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Miedema shines in Netherlands’ 3-1 victory over Cameroon at Women’s World Cup

Xinhua | Vivianne Miedema became the Netherlands’ all-time leading goalscorer in a 3-1 victory over Cameroon, earning the reigning European champions a spot in round of 16 with two wins in as many Group E matches at FIFA Women’s World Cup here on Saturday.

Miedema, who turns 23 this July, has improved her tally in the national team to 60 after scoring in each half of the match.

Cameroon once leveled the score just two minutes after Miedema’s deadlock-breaker, but Dominique Bloodworth put the Oranjeleeuwinnen in front again shortly into the second half.

Despite advantage in ball possession, the Netherlands failed to convert that into a lead until the last five minutes of the first half.

Miedema raced in to head Shanice Van De Sanden’s cross from the right wing in the 41st minute.

However, it merely took two minutes for Cameroon to bounce back into the duel, as Gabrielle Aboudi Onguene headed the ball past Dutch goalkeeper Sari Van Veenendaal before left-footing it into an empty net. It snapped Cameroon’s scoring drought in 251 minutes at the quadrennial tournament.

Cameroon stayed in an inferior position again three minutes into the second half due to its defender’s poor clearance, gifting the Dutch defender Bloodworth comfortable space to fire a close-range shot inside.

Cameroon almost found an equalizer with nine minutes from time. Onguene sped through on the right flank before sending a cutback, but substitute Henriette Akaba saw her goalbound shot blocked by Sherida Spitse with legs.

Miedema confirmed her team’s victory four minutes later, as she raced forward unchallenged before firing a shot into the net.

Bagging full points from two matches, the Netherlands secured their path to the knockout stage again following their debut at the World Cup four years ago.

Canada, who also triumphed the opening round in the group, will take on New Zealand later on Saturday.

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  1. You forgot to mention with the help of the referee.

  2. Alain Djeumfa Defrasne is always satisfied with whatever happens. That’s a problem because , you cannot keep doing the same things and be expecting a different outcome or results. Djeumfa earned his UEFA coaching license in Hennef, Germany, and began his managerial career at PWD Bamenda. He helped the team to finish second in the 2003 Cameroonian Premier League and qualify for the 2004 CAF Confederation Cup. At Aigle Royal Menoua, he helped the team finish second in 2005 and qualify for the 2006 CAF Champions League. He has also been the coach at Fovu Club, Botafogo FC, Canon Yaoundé and New Star de Douala. Now Bring back Carl Enow Ngachu who was named coach of the women’s team of Cameroon at the beginning of 2003. On October 3, 2004, he won the silver medal at the African Championship

    • Where is Enow Ngachu?
      Why only 3 prep matches before a World Cup?
      Why such limited time to train a team for the world?
      Why always so satisfied with a loss?
      Raw talent alone is not good enough in collective sports.
      Investing in the girl child including in sports is necessary for a nation to grow.
      They keep saying the African teams are athletic and physical what does than mean?…. I guess playing with no style or strategy! Set plays a disaster why? Where is the coach? Canadian goal from set play, 2nd goal today from set play haba Oga Coach na Wetin sef!
      We have to offer more than just athleticism.
      Kudos to Aboudi and team for making the best with so little.
      How did the Japanese become so good? Invest invest invest!
      We must learn to copy what is good from others.

  3. Alain Djeumfa Defrasne est toujours satisfait de tout ce qui se passe. C’est un problème parce que vous ne pouvez pas continuer à faire la même chose et vous attendre à un résultat différent. Djeumfa a obtenu sa licence d’entraîneur de l’UEFA à Hennef, en Allemagne, et a commencé sa carrière de manager à PWD Bamenda. Il a aidé l’équipe à terminer deuxième de la Premier League camerounaise en 2003 et à se qualifier pour la Coupe des Confédérations 2004 de la CAF. À Aigle Royal Menoua, il a aidé l’équipe à se classer deuxième en 2005 et à se qualifier pour la Ligue des champions de la CAF 2006. Il a également été entraîneur des clubs Fovu, Botafogo FC, Canon Yaoundé et New Star de Douala. Maintenant, ramenez Carl Enow Ngachu, qui a été nommé entraîneur de l’équipe féminine du Cameroun

  4. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    I guess the are out of the world cup with this result. Africa is seriously lacking behind in everything including sport.

    The Super Falcons of Naija will play the host nation France on monday, I can’t imagine what the scoreline will be like.

    The African champion so far can boast of one win and one loss in the two games played.

    Pretty fair though, but, playing against France one will expect to see goal insurgency. ?????

    • My sister Brown sugar, until these old African leaders with colonial mentality are eradicated, Africa will always be a laughing stock. These old fools were brought up to think everybody is superior to us and that’s the mind set. Nigeria and Cameroon have gone several times to the world cup with players good enough to win the trophy but their rulers never believed in them. They always appoint these white coaches at the end who have the same mentality, ” Africans are not good enough so they have to play defensive football in order not to concede a lot. Despite the fact that they have the best in the world the likes of Yekiini Rashidi, Daniel Amokachi,El hadg Mudasiru Lawal, Roger Milla, Abega Theophile, Mbida Gregoire, Eto’o fils, Patrick Mboma etc, etc.

  5. Stupid biased referees! ??
    Is it because of the color of their skin? Are there any black female referees?

    • That referees deliberate lack of equitable judgment almost got one dutch player sent to the hospital with rising tension. She intentionally halted several of our advantage plays and turned a blind eye when Aboudi got swept to the ground. Ironically on the same day elsewhere a certain Lionel Messi got swept to the ground in similar fashion and his adversary saw yellow in addition to a free kick.

      • I was SO angry at the officiating. They swept us to the ground, pulled us by the jersey and even elbowed us, yet at the end we were counting over 20 faults as against less than 10 for them. In whatever case, FIFA can NEVER take away the love I have for my country! Aboudi, I love you!

  6. I guess that referee got what she wanted. Why does Cameroon always have to do with double opposition. From the opponent and referee as well. This is so unfair and FIFA won’t even blink am eye

  7. too weak..
    too heavy..
    No play style..
    Just as weak as the country…
    Let them go and sleep….
    Just a shame and disgrace to that country falling apart…

  8. When everything out of control….na pafuka bi dat – communal liberalism on display.

  9. I was so happy to see those beti bulu girls sodomized. Come back and let’s finish the fight.Amba shall be free.

  10. Cameroon is top ot the list is world most corrupt countries, it definately limit the chances of getting Cameroonian referrees to the FIFA level. Where we always see cases on media of suspended cameroonian referees, at the world level all these criterias counts.How many camerooninan referees have we seen during the Men or female world cup????, but other African countries do have.I m a federation referee base in Europe and one of the rare cases of African born referees in Europe, if i had my license in Cameroon, it will never have been possible.

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