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Leymah Gbowee

‘No Anglophone or Francophone, only one Cameroon,’ pitches Liberian Nobel Peace Prize winner

Devdiscourse | The 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Leymah Gbowee has called for ending of disputes in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions that have been ravaged by war in the last two years.

“As someone who has survived the war and has lived through it, I will tell Cameroonians, war has never been the answer to solving any kind of problem. My message to Cameroon is that it should never be Anglophone or Francophone, it should be one Cameroon, one people,” the Liberian female peace activist, Leymah Gbowee told reporters in the capital Yaoundé after meeting with government officials.

The 47-year old activist Leymah Gbowee said that she had spent three days in the restive regions urging for an end to the war and intensifying efforts to defend the rights of women and girls in the conflict zone.

“It is the women and girls who pay the brunt of it. There is always an increase in sexually transmitted diseases, rape and abuse and teen pregnancies.” Gbowee said, citing the example of her country, Liberia which she said should serve as an example for Cameroon that nobody wins the war.

“We (Liberia) went through a very devastating civil war where we killed almost 10 percent of our population and the impact is still being felt by the population. There are no winners in any kind of crisis. It takes generations for the pains to go away,” she said, as reported by Xinhua.

Cameroon is largely populated by French-speakers, but since November 2017, Anglophone minority have formed armed groups to fight for the independence of the English-speaking regions after complaining of decades of marginalization.

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  1. when an african or asian wins an award from the hands of aryans who instead of sweating to build material confort for thier people choosed to inslave others,be careful.
    by the way without institutionalizing an african language as language of instruction,business,science,technology,etc,to build a common culture an identity.we shall continue navigating against each other because a language is not for comminucation but carries traditions,a culture that contitudes the social glue that holds a society together.the african who inherited english talks and think like a british half bride while those who inherited french think like french creatures.instead of permitting this assimilationist self destructive approache should do what vietnam did,make KISWAHILI our collective language

    • @bah acho you done start smoke Again eh? Why can’t you write this in your native tongue or in Swahili and see how many of us from 250 tribes of Cameroon will understand you.

  2. when you speak the language of somebody or practice thier religion.you are thier slave remaining under thier cultural,economic and political enfluence.this is the reason so called anglophones give thier children slave british names while those called francophones give thier children slave french names.it is prove we are psychologically chained to them through thier language.it has been proven that japanese,korean and chinese children who study in thier language are more intelligent that aryan children who study in the languages we hold onto and defend.language is not for comminucation like ignorant john dinga use to say on this forum.each language carries a culture,paradigm which is a way of thinking.that is why we devide ourselves along slave languages.in what language do we think?

    • @bah acho you done start smoke Again eh? Why can’t you write this in your native tongue or in Swahili and see how many of us from the 250 tribes of Cameroon will understand you.

  3. ONE Cameroon! Period.

  4. That is her suggestion and unfortunately we are not Liberian formal British southern cameroon most be free by giving us independent
    Cameroon government have failed to dialog with us we are ready to fight the until indipendence

  5. Badluck woman. Na who send you? How much dem pay you to tok so? Go back for ya country!!! There is difference between a war and genocide. This one is called genocide.

    • @Abakwa Boy
      Better grow out of your ignorance. Certainly your first time to get such a reality. It’s a fact you can’t change and all idiots like yourself will always like to oppose it. You only succeed by being part of it. Cameroon will remain one and indivisible. Can you tell me what you have gained except of abduction on ransom, amputations, beheading, killings, destruction of propeties, estortion and depriving Kids from deserved education? It’s a mess and there is a d day that you all will have a question to answer. It’s your fault if you decide to remain stupid.

      • your write up goes back to you,wo
        ho is the killer,the woman is right,but you are wrong because she never said nor blame ambazonians,your cameroon is one and indivisible and it is but with out ambazonian,southern cameroon.we shall see

      • @ Jampsy, I am very very proud of you. These Ambazonia idiots are not different from Biya and his BIRs. Their leaders are power hungry and don’t care about what their foolishness does to the lives of anglophones. This is a well respected Liberian woman giving us good advise but these evil so-called Ambazonians don’t want to listen because they are power hungry. They don’t give a damn about our kids going to school even though theirs are going to school in the diaspora. They cut off the fingers of those who go to work in plantations to feed their families while theirs are well fed in the diaspora. They kidnap and ask for ransom or behead and kill the same anglophones they claim they are fighting to liberate. These evil Ambazonians will someday face justice.

