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Le Drian interpellé dans l’hémicycle sur la situation humanitaire au Cameroun

RFI | En France, lors des questions au gouvernement de ce mardi, le député Sébastien Nadot (Mouvement des Progressistes) a interpellé le ministre des Affaires étrangères Jean-Yve Le Drian au sujet de la situation humanitaire au Cameroun.

C’est un fait rare au sein de l’hémicycle : un député qui interpelle l’exécutif sur un sujet de politique étrangère, et plus particulièrement sur la situation au Cameroun.

Le parlementaire Sébastien Nadot s’adressait au ministre des Affaires étrangères Jean-Yves Le Drian. « Je veux savoir ce que fait la France pour que la situation humanitaire déplorable et la guerre qui se déroulent en zone anglophone au Cameroun ne se transforment pas en véritable génocide d’ici quelques mois. »

« Une dynamique positive » au Cameroun, selon Jean-Yves Le Drian

Jean-Yves Le Drian a évoqué sa visite au Cameroun fin octobre, lors de laquelle il a pu rencontrer le président Paul Biya ainsi que « les représentants des différents partis d’opposition ». « Le président du Cameroun s’est engagé sur la voie de la décentralisation, a-t-il répondu, parce qu’il s’est engagé sur le fait que ces deux régions bénéficieront d’un statut spécial au terme du processus législatif. Et parce qu’il y a eu, à l’initiative des autorités, un grand dialogue national qui s’est tenu à Yaoundé à la fin du mois de septembre. Donc nous devons garder une grande vigilance, parce que la situation est difficile, mais nous sommes plutôt, en ce moment, sur une dynamique positive. »

Face au ministre, le député Sébastien Nadot a tenu à rappeler l’absence de la France lors d’une réunion du Conseil de sécurité des Nations Unies, portant notamment sur la question de « l’escalade des violences au Cameroun ». Une absence considérée comme une « faute grave » par le député.

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  1. Fool me once= shame on you.
    Fool me twice = shame on me!
    Why so???

    Think back to the days of the plebiscite. The choice was clearly a very false one. To choose between YES and OUI!!!

    And then came successively Le Tripartite, Le Grand Debat, Le Statut Special.

    Do you understand me?????????????

    • And Pa Muna was one of those championing the YES / OUI plebicite. Today, SC,
      ARE BEING KILLED LIKE CHRISTMAS CHICKENS, and the young Munas.have the
      audacity and arrogance, to insult all of us.

      • Muna should’ve go and bury his brother in Mbengwi if he thinks he holds any authority in Ambaland. The time for warning is over. Any blackleg or enabler will be nailed on a tree for the worms to devour. If Fru Ndi thinks his deceit carries any weight he should return to Ntarikon.

        And for you @Joshua, we of the Northern Zone challenge u weak Southern Zoners to sit up/take your own initiatives instead of running around in Maryland/Brazil signing documents, banning ADF and SOCADEF and impeaching Seseku who is paying a heavy price in prison. Abandon this your greedy deceitful attitudes of entitlements, assuming you deserve power bc there is Sonara oil in your land as Buea is lively while selling the revolution 2 Mussonge behind the scenes n writing letters to beg France for a federation.

        • @L,enemie you are very right, to say southern zoners are weak. They are even greatest enablers in the revolution. Lazy people who will always beg
          for survival. As we write, Sessekou, is calling on france to come and give
          us federalism. That, is the southern zoner weak way of living. From all
          indications, he was in the struggle, for self agrandisement and not for the
          freedom and liberation of the people he pretends to protect. He is not a
          good fighter and leader.

        • @Joshua

          Weak people can only attack prisoners. Ever heard of the saying you can’t shoot a man who has no gun? Why are you trying to fall a man already on the ground? Liar! Seseku didn’t beg for any federation. You devils where commemorating Nov 27 while he was mourning and going on a hunger strike to return those who were taken from Kondengui to go and be killed. You visionless devils will not destroy this struggle. After stealing 2 million dollars you idiots open your dirty mouths to still blame Seseku. Didn’t Ellie Smith, Michel Buba, Eric Chinje, Fru Ndi come to America to corrupt Sako and his gang of thugs. Listen; we are keeping a fine AK and some fine bullets for your cabal. You devils trying to sell us will meet a brutal fate in Ambaland. Wicked Kongossa witches and wizards.

  2. **** « Une dynamique NEGATIVE » au Cameroun ****

    “At least 12 soldiers are reported to have been killed in attack launched by the Red Dragon (Ambazonian fighters ), Tuesday December 17,2019 in Malah and Alou in Lebialem Division South West regions of Cameroon.
    According to social media reports, the armed militias launched an attack on three military trucks of Cameroonian defense and security forces, who were retreating from Menji to Dchang in the west region, at the end of a mission in Lebialem.
    Cameroon’s ministry of defense has not reacted to this information”. MimiMefoinfo

    * MY TAKE *

    Only the war will resolve the Anglophone Question. Nothing more, nothing less


    • As a corollary, LRC phoney elections are banned in ” one and indivisible ” SC

      Any ELECAM member, therefore, who dares to violate the territorial integrity of ” one and indivisible ” SC will be sent, WITHOUT PRIOR WARNING, to meet “Nyamoto Kpwatolo” Ekema Patrick at the hottest place in hell.


  3. I could bet my last devalued CFA franc that this fellow, Jean-Yves Le Drian is a blood relation of Jean-Paul Aujoulat, Ahmadou Ahidjo’s famous mentor.

  4. Le conflit a déjà fait plus de 20,000 morts. Paul Biya et ses camarades ne peuvent pas tuer plus de 20,000 Anglophones, plus de 450 villages entièrement brûlés et des millions déplacer pour un soit disant ‘statut spécial’ qui ne leurs permet même pas de décider leurs finance et leurs défense et sécurité. S’il donnait le ‘statut spécial’ au début de ce conflit, ca pouvait êtres compréhensible, même accepté à mains ouverts pas les Anglophones. mentainent ce trop tard. Soit on rentrés aux systeme fédérale de 1961 ou l’independence totale. Les Anglophones sont près à battre juste a la fin.

  5. @joshua I have been reading your write-ups and u seem to be one of those gullible SCnians that Sako and his gang have suceeded in deceiving.In any revolution,political leaders and ground fighters are untouchable.Sisiku is in jail,armed with 9 cabinet members,and Sako and his gang are out there ”impeaching” them and u guys believe that Sako and his gang knows what they are doing and have the interests of this struggle at heart?If they are impeaching Sisiku,who are they going to use as a bargainning chip for the freedom of Ambasonia?The international Community knows Sisiku as the political leader of the seperatist movement.Even when he was sentenced to life imprisonment,it was all over the national and international media.Nobody knows Sako.Sako is a scammer.Sako reminds me of Buthelezi.

  6. @joshua Any attack on a political leader who is in prison, during a revolution is anti-revolutionary.Sako sent his blue and white social media army to attack the political leader (Sisiku) of the seperartist movement while he basqued in the glory of it,claiming that he is the man that is going to take us to Buea.What is his strategy? Whether we like it or not,Sisiku holds the political ticket to our freedom.Sisiku is the leverage we have earned,to use as a bargaining chip for our freedom.The recognition of Sisiku(in jail) as the leader of the seperatist movement is critical,for the recognition of Ambasonia,by the international community.So,for the number 1 citizen of Ambasonia who is in jail,being reduced to an ordinary citizen by Sako and his gang shows that Sako are working for the enemy

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