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Marchés financiers : Le Cameroun dans le top 20 africain.

Le pays pointe à la 17ème place d’un classement 2018 de l’Official Monetary and Financial Institution Forum (OMFIF).

Selon l’indice Absa Africa Financial Markets Index 2018 de l’OMFIF, le Cameroun est une valeur sûre de la place financière africaine. Le pays vient à la 17ème position du Marchés financiers de ce classement.

Cependant, « la classification ressort que la capitalisation boursière du Cameroun représente seulement 1% de son PIB, contre, en comparaison : 10% au Nigeria, 26% en Côte d’Ivoire ou 64% au Sénégal », renseigne le « Bref aperçu », de la Commission des marchés financiers (CMF).

« Cette différence signifie que malgré l’importance du marché financier dans la création des richesses nationales, les acteurs économiques [Camerounais] n’en tirent pas profit pour le développement économique et la création de la valeur par l’investissement. C’est cela ce que signifie le 1% du PIB », explique un responsable de la CMF, organisme gouvernemental camerounais.

Le Think Tank OMFIF, en partenariat avec Absa Group Limited, est une entreprise spécialisée dans les services financiers, cotée à la bourse de Johannesburg (Afrique du Sud). Présente dans 12 pays africains elle emploie environ 42 000 personnes.

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  1. Et le “Douala Stock Exchange”?????????

  2. Fake news will kill larepublique one day.
    Since Cameroun is doing so well why are we not celebrating Mbiya? Why are people in the desert and drowning in the Mediterranean?
    A lie cannot last a life time.
    We are free

    • This is beyond your understanding before opening your mouth make sure you know what this is all about.

  3. The treasury of the currency used to evaluate any stock is ……..held ,used ,borrowed ,on loan and pumps up ,artifically, The French treasury and other member states financialy , resourse and stability, of the euro,not the CAF ,creating a permenent position of non value to the CAF treasury and no value within the CAF valued stocks .
    Any investor domestic or forigen , with common sense would get this,a rediculous situation for domestic banks,pension funds and insurance companies that should be investing safely in each countries domestic market , where the polices and savings are based,a totally unjustified situation for citizens after all they live in said country!! ,but please correct me to a more posative outlook if im wrong

  4. You are not wrong even though the lies are at several levels.
    When Senegal is reported as having 3/4 of its GDP as capitalisation of its financial markets the suggestion is then that Senegal is a largely formalised economy.
    It would then be in the range of advanced economies.
    The truth is however elsewhere as we kmow that just like the backward larepublique 90% of the Senegalese economy is informal and without access to the stock market.
    So this stock market finances which economy?
    Another silly stat is the fact that 70% of the capitalisation is in the banking sector to support the robbery of Senegal through international trade leveraged by France.
    Hahahahahaha I frankly don’t know what the froggies learn in school.

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