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Leave the South-West alone; Buea protesters tell Anglophone separatists [+video]

africanews | About 200 people took part Tuesday in a march in the streets of Buea, capital of the English-speaking region of the South-West, to denounce the attempted secession of the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

The march also aimed at denouncing the violence and hostage-taking of traditional leaders perpetrated in the South West for two years by armed men against armed groups in favour of secession was organised by the mayor of this city of more than 100,000 inhabitants, Patrick Ekema, of the ruling party in Yaoundé.

“We also want to criticize the barbaric acts carried out in the populations of the South West especially among the traditional chiefs and also to have the remains of the traditional chiefs killed by the Ambazonians (the name given to the English-speaking independence fighters), said Mr Ekema.

If you see us going out today, it is not because we want to please the communities, it is because we want peace.

“If you see us going out today, it is not because we want to please the communities, it is because we want peace. We’re not for violence and look at my placard, it says “Leave the southwest alone,” asserted Ekokole Barnabas, one of the demonstrators.

Clerics hope to moderate dialogue in Cameroon

Mr Ekema also condemned the conference planned for the end of August in Buea by Cardinal Christian Tumi which should bring together personalities from the two English-speaking regions in order to envisage a national dialogue with Yaoundé.

For Bernard Okalia Bilai, governor of the South West region, there cannot be talks without peace.
“We need peace. When peace will be back, the tranquility will be there, then the dialogue we are talking will continue,” he told the demonstrators.

The Catholic Church is the only actor capable of “promoting dialogue” between the insurgents and the government, according to the International Crisis Group (ICG) research centre in April.

Religious also fear for their lives in English-speaking Cameroon. In late July, the priest of the Catholic parish of Bomaka, a district of Buea, was killed by unidentified individuals.

Number of refugees and IDPs increasing – UN

Security in the south-west and north-west regions has deteriorated considerably since late 2017 with daily fighting between security forces and armed separatists calling for the creation of an independent English-speaking state.

This escalating conflict has caused 21,000 refugees to flee to neighbouring countries and 160,000 internally displaced, according to the UN, which believes this figure is certainly underestimated.

UN Human Rights Chief Zeid Raad Al Hussein expressed deep concern last week about human rights violations and abuses in the English-speaking regions.

The UN has identified “armed elements” as well as “government forces” as responsible for these abuses.

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  1. We all want the good life, for ourselves and those dear to us. That is a fact. The journey from womb through home to hamlet, village, town, city, country and beyond is invariably unidirectional for no law exists to return man to the womb where it all began. Not a single human being chooses which womb to start life from, nor where on earth to be born. Those who claim to possess this choice are welcome to share its secret.

    And so it is pointless to spend energy and time trying to claim powers that belong elsewhere. No laws of man or even nature pins down any human being to the place of birth.It is an aberration to talk of Patrick Ekema as if his journey is the exception, going in reverse direction. Ndumu the government delegate of Bamenda is not a Mankon man, neither was Jomia Pefok before

    • him. If that is too far afield, let us come home. Paul Sinju, one of Tiko’s most beloved mayors was never a “son of the soil”. On the other hand no law forbids Bakwerians from rising to the top in other lands. The Ngomba Motangas did it. So did the Ngeka Lumas. Current Ambazonia leader Samuel Ikome Sako is pure bred Bakwerian. Let us help our kith and kin to grow up and out rather than grow inward into the tribe. It makes no sense promoting mediocrity in the name of tribesman. A mayor of a cosmopolitan city is ill-advised to carry on with such zealotry in matters involving one tribe! That is surely not what education in general and university education in particular imparts as knowledge.

      • Very well spoken and I also once heard there was once mayor of Tombel who wasn’t even Bakossi.

  2. @John Dinga RESPECT sir.

    • I don’t even know why Ekema is giving you guys some nightmare. You have raised him through your foolish moves to be the type that is no longer afraid to die. He knows he’s going to be lucky if he survives. But until such time, he has vowed to deal with your movement. You’ll soon discover that not many are cowards that hide, drug youths and send them to the gas chamber.

      Real Ekemas are watching your every move from afar. They want you to first of all unveil your real faces, at least a greater part of it before striking. And you’re already doing so, minute by minute.

