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Les flux financiers illicites font 50 milliards de dollars par an en Afrique (expert)

APAnews | Les pertes subies chaque année par l’Afrique, en termes de flux financiers illicites, représentent 50 milliards de dollars comparés aux 46 milliards de dollars reçus en 2012) au titre de l’aide publique au développement, a confié à APA Ervice Tchouata, conseiller du Forum mondial sur la transparence et l’échange de renseignements à des fins fiscales.

Interrogé en marge de la 34ème conférence annuelle du Cercle de réflexion et d’échange des dirigeants des administrations fiscales (Credaf), tenue du 10 au 13 juin 2019 dans la capitale camerounaise, Yaoundé, l’expert affirme que ces estimations sont sans doute en deçà de la réalité, face à un système de données inexistant pour tous les pays du continent.

L’étude de ce phénomène, explique Ervice Tchouata, exclut souvent certaines formes de flux financiers qui par nature sont secrets et ne peuvent de ce fait être correctement estimés à l’instar des sommes résultant de la corruption et du trafic de drogues, de la traite des personnes ou encore du trafic des armes à feu.

Partant de là, il a appelé au renforcement de la transparence et à la coopération fiscale internationale à travers la mise en place des conditions nécessaires pour l’échange automatique de renseignements au moyen d’outils numériques, le développement de la culture de l’échange de renseignement à des fins fiscales.

De même, M. Tchouata préconise le renforcement du cadre juridique dans le but de garantir la disponibilité et l’accès aux informations pertinentes à des fins fiscales, l’adaptation de l’organisation des administrations fiscales aux fins de permettre l’échange des renseignements, mais également le renforcement des capacités des agents des services fiscaux.

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  1. **** BREAKING SWEET NEWS ****

    “Reports from LRC says SONARA was not insured. Biya’s regime did not honour insurance agreements and missed the last payment date. In fact, they actually wired the missing insurance payment 5 days after the fire incident. This means that SONARA reconstruction cost which has now been estimated to hundreds of billions of CFA will have to be covered by the GOC.
    This regime corrupt as it is asked for the late insurance payment to be backdated so that it covers the fire incident period. This request was turned down by the insurers stating that it would violate the rules of CIMA – the insurance regulatory body in Africa
    This new scandal is currently being concealed by LRC because it risks preventing the reconstruction of SONARA”.

    • ** MY TAKE **

      It is now evident why LRC PREMATURELY shouted FORCE MAJEURE a few hours after the SONARA incident. It was because of the fear of contractual litigations from:

      1. the insurance company.
      2. the foreign shareholders ( TOTAL, SHELL, EXXON )

      One thing is 100% certain:

      the insurance company will refuse to pay because LRC did not honour her payment obligations.
      The foreign shareholders will then ask for redress from LRC.



      “Au moins quatre policiers ont été tués le samedi 15 juin 2019 suite à l’explosion d’une bombe de fabrication artisanale dans la localité d’Otu, située dans le département de la Manyu, région du Sud-Ouest”.

      ** MY TAKE **

      The “secessionists” now have the know-how to NEUTRALISE LRC terrorists with a ” bombe de fabrication artisanale”.
      This is indeed a dramatic development in Dictator Biya SH*THOLE UNWINNABLE war.
      The persons, who were asking Amba boys to drop weapons and surrender to the so-called commission on disarmament should be considered as DAYDREAMERS who resist the truth and deny reality.
      GENUINE Amba boys will NEVER EVER disarm.

      Believe me or not, bombs will soon be exploding in Yaounde.

    • Historians will sure consider the following events:

      1. The destruction of SONARA
      2. The resurgence of Boko Haram
      3. The upgrading of the weapons of Amba boys,

      as real GAME CHANGERS in Dictator Biya’s sh*thole UNWINNABLE war.

      The destruction of SONARA has intensified the financial dire straight of the GOC
      The resurgence of Boko Haram will overstretch LRC military
      The bomb-making know-how of Amba boys will dramatically increase the number of LRC terrorists neutralised in SC.

      Dictator Biya will soon learn the bitter lesson that:

      To start a war is extremely easy. However, to stop a war is extremely difficult.

