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Life sentence for ten Cameroon ‘secessionists’

APAnews | The military court of Yaounde, early Monday sentenced to life imprisonment, the English-speaking secessionist leader, Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe, along with nine of his lieutenants.

Accused in particular of “terrorism” and “secession,” they will also have to pay 250 billion CFA francs for damages caused to the State of Cameroon.

Arrested in early January 2018 in Abuja, the Nigerian political capital, they were immediately extradited and detained in the central prison of Yaounde.

During their trial, the separatists, who denied the country the right to try them, declared they belong to the Republic of Ambazonia, named after the self-proclaimed republic, for almost three years, by English-speaking activists in the North-West and Southwest regions.

Computer science engineer, Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe, also a former employee of the former electricity operator AES-Sonel, had proclaimed himself interim president of the so-called Ambazonia State on July 8, 2017.

Last June, however, Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe was dismissed as leader of the movement by some of his comrades of struggle, accusing him of having carried out acts “likely to endanger the revolution and the institutions of the people and to create deep divisions, confusion and conflicts.”

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    1. The UNSTOPPABLE momentum will increase
    2. The UNWINNABLE war will intensify
    3. ZERO SCHOOL RESUMPTION in a warzone
    4. The UNGOVERNABILITY of SC will increase

    • The sentencing of Sisiku et al. another crystal clear proof that Dictator Biya does NOT want any peaceful solution to the Anglophone Question. He still dreams of a military solution. All the calls for school resumption is simply a distraction. LRC terrorist soldiers are still perpetrating genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in SC. Schools can therefore not resume in such a genocidal environment.



    • “Two and divisible” LRC is a country ruled by the following types of CRIMINALS:

      1. ex-convicts (e.g. Atanga Nji),
      2. murderers of men of God ( e.g. Belinga Eboutou),
      3. war criminals ( e.g. Beti Assomo),
      4. putschists (e.g. Tchiroma ),
      5. embezzlers of public funds ( e.g.Dictator Biya )
      6. Xenophobes ( e.g. Okalia Bilai)
      7. Sundry crooks (e.g. Celine Dione Ngute )

      Little wonder, the country is now a de facto FAILED STATE

    • The sentencing of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe et al. ten days to the trumpeted EFFECTIVE SCHOOL RESUMPTION is proof that LRC does NOT want schools to resume. Dictator Biya does also not want a negotiated resolution to the Anglophone Question.
      He is yearning for a military solution in order to force DECENTRALISATION down the throats of Southern Cameroonians.
      Southern Cameroonians of goodwill should, therefore, support FINANCIALLY the upgrading of the weapons of Amba boys. Our boys need AK47, BOMBS, IEDs and even surface-to-air missiles.
      Believe me or not, LRC will intensify the war between September and December in order to hold elections in February 2020. We should, therefore, be prepared to defend the land of our ancestors and chase the occupiers to their country, LRC.


      My source at the presidency just informed me that the timing of the sentencing of Ayuk Tabe et al. had been well planned by LRC. It is part of the game plan of the war in SC.
      The military expects Amba boys to try to disrupt school resumption because of the sentencing of Ayuk Tabe.
      They will, therefore, seize this golden opportunity to destroy the reputation of Amba boys.
      The FAKE Amba boys created by ex-convict Atanga Nji will then go around burning down schools, churches, hospitals and even killing as many school children as possible. BBC, CNN, RFI etc will report the atrocities and put the blame at the doorsteps of the GENUINE Amba boys.
      LRC will then send terrorist soldiers to kill as many male Southern Cameroonians as possible under the guise of fight

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        Ambafool Idiot Elecam,

        Ayaba Cho proclaimed on SkyTV that he has 80 percent control of the NW and South West. Ayaba Cho should arrest all the fake ambaboys.