      There is just no way you can deceive the masses the way you have done, unnoticed or unchallenged…

      • Truth and Facts

        @Zam Zam would you really like to see a peaceful solutions to the ongoing crisises in Cameroon?
        If so why are you so keen to write inflammatory comments? Why all the threats and insults? Is that your contribution to a practical and peaceful solution?

        @John Dinga wrote a nice comment above. Actually meaning that we are all free to live and work where we choose to.
        Instead of applauding his message you choose to write empty threats and put more fire in house.

        What is wrong with some people on this forum?
        You maybe at peace at your apartment in Berlin. Millions of citizens in Cameroon are not.

        You are not helping anyone with such comments Sir. Try for a change to be part of the solution.

        Let us all try to always come up with constructive ideas. People are really dying

        • Truth and Facts,

          There comes a time that even peace lovers are tired of begging thick skull folks.

          Some visionaries have warned those who’re sponsoring that chaos back home in this forum, but can they listen to a bamilike, according to them tho?

          Some of us wept after seeing videos of the field Marshalls and other Anglo youths in the forest. Because we know that their mission is a kamikaze one, they’ll all be killed.

          Please preach to others abt peace, I have washed my hands, just like Koffi Annan did in Syria.

          As for that lab technician, I take no notice of such hypocrites, only when it’s extremely necessary—the same warlock that throws Munzu under bus, meanwhile Yang is his Oku mentor…

        • You maybe at peace at your apartment in Berlin. Millions of citizens in Cameroon are not.

          Yes, the reason millions of citizens in the SW are not living in peace is because of the Ambazonia kidnappings and beheadings of anglophones who don’t support their foolishness. Nobody in their right mind will support an organization that kidnaps and beheads people who disagree with them. This is exactly what Boko Haram and Issis terrorist do to their people who disagree with them which therefore qualifies the Ambazonians as terrorists.

        • Truth and Facts

          @Zam Zam,
          bro always stay true to your values.
          If really you are for peace, constructive dialogue, brotherhood, and helping in finding everlasting solutions to the problems is what you should only be engaged in. Never fall lower and jump to insults, inflammatory rhetoric and such just because your message was not going through and try to blame it on others.

          We all should hold ourselves to a higher standard.

          I wish you and all on this platform a very nice day.

        • Truth and Facts

          @ bobjazz
          When was the last time you went and stay at least a couple of days in the SW Region?

          I strongly advise you all to be very careful with the statements you are making. It is really not helpful.

          I just came back from a stay in Limbe. Truely the security forces (B.I.R, army, gendarmes and police) are the biggest threat on the street. Especially the B.I.R.

          Yes, when the Amba boys appear, everybody just ran and go indoors including the police and gendarmes. The situation becomes extremely tense. Absent of that, the security forces are a constant threat every day.

          We should all condemn Kidnapping in any form. Kidnapping and killing is also done heavily by the security forces especially the B.I.R.
          So condemn that too if really you are interested in a solution.

        • Truth and Facts

          I was in Limbe when the Amba Boys come to Mile 4.

          You don’t wish such a tense situation to anybody.

          Within minutes the place was deserted. The police and gendarmes on the street were the first to go. The Amba did their thing and left.

          Then the real threat begann when the army arrived after the Amba boys have left. They was not a single exchange of fire between the army and the Amba boys as they had already left before the army arrived.

          The army started shooting at innocent civilians. And thereafter the threat from them was just unbearable.

          So my question to you is what solution due you think should be implemented to resolve this problem. This problem is very damaging to Cameroon as a whole. We should all be looking for a solution.

      • Truth and Fact,

        please talk like an ancien of this forum.

        If cyber attacks could kill, talking abt me, then you would have been exchanging with a ghost. I take all the jabs and bleed, but I dispense some too as well—where it hurts most tho.

