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MTN Cameroon lays off staff for economic reasons

Business in Cameroon | The recent overhaul in our company has resulted in the cancellation or transformation of some jobs, including yours. Thus, we regret to notify you, by this letter, of the termination of your employment contract with MTN Cameroon, effective October 31, 2018”. These are the words, signed by MD Hendrik Kasteel, transmitted to some of MTN Cameroon’s employees in recent days.

The Human Resources Directorate said allowances and benefits for dismissed persons will be calculated in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding of 18 October 2018, signed between the employee representatives and MTN’s Directorate-General under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

However, the actual payment of such benefits and compensations shall only take place after the signature of a full conciliation report before the competent labor inspector; and the affixing of the enforcement clause to the said report by the president of the competent court.

Yet, MTN Cameroon notified that in the event of new recruitment within the two-year period following the signing of the said Memorandum of Understanding, the laid-off employees could be re-hired if they fit requirements.

Sources close to the matter indicate that a first wave of 100 people will be dismissed. Then 500 others will follow. “The telecom sector is doing really badly. If we don’t want to shut down the company, we have to make some strategic decisions and arrangements for certain workstations,” said a source within MTN.

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  1. I can’t blame MTN for laying off these workers. Most part of NW and SW don’t even have MTN services. If people don’t have service, then they can’t buy credit to call or use the Internet. Most people are now switching to Nextel. If you are losing money, then you have to start laying off some workers to be able to keep the company functioning. Well, they’ll equally pay less taxes to what they were supposed to pay and that will go back to affect the government. Silly war is the root cause of all of this.

  2. They collaborated with the government of larepiblic and deprived Ambazonia of MTN service

    • Bih Joy,

      what about the MTN antennas that were blown down by separationists? You expect the company to continue operations in places that their equipment were vandalized?? Well, the staff, especially those in English troubled zone are those to pay the prize. I wish u were one of them, u wont say what u say now….sad for these folks and their families.


    **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    H. E. President Ayuk Tabe of SC and company will appear before a KANGAROO LRC court today, the 01.11.2018.

    Rumours abound that the U, France, etc have put pressure on Dictator Biya to release them in order that they could attend the Tumi-Munzu conference.

    Stay tuned !!!


      **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

      New Caledonia has set a date for a referendum that will decide whether the French overseas territory should become independent or remain part of France. The independence referendum will be held in New Caledonia on 4 November 2018.
      After decades of campaigning by separatists seeking to break away from France, France has agreed to hold the vote on 4 November.

      Many citizens and French Gendarmes were killed in the struggle.
      In the end, France realised that the aspiration of the majority can NEVER be suppressed with the help of the military.

      Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate could learn from France


      **** MY TAKE ****

      The right to SELF DETERMINATION cannot be suppressed with the help of the military.
      France has accepted a REFERENDUM as the solution to the New Caledonia Question.

      France did not:

      1. create a Commission on Bilingualism, or
      2. translate the OHADA text or
      3. bribe the Fons to say they were against “secession” or
      4. send the military to commit war crimes or
      5. Shout that France is “one and indivisible”

      The MAJORITY of the Anglophones have stated they are fed up with the INFORMAL COHABITATION.
      Biya cannot suppress the will of the people.
      The killings, bribing and crimes against humanity perpetrated by LRC and Chad can only DELAY. It can NEVER EVER suppress the will of the people.



      The hallmarks of a sh*thole country: The LRC kangaroo court has adjoined the case once more to the 15.11.2018.



      The recent demonstrations across LRC have proven that the country is indeed “two and divisible”

      This is so because there was ZERO violence, ZERO tear gas; ZERO life bullets and ZERO MORTE.
      Violent demonstrations keep swelling in the French speaking Cameroun and the regime known for being repressive, violent in their oppressive crackdown of the citizens haven’t been used against their French-speaking people.

      For the benefit of comparison, demonstrations in SC ALWAYS end with the raping, maiming and killing of unarmed civilians by LRC terrorists.
      All the noise about a so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is simply because of Ndian oil.

      Dictator Biya’s FOOLISH war will surely end with the dissolution of this God-forsaken union.

  4. MTN collaborated with the government against the interest of their clients.
    They participated in the collective punishment of all Anglophones in cutting internet from January 2017 to April 2017 more than 100days.
    The economic losses to all Anglophones was and is a government policy economic genocide.
    MTN can ask the government for compensation in the good work they did in collectively punishing Anglophones in southern Cameroons.
    MTN will now realize that the goal of the government was to destroy their reputation in southern Cameroons so as to use a French company to replace them.
    Who is fooling who?
    MTN must realize doing business in Francophone Africa is always subject to constant manipulations by France through their
    Franco-Negro Governors called presidents

    • As the den mother of the Ambazombie den of thieves, you are such a formidable asset to your delusional termite nation!

  5. Of course Biya have no choice but to release the Ambazonian president and his close aides,becos Biya knows that no election took place in Ambazonia,which makes him(Biya) illegitimate president of the Ambazonian territoryExcept he wants this war to continue for the next seven years. Becos,as for us Ambazonians,we are not tired of the war.
    If they want the war to stop,they should do the right thing.Withdraw their military from SC.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      You ambazombie terrorists are not tired of terrorizing the population of the North west and South West because you live on the blood of the people from the NW and SW that are being killed everyday!

      The reasonable people of the North West and South West are tired of your terrorism!

  6. The MTN workers that have been layed off will now join the seccessionists.Which will increase the momentum….