    • I still believe there is a chance Cameroon can survive this mess if the underlying problems are seriously addressed. The problem is that Biya believes in shaping international opinion than solving the issues. This woman has little knowledge about the Cameroonian experience and when given a cheap platform by this REGIME she speaks as if her ideas are unimpeachable. Why do Africans only win the Nobel Peace award? Because of problems created by despots like Biya & Samuel Doe.
      I’m not on the Amba agenda but speaking from a fair-minded perspective. We wouldn’t be here had Biya accepted the will of the people in the 1992 & 1997 elections. Had Fru Ndi been president, Anglophones would never have had this claim of marginalization. Biya is a fraud! Woman, tell that villain he is the problem.

      • Ignorance, yiu went to Yaounde, did you get your own gold statue. To hell with you, you donot even seem to understand whst u are talking about. Whst is the value of ur noble peace prize free hotels and drinks then ranting and babbling. To hell with u, you were not in Liberia when that war was fought. You visit Cameroon for three days and u draw conclusions, ignorance. Let me stop here.

  6. I will rightfully say that is her week opinion which is not a true represention of the situation interms of equal rights in Cameroon. # one Cameroon my food.

  7. Justice and righteousness must kiss for peace to prevail. The root cause of the crisis must be addressed (French neocolonialism and disruption of true African democracy) and fixed or the war may never end.

  8. This type of flat rhetoric is inflammatory rather than helpful. What we need are individuals who can put forward concrete solutions on how to resolve the conflict. The military ransacked my quarter yesterday, killed one civilian and shot a teacher in the foot. Let her go talk to Biya, for he is the one who turned guns on his people. It all began with a peaceful Anglophone protests requesting amendments to a situation that has seen them pushed to the wall. Instead the banana government in Yaounde picked up guns bought by its people and shot down its people. Nobody wins in war, but nobody will stand and watch their rights and freedom confisticated. I will continue to blame this entire fiasco on the inability of the moronic regime in Yaounde to pre-empt disastrous dissent without using guns!

    • Kumkum Pas Gari

      By now, you’ve probably seen the HORIFIC video of Ambazonia fighters torturing a Mbororo herder in NW region of Cameroon. The video went viral on 16 April 2019.
      When you watch the video clip, you will understand that these barbarians are terrorists.
      The victim’s name is TANTIYO, son of ALHAJI ISA and KORGA. Amba terrorists abducted him, his mother & his father and one other woman. They freed the other woman after severe torture.
      Tantiyo’s father was tortured and released. As a result of the severe torture, the old man is disabled, and cannot even move his fingers.
      The Amba terrorists also tortured the 69 year old Korga to death. Korga is Tantiyo’s mother. The Amba terrorists even refused to hand over her corpse to the family.
      Tantiyo is believed to have been killed.
      Who Supports this?

      • is he the first person to die of torture,is he different from the others being killed by your terrorist soldiers?this is no news

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @ Amba

          So the amba terrorists tortured and killed this Mbororo man, killed his mother and literally crippled his father just because he is not different form others killed by the forces of law and order of Cameroon?

      • Nobody wants war and I will never advocate it as a solution to a problem. Ambazonians are not the first marginalised people to pick up arms to reclaim their rights. Even the most advanced economies at one time (e.g., French revolution, American civil war) turned to this recourse, because leaders corrupted by power are blind to the needs of the people for personal gains. If you have watched the recent video where the Cameroonian situation has been debated in the European Union parliament, you will objectively see that Cameroon is falling apart and bad leadership is to blame. He who rules by the gun is a coward. You are only free as a leader when you rule by listening to the people. Biya’s soldiers are slaughtering civilians, not just those you call terrorists, homes burnt, women raped, etc.

        • And it so happens that wherever people have picked up arms to reclaim their rights, civilians suffer. There are surely some excesses that have been committed by the Amba fighters, but instead of wasting time pointing fingers at what they have done, first exam government atrocities on civilians, those she is mandated to protect. Secondly, remember that the Ambazonian struggle only gained legitimacy because of the heavy handed manner with which dictator Biya handled protests to a situation that had been festering for decades and bound to explode. His greediness and short sightedness is the root cause for why a greater majority of Anglophones today want to break away, which never was the case. Biya is quick to change the constitution to stay in power, but slow to solve citizen’s suffering.

    • Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here with the name calling. The terrorist appellation is a Biya designation and unfortunately it comes from a man who is treasonous by rigging elections since 1992, usurping the will of the people, a bad precedence.
      Personally, I am resistant to the separatist idea & I believe Cameroon can be a lot better with some major changes. Sadly, It is hard to see any way Biya can redress the situation, the desire is not there & he can’t let go his ego.
      Biya is not a good messenger & he knows the will of Cameroonians is not on his side. He amended the constitution & it was agreed by the opposition; 7yrs (from five) 2 term limits. He defaulted, changed the constitution then gave himself authority to appoint 30% of senators. These things are ominous & torsional.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        According to Alhaji Isa, the father of late Tantiyo, the barbaric amba fighters who kidnapped his family, killed his wife and son and made him a cripple are terrorists!

        The terrorist appellation is also a designation of those who have witnessed or experienced the horrific acts perpetrated by these ambazombie fighters.

      • No doubt those who have faced hostilities from the separatists may use the word terror but bear in mind that it goes both ways. I have opposed the idea of armed conflict but remember that the military operated with the same breadth of ruthlessness. I know of a 15-yr-old girl in Mile 4 Limbe, who was raped & abducted by soldiers, taken to Buea in hopes that her parents who had fled the incursion would come. She was released two days after when 150,000 frs was given to Buea police commissioner.
        A former neighbor taking her daughter to school was arrested because he had many MTN phones. MTN confirmed he delivers them to customers who sell credit on his behalf. He was tortured and left with a partly chopped off finger. He was released after 200,000 frs was paid. Not terror? Let’s be honest.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Point Noted:

          The terrorist appellation is reality and not just a designation of Biya!

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @ Nana,
          There is nothing new about the way the government of Cameroon responds to protests.
          In 1990 at least 6 civilians were killed on the day the SDF was launched. In Feb 2008 in response to nation wide protests against the president at least 40 people were killed, more than 2000 arrested and more than 200 found guilty, with Douala the Littoral province the most hit.

          In 2016 when teachers and lawyers protested the government reacted as they usually do. Some losers in the diaspora seized on this opportunity to brainwash the youth to take up arms against anyone from the North West and South West who does not agree with their secessionist objectives. These losers in the diaspora are now leaving fatly from the contributions of ambafools in the diaspora and ransom money from Cameroon.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          The secessionist are terrorists because they have picked up arms against the people of the North West and South West who do not agree with their secessionist objectives.

          Chuo Cyprain who died about 7 days ago is from Wum and deserves to be buried in his compound he worked all his life according to the culture and tradition of his people. Instead his family was warned by the amba boys not to bring his corpse to Wum and his home was looted and burnt! WHY? Is that the path to secession?
          The Delegate of Social affairs from the North West, a poor man from KOm was kidnapped and killed by the amba terrorists! WHY? How does that help you accomplish your objectives?
          The amba terrorists have killed more people from the NW/SW than the military they claim to be fighting!

    • @ eyallow, Your write-up is correct but what she is saying is that war can’t solve any problem. The Algerians and the Burkinabes didn’t liberate themselves by fighting with a well armed military. They marched in numbers in their capital cities and got rid of their dictators. All fighting does is make life difficult for anglophones and it will take years for anglophones to recover. Biya doesn’t care as he has an upper hand.


    This lady is entitled to her own opinions. However, she is NOT entitled to the facts about the Anglophone Question. To add insults to injuries, her opinions will NEVER resolve the Anglophone Question.

    The situation in Liberia is different from that of Cameroon:

    In Liberia, the war was between “one people of one nation”

    In Cameroon, the war is between “TWO PEOPLES and TWO nations( SC + LRC)”.

    She should, therefore, consult the archives of the African Court of Justice and Human Rights before disseminating misleading information about the Anglophone struggle.
    Since this lady is ignorant of the facts, permit me to assist her PRO BONO.


      The despicable behavior of the Francophones during the struggle of the Anglophones for statehood is not surprising. It is another proof that Southern Cameroonians and the People of LRC are two different “peoples”. They can therefore not cohabitate together in peace. Like it or not, Anglophone Cameroonians are distinct People. This School of thought has been confirmed by the African Court of Justice and Human Rights,
      This court stated Crystal clear in its ruling “Mgwanga Gunme and 13 others versus Cameroon” that:
      “…. the people of Southern Cameroons can legitimately claim to be a “people.” Besides the individual rights due to Southern Cameroonians, they have a distinct identity which attracts certain collective rights.


