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Les combattants séparatistes refusent de déposer les armes

Deutsche Welle | Un mois après la création du comité national de désarmement, de démobilisation et de réintégration (CNDDR), des redditions n’ont véritablement pas été observées dans les régions du nord-ouest et du sud-ouest.

En mettant sur pied le comité de désarmement le 30 novembre 2018, le Président Paul Biya est passé à une étape supérieure dans la lutte pour la sécurité du Cameroun.

Une sorte de main tendue aux combattants séparatistes qui tardent à saisir cette opportunité de sortie de crise, et poursuivent leur lutte sur le terrain semant terreur et désolation.

“J’ai perdu des gens, des amis, des frères. Des familles qui n’ont plus de maison, qui vivent dans la peur, qui sont frustrées. Même moi je ne sais pas si je vais vivre. Mais je demande la paix, je ne veux plus de tout ça… Regardez cet homme qu’on a tué, qui va s’occuper de ses enfants ?”, raconteTibah kennedia, en larmes. 

Le CNDDR a pour mission d’accueillir et de désarmer les ex-combattants, de collecter et de stocker les armes et munitions. Mais en un mois d’existence, le comité ne s’est pas encore véritablement déployé sur le terrain.

“En un mois vous ne pouvez pas résoudre les problèmes qui durent depuis 2016. Il faut d’abord assoir les mécanismes pour qu’au-delà de ce qui est officiel, que l’officieux puisse faire le travail et que l’officiel ne vienne déclarer que, quand le processus a commencé à éclore. Et puis avec ce genre de processus, dites-vous bien qu’il n’est pas bon de faire du bruit “, expliqueRoland Ntsa, expert en questions de sécurité. Il estime que “la mise en place d’une telle initiative prend plus de temps.” 

Le 31 décembre 2018, lors de son adresse à la Nation, le président camerounais a rappelé que la situation n’a que trop duré.

“Si l’appel à déposer les armes que j’ai lancé reste sans réponse, les forces de défense et de sécurité recevront les instructions de les neutraliser. Je suis bien conscient, en effet, de la désolation que ces insurgés infligent aux populations de ces régions. Cette situation ne peut plus durer”, a martelé le président Biya.

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    Of course, Amba boys will NEVER EVER, I repeat NEVER EVER surrender. Dictator Biya is simply a daydreamer. He thinks he can stop the momentum by presidential decrees.

    There is absolutely NOTHING new that evil Dictator can do to stop the momentum.

    He has already:

    1. used chemical weapons in Bali to kill unarmed children
    2. created several “REGION militaire”
    3. granted his terrorist soldiers a “prime de soutien”
    4. etc,

    the momentum remains UNSTOPPABLE
    the war remains UNWINNABLE




      SC belongs to Southern Cameroonians. Southern Cameroonians are prepared to defend the land of their ancestors with their lives.
      When this struggle started in 2016, I wrote on this same forum that “the struggle will only end after the Anglophone Question has TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, IRREVERSIBLY and UNCONDITIONALLY been resolved. This school of thought remains valid today.
      Dictator Biya is simply wasting his time. Anglophones are different from Francophones because they are not afraid to die for a just cause. Dictator Biya has taken the country hostage for 37 years because the Francophones are cowards. They are afraid to die. Biya offers them bread and sardine and they allow him to cling to power ad infinitum.

      • @
        Why don’t you too go to ground zero and die for a just cause if you are a true anglophone? You guys have no idea what the people back at home are going through.


          Dictator Biya has NEVER gone to any battlefield. Why do you ask others to go there?.
          Every Southern Cameroonian has a role in this war.
          Our financial support to Amba boys makes the momentum UNSTOPPABLE and the war UNWINNABLE. If every person goes to the battlefield, there will no longer be money to buy weapons to defend the motherland. Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora supply the cash for weapons and food while those in GZ defend the motherland against attacks from LRC terrorists.

          Have you ever heard of DIVISION OF TASKS?????

          The greatest mistake of Dictator Biya was to declare a sh*thole war against the gallant warriors of SC. He has no EXIT strategy. That is why he is moving from one blunder to the other.

