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l’UE salue l’initiative du gouvernement de dialoguer avec les séparatistes anglophones

YAOUNDE, 12 juin Xinhua | L’Union européenne (UE) a salué mercredi la récente initiative du gouvernement camerounais d’ouvrir un dialogue inclusif dans les régions anglophones du Sud-Ouest et du Nord-Ouest, plongées dans une crise séparatiste.

L’UE a fait cette remarque à l’issue de la première session de l’année du dialogue politique structuré Cameroun-UE, tenue ce mercredi dans la capitale camerounaise Yaoundé.

Début mai, le Premier ministre camerounais Joseph Dion Ngute a annoncé un dialogue inclusif avec les sécessionnistes anglophones sur toutes les revendications politiques sauf “l’indivisibilité de l’Etat”. Cette annonce a encouragé une centaine d’ex-combattants à déposer les armes en se rendant aux autorités, qui les aideront dans leur réinsertion sociale.

En avril, le Parlement européen avait rendu public une résolution exprimant son inquiétude face à “l’incapacité du gouvernement camerounais à responsabiliser ses forces de sécurité” dans la partie anglophone du pays. Réagissant à cette prise de position, le gouvernement camerounais avait affirmé qu’il refusait toute ingérence extérieure dans la résolution de la crise.

Représentant 20% de la population camerounaise qui est majoritairement francophone, la minorité anglophone s’estime marginalisée et une mouvance sécessionniste armée y est née en octobre 2017.

Cette crise a fait plus de 430.000 déplacés internes, selon les Nations Unies. Au moins 170 soldats ont été tués dans les affrontements avec les séparatistes, d’après l’armée camerounaise. Il n’y a pas de statistiques officielles sur le nombre des séparatistes abattus.

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  1. Now, not one of them, sees this as foreign meddling. I guess EU, stands for
    East Cameroon United, one of those several ghost political parties of the
    owner of the vineyard.

  2. Ball-a and Munzu should be the main representatives of Anglos.

    Sako is a pastoh, Sisiku owes Sonel, Cho and Akwanga are kidnappers, Tapang is a clown, Tataw is a psycho….there is no Amba I can pick to be a representative…

    • and is balla and munzu a “true” representative sample of s-cmr? what happened to balla the last time he represented s-cmr? this socio-political crisis goes far beyond balla and munzu- and inclusive dialogue means all the different political ideologies are taken into consideration. besides, anglos themselves should propose their representatives.

      but the good thing here is that, your opinions/suggestions/wishes are baseless and do not really matter.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      We have many leaders in the NW/SW of Cameroon who have the mandate to talk on behalf of their people.

      Leaders include parliamentarians, councilors, traditional rulers, tribal development organizations, and the business elite.

      If Agbor Balla and Munzu have the mandate to represent any particular group of people then they deserve to be on the table.

  3. le gouvernement camerounais vas discute avec les camerounais seulement qui veut dire si tu est amba nous ne pouvon pas discute avec toi pasque ses un problem entre camerounais period

    • t’as tout à fait raison. lrc ne dialogue pas avec amba, ils doivent plus tot négocier. amba ont prouvé leur résistance, maintenant attendons de voir si lrc peut supporter la guerre sur fronts multiples, surtout avec le nouveau boko haram enhardien.

  4. @Zam-Zam The seperatist are the ones carrying guns and u want to dialogue with Munzu and Agbor Balla? ha ha ha..your time to dialogue with Munzu and Agbor Balla who recognised Cameroonian nationality has passed.u had the opportunity to dialogue with them but u did not take it.Instead u arrested Agbor Balla and throw in prison and labelled him terrorist.Do u think we are in the Foncha generation? Now u are going to negotiate but with people who do not recognise the Cameroonian nationality.It is the hard way and the only way to come out of the impass.

    • Must you go through this stress? Zam Zam said LRC will crush us in two weeks.

      He’s irrelevant.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      No one will dialogue with terrorists. The terrorists with guns are being hunted and killed. This process will continue until the terrorists are eradicated.

      The proud and peace loving Cameroonians of the NW/SW will never sit on the same table with terrorists who have been killing our people for 3 years and have stolen 3 years of education from the children of the NW/SW.

      The proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW aka “black legs” have risen to annihilate the ambafools and will not relent. You ambafools must pay for the crimes you have committed.

      Drop your weapons and seek amnesty or wait for us to identify and kill you!

  5. @the man U had the opportunity to discuss with Cameroonians,Agbor Balla but your gov’t,becos of selfishness and greed,refused to dialogue with them.Sorry it’s too late.The gov’t will now negotiate with Ambasonians.

  6. What dialogue is the EU referring to if I may ask?

  7. What dialogue is the EU referring to if I may ask?

    Dictator Biya does not want to dialogue. He is daydreaming of a military solution to the Anglophone Question.
    He was simply playing to the gallery when he sent his “Nchinda”, Celine Dione Ngute, to SC. Biya wanted to deceive the international community that he was interested in dialogue.
    Since the visit of Celine to SC., Dictator Biya has instead intensified his sh*thole UNWINNABLE war.
    Dictator Biya can NEVER win his asymmetrical warfare in SC. He also does not have the money and other resources to fight an OPEN-ENDED war.