        It is only now that some are discovering how it feels when you have that feeling that your country is about to be divided. What some of you are feeling towards Ekema for what was written, is the same feeling I have against the Ambozonian mov’t that wants to separate us for egoistic longings—I feel nothing but disgust vis-à-vis that mov’t…

        • Truth and fact. I know you are trying hard not to portray yourself as an Ambazonian but just like your name you can’t hide the truth and facts. For your information my family leaves in Limbe and they and my neighbors and friends in Limbe have told me the Amba boys are the problem. They go around attacking businesses and attacking people who don’t support their foolishness. The BIR is there for security and it is their duty to protect Cameroonians. The Ambazonians are not recognized by any international organization and therefore they are terrorists. The BIRs even though I don’t support some of their killings of innocent Cameroonians are a recognized security force representing the country called Cameroon. You are trying to compare apples and oranges here.

        • Truth and Facts

          @Zam Zam
          I know all about the insults flying around here. It is such a shame.
          Of course it is hard not to shoot back. We are all humans.

          The biggest issue on this platform is too deep hostility have been developed among some members. So much so that people don’t attack the message but the messenger.

          Surely, your response to @John Dinga comments regarding this article would have been different if it was say from Bikutsi.

          In any regard, it will help us all the most, if we could all cool down and start finding solutions to our problems.

          Why not start at this forum. That is my message to all.

          People are really suffering back home. The Amba Boys, the security forces and worst of all the civilians are all indeed bleeding.

        • @ Truth and facts. I forgot to remind you that the BIRs will not be in Limbe today if the Ambazonians weren’t going around terrorizing people. It is their duty to protect the people of Limbe from the Ambazonia terrorists. The last time I went to Limbe, there were no BIRs on the streets because there were no Ambazonians terrorizing people. What you should be doing is advising your Ambazonia thugs who hijacked our genuine protest against the marginalization of the anglophones by the Biya regime to stop their madness. All they are doing is hurting the anglophone communities while the rest of the country is doing fine. This their separation nonsense is never ever going to happen. With what is going on now in South Sudan, the world will never ever allow separation in any other African country.

        • Truth and Facts

          @ bobjazz

          “Truth and fact. I know you are trying hard not to portray yourself as an Ambazonian but just like your name you can’t hide the truth and facts. ”

          Maybe you did not comprehensively read my comments, so let me try again this way:

          So if I am an Ambazonian and I am standing in front of you with all the issues going on in Cameroon… What would be your proposal to me for resolving the problems? Shooting each other and kidnapping from both sides clearly is not working sofar. Calling people names and throwing insults also have not yielded any positive results.

          So let us think about something else to solve the problems we have.

          What do you say @bobjazz?

        • Truth and Facts

          thanks again for the label “me and my thugs”
          U must not have been in Limbe for a very long time.
          There are several military camps in Limbe & one for the B.I.R. ever since long before the crisis even started. But that is not the point.
          What do we do now to solve the issue fast. It is going out of hand & a civil war is a dangerous thing no one in their right mind will want.

          So all these calling names is not helping. We all stand to lose a lot especially those that have heavily invested in the SW and NW.
          Those B.I.R that u didn’t see while in Limbe are not from Limbe. After the war, they will return home & the local population will be left in devastation.

          How come we have not been able to make any significant progress towards resolving the issue since all these started?

        • Truth and Facts,

          please leave Bikutsi out of it. If you think I can’t criticize her and she likewise, then you are mistaken.

          Even that man you’re alluding to was given the necessary respect here, years back. He knows quite too well how things went astray.

          This forum was once a great place where you could not attack somebody without neutral intervention to settle the matter. Things really got rough shortly after the Anglo crisis, in fact I was shocked as I found it difficult to recognize about 80% of forumites.

          People who used to adulate Eto’o, some were even ready to die for him—I was even the one who didn’t like what he was doing in les Lions. All of a sudden, all that was gone. He suddenly became LRC citizen.

          How pretentious and insincere can we humans be?


        • Truth and Facts

          @Zam Zam,

          I hear you and can understand your feeling.

          Bikutsi was not mentioned in a negative way. It was just to say people have a lot of resentment among others here and now the messenger rather than the message is being attacked.

          It is a very trying time for us all. We have come to see different sides of people we could not imagine. We can only survive if we try to keep a cool head and genuinely try hard to find a solution for our problems. If we all try to debate objectively, and leave out the insults and names calling, I think it will be a big step ahead.

