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Mort suspecte d’un séparatiste anglophone, récemment repenti

APAnews | Le corps sans vie de Polycarpe Ikom Bah, un leader séparatiste anglophone qui s’était repenti il y a une dizaine de jours, a été retrouvé jeudi matin dans la localité camerounaise de Wum (Nord-Ouest) située à quelque 450 kilomètres de Yaoundé, a appris APA de sources concordantes jointes au téléphone.

Selon toute vraisemblance, il aurait été nuitamment enlevé par d’anciens camarades de lutte, qui l’ont traîné hors de son domicile avant de l’assassiner et d’abandonner sa dépouille dans un terrain vague de son quartier, Zongokwo.

Lors d’une réunion tenue mercredi par les autorités dans le chef-lieu de la région, Bamenda, Polycarpe Ikom Bah, présenté comme un «ex-un général ambazonien», avait publiquement pris la parole et dit son désir d’intégrer le Comité national de désarmement, de démobilisation et de réinsertion (Cnddr), un organisme récemment mis sur pied par le gouvernement. Aux responsables administratifs qui lui proposaient des mesures de protection, il avait rassuré qu’il n’avait rien à craindre dans son fief.

Cet assassinat présumé intervient au moment où une vague de violences s’empare de nouveau des régions anglophones du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest, où le gouvernement entendait ramener la sérénité après le Grand dialogue national tenu du 30 septembre au 4 octobre dans la capitale, Yaoundé.

Mercredi en effet dans la deuxième région citée, des passagers d’un autobus de transport interurbain en commun ont été agressés à proximité de la ville de Kumba par un groupe d’hommes armés, qui les ont entièrement dépouillés de leurs biens.

En début de semaine, déjà, un groupe d’assaillants lourdement armés avait fait irruption dans les installations de la Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) à Tiko, localité sise non loin de là, blessant grièvement six ouvriers et en enlevant quatre.

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  1. The one question begging for an answer is this:
    Where was the protection promised??????

    Was it necessary to use a naive villager as an experimental guinea pig????

  2. This imposter was not an amba general. He was an okada rider, doubling equally as the okada union president in wum. If he really dropped down his weapons as propagated by LRC, what was he doing at home and not the DDR center?

    • Ask those youths to drop their den guns and opt for the rehab option.

      If you so love war, send your own male children to go and face canons with rubber gun. I will volunteer to train your own boys on guerilla tactics…

      • It’s war and why would you expect one party to drop weapons, while the other keeps theirs? War is the only language LRC understands and we’re bringing it game on. na man no run man no surrender.

        • No Saah! That’s not war. The only war I know in my lifetime in CMR is Boko Vs. CMR.

          CMR Vs. CMR is nothing but loss sense, from both parties.

          The winner is Etoudi tho! While we’re so busy destroying the semblance of development we have achieved in decades, Macron is there fashioning new strategies on how to drag all CMR-tribes inside our collective loss sense, so France might now officially come in and take what belongs to her.

          Oya, let’s be killing each other and mek no man no cry thereafter..

        • Zamzam you’ve suddenly found your voice now but couldn’t advice your bami brothers being hunted in Sangmelima. Shut up kunny man

        • Zam-Zam, listen carefully, the CMR Vs. CMR b.s. is what’s happening right now in Sangmelima. There’s nothing like one CMR between LRC and S-Cmr. We have never been treated like Cameroonians and we have never felt like one. What facades of development are you talking about? Can LRC match any of its sub-Saharan African peers? Stop day-dreaming bro. Whatever strategy France is devising, that’s LRC’s problem. As of now, there’s no free ride for French interests in s-cmr……..no TOTAL; no SABC; no Orange; no…….

        • What is happening in Sangmelima is a bunch of drugged youths, like Amba boys, who are being manipulated to deny reality for selfish gains.

          So you think, assuming Amba ever sees the day, France would let Amba loose? Stop snoring boh, the only thing that can save CMR is a collective front to get rid of Etoudi (France) and/or allies.