      Based on that reasoning, the Commission finds that “the people of Southern Cameroon” qualify to be referred to as a “people” because they manifest numerous characteristics and affinities, which include a common history, linguistic tradition, territorial connection, and political outlook. More importantly, the African Commission said, “they identify themselves as a people with a separate and distinct identity. Identity is an innate characteristic within a people. It is up to other external people to recognise such existence, but not to deny it.


      As a corollary,

      the citizens of LRC find it difficult to consider themselves as a “people” with a separate and distinct identity. .
      This is the reason they always want to associate themselves with other “Peoples”, such as Southern Cameroonians and the People of France.

      1. Their “one and indivisible” mentality has made them always wanting to identify themselves with Southern Cameroonians
      2. Their inferiority complex has made them to consider their country as a “département et région d’outre-mer (DROM)” of France. They like to think, behave and act as the french. It is therefore not unusual to hear them boast that “Ça s’est fait comme ça à Paris” or “j’étais à Paris”, etc.




      This lady should consult the archives of the UN to find another proof that the Anglos and Francos are NOT the same people.

      As per UNGA RESOLUTION 1608 (xv) APRIL 21, 1961:

      France, LRC and all former French colonies (excluding Guinea and Mali) REJECTED a “VIVRE ENSEMBLE” between SC and LRC. They thought that SC was very poor.
      However, when oil was discovered in SC, LRC suddenly discovered her “VIVRE ENSEMBLE LOVE” with SC.

      Simply put, the “people” of LRC would have NEVER EVER rejected the “people” of SC if they were the same people.

      It is simply because of Ndian oil and the other abundant natural resources in SC that opened the eyes of the “people” of LRC to claim that it is one nation and one people.

      The writer will post this rebuttal on the Facebook page of Lady Leymah Gbowee.


      **** BREAKING SWEET NEWS ****

      “The joint motion submitted to the European Parliament has now been voted this day and adopted as amended. It’s now official
      The motion demanded the GOC to convene an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue OR ELSE the matter will be referred to the UN security council.

      As part of the amendments, the EU follows in the footsteps of the USA calling on all its member states to stop military corporation with Cameroun armed forces as well as selling any ammunition to Cameroun, including logistics and training”.

      **MY TAKE **

      The US and now the EU have tightened the noose on Dictator Biya. Dictator Biya MUST dialogue with the “secessionists and terrorists” OR ELSE the matter will be referred to the UN Security Council.
      The evil Bulu Dictator has now trapped himself.


      The US and EU did NOT ask Amba bs to hand over their weapons to the so-called commission on disarmament.

      They did not commend Dictator Biya for creating the commission on bilingualism, for creating an English section at the SONARA after 38 (thirty-eight) years. They also did not send a motion of support to Dictator Biya for translating the OHADA text.

      The message was simple:


      “In der Tat”, two horror scenarios for the evil Bulu Dictator to choose from.
      Dictator Biya is a prisoner of his own FOOLISH arrogance, policies and appetite for eternal power. He is unable to free himself and his LRC from SC.



      “La pression s’accentue un peu plus sur Yaoundé. Après les Nations Unies, les Etats-Unis d’Amérique et l’Union Africaine, c’est au tour de l’Union Européenne. Les 27 Etats de l’UE, à travers une résolution prise le 17 avril 2019 au Parlement Européen, somment le gouvernement camerounais de mettre un terme aux différentes crises en cours au pays”.



      “Ladite résolution est composée de 13 points. L’UE «déplore les actes de torture, les disparitions forcées et les exécutions extrajudiciaires perpétrées par les forces de sécurité comme par les séparatistes armés; exprime ses vives préoccupations face aux actions des forces gouvernementales lors des violences; demande aux forces de sécurité de respecter le droit international en matière de droits de l’homme lors de leurs opérations et invite le gouvernement camerounais à prendre des mesures immédiates afin de mettre un terme aux violences et à l’impunité dans le pays»

      The song,

      After the elections, Biya will do THIS…..
      After the elections, Biya will do THAT…..

      is considered as IMBECILE NONSENSE.

      Fact is:

      after the elections, the song MUST be: “ICC HERE WE COME !!!!”