        Hail Hail Hail
        Hail The Kum Kum Massa
        We proud Cameroonians we pledge our loyalty
        Kumkum Massa (x2)
        You shall free our people from terror
        And your blessings shall be like the star above
        The most high God shall be your guide

        Black Legs Oye! Black Legs Oye! The King pin of Ambazombie terrorism has been condemned to rot in jail. The government was supposed to reinstate the death penalty for these terrorist criminals. Their crimes merit 100 death sentences for each of them

        • Kongossa pass garri, the empty headed parasite feeding on the comments of others as always. Lazy stupid ignorant unproductive noise maker.

        • Nkonda Titus Agen aka KumkumSh*t4Dog

          The dejected effeminate son of Pa Nkonda who stole his elder brother Gislen Nkonda’s passport n dash away illegally into the UK n from the frustration of incapacity, ran into the open arms of the British Navy to be posted in Afghanistan. The Taliban’s did not saw your head off but I guarantee in Ambaland u shall lose that fat head of yours the day you ever set foot in Komland again. Gen RK has already designed ur 2 foot shallow unmarked grave so vultures dig it up and tear the smelly carcass ur bones. Now ur twist twist face like Francis Nkwain’s arse know who control Ambazonia. There shall be total lock down till the day Ambaboys declare the people should restock food. We expected this sentence. Resistance till we get to Buea. Village boy traitor.

    • ….under the guise of fighting terrorists. The UNSC plans to discuss the war in SC in September. The UN might even intervene in SC. That is the reason LRC is doing everything possible to discredit Amba boys as TERRORISTS and therefore prevent any UN intervention. The sentencing of Ayuk Tabe et al. by the KANGAROO court is part of the diabolic game plan of LRC.

      BLOOD, MUCH BLOOD WILL FLOW in September in SC.

      Parents who love their children should therefore NOT send them to school. They will be used as sacrificial lambs by LRC terrorists in order to discredit the revolution.

      I have already drawn the attention of the US Ambassador in Yaounde to this diabolic plan of LRC.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        You ambafool idot loser! We have exposed you to the world for the scammers, thieves, mugus, cannibals and terrorists that you are. The BBC knows that you are terrorist beheaders and cannibals! I will continue to expose you as the most foolish people from Cameroon. According to you ambafools the most unsafe place in the NW/SW is a classroom filled with teachers and students. According to ambafool logic children are safe in church, in the market or in the forest smoking marijuana and tramol but not in class. Wonderful international idiots! Nyamfukahse! Shumbus! Shegues!

        The Black Legs have conquered the ambafool facebook terorists and are now focused on expanding their network of informants for the BIR called the Black Legs Brigade (BLB). Amba terrorists we are coming for you!

        • Kongossa pass garri the doomed parasite

          Noise making is a spécialité of la ripoublique des macaques.

    • @ELECAM

      those terrorists should be beheaded period, we will never negotiate with a terrorist.

      water nah water kikikkikikikiikkiikikikikikikikikikikkiikikikikikkiik

      pls, stays in the west or USA we don’t want you back here. Donald Trump will deal with your asssss

  2. BIYA the French Sous Prefet!

    They will be released very soon…to be honest as much as I hate the idea of dividing cameroun for the sake of aryan languages and aryan cultures imposed to us by rape and abuses…I am so proud of theses guys…I swear you will be cleared and made Heros in cameroun and africa…Your actions I did not understand early but now I do…we shall kick the french and their muppets out of cameroun or made cameroun ungovernable!

    May ours ancestors protect you guys and make sure nothing happen to any of you…stop the hate against french speaking peoples as we all hate the french muppets in power!

    Biya and Ahidjo will never be considered president when cameroun will be free…we will have a section in our history for french muppets and Prefet that is how they will be called…french agents!

  3. Nous nous attendions à cette énième farce des loubards de la ripoublique.

    Just keep feeding the deep desires from our hearts, our souls and our minds. We are determined more than ever to achieve our ONE and SOLE goal. The Freedom of the people of the Southern Cameroons. AMBAZONIA. We shall prevail against all odds.


