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Nouvel an : les séparatistes camerounais annoncent une adresse de leur président

APAnews | Les séparatistes des régions camerounaises du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest ont annoncé, dans un communiqué posté lundi en mi-journée sur leurs plateformes de propagande, que leur président par intérim, Samuel Ikome Sako, fera ce soir à 20h une allocution à l’occasion du de Nouvel an.

Samuel Ikome Sako

S’exprimant depuis sa base aux États-Unis, le chef des indépendantistes saluera notamment les combattants sur le terrain et encouragera ses partisans à rester fermes, tout en raffermissant en eux l’espoir d’une Ambazonie libre dans le cœur des populations, souligne le communiqué .

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«L’allocution du Dr Sako, selon le communiqué, sera diffusée par la chaîne de télévision séparatiste, la chaîne de télévision Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC) et la chaîne de télévision Ambazonia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), situées en dehors du pays, mais disponibles sur Internet et par satellite.»

Il s’agira du énième acte de défiance des indépendantistes anglophones. Dans un de leurs tracts, circulant dans les régions concernées mais également sur les réseaux sociaux, ils donnent jusqu’au 31 décembre à «l’administration francophone» pour, entre autres, quitter les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest.

Dans le même ordre d’idées, les indépendantistes ont posté, il y a trois jours, une vidéo montrant un soldat de l’armée régulière en train d’être décapité par leurs combattants, une exécution qualifiée d’«extrême barbarie» par le chef de division de la communication au ministère de la Défense, le colonel Didier Badjeck.

«Nous espérons que tous ceux qui agitent la confusion en exposant de manière calomnieuse de prétendues exactions commises par l’armée camerounaise, auront le courage de dénoncer cet acte abject et ignoble. Nous attendons les réactions que nous n’exigeons peut-être pas. Lorsque les consciences d’hommes et femmes disposant encore d’une vertu s’indignent, cela ne peut être que réconfortant ; surtout au moment où des mesures sacrificielles s’investissent pour retrouver la paix.»

Sur le terrain de la crise anglophone, débutée en octobre 2016 par des revendications corporatistes d’avocats et d’enseignants, APA a appris, de sources sécuritaires, qu’au moins six combattants séparatistes avaient été tués vendredi dans la localité de Binka (Nord-Ouest), alors qu’ils venaient d’attaquer des bergers.

L’assaut de l’armée a également permis de mettre la main sur un assaillant et de saisir plusieurs armes chez les hommes de Samuel Ikome Sako, nommé chef par intérim depuis l’arrestation et l’extradition du Nigeria, en début d’année, du leader sécessionniste anglophone Sisiku Ayuk Tabe et neuf de ses lieutenants.

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  1. The supporters of Mr Kamto are looking forward to his speech on 237Tv and GCTV tonight
    The people of southern Cameroons are looking forward to the speech of AP Sako on SABCtv, ABCtv.
    The people French Cameroun already know the recycled speech of president Biya will be played on CRTV for the 37th year and the next 6yrs to make a total of 43yrs.
    This is the reality today in Cameroon, no amount of denying will change it.
    The never again generation has refused to be fed lies by the state control CRTV. Using the army to intimidate the population is all the hypercentralized Napoleonic Yaoundé tribal government can do.
    Change has come to the Cameroons for good.

  2. Good riddance….don’t forget to rally support to save Tapang’s A from US state prosecutors in ur speech.

    I wish the Tapang-lawsuit won’t follow the domino rule tho…

    • If you really think that lawsuit will not be dismissed before the jury assembles then you are a capital moron. The briefings of the US Senate/Congress regarding the dictator’s lackadaisical efforts to solve the root cause of the issue is enough indictment for you criminals.

      • Why has Tapang tendered his apology?

        Typical Amba movement behaviour, you hide and incite people to do the dirty job for you.

        Those lawsuits would be extended to EU, be prepared to face the battle on several fronts.

        Anyway, other so-called activists are now weighing their words. Too late.

        They will all be brought to BOOK for masterminding the beheading of people—proofs abound on YT—it will be a very brief case for any court of law.

        That said, I would have crowned you the NYAMFUKA of the New Yew Year for naivety, but I am more than that.