  10. Unfortunately for everyone, she jumped into something she has little or no
    info about. Unfortunately again, she doesn`t understand, what is meant by
    : look before you leap. Therefore, she is classified as an empty vessel and
    should be dismissed, as an IGNORAMUS.
    Everyone, should start wondering what direction, that the once upon a
    prestiguous Nobel price, is taking in recent times. My guess, is that Mr. Biya,
    will surely bag the price soon for his war legacy. Merit, has disappeared.

    That ruling by Justice Sanji Mmasenono Manageng of Mali, acting as president of the court in Banjul (Communication #266/2003 of May13-27, 2009 of the ACHPR -African Court of Human and Peoples Rights) was unmistakable in recognizing that the minority Anglophone people of Cameroon(now Ambazonia or Southern Cameroons) are a people with well-defined characteristics; it also highlighted an important but often ignored fact – that as head of the Supreme Judicial council of his country and also head of the executive, President Paul Biya could not lay claims to separation of powers in Cameroon!

    • Kumkum Pas Garri

      Yesterday 17 Apr 2019, Mr Tatisong Eric was attacked by Amba CRIMINALS. They shot him in the head, on the back and his left foot. He was rushed to the Military hospital where 3 pellets were removed from his head, some from his back and his foot.
      Mr Tatisong was at his business place when Amba Terrorists attacked him..
      The Amba terrorists asked the victim to climb on their bike. He refused, and the one with the gun shot him on his right foot. He grabbed the guy and in the ensuing struggle, the gun fell on the ground. The other terrorist picked up the gun and shot Eric in the head and in the back. That’s when Eric loosened his grip on the one with whom he was struggling and started running towards T-junction.
      He is currently recovering at the General Hospital.

      Who supports this?

      • you mean your slave masters shot him right,where u even there,reporting fake news,is he the only person shot that day ?stop wasting your time,the world knows it bettere than you slave dog.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @ amba,

          You sound like a very wretched and angry man with no ability to think. I bet you are very poor and a loser in your community wherever you are. There is no way anyone who thinks like you can be successful in this life unless you are an armed robber.

  12. because she has won a peace prize doesn’t give her the right to judge, determine the will of the majority of subjugated people especially in case of a genocidal dictator who declared war instead of Justice & Peace . obviously she is ignorant, does not understand Cameroon history of unification. Many individuals have won noble peace prize who have been frowned upon or stripped off because they did not deserve it for their bad ethics, pretended to be something that they were not,Cameroon has never been ONE! two different Cultures, language, judiciary, education, religion,food and drink etc.the union has failed in 59 years, the English minority must fight and die to preserve their culture from the evil of satanic french Cameroon puppet regime of biya and his unpatriotic cronies

    • @ Bonnie
      Can you explain to me what ” culture ” these black Africans you called ” English minority ” should they fight and die for?
      This lady is talking about Black Unity, African Unity…
      She is saying that there is no winner in war! Why condemning her?
      What is going on in the NW and SW is the result of the incompetence ofgreedy old black Africans who can’t resolve their own issues.
      Stop killing each other like wild animals! That is all she is saying.

      • Talk less Do More


      • @Bikutsi,

        all left to me, Africa should be ruled by our WOMEN.

        It’s high time we men take care of our bald heads and let others try too.

        We men (cloned Saxons and Gaulists) have failed to give MAMA AFRICA the respect she deserves…

        • Zammy you are quite a character, from Kah to Cabral and back to Kah. Depimento used to really see through you.

        • Hahaha, Old tong boi!

          No be na so-so wuna chakara Mme Walla witi Cabral dem plan witi wuna ova loss sense? Time wey Mme Walla witi Cabral bin be di encourage youths for go register for vote, wehti wuna mov’t do? Gather tchav’em dem gee pickin dem, mek dem massacre dem, then wuna go turn-turn run away from White man contri suffer then cam turn another Biya for CMR. No be so?

          Wuna di mimba sey ifi yi bin easy da kana way so, Ni for di loss yi time di pound achu for Ntarikon for yi age?

          Wehti di really wuna mov’t eh? Wuna di see every day how wey Oyibo di join hands even witi yi enemy daso for generate yarri, forsika sey na yarri di count, no be na ego.

          All wuna own na 4 fool pipo 4 fight, meanwhile wuna di enjoy Oyibo man yi sense. Then loss wuna own.

          Abeg no me ah tok 4 no nating…

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      bonnie the ignorant one

      Ambazonian terrorists do not constitute the majority of people from the North West and South West of Cameroon!

      You can continue to deceive yourself but you have no data to support your lies!