      That evil Dictator now has only two options:

      1. fight “bis zum bitteren Ende” like Adolf Hitler


      2. negotiate with the “secessionists”

    • “The attack is said to have taken place between Friday, June 14 and Saturday. Sources say Ambazonia fighters in the locality might have planted locally-made explosives to trap down the policemen. A police van that was on patrol is said to have exploded, killing the four officers while six others sustained serious injuries.

      This is the first time armed separatists are using local bombs to attack soldiers of the military. According to many, the officers killed during the recent attack have little or inadequate experience in the field. The government is yet to comment on the attack. Separatists on their part, have not claimed responsibility yet.”

      Dictator Biya and his apologists should, therefore, forget about the slogan “AMBA BOYS DROP WEAPONS”.


    • This was the first time Amba boys have used bombs to neutralise LRC terrorists

      It is now highly probable that Amba boys used the same type of bomb to neutralise SONARA.
      The GOC NEVER EVER thought that Amba boys will introduce bombs in Dictator Biya’s sh*thole UNWINNABLE war. That was the reason they were always asking Amba boys to drop weapons or else…

      The question begging for answers is:

      Will Dictator Biya and his apologists on this forum ask Amba boys to surrender their bombs and bomb-making material to members of the commission on disarmament???

      Recently, Senator Tabe Tando of Manyu Division, boasted over CrTv, that more than 500 separatists in his community have contacted him to reassure them that their lives were not at risk if they dropped their weapons.


    • Believe me or not, I have reliably been informed that plans have already been finalised to tear down the mungo bridge and other important infrastructure with bombs. This is considered the strategy of economic sabotage against LRC.

      LRC ain’t seen nothing yet.

      The era of Dane guns is surely over.
      This is the era of AK47 and BOMBS

  2. Father Christmas will be called into play. Do not worry. SONARA will be taken care of just like Nsam train victims, Lake Nyos victims, Eseka victims, Mile29 victims. No need for insurance.

  3. Deleting my comment, doesn`t deter me, from saying that cameroon is a failed state.

  4. I have always told them: only an I d I o t will come to the conclusion that arms will defeat an idea.
    Only a better idea can defeat an idea

  5. All this financial losses are not accidental or mistakes. This are deliberate stealing mechanisms. Kenya and DR Congo are joint this Foolishness in the Highest order! Where African team go outside of the content to prepare for a competition that is raking place within Africa. African politicians say they want to promote African Tourism and Integration but their actions speak louder than their words. All the african teams preparing for African Nations Cup outside of Africa. Nigeria , Cameroon , Ivory Coast and Now Kenya/DR Congo. The Competition is in Egypt not in the Middle East. All those flight tickets, Hotel bills, medical expenses etc. Taking jobs and foreign reserves out of the continent

  6. I have heard a lot of excuses from Acclimating to similar environment to quality of football fields. Let us stop making excuses for poor leadership.  I can name many countries in africa similar to Egypt like Morocco , Like Tunisha , Niger etc but how many african countries are training there for the nations Cup ? .No one, because their politicians did not invest in the types of facilities found in Doha or in Qatar. It is not just a cameroon problem, it is an African wide issue.Every year African leaders meet in Addis Ababa and talk , drink and party and go home, no progress. Small money to prepare for nations cup then they go spend it outside Africa. Hotel bills, food , medicals that’s jobs being taken away from Africa.

  7. Ghana has budgeted $15 million to execute their 2019 Africa Cup of Nations campaign, representing the highest amount ever spent by a country playing in the tournament, a reliable source has revealed.Hon Isaac Asiamah’s ministry has budgeted to spend $9 million on the Black Stars including their mammoth appearances fee of $80,000 , $10, 0000 per player and official with rest of the money going into air travel, hotels and medical expenditure.Ghana is also planning to spend $3.7 million to send 100 supporters to Egypt , cater their air fares, hotel accommodation and per dimes. Ghana have already been given $260,000 for AFCON 2019 preparation by CAF.The winner take home $4.5 million prize.Runners-up pocket $2.5 million.semifinalists, $2 million and $800,000 for quarter-finalists

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