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Longue Longue arrested for criticizing gov’t

Today News Africa | Considered a living legend in Africa, reputed for his 90s liberational tracts, Cameroon’s aced Makossa singer and songwriter, Longkana Ango Simon, known better by his artistic name, Longue Longue, has been arrested by security forces in the port city of Douala.

He was arrested on Sunday at the state-owned Sawa hotel by uniform officials, sources said. It is believed he is detained at the Bonanjo judicial police in Douala.

His arrest came shortly after he released a video criticizing the regime of President Paul Biya.

In the nine-minute-long video highly circulated on social media, Longue Longue accused Biya of “stealing” the October presidential election.

According to him, Biya lost to opposition candidate, Maurice Kamto who is now in detention.

In the footage, the renowned singer challenged the regime to organize a fresh election to test its popularity.

He argued that Maurice Kamto’s imprisonment was politically motivated, adding that he was not afraid of being arrested.

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  1. Maestro you have chosen to die on your feet rather than knees. RESPECT.

  2. Some People Really know how to push the Envelope. Either he doesn’t love himself or he actually care about they suffering masses more than he cares about self! Either way, I pray for the freedom of Cameroon and of all Cameroonians. I cry my beloved country.

  3. Certaines personnes savent vraiment comment pousser l’enveloppe. Soit il ne s’aime pas ou bien il s’intéresse à ce qu’ils souffrent davantage des masses qu’il ne s’intéresse à lui-même! Quoi qu’il en soit, je prie pour la liberté du Cameroun et de tous les Camerounais. Je pleure mon pays bien-aimé.

  4. That is the same government which got your behind out of jail in France where you would still be now for rapping your underage stepdaughter. The same way you went after Eto’o who helped you as well. Short term memory derangement….

    • Isn’t that the same degree of moral bankruptcy that governs you & other wrong-headed Cameroonians? That man should never speak because of favor he got from Eto’o? Cameroon gov’t didn’t have a say in his release and besides should that be grounds for him to support continued dictatorship? You may debate his grounds for faltering the gov’t on the elections but I find your sense of decency much more troubling.
      Anyone wo criticizes this REGIME instantly is blackballed as Pro-Amba or Pro Kamto which isn’t true. There are loads of decent Cameroonians & Africans who believe in doing right and removing this stigma of HOSTILE REGIMES still plaguing the continent and supported by people drenched in primitive admiration for it for beneficial or hate-filled reasons. Ask Inoni, Marafat & Mebe Ngo’o.

    • Who is this knockle head call confucius? What makes you think cameroon govt was responsible for his release in French prison. We should be proud to have people like him who are outspoken for the people.He should be applauded for telling the truth.

  5. its kind of strange how we have been raised..
    so when the government helps us we shouldnt criticize them for wrong doings..

    • @biko seriously with this kind of reasoning cameroon has long way to go.This is strange and is enshrined in a lot of cameroonians.Unbelievable. Just because someone did something good to you they are immune from criticism even if they commit murder.Sad.

  6. A country where all the police and military spend most of their time arresting civilians who make statements against a regime in power since 1975… 44yrs in total.
    Are the Chinese planning to build courts in Cameroon and take over judging innocent civilians arrested and abandoned in jail to rot?
    Lazy people, if Chinese are building everything they may as well take over the judicial system.
    Imagine if the American police and army arrested civilians for negative statements made about President Trump or President Obama
    So Cameroonians really believe this tribal government will help them emerge in 2035?
    Algerians in their masses are forcing change. Cameroonians are planting beans with dreams of harvesting carrots.
    Who is fooling who?
    Very Low IQ!

  7. The devilish Biya regime and his equatorial forest wicked people think Cameroon belongs to them, the rest of the people don’t have any freedom to criticize their madness and thief , high time our people East of the mungo to encourage their children to rise up pick a weapon and get ripe of dis devilish people that has oppressed everyone with poverty, starvation etc dis corrupt devilish people have to be destroyed for everybody too find everlasting peace + prosperity in Cameroon

  8. I even heard that they arrested a psychologically disturbed guy in West region for writing on some walls that he hates some CPDM people.

    All those minister, real enemies of CMR, like Bidoun Mpkat, who stole all the money for the AFCON preparation are there raising mansions in the outskirts of Y’dé, unperturbed.

    Hmm, where are some of these enemies of CMR going to hide when their master is going to run?…

    • ZZ is this you ought somebody usurping the title of our man zam zam papi I thought you were all for kelle osu like your brother mbappe and the low IQ MTV @bamenda boy.hihihihi.

      • @Cavani,
        ifi you make me president for CMR, my 1st agenda go be for install some system wey yi distroy how for identify man witi yi name.

        Man just need for hire a few technicians, then ask dem 4 make research then cam up witi projects like for create some database witi all CMR contri names dem saved for inside.

