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L’Etat camerounais va investir 60 milliards FCFA pour la restructuration de la zone de Downbeach à Limbé I

Le ministre délégué auprès du ministre en charge de l’Economie, Paul Tasong, a présidé le 11 décembre à Limbé, dans le Sud-Ouest du pays, un atelier de présentation et de validation du cadre institutionnel du projet « Limbe Left Bank Maritime Development Project ».

Le membre du gouvernement a indiqué qu’il s’agit d’un projet de restructuration de la zone de « Downbeach », situé dans l’arrondissement de Limbé l. D’un coût global de 60 milliards FCFA, c’est un ambitieux projet qui s’étend sur une superficie de 36 hectares.

Dans les prochains mois, le gouvernement camerounais entend y construire, entre autres, un palais des congrès d’une capacité de 4000 places, un musée, un complexe hôtelier de 200 chambres et 20 suites, un restaurant sur pilotis d’une capacité de 400 places, un Centre nautique et de loisirs, etc.

« Ce projet a pour objectif de transformer Limbe. Cette ville a un énorme potentiel. Le projet a pour objectif de s’assurer que la culture de Limbe peut s’exprimer davantage et que Limbe puisse contribuer de manière optimale à l’économie du Cameroun », a déclaré Paul Tasong.

Il n’a cependant pas indiqué à quelle période débuteront les travaux du « Limbe Left Bank Maritime Development Project » et encore moins, le mode de financement.  

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  1. This is chicken feed and bla bla to appease Anglophones. Do not bet on this so called investment. It would never happened. (60milliard and 50% for corruption practices) Who wants to invest in a dying country like LRC. LRC can boast of less than 1% FDI (foreign direct investment) and countries like Ethiopia, Cote D” ivoire and Rwanda to mention but a few can boast of 14-25% to boast GDP.

  2. White elephant projects!
    When they are able to renovate the Douala airport or complete Basic stadiums for CAN 2021 then we will believe they can invest in downbeach Victoria.
    The war on Anglophone Cameroonians has left;
    500,000 Anglophones as internal refugees
    100,000 refugees in Nigeria
    20,000 killed
    10,000 missing or jailed in French Cameroon
    130,000 students not in school.
    Who is fooling who?
    Let the people of Fako vote their own governor, let the people of Victoria vote their own mayor and in 10yrs they will convert Victoria into a Cancun of the Gulf of Guinea.
    Self and local rule always turns out better results than the hypercentralized Napoleonic government installed in Yaoundé.
    Submergence 2035!

  3. Hollow promises of this type bring to mind the very witty Victor Epie Ngome and one of his famous declarations:

    “Cameroon has two boundaries – the first at the Mungo Bridge for infrastructure development and the second at far away Bakassi for tax collection purposes


    1. The name of the town of my birth is VICTORIA. Limbe is a Beti name
    2. Anglophones are not stupid. The Ring Road in the Northwest, a project as old as the Unification of the two Cameroons, has not been given due attention, despite promises to “personally supervise it” made by the President ages ago
    3. Down Beach is neighbour to the largest military base of LRC. Soldiers from that military base always fight with fishermen in down beach because of ” poisson braisé”. Down Veach is therefore a NO-GO-AREA for tourists
    4. The sentence “Il n’a cependant pas indiqué à quelle période débuteront les travaux du « Limbe Left Bank Maritime Development Project » et encore moins, le mode de financement” speaks volumes about the deceptive intention of the LRC leadership.

  5. Since “Administration” remains Cameroon’s #1 industry, the main effort is to expand it. And of course Administration almost always does things in reverse gear, putting the cart before the horse. Houses are erected first and then belatedly, city planning services come by to destroy them and begin tracing drainage canals, routes and others that Administration in general and “la hierarchie” in particular had failed to envisage.

  6. These people really take us for “goats”

  7. 500 billions for kribi. Useless CameroUn

  8. They are just making things worse, ain’t they? Don’t try to count the countless promises this leg-dragging Biya jaunta has made. You can’t keep doing the same thing expecting different results. Or did they just realise that CAF AFON games were scheduled to hold in Limbe?

  9. What could be better than providing a befitting infrastructure to match the switch of names from Victoria to Limbe?