          I am just very sad that even in such a ‘small’ forum we don’t seem to agree on anything. How would that be with more than 23 millions people?

          We all just have to try harder.

          Good evening sir.

        • Truth and Facts,

          no wahala, some of us are battling it out at our own small cyber level simply cos we know we’ve got the potentials in our country, we just need to have a nationalist system put in place, and things would get back on rails. This is not going to happen as fast as some of us might want it to happen, but it will happen all the same.

          And let me leak you a secret, the person who stands a better chance to solve the Anglo prob in CMR of today is Biya. There’s no CMR who knows Anglos, Anglo prob better than Biya. I hope that man is going to wake up, forget about the Amba challenge he doesn’t like, and at last implement what he himself proposed to his former boss, who too was afraid to confront France should he implement those recommendations.

        • There is virtually nothing IG can do 2 Biya, absolutely nothing. All those IG and the likes are people who benefited from the system, directly or indirectly. Most are even double agents ! Although I have no proof, as of now, however, up 2 this day, I still cannot understand how 47 able men were captured like we used 2 capture our fowls back in those day—throw a few grains of corn in the hut, and all the fowls would then rush inside. It is more than my brain can comprehend. After making so much noise only 2 be captured like fowls. No, you cannot capture 47 humans so easily without double agents—and those double agents must have been among the leaders.

          Ba-lla understood this only after prison. He was the one who could have helped in solving this matter, but double agents everywhere…

  3. This is CRTV lies with empty streets HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHH
    The War has not started Ambazonia most be free.Satan punish Biya and his mother inlaw

    • @ Truth and facts. I know the truth hurts but must be said. Ambazonians are the problem and not the BIRs. The BIRs represent the republic of Cameroon to bring peace to the society. The Ambazonians are terrorists terrorizing anglophones who are not in support of their foolishness. If you can’t acknowledge the truth, then you are part of the problem. This will not lead to any civil war as the majority of anglophones do not support the Ambazonians and their foolishness. Nobody in their right mind will support an organization that beheads people.





      UB has seized the degrees awarded to Fraudster Ekema. Dictator Biya should, therefore,sign a decree instructing the Rector of UniYao1 to award Fraudster Ekema a Dr. h.c. for risking his life to keep the INFORMAL UNION “one and indivisible”.


      I am from Victoria, the richest town of the Southern Zone of SC.
      A fraudster cannot speak for us. Fraudster Ekema is a frustrated illetrate. He took the GCE SEVEN times and failed. He is so dull to realize that Okalia Bilai is simply using him to execute the evil agenda of LRC. LRC will dump Fraudster Ekema as they did with Governor Oben Peter Ashu.
      Sooner than later, Amba boys will put an end to the EKEMA QUESTION
      Citizens of LRC have become so desperate. They use the xenophobic slogan of a fraudster to try to divide the people of SC. It will never ever work.
      SC is gone forever. It is now 95 % UNGOVERNABLE.


      FAKE AMba boys created by Ex-convict Atangana and Fraudster Ekema kidnapped the Chiefs in order to discredit the GENUINE Amba boys.
      Fraudster Ekema then gave an ultimatum for the release of the Chiefs. His FAKE Amba boys then respected the ultimatum.
      LRC media outlets and citizens are so blind to realize that Fraudster Ekema and Ex-convict Atangana are simply dubbing them. The money from the so-called “Plan d’urgence” is being used to by ex-convict Atangana and fraudster Ekema for such mischievous activities.

      One thing is clear: The Ekema Question will soon be resolved by Amba boys. It is simply a question of WHEN and not IF. The plan has already received the green light of the WARLORDS.



      Victoria sons of the soil tell Beti and Bassa predators

  5. Warning: ” Leave the South West alone “. Kapish?

    • Go and defend your heritage in Meyomesalla, Mvomeka, Dja et Lobo, South Jungle and leave Ambazonia alone. Smelly wrinkly stinking whore!! Defender of a genocide. Do you really think if Ekema was a problem we will not have stopped him like we did to Beti Assomo or the French Minister? The plumb head is a distraction and we will get him when it matters. Fille de putte!!!