        -All new born dem wey dem go be named witi names dem from da database other than the names dem from their village of origin/region, dem go receive gov’t money sotey dem reach 5yrs.

        -All new married pipo wey dem go marry for outside their region of origin, dem go receive some small ntang wey dem go pay mortgage without interest, witi some small down payment.

        -like 5 contri tok dem go be wa official languages

        – CMR-History/culture go be coefficient 5, the highest of all.

      • @Cavani,
        ifi you make me president for CMR, my 1st agenda go be for install some system wey yi distroy how for identify man witi yi name.

        Man just need for hire a few technicians, then ask dem 4 make research then cam up witi projects like for create some database witi all CMR contri names dem saved for inside.

        -All new born dem wey dem go be named witi names dem from da database other than the names dem from their village of origin/region, dem go receive gov’t money sotey dem reach 5yrs.

        -All new married pipo wey dem go marry for outside their region of origin, dem go receive some small ntang wey dem go pay mo-rtgage without interest, witi some small down payment.

        -like 5 contri tok dem go be wa official languages

        – CMR-History/culture go be coefficient 5, the highest of all.

        • For Agriculture and Religion: ah go hire pipo liké Ni Bah Acho mek yi lead team for bring up ideas

          For education: John Dinga go fit handle the commission on CMR national languages and culture

          For Science: Zero Vive Ensemble fit manage for bring up idea on how for match up witi As-ian countries

          For Women affairs: Lum witi Bikutsi dem go get special mission for ban wig 4 CMR

          For Army: man fit first try Ras Tuge ee hand

          For sport: Penguiss witi Mpappe fit mouillé maillot

          In less than 2 generations, no CAMEROONIAN go di tok again about dis Gaulist and Saxon nonsense. We go ALL di tok CAMEROON—No more you comot for which village?

          Na so pipo dem di progress, you sacrifice yourself 4 ya contri for the benefits of pickin dem 4 tomorrow. So dat the WORLD no go mock dem again…

        • @Ni Zam-Zam, almost there. I check the same and for my own small sabi, make dem banish all contri talk dem. Na only den we go see small better. Sometime dat ya five kontri tok wey you wan leavam na kontri fashion wey you come fear lol ! Cheers Bro

        • @tendemo,

          ah get you there, but contri tok no be wa problem. E.g, mek we consider sey dem name you after some names dem for da database, you fit tok ya contri tok but once ya name no correspond for the village for the contri tok, yi go confuse tribalists dem to the extent wey in less than 5yrs all tribalists dem go give up. Inter-marriages go be the last blow wey yi go mek tribalists dem disappear for wa contri. And once we start get dokita dem for CMR history witi culture, dem go boost the morals for young pipo. Imagine some school pickin wey yi go learn wa history, then learn sey man liké Ernest Ouandjié, bin challenge French man, sotey time wey dem tie yi for sitik for fire yi, the man bin be di smile daso. For show French man sey, go up cam down, CMR pickin dem go defeat dem.

        • Imagine some arda school pickin wey yi go learn for wa history sey Ntumazah bin join Um Nyobe dem, daso sey mek dem join hands kick Gaulists/Saxons out of our triangle. Imagine how patriotic da kana pickin go become, especially when yi soon mek more research then discover sey, Germans, French and Britons dem bin fear CMRs dem pass other folks under their jurisdiction. Forsika sey, dem bin discover sey CMRs dem bin get a unique way wey yi bin different from other colonies. Even missionaries dem bin get respect for the way CMRs dem bin sharp pass others.

          We just need some new generation of PATRIOTS dem, wey dem no go get Gaulist/Saxon scales dem liké we. Na dem go carry CMR back for up, without katah, as a matter of facts.

          We di ova loss plenty time witi revenge thoughts among we…

        • Ouch!
          ZZ , tu es inspiré hein!
          Tout cà dans un pigdin mortel…
          Zam-Zam for president !

  9. Agnes Lundberg

    “Les courtes femmes aiment les hommes géants, les hommes géants adorent les courtes femmes…
    Arrivés au lit, ils ont la meme taille…arrivés au lit..les deux là se completent….
    Tu es Anglophone..je suis francophone….
    Completons nous oooh….”
    Hihihi Longue Longue, la 11e région du Cmr n’est pas si mal…
    Imagine les conserts que tu peux organiser là bas…
    Avec les places VIP bien sur…
    En tout cas, tu seras bientot libéré t’inquite…

  10. @ Namondo, You said it all. I wish we had more reasonable people like you in this forum.

  11. The result of divided we stand and united we are defeated. What a country.
    The military, is the dumbest and living in the BC era. Above it all, dictatorship
    at it`s best.

