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Lebialem Fons – Call On Separatists to Follow Republican Way

Cameroon Tribune | The traditional rulers of Lebialem Division had talks with Prime Minister Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute in Yaounde on October 16, 2019.

The traditional rulers of Lebialem Division in the South West Region have launched a strong appeal on their sons and daughters who are still in the bushes as separatist fighters to drop their arms, come out of the bushes, and follow the republican way for Lebialem to develop faster and in a sustainable manner.

Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute received the Fons at the Star Building in Yaounde on October 16, 2019. Their talks with the Prime Minister was along the sidelines of the two-day conclave of the traditional rulers. Talking to the press after the discussions, the President of Lebialem Fons, Senator Nembo Lekunze Andreas thanked their sons and daughters who have already dropped their arms and said they were ready to support those who will follow the example so that life can come back to the division.

Talking about the situation back in the Division, Senator Nembo Lekunze Andreas said, “The Fons of Lebialem thought that after the Major National Dialogue, relative peace would have come to the division just like is the case in other divisions of the restive North West and South West Regions.

But to our greatest surprise, we instead got very disheartening videos over social media that were characterized by desecration of our tradition, customs and the cultural heritage of Lebialem.” He added that, “We also witnessed general insecurity, harassments and barbaric actions from our own sons and daughters who have decided to differ with our Republican thoughts.” The separatists, he said, “Even went as far as tarnishing the image of some of our elite by claiming that they are sponsoring their secessionist activities.”

Concerning the position of the Fons he said, “We really wanted to differ by saying that as natural rulers of Lebialem Division, we stand for peace, unity of Cameroon and unity of the people of Lebialem Division for the purpose of socioeconomic development.”


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  1. Hmmm, hope all those fons can withstand the field Marshal after a shot of kai-kai (afor-for)…

    • ZAM ZAM:- these idiots should not complain for what is taking place in their villages..Fons became politicians over night..Some became SENATORS over night and started forcing their people to support CPDM…
      We should make it clear that a fon has nothing to do with politics..
      Should not belong to any party and should be neutral..
      The fons collected all their magic and gave to that old, ugly despot on DIAPERS in the name of Paul Biya..
      Got money and were very quick to call him FON of FONS…
      Today Amba don drive fon for palace- make Biya give them room for ETOUDI nooh..

  2. “….the promise of a Special Status from the Major National Dialogue that was expected to lead to a cessation of hostilities” ?????

    The Chiefs in the good old days of West Cameroon were people of high repute. They were respected by their subjects because they were apolitical. The House of Chiefs was created therefore to an advisory instance of the other branches of the state of West Cameroon. The House of Chiefs was constitutionally NOT a partisan institution.
    Then came LRC.

    The Chiefs and Fons have been transformed into “Nchindas” of Biya. They spend their time writing and shouting motions of support, thanks, immortality, wishes, congratulations and prayers to Biya.

    • These so-called traditional rulers have been used by the Etoudi Junta to stifle the liberation struggle of their own people as championed by the youths.
      Most, if not all, of these so-called traditional rulers, have shamelessly mortgaged their consciences to the Etoudi oligarchy by accepting membership of the CPDM crime syndicate. Most of them have now become members of Biya’s election rigging syndicate.
      These so-called traditional rulers have refused to positively team up with their subjects for the improvement of the lot of Southern Cameroons and of their people, They prefer rather to stand in the way of their subjects by actively thwarting the latter’s efforts in exchange for a few marginal and ephemeral favours from LRC.

porta. sem, sed massa leo ut