Macron Discusses Unrest In Cameroon’s West With Biya

Paris, March 2 UrduPoint | French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the violence in the English-speaking west of Cameroon with the country’s President Paul Biya, his office said Sunday, days after they clashed over the issue.

The two leaders discussed the security situation in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon in a telephone conversation, said a statement from the Elysee Palace.

Separatist rebels have been fighting for independence for the two English-speaking provinces since 2017.

“They agreed on the need for an impartial inquiry in response to the violence committed against the civilian population in the village of Ngarbuh, in the Northwest province,” the statement added.

The talks came a week after Biya responded sharply to remarks that Macron had made to a Cameroonian opposition leader.

On February 22, Macron said he would apply “maximum pressure” on Biya to bring about an end to the “intolerable” violence. At the time, Biya rejected Macron’s remarks.

Since then however, Human Rights Watch has accused government soldiers of having taken part in the killings at Ngarbuh, alongside fighters from the ethnic Fulani group. They say more than 20 civilians died there.

Cameroon has denied involvement, but the United Nations has called for an independent and impartial inquiry into the massacre, whose victims included 15 children, nine of them less than five years old.

More than 3,000 people have died and at least 700,000 have fled their homes. Rights monitors say abuses have been committed by both sides since the separatist conflict began.

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  1. Before taking arms against younde, did we think what thier reaction will be? If so what was our plan b c and d? Intelligence is the capacity to think clear see ahead of time weighing all uptions before taking action.

    • Hi Bah, I am with you on this one, I believe war is never a solution. However; if we look at the course of events coming from the strike actions of teachers, lawyers and others in the English communities and how the govt responded with their “send the military beat them up” policy towards any and every sign of discontent expressed by citizens in their own country, people retaliating is as old as organized communities have been on earth.

      Govts around the world have come to terms that the people are to be listened to, even monarchies accept for people to express their frustrations and do make amends for change and stability.

      I believe the regime is more concerned about the status quo than about the state of affairs in the country. Nothing is working well, everyone knows this.

      • What exactly is the govt supposed to listen to, the partition of its territory? Name a few countries on earth that willingly gave up part of its territory because of the people’s pressure. People have the right to protest ( like BLM in the USA, Gillet Jaune in France…), but don’t blame the govt for playing its role of keeping the integrity of territory untouched

        • The Government is supposed to listen to the facts that:

          1. SC and LRC are two different states EQUAL IN STATUS
          2. LRC therefore has no LEGAL AUTHORITY to grant SC a so-called Special Slave Status (SSS)
          3. SC has NEVER EVER been a territory and will NEVER be a TERRITORY of LRC
          4. LRC has no documents to prove that SC is part of her territory
          5. Controlling the Military doees not give LRC the LEGAL AUTHORITY to Annex SC
          6. SC and LRC are two separate countries with well defined boundaries and different days of Independence
          7. The solution to the Impasse therefore is:


          a federation of two states EQUAL IN STATUS


          separation of the INFORMAL VIVR-ENSEMBLE

          Simply put, Military adventurism, or commission on bilingualism etc will NEVER EVER resolve the Impasse.

        • @James
          Dictatorships thrive on the type of blind myopic support you offer for their duration.
          This is reminiscent of a bus driver of a loaded 70-seater toying with cigarette, beer, cell phone and the steering. The genuine concerns expressed by a passenger were brushed aside not by the driver but a fellow passenger like you blindly endorsing a reckless act. The outcome was an accident a few miles ahead, with loss of lives – driver, his supporters, innocent bystanders!

        • @James et al.

          That’s exactly how despots expect the citizenry to interpret a crisis; better live in continued marginalization & oppression as long as bullets are not flying. Guess who opposes peaceful protests? The same despots who invite the army to rain bullets on unarmed citizens who may be forced to respond in similar fashion despite not proportionate.
          The argument quickly shifts, “though we had limited rights & opportunities, at least we didn’t have a war”. That buttresses a despot’s desire for lifetime presidencies.

          I met a CPDM fanatic when I visited S. Africa, who spoke so vehemently against xenophobic attacks on other Africans. I asked if he felt the need to return home & challenge his REGIME and get his place like S. Africans.
          It was once United R.C., then a decree & rigging.

  2. In a country where the president has elevated himself into a demi god self defence is unavoidable.A mere march against the regime results in the shooting to death of civilians.Cameroonians especially those of English expression had no choice than to fight back.Cameroon is ruled by an inhuman dictator whose shameless and brutal actionss against his own people are well known.After rulling a country for.38 years Mr Biya still believes he is the only one in Cameroon who has to live and others must die or go to prison.This is not the kind of government we want in.Cameroon.Besides his government has failed to provide to millions of Cameroonians the right to a properous living.Corruption is so common and the poor are left with nothing..Mr Biya created the Anglophone.problem .

  3. **** MASSACRE No.2 ****

    “Alors que les conclusions de l’enquête instruite par le Président Paul Biya au sujet du massacre de Ngarbuh le 14 février 2020 restent attendues, l’on apprend qu’une nouvelle tuerie s’est produite dans une autre localité au Nord-Ouest, l’une des régions anglophones, théâtre depuis plus de trois ans, d’une guerre d’indépendance entre milices séparatistes et forces gouvernementales.
    Cameroon-Info.Net a appris que ce nouvel incident s’est produit dans la matinée du samedi 29 février 2020 dans la localité de Small Babanki, située dans le département de la Mezam. Il s’agirait d’un raid qui aurait coûté la vie à une quinzaine de personnes, dont des femmes et des enfants.
    Sur des images insoutenables diffusées sur la toile, on voit des corps de victimes éparpillés à..”

    • “Il s’agirait d’un raid qui aurait coûté la vie à une quinzaine de personnes, dont des femmes et des enfants.
      Sur des images insoutenables diffusées sur la toile, on voit des corps de victimes éparpillés à même le sol.
      Certains pointent un doigt accusateur sur les militaires. Des accusations difficiles à soutenir pour l’instant.
      Contacté par notre rédaction, le capitaine de frégates Cyrille Atonfack, porte-parole de l’armée, a indiqué à notre rédaction qu’une communication officielle allait être faite à ce sujet ce lundi 2 mars 2020, soulignant que tous les éléments sont en train d’être réunis pour faire toute la lumière sur cette affair”

      * MY TAKE *

      The file of Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate at the ICC has been updated.


  4. France needs lrc and not biya and his thugs. Even without the current crisis in the NW and SW, lrc is a living hell. Start with you arrival at the Douala airport. The country’s development is 30 years back despite its vast natural and human resources. Lack of planning, accountability, transparency, and the rule of law are the hallmarks of this regime. A government built on a brutal security system, nepotism, incompetence and a sense of entitlement. Free grade school free high free enam, free job, free housing, free car, free cook,free driver, children allowances, travel allowance, bribe to do your job. Why should anyone work? When you cant hire and dismiss incompetent workers you get mediocrity;.

  5. Anglophones stay obedient to their Master Biya for too long. Southern Cameroons were in Nigeria and knew their neighbor Nigeria well and made a fatal mistake to join LRC. If the union is not working and has been for over 50 years why would any reasonable person think that it would work now that Anglophones have asked for absolute separation and have many compelling and justifiable reasons for doing so . Please note that SC did not take up arms against LRC. Biya in consultation with his military declared war on SC. Who expected SC just to fold their arms and be slaughtered in a few days just because they asked for a new arrangement? standing. SC would Fight to the last man, woman or child!

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