      • We Cameroonians ,will stand by our brothers and sisters from the SW and push your devilish organisation back to where you belong.
        Again: Leave the South West alone ” I didn’t create this. You started the hole thing. You are still being warned.
        Se how you reason and express yourself in a faceless forum. And you want us to treat you like a human being?!
        People from the SW don’t want anything to do with you ‘Ambazonians ‘/ Aliens.
        You have destroyed their land and they want you out! So , back off.

  6. @Zam-Zam Who is Ekema? Do u really think he has the guts? An appointed mayor making empty threats and u are applauding him? If this man was truely ”elected”,do u really thing he will turn against the population that elected him? He knows very well that in Cameroon,his he and his party,the CPDM does not need the Buea populace for him to win elections as mayor of Buea for another five year term,if elections are to be conducted,even today.That explains why he is fighting the population.Just look at the scanty population of 10 people that came out and march against seccession.His political believe(unionists) is the minority within anglophones,yet he continues to parade himself as if unionists are the majority.

    • Kongosa,

      Ekema is not hiding behind keyboards like us. Tell Anu-s, if he has the said guts, to set foot in Fako and face Ekema. Ekema would expand that his large mouth the way super Makia did to one Belgian back in those days…

  7. Just look at the population that came out in Buea and marched on that 22nd of Sept 2017. Can u compare that population to this Ekema’s population of 10 people who came out and march to say no to seccession?.A career thief like Ekema,who have proven his worth even at the level of faking certificates is the one u are now associating yourself with becos of desperation.He is doing what he is doing to cover up for all the money he has embezzled as Mayor of Buea and u are here,clapping your hands.Lets see how he,alone will fight and win the population…

  8. @Bikutsi ”Warning: ” Leave the South West alone “……Sorry,i was expecting Ekema to say ”leave Buea alone”..Why is he joining all the other parts of SW in it?..Is he representative of the SW people? He is not even popular in Buea,talk less of SW…The NW/SW divide and conquer tactics has failed all along.What makes him think that it is going to work now?

  9. @Bikutsi The current interim president of Ambasonia,who is a Bakerian like Ekema have just told, LRC to leave SC alone…..

    • Why do you need Cameroonians from the SW to help you destroy our Country? Why can’t ‘Ambazonians ‘ stand by their own?
      People from the SW have nothing in common with you. They can’t stand you! They tolerate you exactly like the rest of the country. You are just neighbours, nothing more. Now they have enough of your nonsense!

      • Says the Bulu Wolowos who revels in the vicious murder of innocent mothers and babies. Minalmi!

  10. Leave SW alone is a CPDM Ethnofascist slogan concocted by the ruling tribalist Clan from Yaoundé to confuse West Cameroonians.
    Where is the governor of the SW from?
    How much land has he and his clan taken away from local villagers of Fako Division not even SW?
    Speaking of Fako not even SW how many of the indigenous people have anything to do with SONARA?
    How many SDO and DO in SW are indigenes of SW?
    How many police commissioners, judges in courts, employees in government offices etc in Fako are from SW?
    To the CPDM appointed mayor of Buea the people who have forcefully taken over Buea by using tribalism and military force are from the tribalist clan in Yaoundé.
    Who burnt villagers in SW? Who raped girls at UB? Who is killing civilians in Buea daily?
    Who is fooling who?

    • “leave SW alone is a CPDM Ethnofascist slogan concocted by the ruling tribalist clan from Yaounde to confuse west cameroonians”.
      “How many SDO and DO in SW are indigenes of SW ”
      “How many police commissioners, judges…are from SW” This is the wild animalistic mindset we must uproot by all means our brothers must know that be/labeling yourself an “anglophone” doesn’t mean be retarded, primitive,foul.You can’t call the CPDM “Ethnofascist/ tribalist” and asking how many SDO and DO in SW are indigenes of the SW? Is it the way you want the country to move forward? Our goal is to have an integrated Cameroon free of all this stupidities if we are experiencing civil war today its because of such baseless.

