Over 20 abducted school children rescued in Cameroon’s troubled Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, Jan. 21 Xinhua | Cameroonian troops on Tuesday rescued 24 school children held hostage by armed separatists in the country’s restive English-speaking region of Meme division, an official said.

The children were kidnapped early Tuesday from their school in the southwestern city of Kumba and “taken to the forest where the camp of the separatists is located,” Ntou Ndong Chamberlain, senior officer of Meme division, told reporters Tuesday afternoon.

Two armed separatists were shot dead during the rescue operation and weapons and ammunitions were found, the official said.

The children, aged five-10, have been reunited with their families, he added.

Abductions have become rampant in the northwest and southwest Anglophone regions of Cameroon as general elections draw near.

Armed separatists have been clashing with government forces since 2017 in an attempt to establish an independent nation in the two regions. Enditem

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  1. What a terrible government strategy if you cannot defeat the Amba boys-Abduct children, accuse the “separatists” and after a few days rescue them and take credit-a very wicked LRC

    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      The government strategy against the ambazombie terrorists is called “Operation snake bite Snake”!

      Operation Snake by Snake was launched in Kumbo on the 19 of January 2019. This operation led to the neutralization of the Commander of the Contender Forces – SNWL General Efang aka negligible number, and 22 contender forces. 17 other ambazombie fighters were also neutralized by SNWL General Chacha.

      Terrorist Tapang Ivo announced on 20 January that the terrorist contender forces who control 80 percent of the Delusional Republic of Ambazombies will focus on eliminating Chris Anuz and Sako’s ambazombie IG terrorists before they continue their fight for independence.

      Snake na snake! Wata no be H2O. Where them dey?.

      Chacha peme them! Peme them all before you surrender like Nambere!

  2. That ambazonia comedy revolution still the?. i want watch part 2.

  3. LRC thinks that the international community is stupid.
    That is the reason they continue to FAKE kidnappings and rescue missions by terrorist soldiers.
    The truth of the matter is that all those comedies are simply meant to distract the international community from the war crimes taking place in SC at present. LRC terrorists have burnt down countless houses in SC and murdered countless innocent civilians in January 2020. Since they can not defeat the “secessionists”, they have decided to punish the population.
    That notwithstanding, the Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around come rain come shine.
    The present generation will NEVER EVER stop the resistance until the Anglophone Question is COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, IRREVERSIBLY and UNCONDITIONALLY resolved.

    MARK MY WORDS!!!!!

    • “Nyamoto Kpwatolo” Biya can only give his so-called SPECIAL STATUS to BOKO HARAM or Sangmelima, not to SC. SC is a state EQUAL IN STATUS to LRC. “Nyamoto Kpwatolo” Biya, therefore, has ZERO legal authority to give SC his so-called SPECIAL STATUS. “Nyamoto Kpwatolo” Biya has finally realised that his so-called SPECIAL STATUS was dead on arrival. That is the reason his terrorist soldiers are burning down houses and villages in order to intimidate the population.

      Believe me or not, “Nyamoto Kpwatolo” Biya has only 2 (two ) options left since he can NEVER EVER defeat the “secessionists”.

      Option #1:

      a federation of two states EQUAL IN STATUS ( cf. UNGA Res. 1608 )

      Option #2:

      SEPARATION of SC and LRC


      • Kumkum Pass Garrri

        Chris Anu and Sako think that they can sit in the US and order the killing of 39 misled youth in Bui!

        Chris Anu we are waiting for the evidence you have to proof that Ayaba Cho and Tapang Ivo are responsible for the rape, torture and beheading of Ma Ayafor Florence.

        Mad Arata Brekete aka smelling pig promised to spill ambazombie blood in the diaspora if the 39 misled youth are executed on Anuz’s order! The 39 have been killed.

        Operation “Snake bite Snake” is winniing MOUNT CAMEROOLY!

        The score is 39 for Sako and Anuz and 0 for Ayaba, Tapang, ADF and contender forces!

        Now I hear Ayaba and Tapang are on their way to Bui to go kumkumise Chacha.

        Chacha is waiting to do to them what he did to the contender forces and their SNWL general.

        Ambazombies are the biggest terrorists on earth!

  4. Unfortunately, no clear evidence – eg picture or corpses, have been seen. Even
    the much watched equinoxe Tv, could not guaranttee this allegation.

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