  4. I dont like war.But this sentencing of Sisiku and 9 others to life jail is going to play negatively on Cameroun. Cameroun thinks the Anglophones will back down?This judgement by itself is a.spark to a bigger conflict in the NOSO regions.Many more youngmen will join the armed groups .How does the government think schools will begin come sept 1st?This is arrogance and lack of foresight on the part of the government

    • Kukum Pass Garri

      @ Man of God
      No the sentencing of Sisiku will not play negatively on Cameroon. The government needs to send a message to any lunatic who thinks that they can use violence to force their opinion on proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW. Let that idiot rot in jail. Any idiot who wants to risk their life while Sicksiku eats rotten bitterleaf in jail should go out and attack the military. BIR go bus bus your head with bullets!

      In fact we are provoking the terrorists to come out of the forest so that we can annihilate them. Tell Chriz Anuz that his terrorists witch akwara mami is still in jail with his akwara sister. We will torture them for their crimes! I dare the ambazombie terrorists to come out of the forests so that we can kill them! Nyamfukah Idiots

      • Kongossa pass garri, the parasite that feeds on fake videos and remains of Ambazonians. You are doomed to fail.

        Ambaland shall be FREE against all oddds, blacklegs, and kapos.

  5. How foolish! Life sentence yet you want dialogue? Just why this inept, broke, corrupt regime is spiraling downwards. Fix Sonara and supply portable water and electricity to your capital. Is biya coming to the UN?

    • The stupidity of Yaounde will.never stop to amaze. According to them sentencing these individuals to life would instil fear in the Ambazonian revolution, it will show their ultimate prowess, but they are so shortsighted to realise that these actions are the very source of what escalates the conflict, that their hard stand is an inspiration to radicalism…Despite all the discrimination we have experienced as Anglophones I had never been in fervent support of separation, but the insulting actions of the Bulu led corrupters following the initial protests eventually brought me and several others to the point where separation took an ultimate shape. The solution to this problem is not jail, harassment, torture, rape or razing of houses, it is a national inclusive dialogue!

    • Kukum Pass Garri

      Fai Fanso
      Anyone who thought Sicksiku and his band of terrorist conmen will be set free in the next 40 years is an absolute fool! These monsters have stolen 3 years of education from the children of the NW/SW and deserve 100 death senteces each just for that! Sicksiku has masterminded the beheading of hundreds of Cameroonian police officers and solders and you expect him to be set free? Ambazombies are definitely the most stupid people from Cameroon. How wuna dull so? Sicksiku masterminded the amputation of the arms of young girls in Cameroon just because they dared to go to school! By preventing women from accessing health care on mondays, Sicksiku is responsible for the death of hundreds of mothers and babies at childbirth. Sicksiku is responsible for the death of Smallie(child soldier).

      • Kongossa pass garri,

        The lazy parasite, empty headed, unproductive, thief and feyman. You are doomed to fail. Ambazonia shall be FREE against all odds. Villageois paumé of doomed ripoublique

  6. Whenever a solution to a problem ends up generating more problems, it is not good at all.
    Life imprisonment for Innocent citizens of a foreign country is the recipe for disaster ahead. It is surprising that the military court has become Cameroon’s albatross!!!!

  7. Fru Ndi, Cardinal Tumi etc etc, endorsed this. And they are SC.

    • Dion Ngute, Mussonge, Noko, Mukete, Ekema, Franklin Njume et al didn’t right? You and this your Graffi hate! I don tell you say another war await us when we get to Buea. Begin di think say Graffi people na still wuna slaves as in the slavetrade days.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Joshua endorsed the stealing of 3 years of education from the children of the NW/Sw of Cameroon. Joshua endorsed the amputation of the arms of young girls from Cameroon who want to go to school! Joshua endorsed the beheading of hundreds of Cameroonian soldiers on the orders of Sicksiku. Joshua endorsed the weekly lockdowns that deprive patients and women from urgent medical care that has led to the deaths of hundreds of mothers and babies at child birth. Joshua endorsed the beheading of teachers on the orders of Sicsiku and his band of terrorist conmen.

      However Joshua does not endorse the mild life sentence given to the perpetrators of the heinous crimes listed above! Joshua must be an ambafool idiot cannibal terrorist!