      • It has taken you 57yrs just to build an intergrated Cameroon and you have failed woefully.
        Current Cameroon is governed by language or ethnicity.
        The currency is only in French
        All public professionals schools ENAM, IRIC etc only in French
        More than 95% of ministers, DO, SDO, ambassadors, directors of any important company is usually a Francophone and make it worse in the last 36yrs about 50% or more are mostly Francophones from the Center or South province.
        All of 8million Anglophone West Cameroon makes only about 2% of anything important in Cameroon.
        The integrated Cameroon you are taking about will never happen in the Equatorial forest controlled by Franco-African tribalist.
        Who is fooling who?
        This is a never again generation. We know you want to kill us just for our land.

      • @ Colby, That was exactly our goal when we started this protest before it was hijacked by the Ambazonia terrorists whose agenda is to form their Ambazonia republic and start beheading their opponents like the Bokam Haram and Issis terrorists do.

        • Hahaha haaaha, bobjazz you too funny! Chai, since when were you one of those who started this protest? You too much but not enough to blindfold those of us who actually got manhandled On the streets of Ambazonia in 2016.

  11. Southwest is not Ekema,s property,the fat ugly fake fool is half bamelike, agent for french Cameroon to continue subjugate the population,I am 100% true bakwerian from Buea the place is embarrassing, in the past 20 years + there is nothing to show for, all the villages are slums, deplorable roads, the pride and joy of Buea university degree is sub Sahara, zero abroad, 80% of the students are from the francophone regions with no English and less entry grades, the region has high rates of unemployed, idly dependent English speaking youths and older people some has never had a job in their life,Ekema and his bribe taking low class actors cannot deceive the younger people in this revolution, one see the true picture how wicked & uncaring Cameroonian politicians are outside of Cameroon,

    • And you will call others ” tribalist “….

    • 1/3 bami or not, the message is unambiguously clear.

      Ekema asked Mr Governor to give green light for him to settle this matter in his own manner, but was denied that green light. For now though.

      However, Ekema has opened the eyes of millions who are scared to challenge IG.

      It’s going to be very rough moving forward, even the populace is no longer willing to harbour those drugged youths…

      • Ekema has opened eyes alright, he has opened eyes with the bullet proof vest he has under his shirt during the walk. He has opened eyes to the fact that he has no authority by walking along side heavily armed LRC soldies and police officers while using francophone “Bakwerians” (who knew they existed)to ask that the SW be left alone.

        Yes my eyes are wide open. Thank you Ekema.

        • @ Alamiimbu, Did you actually say francophone Bakwerians? So you mean all these your kidnappings and beheadings are just to protect the Queen of England’s language in Africa? Wonders shall never end. Oh Lord forgive him for he knows not what he is saying. Oh grand Bob, please sing the redemption song to brother Alamimbu. He needs help.

  12. I have come to the conclusion that Ekema Patrick Expunge is insane. Insane because he does not understand his job description. Insane because he is suppose to owe allegiance to the people who voted for him and not the tyrannical regime in Yaounde that is guilty of prematurely ending the lives of more than a million Cameroonians since its inception in 1982.
    I want to make it clear that the chiefs in Buea central were abducted by government sponsored individuals. This arrest had nothing to do with any of the liberation forces. These guys were abducted by forces loyal to Ekema and Atanga Nji make no mistake. I don’t know what Ekema wants and who he is trying to impress with this level of stupidity, whats he clamouring for? Time will tell he will face his people and explain his actions IDIOT.

    • Do every Cameroonian from the SW and NW have to agree with you cessessionist agenda?
      Isn’t it very barbaric to think that way?
      And what to you do if they don’t walk like you want? You kill them, right? So what is the difference between you and Biya gvt?

    • @ motabenama (motanjikibenwa) What a nice spin. you are getting better than JD. Your spin only works on Ambazonians and not on us the majority of anglophones.

  13. @Zam-Zam Did i read u say Ekema have opened the eyes of people who fear to challenge the IG, ha ha ha ha..i go die laugh.22nd of September last year have proven that the IG have the support of the people.Anybody,impostor,like Ekema will be dealt with accordingly…Just wait,time will tell.
    An idiot like Ekema,who is half bamileke will be dealt with and shipped to West Province.Just take a look at his crowd of 10 people who came out to say ”no to seccession”.Do u really think that man c’est l’homme de la situation?