        • @ Sohail
          You must understand that these noise makers here are lost souls!
          They know they will NEVER set their feet in Cmr anymore. They really don’t care about the people back home.
          I just came back from Cmr and I can tell you that every single ‘Anglophone’ I met in cmr have no sympathy for the so called ‘ séparatistes ‘.
          People are so tired and very angry, and it is just a matter of time before they start chasing the families of these idiots who hide in the west a sponsor the chaos.
          Yaounde is full of people running from the SW and NW.
          All the bilingual schools in Yaounde and Douala are overwhelm because of the nr of children…
          Those who run to yde have been very welcomed and their children are going to school and are kids again.
          We should stop listening to these loosers here

    • Of course all who comes here to give comments in order to support these so called secessionist, why don’t you go and fight with them at the first line of battle. Yes you are cowards. You say you want to separate from Cameroon and you call yourselves Southern Cameroon. No way, that’s a poor strategy. No country recognises this so called ambazonia, not even the U. N. So it is shameful on your part to declare a war when your own people do not support you and are tired of you with your war. You’re a disgrace for S. C, Cameroon, Africa and the world. So pack your things and go when it is still time. You had your ultimatum already. Next will be you sentence, so wait and just see. You sacrifice you own brothers for the sake of war. If I was your father I will deny you as my child stupid bastar.

  2. Biya is threatening the boys to lay down their arms, did he purchase it for them? Does he knows how much one of those sticks cost? What arrogance.

  3. Biya is a dog! A faggot who was sodomized as a child by European missionaries! An eternal faggot! He can go to hell with his disarmament commission! He has killed all our people just to turn around and ask them to disarm! Bulu faggot!

  4. He declared war and got the war. No backing down . The war continues. No retreat no surrender!! Tsuipp

  5. “Southern Cameroonians are prepared to defend the land of their ancestors…”

    Were their ancestors Southern Cameroonians? Their ancestors were: Bafut, Bakweri, Bali, Nkwen, Banyangi, Banso …

    Let’s not ridicule ourselves in public

    • @limbe kid thanks for reminding to morons here who were scambazonians Ancestors no need any degree to know this only your brain is needed thus educating fools like @Nangi,@Borat etc.. is just a waste of time as you will be creating educated fools.

    • You can say that again @ Limbe kid!
      The biggest challenge for us is to reprogamate those lost brains.

      Hear them in this forum, they NEVER speak about their NATIVE African Language!
      Bafut, Bakweri, Bayangui, Banso,…all these beautiful language…
      The idiots are here promoting ENGLISH! In 2019!
      And they all reside in the west for decades!
      What have they learn?!

      For me, the longer I stay out of my country/home, Africa, the more I value my ancestral African heritage!.

      The beauty and the POWER you get when you talk, walk and think African, is unbeleivable.
      The diaspora from the south and the center are working hard to promote, keep, and teach our culture to our children.
      The others are doing just the oposite! What a waste!

    • In the same vein, when did the bolus, the betis, etc become Camerounese??
      Very uninformed line of argument.
      Spare us that ignorant rant. The war is on. Kill us all or give us freedom. Southern Cameroons is in this for the long haul.

      • Are you tipping from Cmr? @ Kedioh?
        No “Anglophone” in Cmr is with you.
        Some groups of bandits are causing chaos and terror in your regions, and you are here writing nonsense.
        Why don’t you go straight to Etoudi and fight the old man?
        Why are you instead destroying your owns, and cause so much suffering to your own people?
        Who is the ennemy here?
        Who are you fighting and for what?
        Do you even know by now?

        • those are blacklegs,if you are with us you are our enemy this war ,it not about democracy,u here writing u are my enemy,who told you people back dont support amba boys,u are abroad and telling stories as if you live in cameroon,if people do not support war it doesnt mean they dont support ambazonia

    • @ Limbe Kid

      Life is indeed funny. I never knew i could agree with you on any subject but in the last two years i now know we have more in common than i could have ever thought.

      You make a strong point. Thank you.

    • you ridicule your self,by refusing history,so whats the name of your country?

  6. kill them all ” ambasonias” they are parasites



    “La chute du regime Biya est proche. Tous les signes sont la.
    @Cameroon Tribune, faut un peu arreter de tout romantiser.
    Le remaniement dans l’armee veut dire que les choses vont mal.” ( Bikutsi, 2014)

    **** MY TAKE ****

    1. @Bikutsi pretends to be the spokeswoman for Beti supremacy on this forum
    2. However, the same @Bikutsi predicted in 2014 the collapse of the Beti Government of Paul Biya
    3. This is proof that @Bikutsi is an opportunist and a hypocrite par excellence
    4. @Bikutsi and company are indeed ” LES VRAIES ENEMIES DANS LA MAISON ”
    5. You be the judge

    • You can say that again @ Limbe kid!
      The biggest challenge for us is to reprogamate those lost brains.

      Hear them in this forum, they NEVER speak about their NATIVE African Language!
      Bafut, Bakweri, Bayangui, Banso,…all these beautiful language…
      The idiots are here promoting ENGLISH! In 2019!
      And they all reside in the west for decades!
      What have they learn?!