    • @ bonnie, apart of the Queen of England’s language which is spoken and understood by 1/3 of the people of the SW and NW provinces, what common culture do the SW and NW people have? Please my brother tell me.

  13. Kumkum Pass Garri

    Chuo Cyprain who died 5 days ago. The Amba boys called his wife and warned that his corpse should not be brought back to Wum. On 17 April 2019, his residence was set ablaze by the Amba terrorists, after looting and stealing valuables from inside the property.

    In the threatening audio left by the Amba terrorists, the Amba fool is heard saying to Madam Chuo that they should not bring his corps to Wum. They said that even if 1 million military come they will not bury him in Wum.

    Mr Chuo Cyprain was director of immunization at the Ministry of Health, section president CPDM Wum. He died in Yaoundé on 12 Apr 2019 after a brief illness.

    The number one target of the amba boys is ANY successful person in their own community and not the Cameroon military?
    How can you support this?

  14. Shutup your dirty pussy mouth. Bitch. Go lecture Liberia fat dirty bitch!

    • Dang you waka for Mary yi land for etas go long liké ndormor-ndormor, you better fasten ya seat belt, o’boi.

      No be you bin want fall BUSH?

      Man no poum…


    CHOU Cyprian was not only a SELF-SEEKER but also a TRAITOR. He was therefore responsible for his predicaments.

    **** TRAITORS BEWARE ****

    1. The ANC killed South Africans who collaborated with the Apartheid regime,
    2. Frelimo and Renamo killed Mozambicans who collaborated with the Portuguese,
    3. SWAPO killed Namibians who collaborated with the Apartheid regime of South Africa,
    4. MPLA and UNITA killed Angolans who collaborated with the Portuguese,
    5. The Mau Mau killed Kenyans who collaborated with the British.
    6. The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) killed South Sudanese who collaborated with the Government in Khartoum
    7. The Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) killed Eritreans who collaborated with Ethiopia


      8. The FALINTIL National Armed Forces for the Liberation of East Timor killed traitors
      9. The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), killed Kosovars who betrayed the struggle
      10. Etc.

      Our Restoration Forces have the right and mandate to bring Southern Cameroonian traitors and self-seekers to book.

      The same fate awaits traitors, such as Ex-convict Atanga Nji, Musonge et al.
      The fatherland must be rescued come rain come shine. Any person or group of persons helping the occupiers must be dealt with accordingly.


    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @ Terrorist Zero Vive EnSemble, The one ordained to determine if someone is a traitor or a “self seeker”.

      Chuo Cyprain is from Wum in the North West and has the right to belong to any political party in Cameroon!
      Can you provide the guidelines you use to determine who is a traitor so we can use to determine whether we are traitors or not?

      Is Chuo Cyprain a traitor because he is a member of the CPDM or because of a particular act he did or did not do?

      Even the EU knows that you are all terrorists. Now wonder the EU called for the release of Kamto but supports the detention of the ambazombie terrorist!

      Your restoration forces are specialized in terrorizing only the vulnerable population of the NW/SW.

      I dare your restoration forces to attack Ekema or myself? Where them dey? Idiots!

      • your time is coming. you’ll choke yourself with anger as AMBA LAND is gone forever.

  16. This conflict will never be solved. The only way to solve it is to separate because French speakers will always undermine English speakers, calling them stupid and all sorts of names. And also trying to make us who are non Cameroonians to think they are better than anglophones.

    • Talk less Do More

      But this is not the battle of languages. There are Francophones who grew up in English regions and expresses themselves well in English and/or Pigin, and there are Anglophones such as myself who grew up in french regions and expresses themselves well in french. You will always have a few ignorant folks on either side but the greater problem is the government not the people. Francophones and Anglophones alike complain about the same problem.

  17. @Kum kum pass garri, please address your questions, worries or lack of understanding
    of the subject matter, to Mr. Biya. He, declared the war.

  18. Talk less Do More

    I see nothing wrong with what this lady said. She simply stated that War isn’t the answer. the truth is the Anglophone region and it’s people are the only loosing side here. The people have been killed, displaced etc while the Francophone side is carrying on with normal life. so lets take a closer look at who is loosing.#OneCameroon. But as a republic we need to clean house that’s for sure.

