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The wreckage of a crashed helicopter in Cameroon

One killed as Cameroon military helicopter crashes in restive North West region

defenceWeb | A light helicopter belonging to Cameroon’s military crashed on 13 May in the restive North West region, killing at least one official.

The helicopter, which had seven persons on board, crashed in the forests around Oku village. It is believed to be a Harbin Z-9. Four of the type were acquired from China in 2014, but one was lost in a crash in 2015.

Witnesses said amongst the seven passengers on board, who sustained various degrees of injury, were three top administrative officials in the area, known as Divisional Officers.

Cameroon is presently neck-deep in an armed conflict in which nearly 2 000 people have been killed, according to figures by global rights advocacy outfit, International Crisis Group.

The village where the helicopter crashed is one of the strongholds of the crisis in which separatist fighters are clamouring for the creation of a new state which they call Ambazonia.

Survivors said the helicopter was not shot down, but crashed due to a poor landing.

Monday’s helicopter crash comes a day after Cameroon’s Prime Minister Dr Joseph Dion Ngute concluded a four-day visit in the region’s capital city, Bamenda, during which he campaigned for peace to return to the war-torn North West and South West regions which make up about 20% of Cameroon’s population of nearly 25 million people.

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  1. This is the continuation of the count down.one or two more to go with the talk of LGAs acquiring RPGs for self defense from helicopter gunships.lrc stop violating Ambazonian airspace.
    Ambalanders please fund the struggle now like never before,we have a right to self defense.

  2. La chute du royaume du ROI MACAQUE (Biya paul)

  3. They will be taken out by any means. Satan is waiting to burn him like firewood. The blood of Ambazonians spilled since October 2016 will be taking them down one after the other. I regret that all of them did not perish. Oku is not part of LRC–their army helicopter should not be flying over Ambazonia.

    The LRC copter should in the North fighting Boko Haram. Stupid Magidas allow their sons to be sent into Ambazonia where they get their waterloo.

    The worse is yet to come. Burn in HELL!!!!!!!!!

  4. For not up to even a hundred thousand frs. pay package, they risk their precious
    lives, serving a dictator. He surely is telling lies on the other side.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      For not upro 1 franc the ambazombie terrorists risk their precious lives, serving scammers and Fake Pastors (Ikome Sako and Chris Anu).

      We all know the scammers in the diaspora continue to feed the vulnerable illiterate youth with lies.
      These scammers go to the extent of lying that the informal meeting held by some members of the UN security council on 13 May 2019 means victory to them! What a bunch of liars!
      I wonder whether their supporters have any brains. UNESCO has still not cancelled the school year in Cameroon or the GCE!

      If you claim you are figting for autonomy, why deprive your own children of education? Why kill the teachers?Why destroy the health facilities.?

      The world knows there is no logic to their behavior yet they expect the world to take them serious!

      • Kum Kum Crazy !!! Kum Kum Cuckoo !!!

        Not every anti-Popol person is an Amba person, so stop your hopeless emotionally animated attacks. Biya irrational apologist!
        Did the gentleman mention Amba? May be you guys like Amba to be around to brandish your praise-singing stupidity for a despot. You, Biya & cronies and some of your Amba antagonists are destroying the country. 37 yrs and counting and a numbskull is in his defense.
        “Popol brought peace” used to be the hopeless sing-song. How is the country doing? Peaceful?? Every appointed minister is in jail, trillions of CFA stolen, daughter was living a lewd life in USA paying $1000 for a limo to school. The Monster despot spends 4 months in Swiss hospital every year.
        You little infidel and dumb-ass!!! Nincompoop! Man up, little scoundrel!

      • Don’t mind these dull drunkards @KKPG they promised independence to ”mu mu” its been 3years now on ,on, on attend … Yesterday they said they downed the army copter tommorow they will tell us that they were the ones who poisoned Belinga Eboutou in Geneva and what next?

  5. Maj 2019. Cameroon is still One and Indivisible.

    • Bikutsi’, the ides of March are come Abazonia.

      Abazonia’,Aye,Bikutsi but not gone.
      This is just the begining,the rest will follow.we are done with lrc,even Dion Ngute will openly vote for complete separation

      • You as individuals are free to leave.
        The Territory of Cameroon remain ONE.
        There is no power in this world who can change that.

        • Even planets move away from each other.

          So is Ambazonia gone forever.

          Welcome to the future.