      For me, the longer I stay out of my country/home, Africa, the more I value my ancestral African heritage!.

      The beauty and the POWER you get when you talk, walk and think African, is unbeleivable.
      The diaspora from the south and the center are working hard to promote, keep, and teach our culture to our children.
      The others are doing just the oposite! What a waste!

      • These idiots are here promoting English in 2019.
        I wish your post wasn’t written in English in 2019.
        You claim you are just from lrc,and during your stay there you sampled a few of our peoples opinions about their view of our boys,and that was in yaounde of all places.what else did you expect them to tell you?
        There is a difference between a human head and a coconut.in this case i will say the former belongs to those Amba landers you met in yaounde.at least they know that a mere mention of their support for the struggle will earn them a bullet from people like you.

        • I talked to the people in Limbe too, they all said the same thing: they have enough of your nonsense.

        • Maybe that was in Sonara where you mostly have your tribesmen. Or you probably drank some free diesel on the rig,got intoxicated and came back thinking you talked to our people.

          Go back and tell your octogenarian that it was nonsensical of him to declare war on us in the first place,that it was nonsensical of him to send his blood thirsty thugs to kill our people,and it is more nonsensical of him to think that he can end all that with one of his nonsense presidential decrees.

          Surprised you message is still written in English in 2019 instead of one of the beautiful languages.who is the idiot here?
          You threaten people,call them names and spread false information just like the rest of them in yaounde.

    • What are you still doing in Germany?
      ‘Amba boys ” are waiting for you to come and show them the road to Buea.
      They are lost in the forest!



        “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018).

        YOU BE THE JUDGE !!!!

  8. There must be a much better solution to Cameroon’s national crisis than recycling the same old stuff over and over ad nauseum!
    The prime ministry is swung like a pendulum from NW to SW and back, over and over and over. Haba! There must be other potentially competent prime minister materials in other provinces or regions. Is Issa Tchiroma not yet ripe?
    Dione Ngute has hardly taken over the baton of command from Philemon Yang than his Ekondo Titi home goes up in flames! Why do elites not consider resigning or turning down some problematic appointments? Too many poisoned gifts in the national landscape!!!!!

  9. Bring more troops from Chad. You will not succeed. You can never win a war against your people. Biya is a criminal of humanity. Your day at the Hague is at hand. Time will tell.

  10. l,enemi dans la maison

    very unfortunate to hear some people thinking that somebody should drop the gun with empty lies coming from yaounde. who on earth will drop his werapon because they promise him freedom when he is seeing 4500 persons who many have done nothing languishing in la republique dungeons. A killer drop his gun and walk free while a neutral citizen arrested just because of his identity is serving 15 years in jail…kikiki, only francophones of la republique du cameroun with bread and sardine minds will understand such a fiction. There is no administrators in rural areas anymore and even in some divisional headquaters,. For three years biya and the yaounde junta are neutralising ambaboys with speeches but still cannot control the land.regular army dying before untrain boys with no weapons, shame

  11. As long as those fighting to gain respect for the Anglophone, whether via separation of federalism, as long as their will and courage persist, Biya can never win against them. The Amba fighters are not about moving into Etoudi, the goal is to exhaust Biya, his army and deplete the state coffers by pushing the government to divert resources for development and even salaries into sponsoring the war in the SW and NW. They have no interest to even kill Biya either. Their only interest is to press with the nuisance until some kind of reform is made to resolve the Ambazonian problem. Biya’s’ strategy of shooting the people he governs in order to govern is counterproductive. Yaounde and those for the war instead of dialogue are enemies, looking at the friends and brothers that have been killed!

  12. By Bye La Ropoublique des menteurs, des pillars, des violeurs, des assassins. Ambazonians are going to stand firm for their fight for FREEDOM. Nothing’s going to stop the way that’s opened to us NOW.


  13. Government has hired many people to be praising paul biya. But let them prepare for the war. Its now clear that we are not dropping our weapons. When they killed Gen Ivo they though the war was over.

  14. Anytime you bread and sardine worshipers hear emperor Biya opens his mouth, you salvate over what you think he will steal from Amazonia feed you with. In all revolutions, front-liners pay the greatest price. Its just the nature of the beast. Without the efforts of those not within reach of the devil Biya, they fund the revolution. So, keeo dreaming of what you use to get, but will soon be dreaming of from now to eternity. We gave our efforts to try and build a functional society and all we got were name calling, killings, and graduate studies in corruption. Keep dreaming of Ambazonia fighters to give up their arms. Dying fighting is better than life in servitude. Remember what Sekou Toure said to DeGaule,” I rather be a starving free man than a well fed slave.”

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