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Number of IDPs in Cameroon’s troubled Anglophone regions inflated by NGOs: minister

YAOUNDE, April 4 Xinhua | — NGOs are exaggerating the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Cameroon’s two war-torn English-speaking regions in a bid “to make business,” an official said on Thursday.

“I read a public document recently published by an NGO saying that we have more than 400,000 internally displaced people in Cameroon. That is total misinformation and I can say it’s fake news,” Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji told a press conference here in the capital city.

“It is unfortunate that some partners want to use the situation to make business. Inflating the number of IDPs presents another danger which can even jeopardize the sovereignty of the state,” he added.

Nji’s statement came after Human Rights Watch, a U.S.-based NGO, reported that close to 500,000 people have been displaced internally in the two war-torn English-speaking regions.

“Statistics from administrative authorities and serious NGOs working in collaboration with government show that there are about 152,000 internally displaced people in the northwest and southwest regions and about 6,000 internally displaced in the west, central and littoral regions,” Nji said, adding that 75,000 IDPs have been assisted by the government.

Armed separatists have been clashing with government forces in the two Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest since November 2017, seeking to secede from French-majority Cameroon and create a new nation called “Ambazonia.”

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    “It takes a thief to catch a thief”

    Ex-convict Atanga Nji is discrediting the figures of NGO’S while at the same time disseminating FAKE NEWS that “that 75,000 IDPs have been assisted by the government”.



      CAF was extremely lucky to have transferred AFCON19 to Egypt.
      The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC could have NEVER EVER been ready. This is so because she is suffering from a chronic “défaut de moyens financiers” because of Dictator Biya’s sh*thole UNWINNABLE war:

      “infrastructures de la CAN: Les travaux du Stade Paul Biya d’Olembé à l’arrêt à cause des tensions de trésorerie”


      As a corollary, Comoro islands have dragged LRC before Caf seeking LRC disqualification from Afcon 2019. The stripping of the 2019 Afcon hosting rights could lead to a legal wrangle as Comoros seek to evoke Caf statutes for LRC to be expelled from the tournament.


  2. The mere mention of this moron’s name, spills bile into my mouth, not simply because of his stand on the Anglophone issue, but because for an ex-convict like him to be paraded as a minister of territorial administration, is a mockery and demonstrates the gravity of how dysfunctional the Biya regime is, how little they care about presenting an upright image of their country. It is a strong reason for why we have to distant ourself from these greedy individuals.

  3. Atanga Nji said there “was no Anglophone problem in Cameroon”
    He was promoted to minister to ensure fake news is repeated until the masses start believe it is truth.
    When the army burns 300 villages with approximately 1500 people per village and environs you have automatically displaced 450,000 people.
    What about the war being prosecuted Anglophone cities forcing thousands more to become internal refugees
    Statistics of war on Anglophones
    550,000 internal refugees
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    130,000 children no school
    20,000 killed
    10,000 jailed in French Cameroon
    We can’t hide the effects of war declared on Anglophones in Cameroon by the Yaoundé Franco-Equatorial government for asking to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in supposed Bilingual Cameroon.
    Low IQ

  4. African dictatorships make a futile effort of presenting a public facade to the international community & when it backfires, they ramble in protest. How paradoxical! Didn’t they invite the Common Wealth? Left out are the oppressed citizens.
    Atanga Nji is naturally inarticulate & inept at problem-solving. His primitive approach is tough talk & subservience to a despot. Today the country is caught up between two hostilities engendered by the Biya regime.
    One thing that is nonnegotiable among Biya lovers is the point of NEVER talking about Biya’s illegitimacy & relinquishment of power after having been rejected in every election since 1992. That pain of seemingly unrequited love hunts the infidel and he has hated his people ever since. He’s run out of time, infirm & senile,.. soon be gone !

  5. Nobody was actually expecting the government to accept the figures from the NGOs. Like it has ever been the case, the will public fictive figures that will in one way favour them. Atanga Nji, the world know the truth. Even the 150.000 internally displaced that you made mention of does not speak in your favour. Ur government is the course of their displacement.