      L’enemie you will remain sad and wrteched for life! Go hang! Nyam!

      • Kongossa pass garri, the parasite feeding on the comments of others.

        As lazy as always with la ripoublique’s macaques.

  8. Which children are not going to go to school? Is it anglophone or francophone kids? So you Ambazonians are happy that poor anglophone kids are not going to school. Waow! What a bunch of losers. You claim your Ambazonia foolishness is fighting to free anglophones and at the same time preventing anglophone kids from going to school. How does this type of madness help anglophones? The rich anglophones have all sent their kids to french schools in Bafoussam, Douala and Yaounde and when this your foolishness is over, these same anglophone kids who have been educated in French will come and rule the poor ones who couldn’t attend school because of your Ambazonia foolishness. men, I don’t know who is fooling who. Why can’t you guys confront Biya instead of punishing these poor kids?

    • Shut your big mouth. Your banana republic cannot even respect the Abuja high court ruling to which it’s a signatory yet you open your smelling Mbalmayo Santa mouth talking nonsense. Our children are better alive and uneducated than half educated and death. Idiot. Come and take our guns let’s see. Ambazonia must be free in this life. Unfortunately Paul Biya cannot live long to see a free Seseku in Buea ruling a free Ambazonia.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri


        The King of the Black legs aka MKPD the chuku chuku that killed the facebook comedy revolutionaries of the Delusional Republic of Ambazombies just completed his own My Trip To Buea. Sicksiku will never see Buea and there is nothing you can do about that. All you ambafool terrorists will never see Buea. Buea belongs to the proud Cameroonians of the SW who will never let you criminals step foot there! If you land in Cameroon with a Cameroon passport we send you to Kondengui. If you land in Cameroon with a foreign passport we will keep you at the airport for 72 hours in a room with no AC and with disease infested bottled water before repatriating you! Buea belongs to us. Black Legs Oye! Oye! Idare you to go to Buea. If you sneak in through Buea we will disappear you! Nyamfukahse!

        • Kongossa pass garri, the ripoublique’s agent that feeds on people’s comments. What a lazy thug as is always the case with la ripoublique.

  9. Lucky bastard…they should have been sentenced to death, given how many people died because of their greed.

    • @ James tell that foolish, childish, useless and uncivilized so-called L’enemie. These Ambazonia idiots have destroyed the future of thousands of anglophones and their kids pretending of fighting a war they themselves know they will never ever win. I guess their plan is to turn the SW and NW provinces to Katanga province in the Congo where kids haven’t gone to school for over 30 years. Real badluck and mbut idiots.

      • To wake up and claim that cameroons problem is as a result of the AmBAZONIAN movement is the madness of the centuary..
        This is just one of the problems cameroon is dealing with:
        – The Ambazonian problem is a result of mismanagement, marginalization, oppression , suppresion of the minority..
        – The stolen elections of Mr Kamto….
        – The hold on Power of a BULU-BETI retarded group that has taken the country 50 years backward..
        Lazy, stupid and those non creative cameroonians who are there to sleep, drink and dance are the ones playing the blame game..Nobody loves cameroon more than BIYA and his gang..He is not a God..he is the worse leader in the black race..Cameroon is a failed state…We need to join heads and clean the mess..It stinks and needs a clean up..Stop blaming Ambazonians..

        • @ biko, you are missing the point. We know that dictator Biya’s regime is a mess but that doesn’t mean you have to destroy the future of anglophone kids to free yourself from the Biya regime. These Ambazonians have a different agenda. Ambazonians are for separation and nothing else. They are not interested in joining heads with other Cameroonians to get rid of the Biya regime and this is why they have no support from the majority of anglophones. Biya likes what the Ambazonians are doing as it is for his own advantage. The more we Cameroonians are divided the better for Biya. All the African countries that have freed themselves of late from their dictators have marched in numbers in their respective capitals. They didn’t use any arms or deprive their children from going to school.

    • They should have been hanged in a public place

  10. well said @ james. Why feed and give them medical attention? Did ambazombian terrorists keep captured soldiers or the so called black legs? War is war.