    **** MEMORY LANE ****

    1. Laurent Esso, pensait que quand les avocats du Common Law qui manifestaient «auront faim, ils reviendront devant les tribunaux». Les qualifiant de «groupuscule d’individus»

    2. Fame Ndongo, avait soutenu que les manifestants tentaient d’exprimer «des problèmes d’ordre politique, notamment soit le fédéralisme, soit la sécession. Evidemment, cela est non négociable […] Donc, il n’y aura aucun printemps anglophone», avait martelé le ministre de l’Enseignement Supérieur.

    3. Issa Tchiroma, alors au ministère de la Communication, estimait qu’il n’est pas possible de dialoguer avec «les terroristes».

    4. Atanga Nji «avait comparé les combattants séparatistes à une horde de bandits qui allait être très vite être mise hors d’état de nuire».



      The leaders of LRC opened, with their arrogance, a pandora box.
      They have now realised that it is not possible to close the box.
      Cosmetic measures, the BIR and empty threats by Dictator Biya have all failed to close the box.

      The greatest paradox that defies all human logic is that the same arrogant leaders are now BEGGING to dialogue with “terrorists” and “secessionists” in order to close the pandora box.



      **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

      “Errare humanum est, sed in errare perseverare diabolicum.” = “To err is human, but to persist in error (out of pride) is diabolical”.

      Simply put,

      the FOOLISH and ARROGANT policies of Dictator Biya have opened a Pandora’s box of an unprecedented resistance by Southern Cameroonians.

      Dictator Biya made an error of judgement by declaring his SH*THOLE war on Southern Cameroonians. The evil Bulu Dictator is hereby advised not to persist in error (out of pride and arrogance) because:

      1. the momentum remains UNSTOPPABLE
      2. the war remains UNWINNABLE
      3. SC remains UNGOVERNABLE

      Biya should take note that the window of opportunity to convene an INCLUSIVE dialogue WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS is closing very fast.




      “Malgré l’opposition de Yaoundé, la réunion en «formule Arria» du Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU s’est tenue le 13 mai 2019 à New York. Pour la première fois, les membres de l’organe onusien ont échangé sur la situation sociopolitique au Cameroun.
      Le secrétaire général adjoint (SGA) aux Affaires Humanitaires et coordonnateur des secours d’urgence des Nations Unies a dressé un état critique de la situation humanitaire au Cameroun.
      A la suite de ce tableau sombre, l’ambassadeur du Cameroun à l’ONU a vivement protesté. Michel Tommo Monthe a tenu a indiqué que «la présente réunion ne rencontre pas l’adhésion du Cameroun».



      **** SAFARI DIALOGUE ****

      Dion Ngute’s SAFARI DIALOGUE is a sheer waste of precious time, energy and scarce resources. Musonge and his so-called commission on bilingualism also visited SC. The recommendations were ignored by Dictator Biya. The evil Bulu Dictator will ignore the recommendations of Ngute. Believe me or not, Dictator Biya is simply buying time by sending Ngute to SC. He will NEVER EVER convene a GENUINE and INCLUSIVE dialogue. He is still dreaming of a military solution to the Anglophone Question. Southern Cameroonians should, therefore, support the AK47 project because only the ARGUMENT OF FORCE can make us a contender. Dictator Biya respects only the language of FORCE. The SAFARI DIALOGUE of Ngute should, therefore, be considered as a NON-EVENT.

  7. Atanga Nji Paul, a known and well documented criminal and ex-convict addresses protesting citizens bandits?

    Where is the application of coming with clean hands to seek justice? Did President Biya ever ask for his certificate of non-conviction for this job? If not, why? Where then is the JUSTICE that underlies and sustains PEACE?

  8. Ambazonia is gone

    Long live the BRAVE

  9. Epée Dipanda

    We will never yield

  10. The Prime Minister, Head of Government Joseph Dion Ngute on Thursday witnessed firsthand the insecurity in the South West region as he continues his peace crusade.

    Joseph Dion Ngute was supposed to hit the road early Thursday to Kumba to continue his mission but got stuck at his hotel room following deafening gunshots in Buea early morning. Journalists as well as members of the Prime Minister’s convoy who were supposed to accompany him to Kumba had to wait at the hotel to get security clearance before leaving.

    Sources say gunmen invaded the Mile 17 motor park firing shots in the air as the headed to Molyko forcing traders, drivers and passengers to take off.

    PM DOG GOATE, you have not seen anything yet.

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