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Mixed Reaction to Cameroon’s Renewed Threats to Separatists

YAOUNDE – There have been mixed reactions in Cameroon to President Paul Biya’s renewed threat to crush separatist fighters in the country’s two English-speaking regions. Many Cameroonians were expecting Biya to announce new peace measures in an end-of-year message.

President Biya said the security problems in the Northwest and Southwest regions remain the most urgent issue to be tackled in the new year.

He said he had taken several measures allowing armed groups and fighters to lay down their weapons, but said the fighters, who are mostly youths, have been brainwashed by Cameroonians in the diaspora.

Biya said his military will henceforth show no mercy for those who continue to refuse to surrender and be forgiven.

“We will have no other choice than to combat them in order to protect all our fellow citizens,” he said. “Our Defense and Security Forces will, once again, perform their duty with restraint, but without weakness. I wish to reassure them of my full support and high esteem.”

Biya accused Cameroonians in the diaspora of funding violence back at home by continuing to buy weapons and said they should, out of patriotism, refrain from destroying their country.

The comments drew immediate criticism from opposition leaders. John Fru Ndi, leader of Cameroon’s opposition Social Democratic Front party, says he was scandalized that Biya did not announce measures to stop the separatist crisis that is in its fourth year.

He says after the national dialogue Biya held in October, Cameroonians expected him to free separatist leader Ayuk Tabe Julius and his collaborators to allow peace to return.

“I expected that in a speech like this he would say Anglophone activists, I pardon you. Now with this olive branch that I have extended, can all those in the bushes {fighters} come out let us talk,” he said. “But Mr. Biya said if you want peace be prepared for war. I saw in him then that that was somebody who wanted to fight under all costs before his term comes to an end.”

Maurice Kamto, leader of the opposition Cameroon Renaissance Movement, said Biya is deceiving himself and the world that he is resolving the separatist crisis. He said the president should convene what he called a sincere dialogue.

“The broad inclusive national dialogue must deal with among other issues, including particularly the reform of the electoral system, the guarantee of fundamental human rights and public freedoms and the guarantee of the independence of justice,” he said.

Cameroon is scheduled to hold local and parliamentary elections next month. Fru Ndi said with the current tensions in the English speaking regions, it will be difficult to conduct any elections successfully.

Violence erupted in the two regions in 2017 when teachers and lawyers protested alleged discrimination at the hands of Cameroon’s French-speaking majority. The crisis has killed at least 3,000 people and displaced over 500,000, according to the United Nations.

Separatist leaders on social media described Biya’s message as a non-event and said they will continue to fight until they have their independence.

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  1. Jokers galore.
    We will never yield.
    Aluta Continua

  2. “Nyamoto Kpwatolo” Biya thinks that Southern Cameroonians are joking.

    Believe me or not, there will NEVER EVER, I repeat NEVER EVER be any disarmament when the Anglophone Question has not COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, IRREVERSIBLY and UNCONDITIONALLY be resolved.
    Amba boys did not drop weapons when they were fighting with dane guns. How could any person in his right senses expect Amba boys to drop their AK47s and BOMBS???
    “Nyamoto Kpwatolo” Biya is either insane or suffering from dementia. That is the reason he continues to ask our INVINCIBLE Amba boys to drop weapons. The truth of the matter is that Pa Che is upgrading the weapons of Amba boys at a break-neck speed. That is the reason LRC terrorists can no longer defeat our boys.

    • LRC has become extremely desperate to end a war they FOOLISHLY started without an EXIT STRATEGY.
      “Nyamoto Kpwatolo” Biya was expecting a BLITZKRIEG when he stupidly declared war on Southern Cameroonians. He thought the war would end after a week or two. Unfortunately for him, Amba boys said with one voice: BRING IT ON!!. “Nyamoto Kpwatolo” Biya was given an OPEN-ENDED WAR by our boys. LRC does not have the resources and logistics to fight an open-ended war. That is the reason that evil Dictator is always BEGGING for our boys to drop weapons.
      It is very easy to start a war. However, it is EXTREMELY difficult to stop a war.
      Little wonder, the US has decided to NEGOTIATE with the Taliban in order to stop the Afghanistan war.
      The SC war will surely end on the negotiating table.

    • The commission on bilingualism, commission on disarmament, the so-called Special Slave Status, numerous threats to lay down weapons have failed to stop the war.
      LRC is now putting all hopes on NAMBERE to help stop the UNSTOPPABLE and UNWINNABLE war.
      As a reminder, Nambere is a coward and thief who deserted from the Amba camp and escaped to Nigeria with the money of Southern Cameroonians meant for weapons. After spending almost two years in Nigeria, the money he stole had been squandered with prostitut*s, he decided to offer his services to LRC in exchange for marginal and ephemeral benefits. Citizens of LRC have been having a field day because of the arrival of Nambere in Yaounde. They claim that the war will soon end because of that deserter. This is the most foolish school of thought.

    • A problem can have many possible solutions, some simple, some not so simple. The challenge facing a problem-solver is to choose the right one. If asking the boys to lay down their arms is not working, why not try something else?

      How about simply withdrawing the military and saving lives? The lives, whether military or civilians, are tax payers to help refund the suffocating debts of the World Bank, IMF, China, France, etc.

  3. Let people listen to Honorable Wirba again and double their efforts. The process of total separate from LRC cannot be negotiable. Some of us who have been to conflict regions of Africa thought LRC who declared war would sue for peace but it is not happening even with the warnings from the US

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @ Deluional Terrorist brandinogirl,

      People are not interested in listening to Wirba! He was a tool used by the terrorist scammers in the Diaspora called ambazombie leaders! Wirba is obsolete!

