and a qualified standard above ye, froggies of the kangaroo ripoublique du Cameroun.

    Long Live Ambazonia
    Long live the brave people of Ambazonia

    Free our leaders.

      see the cameroon we are building..
      when a brainless man cannot write a short simple sentence correctly..
      He is a francophone eating only bread and sardine since birth..
      He is not good for anything..
      He cant even have simple brain to clean the dirty streets of Douala and yaounde..
      He has been raised to eat bread, sardine, drink alcohol and blame the anglophones for the underdevelopment under Biya and his gang of thugs from the BETI-BULU group..
      Celebrate the death of one General but just know your primitive brutal army will not win the war…

      Have you ever asked many BIRS, GENDARMES and Police have been killed by the untrained AMBA boys?..
      If you know the real numbers you will know cameroon military is not strong and feard as many francophones think..

  6. The press in Cameroon, is not yet involved in nation building, like others the world around.
    A responsible press, would define it`s self, and support a course, for nation building. Since
    Peter Essouka, put them under his shoes, they have elected, to remain there.

  7. Bravo to the military. wipe out all kidnappers

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