    Believe me or not, the international community will sooner than later intervened in order to impose a negotiated settlement.

  8. Over the course of Biya’s regime every time he visited France he was received & sent off by Mayor of Paris or rarely the Minister of Foreign Affairs. It is usually a non event, the press covers it in passing and the rightwing media often called him a bloody despot.
    On the other hand when Jacques Chirac & Holland visited Cameroon, it was a two month conversation and preparation, leprosy patients, vagrants and homeless individuals were taken off the streets for unsightliness, Yaoundé gets a makeover (potholes covered & buildings painted) & Avenue Charles De Gaulle ornamented. Cameroon Celebrities like Eto’o & Milla would attend the dinner in the French Emperor’s honor.
    No country with such a shameful display of subservience succeeds. Despots represent their masters not their people. Africa!!

    • Camer beleiver (Colby)

      As we have managed to get back the minds of lost “Anglophones” both home and abroad this is now a good time to come and listen to some deradicalized and see what we can do to move forward some clowns were thinking the government of Cameroon was joking about hunting terrorists and anyone helping and abetting them.

      • The arrogance of apologists of the demonic junta is what will divide the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.
        LRC can NEVER EVER defeat Amba boys or Boko Haram. However, they still think that Dictator Biya and his BIR terrorists will soon stabilize the situation. They are simply a bunch of DAYDREAMERS who continue to resist the truth and deny reality.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          The stupidity of the ambafool supporters is beyond human comprehension.

          Anyone who believes the ambafool terrorists have not yet been defeated is delusional. The ambafools are being killed like flies everyday. Amba terrorists generals are putting down their governments like Kawa Yannick

          The ambafool internet terrorists in the diapora are here claiming victory while the amba fighters are being eradicated like flies and being buried in masgraves in the forest.

          The ambafool terrorists are too dumb and stupid to realise that their internet terrorists celebrate when they are killed. According to the ambafool internet terrorists they make gains each time an ambafool terrorist is killed. The success of the amba internet terrorists is directly related to the number of amba terrorists killed!

      • Bro, I love Cameroon but not the regime and make no mistake I am neither Francophone nor Anglophone even though my dad is from Douala, I just do not submit to those labels but I understand that those designations exist and have a social impulse in the way people operate and how the government functions. I am resident in Douala where I work. I was fortunate to have benefited from bilingual education earlier on and lived in both regions of the country.
        I recognize your love for the country and I wish most Cameroonians felt the same way especially the band of gerontocratic cronies. Real patriotism involves dialogue, understanding, empathy and compassion. Blind patriotism is just as problematic as belligerency. Both Amba loyalists and the state have set a bad precedence. Nothing to rejoice.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Real patriotism does not involve empathy and compassion for terrorists who have stolen three years of education from children.

          real patriotism does not involve dialogue with people who have been decalred insane and delusional by the UNHRC and US respectively.

          Real patriotism does not involve dialogue with groups that have made it their mission to kill anyone who does not agree their views.

          Real patriotism doe not involve understanding things that do not make logical sense? I do not understand how depriving children from education will lead to independence. I will never understand such stupidity and insanity!

          Blind patriotism is stupidity and involves dialogue, understanding , empathy and compassion for all people who are actively trying to destroy you and your country.

  9. Very unfortunate, that up to now, Ni John Fru Ndi, doesn`t realize, that Biya, is making
    a full out of him. He must be thinking, that he is a big force to reckon with. But this is
    not true. Biya, uses him on every opportunity that comes his way, to succeed and have
    his way going. Very unfortunate, for someone who would have sided with his own people,
    to leave a successful legacy behind. Once again, just a mere officer, wouldn`t allow him
    go to Sonara. He, will not still learn a lesson and think twice. How, will his federation bid,
    work like his own people of SC, will be happy and call him a good name? While licking
    his wound of shame, i guess he will have to reconsider his position.

    • Camer beleiver (Colby)

      @Joshua One more time you display your stupidity Mr Fru ndi is an will remain a great man its not because he distanced himself to the terrorists that he is weak on several occasions he had the opportunity to burn the country but he rejected no one in your lineage will get Fru ndi’s legacy his visit to the Sanara after the fire is the one of a man who still believe in Cameroon so an idiot of your kind have nothing to say against Fru ndi’s legacy cause its beyond your understanding.

  10. If @ colby, knew the meaning of and the importance of the word LEGACY, he would
    not answer me. Fru Ndi, is thinking about his stomach and has forgotten, that he is
    robbing his 1992 legacy in mud, like a gold ring on the nose of a kunyam. We should
    be prepared, for more surprises..

  11. The one and only dialogue = Terms of separation

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