  14. @Zam-Zam ”Tell Anu-s, if he has the said guts, to set foot in Fako and face Ekema”. Ha ha ha ha..Chris Anu does not need to come to fako and face Ekema.Becos,just like what @Motabena said,Ekema does not even know his job description.Chris Anu has his forces of law and order that will deal with impostors like Ekema who marched to say ”no to seccession” with just 10 people….

    • @ kongossa Chris anu is an idiot like many opportunists Who are still thinking the can succeed in their illusion of another state in Cameroon.Cameroonians are aware today that these kinds of “things” must be dealt with vigorously as for EKEMA he is a model of an elected mayor fighting for the betterment of the people of Buea who are still frightened by coward terrorists de toutes façons les imbéciles disent “wata na wata” comme pour dire qu’ils n’ont que de l’eau dans leurs têtes,mais nous les Camer nous disons “le Cameroon c’est le Cameroon”et c’est family qui est la vérité!

    • Kongosa,

      Ekema has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he is the mayor of Buea. He is waiting for you guys sur place.

      Restoration forces now know with whom they have to reckon with, his own mungang is stronger than wata na wata.

      Dare kidnap one SW chief again, Mayor Ekema would ignore the governor’s advice and unchain his boys.

      Tell Anu to concentrate on his new CRTV station, after he was cut off the SCBC, due to his very large mouth…

  15. @Colby ”Chris anu is an idiot like many opportunists Who are still thinking the can succeed in their illusion of another state in Cameroon.”..Amen to that.Time will tell whether it is the state of LRC,a french speaking state,created by France,for their national interests, that owns SC or it is the people of SC(Ambasonia) that owns SC….

  16. @Zam-Zam ”Ekema has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he is the mayor of Buea. He is waiting for you guys sur place.” …Ha ha ha ..let him wait,we are coming.Restoration forces are building their camps and they are coming towards Buea,Tiko and Limbe.The war have not even started,he has already transfered his family to Douala.Those chiefs have learnt their lessons.Let them send motions of support to Biya again lets see….

  17. @Zam-Zam Like i said,it i as simple as ABC..If those chiefs know that they have balls,let them go out there and say that ”We,the people of SW and NW are giving our support to the Head of State for the upcoming elections”..That is what they usually say,during elections…If they,and those parliamentarians and senators know that they have balls,let them try it…We have seen the number of people that came out on the 22nd of september 2017 to say ”yes to seperation”…If those chiefs,parliamentarians and senators know that they have balls,let them send motions of support to Biya for the upcoming elections.We will deal with impostors like them in the appropriate way…

  18. Enoni Ephraim is a chief and cpdm keeps them in prison

  19. @Zam Zam, did you at the beginning of the conflict say i will not last? Did you foresee LRC destroying the restoration forces within days?

    I agree with you that strategies maybe limping but your constant bickering sometimes is too distant from reality and your projects faulty.

    Takam molo molo brother. I am not in support of the violence either but giving Ekema such intellectual importance is a big mistake!

    • Mr. Amba,

      and what did I say about war among bros and sis, since you recall me saying it wouldn’t last?

      If forumites could be honest, you’ll find out that 90% in here have sponsored that violence. Yet, they accuse CMR-Lovers of encouraging violence.

      Ekema has refused to be part of Ambazonia, where is the wahala? He is simply defending his garri, just like IG too is not fighting for Anglos but for their own turn on the cake…

  20. If the government of Cameroon believes in anything democratic why not call for a referendum in West Cameroon so all Anglophones should vote to;
    1) stay in the failed union with LRC
    2) 2 -State Federation with LRC
    3) 10 – State Federation or Fake decentralization
    4) Independence of the statehood of Southern Cameroons
    The results without doubt will answer this Ekema staged CPDM campaign drama!

    The whiteman in 1961 did not kill southern Cameroonians to join LRC or Nigeria?
    They did it the whiteman civilized way by referendum and the people voted to join LRC peacefully
    Now show me a black civilized man in the Equitorial forest who can respect the lives of other black peoples by calling for a referendum?
    Tomorrow they will blame the whiteman for their incompetence.