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North African Football Union Wants AFCON Withdrawn From Cameroon

Al-Bawaba | The North African Football Union (UNAF) wants the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to move the hosting of the 2019 African Cup of Nations from Cameroon to Morocco.

UNAF says Cameroon seems more than likely to withdraw, and the union is placing pressure on CAF to make sure that the first-ever, 24-team tournament is not held under difficult conditions or in half-finished stadiums. As a meeting of the CAF Executive Committee nears, where crucial decisions are expected, the region’s football union supports the “rescue mission” envisaged by Morocco.

According to Algerian papers, the Kingdom of Morocco wants to come to the rescue for the second time after the African Nations Championship was withdrawn from Kenya in 2018, and they can count on “the support of Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans and especially Algeria”.

Last week, Algerian media, including the daily Le Buteur, already wrote that the tournament will be held in Morocco, not in Cameroon, the country chosen by CAF to host next year.

“According to information in our possession, the AFCON 2019 will take place next June on Moroccan soil and not in Cameroon, because of the great delays in the construction and renovation of infrastructure,” reports Le Buteur in its Wednesday’s edition.

CAF’s President Ahmad had reportedly raised the possibility of holding the 2019 tournament in another country, if Cameroon is not able to finish the preparatory work in time

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  1. CAF is headed by Ahmad Ahmad who has been so visible at the Unity Palace. No statues changed hands but the man will be in a difficult situation to reverse all of the “entre nous” that took place with His Excellency, Samuel Eto’o Fils, Roger Albert Milla. It won’t be easy to change course. Ask Antonio Guterres in NY or Patricia’s Scotland in London.

  2. Morocco reclined to host when it was their turn in 2015 in fear of EBOLA. Equat. Guinea had to rescue the tournament. They failed to win the 2026 World Cup. Now they want to take the Afcon from us. It doesn’t work like that Morocco.CAF is bound to give us ample time to get things ready. They are the once who choose to increase the competition to 24teams, by so doing, breaking the initial agreement. I jave never seen this situation before. Increasing teams in the middle of the preliminaries just to give countries like Madagascar (Ahmad Ahmad’s Country) a chance to qualify. No problem with the 2rteams, but the way it was done was very wrong. World cup teams have been increased, but that will not take effect till 2026. This decision was made even before Rusia 2018. CAF can’t afford lawsuits.

    • Thank you for your time, sir Bolton. Well said, indeed!

    • Bolton you could be right. But Cameroon is part of CAF and vote for the change number of teams from to 24. Even if Cameroon voted no, they should have reassessed the scope of work and back away in-time from the organisation. Rather they said they could do it within the expected time frame. So they should not complain.
      In addition, I haven’t seen any increased in the initial amount of infrastructure promised by the government as a result of increase in number of teams. The amount of stadia they plan on building has not change? The amount of roads they planned on rehabilitating has not changed. Hotels are provided by the public sector. So what are you talking about.

      We have a very lazy and laggard government and should hold the responsible rather!

      • DaScava I feel like giving you palm wine.
        Whenever you engage these I n competent people they have some excuse that doesn’t make sense.
        they should finish the stadiums which they initially sought to build and leave CAF to host the 24 teams in those stadiums.

    • Then Morroco should also face the same problem you are raising here Da Scava.. or you mean if the tournament takes place in Morocco, the number of teams would be reduced? How comes Moroccos is immediately prepared to deal with the sudden change of numbers and Cameroon is not?

      • Bobe,that is a very stupid question that deserves no response.It looks like you are just from a cave.

    • [email protected] thankyou for your decent comment and support and suggestion of lawsuits …your right .

  3. Political jealousy in Africa, uncesaary pride. The Central Africa country is ready and will be ready. Why all the differences in Africa over the hoisting right of Cameroon??? You shouldn’t forget that Cameroon has 5 stadias already with the two big stadiums which are 75percent done??? Not to talk of the hotels, roads,hospitals which are already waiting for the AFCON. Africans don’t support development. Other Africa countries were instead supposed to sport the country in hoisting rather than sit back to steal it from the country, from all indications, if Cameroon don’t hoist next year AFCON, no AFCON will ever be sweet in the history of Africa football. The country is the only country that can make the whole world enjoy Africa football. The have everything to do so. AWCON is a good example

    • Where are the roads and hotels? In Kumba? Don’t make me laugh.

