Mixed reception to call for Covid-19 ceasefire in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions

RFI | Armed separatist groups in Cameroon’s North-West and South-West regions have failed to unanimously declare a ceasefire after calls from the UN to stop conflict to concentrate on fighting the spread of the coronavirus. The military also declined to respond to the UN chief’s calls for a global ceasefire “to help create corridors for life-saving aid”.

“There shall not be a unilateral ceasefire in the Ambazonia war of independence because of Covid-19 pandemic,” said a statement on Friday by the Ambazonia Governing Council, one of the English-speaking separatist groups to have self-declared independence.

“To permit such unilateral action will be to provide Cameroon unhindered access to everywhere in our towns and villages,” added the communique signed by Julius Nyiawung, vice president of the Ambazonia Governing Council.

The Ambazonia Governing Council controls the Ambazonia Defense Forces, one of the largest armed groups waging an insurgency against the Cameroonian military.

“We will continue to work with and provide humanitarian corridors with the international organisations on the ground that that have been vetted by us,” Nyiawung told RFI by telephone.

The Southern Cameroons Defense Force (Socadef) had declared a ceasefire, saying how “the people of Ambazonia are ill-prepared to face a major pandemic.” A statement said Socadef would stop fighting on Sunday for 14 days while maintaining “combat readiness”.

The move was welcomed by Stephane Dujarric, spokesperson for the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, saying that the UN chief “calls on other armed groups to do the same thing”.

Cameroonian authorities are yet to respond to the UN’s call for a ceasefire. RFI has requested comment from Cameroon’s army spokesperson, but has not received any response.

Both separatist groups and Cameroon’s military have been accused of killing civilians and committing rights abuses during the Anglophone crisis.

Two people have died from the coronavirus in Cameroon with 88 confirmed cases, according to the country’s state broadcaster.

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  1. PHONEY elections were Held in SC on the 22.03.2020 i.e. during the COVID-19 Crisis. LRC did not postponed the phoney elections because of COVID-19.
    SOCADEF is irrelevant in the war because that NON-ENTITY had already stopped Fighting LRC terrorists since 2018 due to lack of weapons and Money.
    BTW, there are many different Groups Fighting LRC terrorists. Agroup can therefore not speak on behalf of all the Groups.
    There will therefore be ZERO ceasefire when the Anglophone Question is yet to be TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, IRREVERSIBLY and UNCONDITIONALLY to be resolved.

  2. Nothing good can come from cameroun

    Nothing good can come from cameroun

  3. Good leadership is remembered for concrete policies and applications, not empty populist rhetoric.
    Antonio Guterez should learn from his predecessor, Kofi Anan just as Ebenezer Akwanga ought to learn from his long time chum Cho Ayaba. A ceasefire is a change of state from fighting to non-fighting. If there is no fighting in the first place, how can SOCADEF call for a cease fire?

    • Camerbeleiver (Colby )

      Ça vous regarde !!

    • Any being that possesses some grey matter in the brain and uses Ayaba Cho as a point of reference should have his neurones put under a loop—the sooner the better.

      Thanks be to CHINEKE that I have never set any of my toe in a njangi house—I would have surely been boxed by now with zero chance of ever being able to stretch my neck out of the box—ideal condition to force one to learn the art of genuflecting in front of some cloned intellectual dwarfs that abound in such cults called njangi houses…

      • ZZ,

        You have just summarized the virus that has infected our people, NHS (Njangi House Syndrome) kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki

        Na dat same NHS go make dem wipe themselves for bush.

        • Meta disease @BrotherYosephus and his Bamileke Ewondo girlfriend @Zamzam.

          There shall be no ceasefire in Ambazonua until the terrorist genocidal devils are pushed outof our
          motherland. You 2 can continue taking turns in shagging each other while waiting and hoping Biya recovers to reinforce his war. The Oku boys has upgraded their weapons and almost all of Ambazonia noe have the capability to tear up your amour cars. No where to run monkey baboon. You cannot bribe everyone. The Bakweri lazy thieves can take money but the Graffis and Bayangis are determined to take the money and flush you out. Devils.

        • Short man,

          na who dan worry you again then provoke da sick again so nor?

          Sickot Yannick dan hang godas, wise man…na only arata liké you still di dream for cut more heads.

          Na for on top spoke for bicycle wey dem go hang ya own head for market square for Pinyin, if you ever dare set ya jigger toes for CMR.

          You nova learn, you di kosh Bakweri jes non, when Joshua go kosh Pinyin, you go start halla liké some ewaké wey dem dong deny yi banana…

  4. gerontocrate Apocalyse

    Les signes ne trompent pas

    Le Biyameroun est mort.

    Ye shall always be warned. Je n’écris jamais pour badiner.

    • I am glad to see that some of my efforts here in schooling some were not quite in vain.

      Vous commencez déjà à comprendre petit à petit qui est votre ennemie—what a positive progress.

      Anyway, meik a chakaram down again for you in simple terms:

      the LRC you know=Biyameroun : the great CMR=ZAM+Wandy= fighters to break the necks of Etoudi gangsters in Biyameroun=make all great CMRs have a share of the cake= no part of CMR is greater than the other= CMR is ONE…

    • It amazes me so much the importance they give themselves. The Cameroonian army will never drop down their weapons, as long as terrorists will be causing havocs in our territory. I said it before, the time for soft talk, negotiations is gone. For once I agree with Anicet Ekane, you will be subdued by force and all terrorists will be brought to justice.

  5. how can they call for ceasefire. the war is their source of income. jobless ambafools. amba na once chance.

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