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Man With Autism, Caregiver from Cameroon Slain in NE DC Home [+video]

NBC4 Washington | A gunman killed a 24-year-old man who had autism and his home health aide in a Northeast D.C. home Wednesday night.

Devan Miler and his caregiver, 27-year-old Lekelefac Fonge, of Lanham, Maryland, returned to Miler’s grandmother’s home on Rosedale Street NE before 10 p.m. after a day out together, police said. Shortly after they arrived, a gunman entered the home and opened fire.

“It’s like a nightmare,” said Miler’s aunt Christine Warren. “The last person that I thought that would be getting killed is my nephew, Devan.”

Witnesses told police they saw a man running from the home.

Police identified 27-year-old Davon Payton of Alexandria, Virginia, as a suspect. He is wanted on a warrant for first-degree murder and should be considered armed and dangerous.

“My nephew Devan did not deserve this,” Warren said. “My nephew is sweet. Everybody loves my nephew.”

Miler’s father also was a victim of gun violence. He was killed three years ago.

Fonge was known as the joy of his close-knit family that extends from Cameroon, where his mother still lives, to his uncle’s home in Prince George’s County.

“He was awesome,” Warren said. “He loved Devan like he was his own.”

Fonge would regularly send money, food and other things to those in need in Cameroon.

His uncle Gilbert Fonge, who said he raised Fonge like his own son after his father died, said the young man found great satisfaction in his work as a home health aide to Miler.

Warren said their deaths are an unwelcome reminder of how much work there is to be done in the city.

“What I can say to these city council members is they need to keep on pushing to make sure that they pass laws and stuff to make sure they protect the people in our neighborhood and make sure people in our neighborhood are safe at all times,” she said.

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  1. May their souls Rest in perfect peace! I have done care giving for eight years and I can bear witness that it is not a job for faint hearted. It takes special empathy and inborn love for humanity to care for an adult who cannot do it for themselves. I pray for the families for the two departed souls.


    The BULUS of Sangmelima have proven to the world that the CPDM slogan of VIVRE-ENSEMBLE is a JOKE IN BAD TASTE.
    The indigenous population have attacked and demanded the departure of some persons from other tribes on accusations of wrongdoing.
    As a reminder, the same BULUS stole Bakweri land in Victoria and are even proud to BOAST on social media that they have holiday houses in Victoria. These greedy BULUS had even the effrontery to change the name of my Victoria to the BULU name LIMBE.
    Of course, the stolen Bakweri land will be recovered from those thieves WITHOUT compensation.
    It is simply a question of WHEN and not IF.


    ADMIN: Message OFF-TOPIC. We kindly remind you to post comments related to the article they appear under. Anything else will be considered spam. Thank you!

    • Why are you wasting time on triffles like these? Maybe you are not very sure of what you are fighting for. Every human being must be treated fairly, and justly according to our Ambazonian Laws and International conventions. Not an inch or a grain of Ambazonian land will be taken for granted by anybody. Every resident in Ambazonia must qualify according to our laws to own landed property. Maybe you have never brought yourself to understand that a piece of property occupied or acquired by a non indigenous person under the annexxasionist LRC laws ,all such contracts will be automatically rendered null and void the day our restored government effectively and officially takes over. The logic falls in place automatically. As an occupied people we were not free to decide what is good for us.

    • The truth is sometimes bitter. However, someone must tell it. I did just that and your reaction is not a surprise to me.
      Permit me to draw your attention to the fact that the people who insult others on this forum ALWAYS do that OFF-TOPIC.

      • VICTORY,

        You are so stupid not to even offer apology on your gross mistake. How dare you take a death of two others to talk politics on it??? Very shameful indeed!! Admin, well done.

    • This webmaster is an absolute disgrace. Did this xenophobia happened in Sangmalima or not? What is taking you too long to report it or are you just deliberately avoiding it? Why do you all BULU-BETI people demonstrate the same pattern of dictatorial behaviour just like Paul Biya? Ignoring, postponing, substituting, avoiding or arrogance is saving the trouble for a dangerous moment, a behaviour foreign in Ambazonia. This is exactly why you all cannot hold your leadership to account and always celebrating strong big men.

    • Too rude and adsurd to do.

    • @ Victory
      On va envoyer mon frere Billy te giffler comme il a gifflé le vieux tontinard de Lyon.
      Continue à nous provoquer.

      • All stolen Bakweri land will be retrieved WITHOUT compensation.
        The BULUS will never allow a Bakweri man to buy let alone steal land in Sangmelima

  3. What can you do apart from avoiding to live ,work or play in those areas .,maybe whole street by street can make agreements to be gun and weapon knife free (and any prospective residents sign to comply for themselves and any guests as well unless they work for the state ) .random metal checks by the police actually encouraged until they get rid of the injury and murder rate.
    This right to arm yourself is getting rediculous it should be jail / community service time if you have a gun or weapon knife with or without a license and transporting in public ,out of its abode ,without a previous special police permission .

  4. Africans, and Cameroonians in particular dominate the caregiving provider industry in the DC area. It’s time for them to come together and or unionize to push for common sense legislation in DC and in Maryland that would forbid persons to whom care is given from consuming or dealing in illegal drugs or activities. One important aspect of this is to push for laws that would allow random drug tests and random searches of premises. If someone is receiving care paid for by the State then this only makes sense. Drug dealing is a top source of ganglike or gun related violence. If the patient engages in this kind of behavior he puts the caregiver at risk too.

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