  12. @ Lum “Algerians in their masses are forcing change”. This is exactly what I have been preaching in this forum. Instead of fighting an evil gov’t supported by France with arms, we should join together and march down the streets of Yaounde like the Algerians and the Burkinabes did to get rid of their dictator. Preventing anglophone kids from going to school or kidnapping people and demanding ransom is not going to free anybody. Fighting a dictator with arms will never work except when you are supported by a western power. The only thing that can take out these people is mass protest. I repeat fighting them with arms will never work. They instead like that as they have the military and more fire power. The Ambazonia leaders know this and are just using their foolishness to make money.

    • I might not agree with all the things Longue Longue has said before, but he is right on point with what he said in his video. How many more people are they going to arrest in the name of them destabilizing the country as if the country is stable? The military in Cameroon are the most stupid of any I have ever seen. All the country security forces are a complete mess. I was never a fan of this Amba thing of dividing Cameroon but when I see how other African Nations rise up unanimously to detectors and kick them out of power while we watch the Francophones clapping for ministers embezzling money and creeping the country, I feel as though an all English Cameroon Nation will never be that doom and think it is time to go if this people can’t wake up. Cameroon gov’t is a disgrace.

  13. @ Cavani, The ZZ I know has never ever supported Biya. Like sister Namondo said earlier if you are against the Biya regime you are accused of being an Amba supporter and if you are against the Ambazonia foolishness, you are accused of being a Biya supporter. People like ZZ and myself are neither supporters of the brutal and evil Biya regime nor are we supporters of the brutal and evil Ambazonia thugs. We want Cameroonians to unite and march on the streets of Yaounde and take out Biya like the Burkinabes and the Algerians did to take out their dictators. Kidnapping, preventing kids from going to school and beheading people will never free anybody.

    • bobjazz,

      hope all minds were free from mental slavery, then we would have all known where to find ALL our enemies.

      We need no bullets but unity to fight ALL enemies of CMR, irrespective of their tribes.

      You mess my country up, be sure to have me on your way, even if you’re my FATHER.


      • @Zam
        Dat wig Palava we go must fixam, if no be say Na wuna man dem don confuse dis generation say fine girl must wear hair from die-man from India or China.
        I am perplexed at the thermostat of our people, it appears even at 150*F they will be waiting for the messiah to come and rescue them from misery.
        You are in the minority unfortunately and maybe by natural circumstances Cameroon would benefit from a change in leadership.
        How can a people for 100yrs spend 43yrs under France as a gift from War, 21yrs under with Adhijo with terror and now 37yrs under Biya with no vision just tribal politics..
        What makes a people rise like Algerians or Venezuelans against dictators?
        It appears our national DNA is missing the genes of courage and freedom.
        Inertia can’t bring change!

  14. Confucius is an IDIOT

  15. La mentalité atypique d’un francophone = ce que pensent les autres.
    La mentalité atypique d’un ambazonien = ce que je peux faire.

    Les francophones, c’est l’habit fait le moine
    Les anglophones, Ambazonie, c’est, l’action fait le moine.

    Les pays francophones sont tous les derniers de la planète.
    Des dictatures, des systèmes centrales caduques, des elites
    corrompus qui bricolent tout le temps.

  16. My people ,you can see the anarchically kind of government some people support that we should be one and indivisible. This absurd. That is what happened to our late NDINGA MAN. People with their low intelligent quotient will always support the regime,even though they are not benefiting anything from. I wonder why they arrest their critics because this wouldn’t move them to any change. They have given their souls to the devil and so they commit atrocities with impunity. God is watching.

  17. Confucius indeed sounds like confusion and Cameroon is a country run by very confused individuals who have somehow succeeded in raising a confused band of followers.

    In Cameroon those charged with upholding the law are those who are first to break the law and quick to take bribes at check points. Those charged with upholding the values of democracy are the first to lock up those who have a different opinion.

    A government is there to serve the people and the people are there to criticise the government so that the government does the right thing for the good of the nation, for the benefit of all. Because the government provides you with a service, it is not an act of bribery to shut you from having an opinion against its authority, because it is your right to be served by the government.

  18. When l read some of the comments written in this forum, l just ask myself what a Cameroon we what. It´s really pathetic to read how some of us are criticizing Longue Longue because he is criticizing Biya or spoke negatively about Eto´o because they help him. l can vey well remember longue saying that it was the state of Cameroon that helped him and not Paul Biya as a private person. The money that was given to him came from the state koffers which means it was provided by tax payers. Even at that, he has every right to criticize him for the state did not help him so that he should sees evil and keep his mouth sealed. As for his critics to Eto´o, it´s also his right to say anything when he feels what something is not correct. Longue Longue called himself a Liberator and he is living it.

  19. Zam-Zam
    If you were truly honest you would agree that all the action or at least most of it democracy wise, including the budget comes from a certain side of the Mungo river, regardless of all attempts to teach children a different history.
    I think Francophones should be allowed to live by themselves so that they can experience the fruits of their action. Same for Anglophones.
    In 20 years time we can reconsider another referendum.

  20. Zam-Zam, Namondo and bobjazz, may the ancestors continue to give you strength and wisdom.

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