    • Mola, it’s funny how people who kidnap and behead others cry foul when one of theirs has not been beheaded when captured but only given a life sentence. What happened to the consequences of war? Is it only about depriving anglophone kids from going to school?

      • @bobymopkanasjazz

        Monkey gorilla cross. Why will your ugly droopy dirty mouth be yapping day in day out that kids should go to school when you clearly know that war is war? Have your cabal not drink enough blood? Ambazonia shall be hailed and free weather you gorilla monkeys like it or not. This ruling was highly expected only your pretense to lie to the world that yo intend to dialogue was delaying the kangaroo court ruling. We have oiled our guns. 3 weeks shut down starting from today you akwara left over monkey.

        • War is war.My question is that why does the government want parents to send their children back to school when they know that the war in NOrthWest and South West is still on?Are they planning a genocide?

        • @ L’enemie, There is a reason why very beautiful Canadian girls and women call me bonbon chocolaté. You can’t change the beauty God created with your childish insults. You must be an uncivilized maniac.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Bishop: Is it the government that wants parents to send their children to school? If the parents of the NW and SW do not want to send their children to school then they should keep their children at home. They will explain to their children in the future why they did nothing to create security for them to get an education! My children are in school! Why are schools so insecure? The schools are insecure because ambafool terorists have promised to behead any teacher or child who goes to school! Have you seen the videos of the ambafool generals threatening to kill any child who goes to school? Well it is up to the population to identify these criminals for the BIR to annihilate them so that their children can go to school safely or succumb to their terror. The parents are the cowards!

  11. All ambafools are products of this education they deprive to NoSo kids. Instead of improving things in Kmr, they make it worse for others. Biya is also a product of diaspora. Why not keep your children at home too. Chris Anus brothers are commanders in the bush taking the lion’s share while the rest of the family enjoys in Yaounde. Bandits.

  12. If you go to cameroon today, look at the country, the set up and dont support a revolution, then just know something is either not right with your brain or your family is eating too much from the corrupt failed system..

    Cameroon was the largest and most developed economy in Central Africa, today its the weakest and poorest..True?..is it because of Amba?..No..
    Cameroon could host the Nation cup in 1972, today we cant even build roads, sports infrastructure that can host a modern CAN, thougfh small and poor countries like Burkina FASO , MAli, and even Gabon and Eq. Guinea already did..Should we blame Amba or Kamto?..No…
    The Despot on diapers talk of emergence in 2035, when he is over 100 years and death- caused by Amba or Kamto?..No..
    Hang these BULU-BETI thieves before its too late..

    • @ biko so you think you can improve Cameroon’s economy and infrastructure by destroying the economy of the NW & SW provinces and depriving anglophone kids from going to school? The problem with Ambazonians is that they are letting their emotions overpower their intelligence. There is no way you can defeat a well armed gov’t with arms without the help of one of the superpowers like France, UK, Russia, China and the USA. Unfortunately these countries are all allies when it comes to defending their national interest. The only way to defeat African dictators supported by one of them is by marching in unity and it’s exactly what the Ambazonians don’t want as they have their secret agenda. The Burkinabes, the Algerians and Sudanese took out their dictators not with arms but by marching in unity.

      • @BOBJAZZ:- when the teachers and Lawyers went peacefully on the streets , what happened?..
        When the elections were stolen and the people went to the streets, what happened?
        Do you recall any situation in Cameroon where Anglophones got something through peaceful marching?..Do you recall how bloody multi party system was fought for?..Do you recall how bloody it was to get the GCE board?..
        Lets be honest, for a change to come to cameroon, we need a bloody revolution..Its rather unfortunate that these old people on diapers dont understand peaceful marching..Cameroon will never be same again..The Anglophones are no longer in the kitchen, they are now in the main house asking for a room..The francophones will have to accept the new reality..A change is on the way in the country..