        Continue using that name, China man—a sanction for that is a life-time ban from this platform…

        • Did Tapang apologize to Biya? See how empty you are for missing the point in his apology to other splinter groups? Do you think if all those in the US, Europe etc are arrested the fighting will stop foolish gong gong head? What happened after Balla, Sisikou and co arrest? Listen dull boy, there are many splinter groups fighting the terrorist army to defend their homeland. In a court of law it has never been terrorism defending oneself from an unjust war declared by a democratic usurper. Go read how America was founded foolish boy. The only thing that will halt this violence is an unconditional release of all those arrested, withdrawal of all the brutal army and a Frank/sincere dialogue; the position of the USA. I am one of the lawyers ready to ensure the dismissal of the law suit. Idiot

        • We know the real Zam-Zam apart from the canine eating replica trying to pass for him.

        • You’re just confirming all what non-IG Anglos have figured out in your way of doing things. First and foremost, you are not living and feeling the heat in CMR. Surprisingly tho, you’re the ones setting the prerequisite for a dialogue. People are there suffering back home, they pray each cursed night that passes that mad dogs-amba boys should disappear from their vicinity and let them manage their small lives in perfect tranquillity. All those cries mean absolutely nothing to you psychos. All you are good at, is to kiss your own kids each night in front of a TV screen and lay them to bed. Yet, u blatantly deny those same privileges to poor illiterate people, whose only crime is to have been naive and felt into your trap. And now that u have them hostage, the rest can DIE.

          CRAIZ people…

  3. who cares about this rat “Samuel Ikome Sako” is an American citizen.

  4. His name, is His Excellency Rev Dr. Samuel Ikome Sako. He is the President of the
    Republic and people of AMBAZONIA. What else qualifies him? He has close to 7.m
    population, Tv staion, radio, efficient and dedicated cabinet and most especially,
    international reputation. He is the Daniel in the lion`s den.
    Good health, focast and vission for your people {AMBAZONIANS} for 2019. It shall
    be well. Congratulations.

    • Hahahaha oh my! If he is truly the president, who voted for him? A group of frustrated pple? Is that fair? Why does he deserve to be president? That’s the problem here; pple thriving on the weaknesses of others. I would rather a secessionist be president, than some hypocrite thriving abroad on the donations of desperate diasporans. A true leader will join his people and fight for their independence on the battlefield. Haven’t we learnt anything from history?

  5. Cameroon is giving the world a lot of food for thought, plenty of analytic material. Nothing can be dismissed as yet.
    #1. In the matter of end-to-end address to the nation. citizens have a rich choice to make from deliveries by President Paul Biya , Prof. Maurice Kamto, Barrister Akere Muna, Candidate Cabral Libii IP Dr. Samuel Ikome Sako.
    #2. Someone has painted a picture of violence for comparison as to the one more deserving of national convention – soldiers killing and burning civian corpses or civilians decapitating soldiers for the cameras.
    #3.The last but clearly not the easiest to make sense of is rather a mixture of fact and fiction. Foudre of Akonolinga is engaged with Top Tarzan of Mutengene, receiving applause from supporters in the grandstand, the great triangle and the

    • Diaspora. Supporters of Foudre Akonolinga in the Diaspora institute litigation against those of Top Tarzan, also in the Diaspora, for supporting hostile play on the part of Top Tarzan of Mutengene. Lots of fireworks out there.

  6. We will never yield.
    Freedom, freedom, freedom.

  7. Happy new year to all of you.
    Hope 2019 is “the year” for you.

  8. Not HE Sissikou Julius Tabe, not Rev Dr. Ikome Sako, not even Mr. Biya, is
    nominated the man of the year. It is Chris Anu, secretary of State for
    communications / IT in the IG of the Republic of Ambazonia.
    Congrats Mr. Anu, may the good lord, grant you more peace and wisdom
    in the new year.

  9. Paul Biya is internationally isolated. He is a desperate dictator. He fumbles from bilingualism, disarmament, dialogue and. he is a man of ill will. No one can trust the lazy imbecile

  10. Le fruit est mûr

    Biya va tomber comme une vermine