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Me Akéré Muna condamné à 3 ans de prison dans l’affaire de l’héritage familial

Actu Cameroun | Akere Muna, candidat à la présidentielle du 7 octobre 2018, a été reconnu coupable de dissimulation de procédures de faux et usage de faux en écriture privée de commerce.

Le prévenu a été condamné à 3 ans d’emprisonnement avec sursis pendant 5 ans. Le tribunal l’a également condamné à payer 1 000 000 FCFA d’amendes. 511 000 FCFA de dépens et 10 000 000 FCFA de dommages-intérêts.

Akere Muna, baptisé « Monsieur Propre » candidat du FPD à la dernière élection était poursuivi par sa sœur (Ama Tutu Muna,-ex-ministre des Arts et de la culture de 2007 à 2015) dans le cadre de la succession Salomon Tandeng Muna, ancien Premier ministre du Cameroun anglophone (du 11 janvier 1968 au 20 mai 1972) président de l’Assemblée nationale du Cameroun (1973-1988).

L’ancien bâtonnier était accusé par sa sœur de faux et usage de faux.

En réaction, Akere Muna avait accusé sa sœur d’être instrumentalisée par le pouvoir dans le but de salir son image bâtie pendant une vingtaine d’années autour de la lutte contre la corruption.

Pour rappel, Akere Muna a été crédité de 0,35% des voix lors de la dernière élection présidentielle du 7 octobre.

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    Humiliation No.1

    Muna = 0,35% = 9th = last

    Humiliation No.2

    “…condamné à 3 ans d’emprisonnement avec sursis pendant 5 ans.”


    1. Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate have destroyed Akere politically beyond repair.
    2. His dream of becoming President of LRC is F-I-N-I-T-O
    3. He can also not become President of SC since he betrayed his own people
    4. He is finished.

    • Not so fast…… A certain Peter Essoka, President of the National Communications Council was tried under similar dubious circumstances by a court in the very Yaounde, given a similar suspended sentence and fines, etc. He still sits on and presides over the NCC unscathed.


      However, in LRC everything is possible. That is why apologists of the Etoudi junta always like to shout that “le Cameroun c’est le Cameroun”

      Akere still has a window of opportunity to become President of LRC. This is so because ex-convicts, such as Atanga Nji and Tchiroma, are occupying the positions of the interior minister and the Minister of communication respectively. Certificates of non-conviction are therefore irrelevant in LRC

    • separatis , do you really think that people do not know what is behind this conviction? Justice = Biya which means that there is no justice. This gentleman was no longer a candidate for the elections, so how on earth could 0,35% have voted for him?

  2. Are we seeing the end of the Muna dinasty?can we now confirm that biya is a blood sucker,when he grabs you he will then suck you until you are termed useless,he will then dump you.

  3. Is he condemned by atangana clement of atangana Nji? Ambalanders warned him

  4. This Muna family has always been selfish, hope his Francophones friends and especially Kamto will visit him while in prison. As 4 F Ndi & Osih it not too late to come back home because SDF was created by founding members to champion southern Kamerun course but out of fame and quest for power the Bambelike manipulated Fru Ndi to turn it into party of LRC thus loosing it purpose, today all the AngloBami and Bambelike who pretend to be SDF members have all voted Kamto, SDF it not too late to repent and go back to the Foundation or Akeres fate awaits Fru Ndi & Osih, for record purpose Fru Ndi is not amongst the founding members of SDF, he was chosen as the president to launch party due to his popularity as president of PWD Bamenda and also because the founding members were all civil servants

  5. Compensating Ama Tutu who campaigned in Canada, UK and USA for the oligarch by destroying her brother’s career is a usual standing of the Muna lineage. This is a terrible political travesty. How the nation destroys their best just to teach a political lesson is exemplary of a president at 85, winning his 7th term in office while amassing insurmountable foreign debt and reducing life expectancy to 48. Yet he wins by absolute majority using convicts and criminals like Atanga Nji who should rightfully be behind bars.

  6. This shameless drama has been going on for quite a while now… enough time for Akere to initiate appeasement with his bratty little sister, Ama sweet Tutu. Now, the planet will know that Akere was thrown in jail because he oppressed his little sister. What a reputation for an individual that is supposed to be at the helm of a trans-planetary human rights’ agency!

    I believe Akere knew what was coming his way but he chose to be stubborn against a determined Tutu who has proven her egocentric brother’s culpability in court. Some things are easily settled at home, but when the ego takes over, the devil gets invited to dinner… and anything can happen! Akere is lucky, for the sentence could have been heavier. In my tradition, when you cheat your little sister, you get treated with ostracism.

  7. More drama to unfold. The lion man will be at his best now. I am told,
    that charity, starts at home. So be it , when Pa Muna, perhaps to put
    things right or just to revenge, built a prison in his home town. Now,
    nemesis, follows him. Some `contri fashion`, is necessary.
    If this Tutu Muna, were married, that man would have been in damn hell.
    Did she bring back the artifacts she carted overnight from Bam`da to Y`de?
    Jus being curious.

  8. How can a diaper wearing leader lead his CameroUnese brethren. I learned his leaking pipes are killing him