        • @ Biko, I am talking about Cameroon unity not a few people who can easily be crushed by the Biya BIRS. The Algerians, the Burkinabes ang the Sudanese were all united and went to their capital to oust their dictators. Blaisse Compaore was worst than Paul Biya but his military got scared when they realized that it was the unity of the whole country against them. Those your Ambazonia thugs can never defeat the BIRs.

      • @BOBJAZZ:Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits..Do you think this will help Anglophones now without a revolution?..Do you know the level of unemployment in this part of cameroon? What is a PHD if you cant make any use of it?..What is a MA when u end up pushing a truck or being a bend skin driver?..
        Cameroonians especially those from southern Cameroons need to stand up now for their future..Some mad people like Atanga Nji come up and claim we dont have a problem..We need to revolt, we need to force a dialogue, we need to discuss outstanding issues .It might be bloody but we will force these idiots damaging cameroon to a talking table. This is just the way out and the way for a better country for all.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      This ambafool idiot Biko is so dumb that he thinks that the ambazombie terror scam is a revolution! There is a revolution taking place right now in Cameroon. It is called the My Kontri Pipo Dem revolution. The MKPD revolution has already annihilated the ambafool facebook terrorists and now has more followers Tapang pizza, Criz Anuz, Mark Breketeshit, Eric dirty Totow put together. The MKPD revolution aka Black Leg Revolution is deradicalising brainwashed amba terrorists and converting them into responsible citizens like Kawa Kawa. The Black Leg Revolution uses the light of truth to chase the ambafool cockroaches away. The Black Leg revolution is changing the mind set of Cameroonians to contribute to the development of their country and not to the destruction of their country. Mash fire!

      • Kongossa pass garri, the urine drinker, parasite of others’ comments.

        Empty headed vessels are good at KONGOSSA as garri is an empty bulgiing machin.

    • @biko

      just shut your monkey mouth “nonsense” ambasonia is the problem today in Cameroon

  13. Apologists of the evil Dictator on this forum continue to shout that WAR IS WAR. However, they cannot explain to the readers why Dictator Biya created his so-called commission on disarmament.
    Commissions of disarmament are created only AFTER the cessation of hostilities and NOT during active fighting.
    The truth of the matter is that Dictator Biya started his sh*thole UNWINNABLE war hoping that it would last for a week or two, the so-called BLITZKRIEG.
    Unfortunately for him, Amba boys gave him an OPEN-ENDED WAR. That evil BULU Dictator does NOT have the resources and know-how to fight an open-ended war. THAT was the reason he created his so-called commission on disarmament. He thought he could end the war with the help of his dirty trick since he started the war without an EXIT STRATEGY.

    • Unfortunately for Dictator Biya, Amba boys (the GENUINE ones) REJECTED the so-called commission on disarmament since WAR IS WAR. The commission on disarmament is now being used by ex-convict Atanga Nji to ” disarm” his FAKE Amba boys and his FAKE Boko Haram militants.

      Believe me or not,
      1. The momentum is UNSTOPPABLE
      2. The war is UNWINNABLE
      3. The FINAL resolution to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around come rain come shine
      4. At least 95% of SC remains UNGOVERNABLE
      5. Dictator Biya will be the Most Valuable Casualty (MVC) of this struggle.

      WAR IS WAR!!!!

    • It’s funny how when you call out the foolishness of the Ambazonia thugs you are referred to as the apologists of the evil dictator. I guess only losers do that. People who have succeeded in eradicating their evil dictators have used their brains not their emotions.

  14. The nature of the judgement and the subsequent verdict, shows that Ambazonians,
    have a genuine case, but this should not happen when Biya is president. He wants
    it happen tomorrow, when he is gone and someone else to take the blame.
    But Ambazonia, remains a reality.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Sicksiku is very fortunate to have been given some “nature of judgement”. Sicksiku did not give any Cameroon soldier the opportunity to be judged. He ordered them to be beheaded without judgement! Sicksiku did not give my brother Aaron Animbom Ankiambom(delegate of social affairs for NW) any nature of judgement. He ordered that my brother be beheaded. Sicksiku did not give the hundreds of black legs he ordered to be murdered any nature of judgement. Sicksiku does not deserve oxygen. Ambafool Joshua Tibor Nagy told you that Ambazonia was a delusion. It is not a reality dummie. You are just a very sad loser an idiot who can not reason. How dumb do you have to be to think that ambazonia is a relaity. Ambazombie stupidity on display. Nyamfukah!

