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National dialogue to start on Sep 30, 2019 at Yaoundé conference center

Business in Cameroon | In Cameroon, the national dialogue should start on September 30, 2019, at Yaoundé conference center, credible sources at the prime ministry indicate.

The meeting, which will last one week, should end on October 4, 2019, the sources add. This public consultation is mainly aimed at finding a solution to the socio-political crisis in the two Anglophone regions which started since late 2016.

According to various institutions, this crisis has already claimed 2,000 lives and displaced thousands of people fleeing combats between pro-independents and the regular army.

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  1. Not every breath of the PM should become news!!!!! Buying and owning a smartphone is not enough to become a journalist!!! Reporting a death toll of 2000 over a year for an on-going war is insanity!!!!

    Ultimately, creating a news-hungry audience and feeding it with falsehood is a DISSERVICE.

  2. Equatorial Africans!
    Using every opportunity to promote Low IQ!
    English in Courtrooms and classrooms in Southern Cameroons was the initial request from minority Anglophones to the Yaoundé hypercentralized tribal majority Francophone government.
    War and fake national monologue is their solution.
    600,000 internally displaced
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    20,000 killed
    130,000 children no school
    10,000 missing or jailed in French Cameroon
    300 villages burnt
    4Million affected
    Destruction worth billions of dollars.
    Franco African governors whose village neighbors still have no pipe borne water or passable roads are being deceived to oversee an apartheid francophonization project in southern Cameroons.
    Who is fooling who?
    Cost of Dialogue!

  3. Really a public consultation. The solution to the problems of the `anglophone regions`,
    can not happen in just a four days or one week meeting.
    By the way, there should be much clarification here. Did the president`s speech, say
    a national dialogue to solve the `anglophone crisis` or the generality of the country`s
    Since the press has become the mouthpiece, let CRTV, come straight on this. It will
    also help those going to y`de conference center, when time comes. There is, some
    magu magu smelling around.

  4. I most certainly wish them good luck, hoping that they remember what too many cooks do to the broth.

  5. Very smart, that the Biya / co are. For those who will not have the chance to talk to the
    pm, a website, has been created. Is it for MRC and the Ambazonia diaspora who can not
    go home out of fear of arrest, kidnapping and disappearances at the airport?

  6. Now that it is a national dialogue at the conference center, are parliamentarians /senators,
    going to receive pay as the people`s representatives? Just being curious.
    `friends of lrc should send back all those hiding in their countries and causing trouble back
    in cameroon`. Is this a National Dialogue when some can`t go back to cameroon because
    of fear? Those in jail, are presumed foreigners, because they too, can not even use the
    Biyamonologue website.
    What is important here, is not the week long conference, but how successfull, will Biya
    emerge. The game, Biya`s game, needs sleepless nights to act.

  7. This is a ploy by LRP regime to arrest Ambazonians who attend the dialogue. By the way is this really going to hold? Are they ready for it.?

  8. Those who think to attend Biya`s conference to please the international community,
    should blame their stupid reasoning when they are arrested. It happened to Balla / co
    and i remember Nera 10. There is the demon running around now – money. Let it not
    be the `apple` in the story of Adam / Eve to change the dynamics. Be warned, pals.
    Biya doesn`t need to be given an olive branch at this point.

  9. The snake Biya thinks he can keep on fooling Ambazonians.

    In the 90s Biya agreed on a tripartite conference in Yaounde when things came to push and shove. A new constitution was drawn, including the limiting of presidential terms, the need for public officials to declare their assets when taking the oath of office. These laws were either not implemented like the case with the declaration of assets or Biya master-minded their systematic removal from the penal code, making him president for life.

    In 2016, Biya pretended to dialogue with teachers and lawyers but then rounded them up to jail, labelling them as terrorists. An all-inclusive dialogue is direly needed, but not in Yaounde, not with the present dispensation of political crooks who can’t guarantee the security of participants.

  10. Shrewd master dribbler in action!!!
    Watch the unavowed outcome of this much-trumpeted national dialogue.

    Maurice Kamto and Julius Ayuk Tabe freed. Problem solved.
    Paul Biya “encore Sept ans”!

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