    • @Le Pere Yanko,I am sure you spent a very good part of your life in a cave

    • you actually mean that the cup only stadias! how do you get to the stadias? how do you even get into the country? What if anyone gets a cardiac arrest (knock on wood)? do we have any heliport to choppered them to France? would they survive?

  4. Kikkik what a joke dis clowns regime apologist going bananas here in dis forum, every nonentity want to be somebody big names /title “@Sir Bolton”, CAF should redrawn the hosting rights , the corrupt wicked Biya regime cannot develop his country sports infrastructure when awarded the right to host the tournament until the last minute even though given ample time to finish,u still don’t have good road connecting some of the measures stadium under construction in Douala and Yauoude talk less of Bafousssam the whole place looks like a big village, zero road network Garoua is still barley struggling to build hotels as we speak and that’s one of the venue to host the CAF, Limbe and Buea and surrounding are unstable with daily gun battles with restorationist forces doesn’t want the game there

    • I indeed brother. Even at the face of glaring failure some people still find a way of defending the government!

  5. “Waiting the last minute to feed your background chicken for market “

  6. “Backyard I meant”

  7. Morocco the stadium are ready visit Marrakech city2 months ago for business from Menara airport to city center beautiful same in rabat compared that to Douala international airport to any place of your choice garbage everywhere, and that’s the gate way to the tournament please CAF redrawn

  8. It is but normal that the AFCON be withdrawn from a devil nation like Cameroon, you cannot hastily rush to build human traps in the name of stadiums just because you want to host the AFCON. When other countries were busy preparing for the future were was Cameroon, they most wait and until the everything is done and in a proper manner then in some 15 years to come African and CAF may think of trying them, withing this period all those out dated hotels, roads, restaurants etc most have been renovated and in a proper manner. Eto’o and co should be ashamed that they are supporting failure ,small countries like Gabon and Equatorial Guinea took less than no time to rescue the 2015 AFCON they took some years back to prepare their infrastructure not the last minutes syndrome

  9. Garbage republic not fit to host a simple afcon. CAF should not risk foreigners lives in the name of pleasing a diaper wearing dictator. He can give the whole CameroUn to Ahmad. Why is really difficult for CameroUnese to understand that what is simply expected of them is building infrastructure, roads stadia hospital airport hotels?

    • You are not a Cameroonian. Why bother?

    • And you say Ambazonia is not winning?
      Even with completed stadia, no one wants to risk going to play in a war zone. Least you have forgotten, ask Togo of its experience in Angola.


    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is perpetrating genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in SC. The stadium in Victoria will be a NO-GO-AREA for football players and fans.
    Amba boys have vowed to protect the territorial integrity of SC. Bombs will surely explode in the stadium in Victoria

    CAF should therefore not endanger the lives of players and fans. Morocco should host the game in order to allow LRC to concentrate on Dictator Biya’s SH*THOLE UNWINNABLE war.


      The greatest paradox that defies all human logic is that apologists of the evil Junta in Etoudi always blindly defend that evil regime of Dictator Biya.
      Any person in his right mind will agree with me that the country can NEVER EVER fulfil the ” cahier des charges” of CAF. It is not only about stadia. The hotels, roads, logistics, etc. in LRC LEAVE MUCH TO BE DESIRED.

      Case study 1: the so-called Douala “International” Airport

      the lift, air conditioners, toilets, etc are NOT functioning. Of course, CAF is not responsible for such a lack of development.

      • Who gave you the right to talk about Cameroon?
        You should focus on your virtual Republic of ‘Ambazonia “.