  6. The criminal is out. Atangana Nji is a war criminal

  7. 75000 families . There are some families with more than 6,7 members. Multiply that by 75000. Who is fooling who here. Don’t know why God punished us with retards in the name of government.

  8. Atanga Nji`s body language in addressing all issues related to the Biya war, tell
    he is a con man and unfit to be minister. But he is in deep waters, including his
    immediate family members to about the third generation. He is another example,
    of a fool who prides in foolishness before his real fall. The wrath of betraying
    his own people to the villian, will be more than tongue can tell. Much wonder, if
    he or his wife, know this.

  9. Atanga Nji Paul was appointed minister based on his lies (there is no Anglophone problem). Naturally his staying power will depend on more lies.

  10. I detest stereotyping but the parallels can’t be ignored. It seems the current gang of sub-Saharan Africans made it a mission to keep their people in permanent bondage and the presidency is to be an ownership. Bouteflika resigned when soundly rejected, same with Ben Ali and Mubarak. Mbivondo is riding the ship to wreckage, so is Museveni and so did Mugabe. Biya is older than all but Mugabe and that’s the record he is chasing. He revels in the idea so much that the thought of not making it is distressing. The truth is he won’t. Cavaye, another octogenarian is clearly waiting for his opportunity to take back power to the North, Nyat won’t make it too long. Tchiroma is ambitiously expectant just in case. Biya wants to be presented at the CAN 2021 as H.E Nonagenarian Lucifer. He won’t make it.

  11. Great integity and sustainability numbers for private and public companies………….practical examples of great social complience, it must inspire great consumer confidence .Ever heard of the higgs indice ,does it include internal citizen refugee numbers ?

  12. The National Interest

    Life goes on in the other regions of the country and this is the most important.

  13. Totally agree with you the national interest and this is exactly what we have been saying. If life goes in larepublique while our homes burn it simply means we are a different country

  14. @At national interest: When foreign countries invaded Syria, life went on in those foreign countries as usual. Nobody expects life in lrc to come to a standstill. Anglophones won’t stop until someone in the end stands up to listen to them. We will wear down the regime with our defiance and continue beating on the doors of the international community until they capitulate and listen to us. Already our problem has now become an international issue. We are no longer some voiceless people that Biya can toss about in the wind. One finger in pain troubles the entire body, although the other organs are seemingly fine. Lrc can never emerge from being a poor country if she is waging a war against Ambazonia, regardless of the peace that appears to be reigning in lrc. low IQ French puppets

  15. Atanga Nji Paul minister of territorial administration spent several years in prison as a criminal .He was released when he sold his soul to Paul Biya and to Francmacon .An illiterate of the first order and married to a bulu woman from centre province Atanga Nji has been used by the regime in Yaoundé as a hitman in many situations.Atanga Nji has never spoken a word of truth in his life and from his mouth only garbage is spilled.Atanga Nji is a conman and a killer of the first order and that is why the regime desperately needs him.Seeing him is just like seeing Lucifer himself.

  16. Kameni Djoumessi

    CPDM government electoral register of the more than 210 villages burnt down shows more than 3.8 million registered voters and for elections in these communities.This list is produced by Atanga Nji’s office.Thesame Atanga Nji goes around to tell the world that only 75 000 people have been displaced.With the heavy shooting from the army and counter offensive from the separatist fighters these communities have been laid waste ,burnt down and completely deserted.Atanga Nji has no shame to deny the facts produced by Human rights watch when he knows fully well that these communities have been completely deserted and the people have fled into bushes some to east Cameroun and others across the border.To be honest the number of displaced people exceeds 4 million.Atanga Nji is a liar.

    • We know atangana nji said there was no problem in Ambazonia. He project ghost voters in his slave Master house. The slave himself is uneducated and speaks very porous English. He is incompetent

  17. Mathias nguini owona nyamding massanga and Banda Kani, wowo clumsy camerounese

  18. There is no Anglophone problem

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