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Le port de Kribi au Cameroun a accueilli 190 navires de tailles variées, venant de Chine, Vietnam, USA, Pays-Bas, Italie…

Investir au Cameroun | L’autorité portuaire informe que, depuis sa mise en service le 2 mars 2018, le port de Kribi a déjà accueilli 190 navires de tailles variées.

Le nombre de destinations couvertes au départ et à l’arrivée du Port de Kribi, est de 50. Les principales destinations étant : la Chine, le Vietnam, les Etats-Unis, la France, les Pays-Bas et l’Italie. Et, à l’arrivée, la Chine, l’Allemagne, la France, la Turquie et l’Afrique du Sud.

Le volume de marchandises embarquées sur les quais de Kribi au troisième trimestre 2018 a évolué de façon constante, sur les variations suivantes : 40 000 tonnes au premier trimestre 2018, puis 270 000 tonnes au 2e trimestre, et enfin 350 000 tonnes pour le troisième trimestre, soit un taux de croissance moyen de plus de 300%.

Les volumes de marchandises débarquées ne sont pas en reste, ils s’établissent à 30 000 tonnes au premier trimestre, 247 000 tonnes au deuxième trimestre et enfin 225 000 tonnes. Soit un taux d’accroissement moyen de 360%.

Le trafic de transbordement a quasiment explosé, favorisé par le tirant d’eau et la position géographique du Port Autonome de Kribi, ainsi que la qualité des infrastructures, la compétitivité des tarifs et la qualité des services, selon l’autorité portuaire. Ce trafic est passé ainsi de 3 441 EVP (équivalent vingt pieds) au mois de mars, à quelque 70 000 EVP au 30 octobre 2018, consolidant ainsi le rôle stratégique du port de Kribi pour les lignes maritimes.

Le trafic local évolue aussi rapidement : de 146 (EVP) en mars 2018 à 3 979 EVP au 30 septembre 2018. A jour, près de 90 000 EVP ont été traités par l’opérateur du terminal à conteneurs.

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  1. Hope Southern region had their own Ayaba Cho, he would sell this thing that is taking centuries to be completed.

    Limbe port, Menchum fall and Tiko International airport must be launched in this last term in order to bring Anglos back home…

    • You think this is what will pacify your so-called “Anglos”? It’s baffling that this long into the conflict, people like you can still afford to refer to these dignified people as “Anglos”. In any case, let’s see if Biya wins this war.

  2. And how long does it takes to get your goods out od the seaport. 1 month as in Douala after paying and bribing 50 people to get your things?

  3. This so called Kribi Deep Sea Port was scheduled to be built in Victoria/Tiko in Southern Cameroons like the Dangote Cement factory, it was moved to Kribi and Douala respectively because Southern Cameroons was deemed not fit for these tow giant projects and yet all the natural resources come from Southern Cameroons. No more. We must get out of this LRC. WE need a political figure like late Jua, Foncha or Mokom who would come out and say No to LRC and Yes to full Independence for SOUTHER CAMEROONS and enough is enough. No Peter Atanga Nji. Late Paul Atanga Nji must be turning in his grave when if he knew what his criminal brother is doing in his name

    • Your attempts to
      Manipulate weak minds will not fly.
      When you have no facts and you rely on kongossa,
      There is no neeed to debate you


    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is a sh*thole country ruled by a sh*thole crime syndicate.
    Members of the sh*thole crime syndicate include ex-convicts, putschists and embezzlers of public funds.
    The sh*thole president of that sh*thole country uses the revenue from the abundant natural resources in SC to launch grand projects only in his LRC for his grand realisation towards his Vision 2035.

    But, as it stands, nothing is being heard of similar if not bigger projects in SC like the Menchum Falls with potential to light the whole of the central African sub-region. Nothing is heard of the Yoke facility that merely needs rehabilitation and which used to power the seat of the then West Cameroon Government.

    To add insults to injuries, the Dictator has now sent his terrorists …..


      …soldiers to perpetrate genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in SC. As a reminder, the same SC contributes at least 60% of the GDP but has no infrastructure to show for it.
      The Ring Road in the Northwest, a project as old as the INFORMAL cohabitation of the two Cameroons, has not been given due attention, despite promises to “personally supervise it” made by the sh*thole President ages ago. But well-tarred carriageway, the Bognis-Ayos road in LRC, the Kribi Port and countless grand projects have been inaugurated in LRC.

      The oil in SC is also used as collateral by the sh*thole President to borrow money.
      The injustices in this sh*thole country are the root causes why the EIGHT million Southern Cameroonians have now said with one voice that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.