          “La chute du regime Biya est proche. Tous les signes sont la.
          @Cameroon Tribune, faut un peu arreter de tout romantiser.
          Le remaniement dans l’armee veut dire que les choses vont mal.” ( Bikutsi, 2014)

          **** MY TAKE ****

          1. @Bikutsi pretends to be the spokeswoman for Francophone and Beti supremacy on this forum
          2. However, the same @Bikutsi predicted in 2014 the collapse of the Beti and Francophone Government of Dictator Paul Biya
          3. This is proof that @Bikutsi is an opportunist par excellence
          4. @Bikutsi and company are indeed ” LES VRAIES ENEMIES DANS LA MAISON ”
          5. You be the judge

        • We didn’t ask you to enter our country. If you had remained in your B u l u forest we would not even be having this discussion.

  11. Good Move..
    Take it away from this primitive, Brutal, corrupt and retarded gorillas in LRC..
    A country that brings only shame to its people..
    A country that has been taken hostage by a diapers DESPOT…
    Please let that Tournament be sent to a different country…
    Arabs are not the best people at all, but at the moment anything is better than cameroon..
    I will prefer to give it to South Sudan, and Somalia even..

  12. I knew from day 1 that this tournament would not be hold in Cameroon. How would a country where nothing works be able to organise a big tournament? Terrible roads, terrorist in the Anglophone zone and where will the visitors sleep? They already have problems to find hotels for the players.

  13. All the cockroaches are out in force today wishing something bad to happen to Cameroon.
    The general assembly in Cameroon should vote a law to revoke nationality from some folks…
    To all of you haters, African cup or not cameroon will remain one with all those stadia for Cameroonians to enjoy.
    Get lost

    • Exactly. Some don’t even deserved to be called Cameroonians.
      Faut remarquer que tous ceux là qui souhaitent le pire à notre beau pays sont tous des ratés. Des gens qui n’ont plus rien à perdre. Aucun investissement, bref aucune vie. Des loosers tout simplement.
      Il faudra revoir cette échéance du droit ‘naturel ‘ à la nationalité Camerounaise.
      Cette nationalité devrait etre désormais méritée.
      Je ne suis ni la premiere, ni la seule à le dire. Des voix se font entendre à propos.
      Tous ceux là qui trainent notre drapeau dans la boue devraient etre déchus de cette nationalité et interdits d’acces au 237.

      • unholy woman be my guest. we have been struggling to explain to you all this while that we do not want to be called camerounese any more.
        how can someone not understand this?
        you are not inventing anything, you are not teaching us anything. we have decided that we don’t want you.
        please leave our land.

      • Il faut cesser d’agir comme si la nationalité camerounaise offrait un certain avantage aux gens , et soyez un peu objectif dans vos visions. Organiser la CAN au Cameroun sera une autre honte de les camer. Ce pays manque de tout pour offrir ou garantir un accueil chaleureux aux invités, outre le fait que les esprits ne soient pas à la fête, le pays est en guerre en plus d’être tenu en otage par ce gang biyanais.

  14. What a pity in experiencing how Evil doer’s are beginning to kill themselves before the Olembe Stadium Opening Ceremony ( AFCON 2019 ) takes place. Those North African countries petitions to withdraw the hosting rite from Cameroon ,” if the above writing is true” is like crying while swimming inside an ocean and expects those on land to notice that your crying. AFCON 2019 would remain Cameroon2019 or No AFCON.

  15. Thanks comrade in the struggle ,frogs are a bunch of useless people I ever seen in my life, which Ambazonia in their right mind want to continue dis GoD forsaken union with la republique, has brought nothing to our people but suffering ,pain and death, imagine the venue our people has been slaughtered, girls brutalized and rape by the rapist moronic bastards cowardice army like animals in their own land is the same place they’re planning to host the game and u think we’re going to allow that to happen moronic clowns ,some of the local people’s villages around the surroundings of buea has been burn by wicked corrupt Biya cowardice moronic bastard army and some escape in the forest to safe their life and still livin there yet they’re planning to used their surrounding, get out of Ambazonia

  16. The D-Day comes up in 24 hours. There is suspense in the air but little indiscretions are being dropped here and there about the insecurity in the north,SW, NW and the poor hygiene situation along the streets of Douala. Not much is echoed about the readiness of the stadia!

  17. Le Cameroun n a ni stade , ni securite comment organiser une CAN ? On ne peut pas faire comme si les populations n etaient pas massacres par l usurpateur Paul Biya.

  18. massacrees