North West: Mideno distributes 270 tons of fish feed to boost production

Business in Cameroon | The North West Development Authority (Mideno) recently distributed inputs and equipment to farmers in this region of Cameroon, official sources indicate. The inputs include 270 tons of fish feed, and 9,000 vaccine doses to ensure the zoo-sanitary treatment of the 7,380 small ruminants that will soon be provided to the farmers. As for the equipment, they include ice machines and 34 refrigerators.

This livestock promotion operation initiated by the Mideno is part of an overall fish and livestock development project it is leading. Besides increasing productivity and ensuring conservation, the initiative will provide significant income to fish farmers and breeders in this part of Cameroon where the anglophone crisis has had important economic fallouts.

According to Cletus Anye Matoyah, Mideno’s General Manager, to date, in the framework of the fisheries and livestock development project, 630,000 chicks have been distributed to poultry farmers in the North West, various equipment handed to livestock framers, and 500 km of roads reconstructed in the region’s production areas.

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