A woman walks past Cameroonian elite Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) members as they sit on their military vehicle during their patrol in the city of Buea in the anglophone southwest region, Cameroon October 4, 2018. Picture taken October 4, 2018.REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra - RC1439F6C050

No talks with independence leaders until after February polls

The Africa Report | The Cameroonian government does not intend to participate in talks with the Ambazonians until local elections have been held.

A delegation from the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) was to go to Cameroon at the end of November to meet the government, but the government canceled the meeting without re-scheduling.

According to our sources, Yaoundé does not intend to participate in talks with the Ambazonians until the implementation of the measures emerging from the Great National Dialogue in October (in particular the special status for the region’s English speakers) and until local elections – slated for February – are held.

Two opposing camps at the presidential palace
Even after these deadlines, the holding of talks remains uncertain.

The separatists themselves are divided.

And, at the presidential palace, two camps clash.

  • On the one hand, the supporters of a hard line, rather opposed to dialogue and represented by Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, the director of the civil cabinet, and by Joseph Dion Ngute, the Prime Minister.
  • On the other, a more open-minded group, embodied by Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the secretary general of the presidency.

Abroad, mediation also has its supporters and its detractors: the United States is very favourable, while France is more opposed to it.

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  1. SDF should take that bold step and stay away from this election.

    Cabral and Matomba can go ahead and have a taste of the Cpdm welcome-venom—hope Jean DD Momo could advise them here.

    Alone in this election or not, Cpdm will still have the overwhelming majority.

    Does it then make sense to burn money to campaign in an unstable environment, just to earn a seat or 2 in a parliament that is full of Cpdm?

    The rest of the participating-opposition surely thinks by running away from bread and sardine Kamto must be a fool…

    • ZAM ZAM,,,, so you still believe that holding periodic elections is the way forward? Is this not a strategic mistake?. how do you select a team of competent talented women and men to craft strategies to take us forward by opposing one camp to the other? There is no place for top brains with talent and competence base on track record here.all is about affiliation to fruitless political parties.no long-term economic transformation strategy can work in a system where people think on a short term bases because they want to win votes in the next comedy called elections or kicked out. But a system where one team is gradually replaced by assistants who have worked with the same team makes sense. There is continuity and improvement on the foundation already build.

  2. Biya / gov, are not ready for talks, because their dumb military, is totally
    behind them, even when it means them all dying in the waterloo. As a
    reminder, if Biya, doesn`t kill all those young SCs who in 2016, dared to
    protest and challenge his stay at Etoudi, he will not bulge. What else, can
    explains why Biya is silent, can not move to the regions and can not call
    the idiots, back to the baracks?
    In the other publication, folks are calling for France, to compensate those
    killed during the UPC uprising. Including those being killed now, is this a
    good excuse why France, should be very active in Cameroon? Don`t we
    hear Cameroon, is a sovereign nation? Cpdm party, there is no good future
    ahead for you people. Time will tell.

    • Joshua

      You are doing a good thing in starting to criticize your CPDM party. You are a member of this deceitful evil party that is why you will always have an axe to grind with the graffis you cannot stand. You prefer to pretend and hide behind Sako Ikome while holding meetings with representatives of this devilish evil government behind the backs of the poor ignorant masses. Why did your Maryland Cabal grant audiences to Michel Bouba dispatched by Etoudi, Mafani Mussonge, Ellie Smith and John Fru Ndi yet you turn around and berate an innocent man in prison praying for his demise? How evil and hypocritical can it get? Today your very Sako has betrayed Nakere Leonard Nambere and you must be very proud to see the effects transpiring in Younde as I write. We will not bow despite the blood.

  3. The GOC had repeated severally that the so-called Grand National Dialogue was the end of any dialogue.
    The same GOC is now saying that after the phoney elections she will participate in the Swiss dialogue.

    One thing is 100 certain:

    the Anglophone Question can only be resolved with the help of a GENUINE and INCLUSIVE dialogue. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS.

    Simply put, the BIR, FAKE dialogue, dirty tricks and cosmetic measures are considered as a waste of precious time, energy and scarce resources. A typical example of a FAKE dialogue was the so-called Major National Dialogue aka BIYALOGUE aka KAMTOLOGUE.

    Believe me or not, BIYALOGUE was meant to resolve the KAMTO Question. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS. That is the reason the international community is very annoyed with the GOC.

    • The GOC is doing everything possible to avoid a GENUINE and INCLUSIVE dialogue. Unfortunately for her, the international community will continue to exert pressure until the GOC will oblige. The AGOA cancellation is one of such pressure on the GOC

      INCLUSIVE DIALOGUE means that all three groups of Anglophones must be represented.

      • Unionists, such as Musonge, Atanga Nji
      • Federalists, such as Dr. Balla, Dr. Munzu
      • Separatists, such as Mark Bareta, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe


      • ZERO NO-GO-AREA for discussion
      • Roundtable i.e. all parties EQUAL IN STATUS
      • No dirty tricks by any party
      • No preconditions e.g. the form of the state is sacrosanct

      As a corollary, sending Anglophone CPDM Sycophants to “dialogue” with Anglophone CPDM Sycophants is considered as FAKE DIALOGUE

    • Believe me or not, any INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue will end with two options for the two countries ( SC and LRC)


      a FEDERATION of TWO states EQUAL IN STATUS ( cf UNGA Resolution 1608 )


      SEPARATION of the INFORMAL cohabitation into two independent states, viz

      * “one and indivisible” SC
      * “one and indivisible” LRC

      There is no third option. The so-called Special Slave Status is no option. This is so because SC and LRC are two DIFFERENT states EQUAL IN STATUS. LRC or SC has no legal authority to grant the other a so-called Special Slave Status. The earlier “Nyamoto Kpwatolo” Biya this statement of facts and reality, the better for him and his DREAM of a so-called “one and indivisible” LRC that includes ” one and indivisible” SC.

  4. H A P P Y. N E W Y E A R TO E V E R Y B O D Y.

    I hope you all find happiness and God’s bountiful blessings.

    • at a time when other countries are talking about inter planitary voyage,our creationist intellectuals are wishing people gods bountiful blessings. A god they have never seen? can a country whose aleads lack scientific thinking develope? Economic transformation is a question of intelligence.

      • @Bah we need God oh, But YOU need him more because with spellings like yours one can never go far without divine intervention
        Now on a serious note; these people can organise dialogues as much as they want if our local parliament CANNOT pass laws which govern our territory they can forget it our struggle can only become stronger

        • DEPANDA,,,, your thinking is typical of people indoctrinated from childhood. No calm calculated thoughtful thinking. Everything is emotional.

  5. Biya the bloody butcher will not stope the killing. He and his spawn must be removed.

  6. as long as the separatists can not form a own strong and representative Government of Ambazonia witch is presented as the one an unique dialogue-partner, all thie is blablablabla. But to form sutch a governent it Needs gourage, abnegateion readiness to die for, intelligent people- not professional politicians – and TOGETHERNESS. All These conditions are yet not. First create ist. The prove you were successfull will be a 1%-participation on the elections: i AM SEARCHING FOR A PAGE WERE I CAN REGISTER ALL CRITIQUES FOR EXEMPLE THAT EACH ” SERVICE” GIVEN BY CIVIL SERVANTS WTCH HAVE HER SALARY; COST MONEY.: TAKING A READY PASSPORT IN YAOUNDE; SEVENTY TH; ASKING FOR A id IN bANGA THIRTY TH; BUYING A FORM TH PROVE THAT I AM A LIVE FPOR MY PENDION FIVE TH:::::CHEAP::::IN kUMBA; ETC:::ETC::: BUT

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