    • Were is Ruanda today after the Genocide? SC might be the loser today but tomorrow it will be a paradise for those who are currently enjoying on the other side of the Mungo. There is always a price tag to any successful story

      • @ Anonymous, Rwanda is one. The Tutsis and Hutus despite the killings remain brothers and sisters today. They fought each other because of the same Western influence that is causing you foolish Ambazonians to fight and hate your own brothers and sisters today. They thought they were two different people as a result of some white man’s fabrication just as the stupidity of the so-called Ambazonians thinking the brief fabrication of Southern Cameroon by the white man is a cause for separation from their French speaking Cameroonian brothers and sisters. I know this madness is being promoted by some Cameroonians with tainted Biafra blood and some Ibio bio people we saved during the Nigeria/Biafra war.

  19. Talk less Do More

    But this is not the battle of languages. There are Francophones who grew up in English regions and expresses themselves well in English and/or Pigin, and there are Anglophones such as myself who grew up in french regions and expresses themselves well in french. You will always have a few ignorant folks on either side but the greater problem is the government not the people. Francophones and Anglophones alike complain about the same problem.

    • The message from the EU parliament is clear – it is all about freeing Maurice Kamto and detained members of his MRC party. As for Ambazonia, well, you are on your own because your plight was a mere footnote in the deliberations.

      The conclusion is that either your message did not reach the EU (communication lapses) or it was distorted beyond comprehension and so failed to impact. What to do? Tactical withdrawal, introspection, back to the drawing board, restrategize and try again, paying attention to unhelpful gesticulations – using money to buy the wrong things, spending time and energy on the wrong tasks and issues.

      • Nothing is clear in the EU message—how many times have secessionists been reminded that they will NEVER EVER have the backing of any international body or country in this planet?

        Now, listen, teach those around you in those njangi houses that the triangle lies in a strategic position that no Western country would want to see in flames. The stakes in that region are just too high for Westerners to afford to take a risk by propping up a horde of mimbo adepts in Maryland—Munzu started explaining how this world turns around, but people who spend their time in njangi houses and rely more on tittle-tattle for info rather than spending their Sundays in some Library to learn some geopolitics thought he was mad.

        Kamto is now the new catchphrase, isn’t he?

        • One would have expected a wise elder to be schooling the njangi house to come back to its senses and face reality.

          Where in this world will you use the money to buy the right things? Is that njangi house even normal?

          This a woman who knows what is happening in Western corridors, and she’s advising dreamers to come back to earth and face reality. She’s not ignorant of the fact Etoudi and Maryland mimbo adepts are sides of the same coin that must finally understand that CMR is not their personal property, but a GIFT from CHINEKE to ALL sons and daughters of CMR.

          Listen to a young mother advising bald heads!

          We, male BLACKS, are a DISGRACE to mankind…

        • ZZ
          You spoke my mind there.
          I can’t beleive that grown up Africans, who have been living abroad for decades still think the so called EU cares about the lives of Africans.
          We are saying the same thing over and over, but they don’t listen…
          Last weekend, the so called “Ambazonians ” hade a meeting in Berlin. Instead of raising funds to help those in the coflict zone, they raised funds to by wapons!!
          That money will end up in the pockets of their gangsters leaders.
          How stupid can people be?
          The hole meeting was recorded and send directly to the Cameroon secret service.
          The idiots are all identify and can never sett their foot in Cameroon anymore.
          What a bunch of loosers!

        • And Bikutsi, the sad thing is that it is our children who are paying the price of our stupidity in this world.

          I met 1 Jamican-German mixed lady the other day, immediately she heard I was from Africa, she wanted to run away. She later told me the reason. She hates African men. But guess what! Once she realized that I was a very proud CMR/African that knows no monkeying, she stayed quiet and listened to me talk. Her white friends were shocked simply cos they know her for hating BLKs, but here she was listening attentively to a BLK man….at the end she vowed to start seeking contacts again with her father cos she understood that Africans are coming—a different breed—-not yokels who’ll burn down their country for money, coloured paper, that is won from wood, probably from AFRICA…

  20. There was Anglophone Cameroon and there was larepublique.
    Learn to live by yourselves.

    • @ Epée Dipanda, You are an idiot. Listen to people like Zam Zam. His likes will save Africa. Your likes will take Africa back to the 19th century. People don’t use arms anymore to take out their dictators. They use their head foolish Ambazonian.

      • You are more stupid than any other. Who wants to live with criminal froggies as you are ? You shall perish as a rotten NIGGA SLAVE. Imbécile. nullrd. Chacun a droit à son opinion. LONG LIVE AMBAZONIA.

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