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One student killed, 8 abducted in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, Nov. 10 Xinhua | At least one student of the University of Bamenda in Cameroon’s troubled English-speaking region of Northwest was killed and eight others kidnapped by gunmen on Sunday, according to local authorities.

Local police said, the student was shot dead when he resisted to be taken away by the gunmen who arrived the students’ hostel early Sunday.

University authorities have condemned the killing and demanded for the “immediate and safe release” of the eight abducted students.

Police blamed armed separatists for the abduction but separatists have denied responsibility.

Separatists have vowed to stop schools from operating in the crisis-stricken Anglophone regions of the country if “inclusive dialogue and ceasefire” is not initiated to stop the conflict.

Majority French-speaking Cameroon is facing a prolonged separatist conflict in its English-speaking regions of Northwest and Southwest, where separatists want to create an independent nation.

The conflict that started in 2017 has displaced over 530,000 people, according to the United Nations. Enditem

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  1. And Paul Biya, is happily calling himself president. That student, was someone`s hope
    and everything.

  2. Africa is One Country

    If the student was someone’s hope, why killing the student?

    • By being wicked and greedy, Biya provoked all this and more. How would you,
      defend him being president for close to 40 years, in a country of 25m? No jobs,
      no hope for just every one? The student, was just a victim of circumstance and

      • @ Joshua Biya being in power for almost 40 years does not justify the killing of an innocent student by your foolish Ambazonia thugs. You guys are animals and God will never ever accept such barbarians to govern anybody. Your thugs will continue to hide in their bushes forever. Nobody in their right senses can dialogue with barbarians who kidnap and behead students.

        • @Bobjazz I have to believe a 5 year old has better logic than you. So God can’t permit Ämbazonia thugs”to rule anyone but surprising he’s permitted Biya to rule people for 40 years, Hitler, Mussolini etc? STFU dude, u no suck your mama bobbi when u small?

        • @Bobjazz I have to believe a 5 year old has better logic than you. So God can’t permit Ämbazonia thugs”to rule anyone but surprising he’s permitted Biya to rule people for 40 years, Hitler, Mussolini etc? S.T.F.U dude, u no suc.k your mama bobbi when u small?

        • @ Kinson you must be an idiot. If you and your Ambazonia idiots had any brains you won’t be using a 19th century tactics in the 21st century. Learn from the Burkinabes, the Algerians,the Tunisians and the Sudanese. The brave men and women of these countries never used any weapons or kidnap and behead their own people to free themselves. They used their brains. Your Ambazonia thugs will die in those their bushes where they are hiding. They can’t come to the cities because nobody likes them.

  3. The students are Bamilekes brought in to defy and provoke Ambazonians. All citizens of LRC must leave Ambazonia or face the consequences. We have accommodated you guys for too long. It is time to go back.

    • You’re a sick lame duck .why can’t u stay in your own country, and preach that. The good news is karma awaits ignorant brats like you. You’ll never escape ,never .

    • @Ambaman
      Your posting simply indcate how ignorant and stupid you are. You are a big fool.
      Useless man. Illetracy is our greatest problem and social media is becomming deadly because of empty heads who have access to internet like you.
      Africans will never develop if we don’t remove this boundires in our heads. Explore the world and learn more. You Schwine. I wish to remind you that i am from the North West Province of Cameroon and a Million times more reasonable than you.
      You will be the next victim.

  4. No! i don’t think we have a problem with LRP studying in our land. We are neighbours and there is free movement of people in that region. Those who must move out are the BIRs. LRP would obviously send students to study English in our land and vise versa. So we are going to have bilateral cooperation. But for now let the BIRs leave our territory.

    • Which your territory are you talking about? The Cameroon land that was carved out by the colonial masters to evenly distribute its resources? Minalmi. The white man’s fabrication can never determine our boundaries. You are free to move to England and worship your queen there. Read my lips: Cameroon will never ever be divided again.

      • @Bobjazz So Cameroon isn’t a white man invention? You see why I say your IQ is lower than that of a 5 year old.

        • @ Kinson, Read my lips again naughty boy: CAMEROON WILL NEVER EVER SEPARATE. You are free to go to England and worship your queen there.

  5. Ha ha. Where were all of these idiots when Lele L’Afrique summoned Bamilekes to contribute towards funding the genocide in the northern zone? Where were you when Bamilekes were trucked from Mbouda/Bafoussam to sit at the Bamenda grandstand on May 20, 2019? (They covered their faces with masks.) Lele L’Afrique is governor in Bamenda and refers to us as terrorists; the government in Bafoussam is Ambazonian native yet you never hear him refer to the Bamileke-dominated BAS as terrorists. You figure.

    Bamilekes must go, NOW. Amour Mezam is gone and that is a nice start.

  6. Ha ha, Biya in France to attend Peace Forum. What a joke. A Hitlerian dictator participating in a peace forum.

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