      • Kongossa pass garri, the parasite of la ripoubique as lazy as always is the feyman feeding on the remains of others. Un kengué comme les macaques de la ripoubique

  15. Condamner pour ensuite gracier en gros farceur

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Ambafool Lizard Che hahahaha. What did you expect? Offcourse ambafool idiots are so delusional that instead of celebrating that these criminals were not ground and fed to crocodiles they are shocked that he has been condemned to life imprisonment for beheading hundreds of Cameroon soldiers while you fools celebrated on this forum. Wuna di craze!
      We have been waiting for the ambafool terrorists to bring out all they got. This is the time. Come out of the bush and fire your chahvums in the air so that we can identify and annihilate you. Nyamfukah! I expected the idiot to be dead by now. I thought he was on a hunger strike. Offcourse that big mouth langa man can not forgo his water water bitterleaf soup and fufu ration at Kondengui for anything. He lied as usual else he will be dead by now.

      • Empty headed vessels spend their time doing Kongossa on the comments of others: This is a normality to the noisemakers. If your brain was active, you would have hinted something useful for yourself, but unfortunately, an empty brain is a special KONGOSA PASS GARRI addict.

        Kumkum Pass Garri, the dick sucker, lost in comments.

      • You are doomed to be a commentator of comments. ha ha ha, what a congossa pass garri noise maker and empty vessel.

      • A Kongossa noisemaker and empty headed rapist, thief, bandit, violeur, fainéant, feyman.

  16. I read this forum all the time and I don’t see a lot of people being apologists for Biya and his government. What I see however is people going into angry and insulting tantrums the moment their established worldview is remotely questioned.

  17. Une fois de plus, Biya vient d’être battu à son propre jeu.
    Les forces de défense et de sécurité du Cameroun ont incendié des maisons et des magasins en AMBAZONIE. Nous avons la liste de ce qu’ils font en plus de leurs actes barbares.
    Ils pillent, ils brûlent, ils tuent, ils mangent des chiens, volent du bétail
    Pour se faire passer pour des Ambazoniens.
    Ils s’habillent en clochards dans les rues et cachent des armes.
    Ils infiltrent pour écouter ce qui se dit.
    Les fonctionnaires vivent dans le chantage permanent
    Ils volent les pc, les téléphones et tout ce qu’ils trouvent.

    LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources way dem thiefam.La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. NoBoDy can Accept slavery.

  18. Sisiku and team you have raised the consciousnesses of Anglophones Cameroons in a way that not even another century of French colonization will eradicate.
    Black determined South Africans fought the apartheid system for more than 50yrs and they succeeded.
    The desire to be free is innate, no amount of French literature, French history, French language or the Napoleonic laws from French Yaoundé with take away our collective resolve to be free.
    No one left behind, Sisiku our people will not leave you behind you stand for freedom for us.
    They can use the Hutu propaganda media to call us terrorist it will not change the fact that we stand for freedom and self rule.
    Who is fooling who?
    Time is on our side.
    The southern Cameroons shall be free in this century.

    • @Lum

      ikikikikikikikikikiikikikikikkiikikkiik i dont die laughing soooooooooooooo delusion . your time has limited

  19. All of you who are supporting the killing from the ocultic government, God go punish you guys. Wunna mami . Idiots

  20. @ Pontius-pilet, Nobody is supporting the Biya regime here. Most of us are just pointing out the stupidity of the Ambazonians. They are destroying the future of anglophone kids and pushing the people of the NW to leave their cities and run to francophone cities for protection from the Ambazonia thugs. The rich anglophone kids are now going to francophone schools in Bafoussam, Douala and Yaounde. Is this not proof that the ambazonia thugs are not fighting for the anglophones but for their personal greedy agenda?

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