          How on earth can your mov’t face France, solo? Let’s even forget France awhile. How are you even going to divide CMR? With a jigsaw? Ngraffi=Bami+Bamenda; Sawa=SW+D’la. Your mov’t always knowingly elopes this simple question. For, they know very well that none can ever balance that equation, not even Ayuk with his magical wand.

          Yet, they all sit in reality denial and think the whole of NW/SW is full of naive folks.

          Clear your eyes and face reality…

  3. This fake failed Govt in Etoudi dont care about the lives of Southern cameroonians..
    They fool them and use them for their political ambitions..
    The poor boys weer shown on TV, promised protection and later on left to be slaughtered..
    Atanga Nji and his gang of corrupt ministers are doing a good job..
    These IDIOTS dont want to see any peace..
    They are profiting from the war , making huge sums of money ..

    Keep singing your vivre ensemble …
    Cameroon is one and indivisible..

  4. „Allahu Akbar“

    That FAKE Amba General will no longer enjoy the blood money he received from ex-convict Atanga Nji to impersonate as a GENUINE Amba boy.
    His fate should serve as a warning and a wake-up call to all potential impostors who will receive blood morning from LRC to impersonate as GENUINE Amba boys.

    • As a corollary, Amba Boys Killed today Nkwenti aka Scorpion, the Head Of LRC Sponsored vigilante Group. Mr Nkwenti publicly appeared on CRTV television news last night, the 17.10.2019, and earlier today as he recounts their activities as vigilant group members in Bamenda.

      * MY TAKE *

      BIYALOGUE has opened the window of opportunity to intensify the war. The war will now resolve the Anglophone Question since all avenues of a peaceful resolution has been rejected by Dictator Biya.

      My question begging for answers from apologists of the Etoudi crime syndicate is:

      How can elections take place in SC in February 2020 when ELECAM has been declared PERSONA NON-GRATA???


  5. I remember seeing this idiot who never cared about his life, fumble in making
    a speech. I remember, the lady who was shot and burried in a grave and which
    caused international noice, appearing in y`de at the Biya dielog. I remember,
    seeing the obedient boy – Dion Ngute, faking another fool who had repented.
    I remember, that Eric Chinje couldnd not answer questions put to him by
    IG spokesman on youtube. I remember many other mischieves by the one and
    only Atanga Nji. I remember, that Biya waged a war, and has refused to stop it.
    And i do remember, that after his dielog, his accomplices – scotland, EU, AU etc
    resurfaced and showering praises. One thing is clear, viz, the struggle continues
    until Ambaland is free.
    What i have forgotten, is that the likes of penguiss, Ras, Bamendaboy are gone

  6. Ni Bach Acho, so you have secretly been backing your bro to create mayhem in Laripouplik?

    @Joshua, abeg wuna lef Eric Chinje alone….yi no be send some man for go fight for some place?

    Focus ya attention for short-short pipo dem liké Cho, wey yi di use troki sense for sell Bakassi oyé for on top nkuntah road for London….eske Eric Chinje sell oyé? Eske yi tief contribution money?

    Ah di hear sey Mamfe pipi dem dan start for defy orders from Etas? Mayor elect, Ekema, bin dan secure yi own home town, Buea, from foolish destruction. Mek NW continue for destroy CHINEKE-given paradise witi women dem, then beat bia-bia-less kanass sey na ova ngum.

    Mek we only wait and see who go losis for all dis loss sense cinema, orchestrated by conman Ayuk witi yi twin bro Antangana Nji…

  7. Any anglophone young man who is naive enough to trust this tribal militia and government is just trying to get executed by the same militia.
    The Cameroon tribal militia is not ethical nor are they there to protect Anglophone civilians.
    Don’t not be so naive, these breed of Low IQ Africans are not intelligent enough to oversee disarmament and reconciliation. They have killed 20,000 Anglophones in their Franco-Francophone war to convert southern Cameroons into a territory controlled by France.
    A simple request to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in a constitutionally bilingual country resulted in the tribal president declaring war on 8million Anglophones with the false premise that 6 military men were killed in Mamfe.
    Who is fooling who!
    Low IQ Africans!

  8. Dine with the stranger but reserve your love for the family.

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