      People prefer to listen to the King of Black Legs (MKPD), Kawa Yannick, Succes Nkongho and Nambere.

      People prefer to listen to Gerald Ngala promoting socio economic-development in Nkambe than to listen to Wirba supporting the abolishment of education in Banso.

      People are not interested in listening to fools like Wirba who believe that the abolishment of education for the poor is the first step to independence.

      People are interested in listening to the scores of ex-ambafighters and refugees who just arrived Yaoundé from Nigeria!

  4. I am the only one, who understands Biya`s mind fully well. And i have been saying it
    here ever since. Biya has this bravado in him and hasn`t seen any reason, why dogs,
    little dogs, will dare to rise and protest against his rule. This alone, hardens his resolve,
    to kill them all. He uses two weapons – lies telling {through sorogates that we know}
    and his dumb tribalist military.
    I am also very dumbfounded, why Fru Ndi, can feel scandalized after so many years as an
    enabler, about his expectations from Biya`s speech of last night.
    Why, would this Fru Ndi, want Biya to pardon Ayuk Julius for peace to reign, when he{Ndi}
    can not just beckon Atangha Nji, or ask the double eaged Cardinal, to help him call their
    lost son { Atangha} to repentance, so that killings can stop?

    • Poor Joshua. Hatred will send you to a mad house. You will soon blame General De Gaule and Queen Elizabeth for your frustrations in life.

      You have not seen anything. When criminals sit abroad and think they can fight a state, they have themselves to blame when innocent lives are lost for nothing.

      You and your cult have punished the English speaking people of Cameroon enough. Haven’t you brutalized, terrorized and maimed them enough?

      You will not find peace in this life if you don’t watch those fingers that encourage violence and hate in our land of birth.

      • `Rich Brothajoe`, when your much cherished and beloved France, stopped
        at nothing, and killed thousands of UPCs / Bamis, these peoples, were
        living right there in Cameroon. Do you and your la republique, call them
        criminals or heroes today?
        Go back, and read even the fake history notes about Cameroon.

        • Poor Joshua. Sorry to piss you off. When did France get into this? Well, it is not the French who are suffering at the hands of the dane gun carrying children you’ve brainwashed to liberate your facebook republic. Sad. Sad and Sad.

          Unfortunately for you and fortunately for the world, you are not the only student of history. But the decision to become a slave of it is entirely yours. I have told you, whether you blame De Gaulle or Queen Elizabeth, Cameroon will remain one and indivisible.

          When the current system is out, we will rebuild our country whether you colonized by the Brits or the French.

          May you learn to moderate your hatred in the coming year.

      • With this kind of speech does Mr Biya think anyone will lay down his gun?No No No.Mr Biya’s speech is full of hate and very provocative. If he were a good president he could have taken into consideration the fact that hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced because of the fighting and give peace a chance.With the death toll of civilians and soldiers skyrocketing and a catastrophic humanitarian crisis looming does he think that his forces will be able to wipe out the seperatist fighters?I don’t think so.Neither has Mr Biya as commander in chief of the army paid any visit to the regions at war.I see a very long war and there will be no winner..As Mr is determined so too are the separatists so with no peace in site those that will suffer are women ,children and old people .

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Joshua the dumb one and wonderful international idiot,

      I encourage you to patent the technology you use to understand Biya’s mind!

      Success Nkongho just declared that Yaoundé money is sweeter than My Trip to Buea Money. Nambere just sent a warning to Ayaba Cho and Tapang Ivo promising to “grab them by the kanas no matter the number of biabia in their kanas”(popular ambazombie saying).

      Join the ambaforums and listen to the wailings of the amba terrorists and their enablers.

      The Black Legs have risen and are collaborating with the government to eradicate these terrorist parasites from our communities.

      Drop your weapon and get amnesty like Nambere or wait for us to find and kill you!

      Hapy New Year to the Black Legs of the NW/SW!! We are winning fatly!! Mashfire!!!

  5. LRC a country afraid to celebrate it’s own pseudo independence from France! How Sad!
    As typical in any la Francophonie another mummy president in power since 1963 who will die in power. The majority suffer from fear and inertia and have resigned their faith to poverty and stagnation.
    In 24years Ruwanda after Genocide has built what 100yrs of France with France appointed presidents couldn’t build in CAR, CHAD, Cameroon etc.
    The war on Anglophones in Southern Cameroons sponsored by France and carried out by Equatorial Africans convinced they are superior because they speak French ….. very low IQ!
    20,000 killed
    275000 refugees in Nigeria
    925000 internally displaced
    350 villages burnt
    855,000 children no
    Who is fooling who?
    Freedom from France will come!

    • Lol afraid ?? Learn your history ashawo , LRC has never and will never celebrate 1st january as independence day, as we were never a colony …so to us it is a non event … Unlike you slaves that were bending over and serving tea to your british masters till we free you .

      • This piggy Pygmy, are you not dead yet? Thought I plated the bullet into your hunch back? Next time I’ll aim for your stunted vertebrae and ill make sure i don’t miss. Genocidare.

  6. Bonne année, 2020. Je souhaite à tous la direction et les bénédictions de Dieu, je vous aime tous!

  7. Happy New Year, 2020. I wish everyone God’s guidance and blessings, I love you all!

  8. From the time Cameroun had independence she has fought four ways.
    1- UPC
    2-Nigeria over Bakassi
    3-Boko Haram
    4-Ambazonia war of independence.

    The Amba war is the only war where there has been no direct foreign assistance to LRC and every one is seeing the effects. Its caused more destruction of property, More deaths in the LRC Army, more money and no end in seight. LRC Army is very weak

  9. there will be no peace until this man gives up breathing

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